Michiko’s Summon - A Quick Checkup


Soren (as Ayame), Michiko

Date: November 19, 2014


Michiko goes to check up on Kimura. The fox is rather hostile, though, and the visit is shorter than she’d like.

"Michiko’s Summon - A Quick Checkup"

Training Grounds in Konohagakure

Soren had indeed summoned Ayame out to the forest. And out in the middle of the forest she sat, keeping the kits wrangled, and keeping Kimura from going on the war path.
The small clearing Soren had found was more than enough space for all the kits to roam around, and after a little remodeling, (In the form of a series of tree locks placed around the place, and a few built up into a makeshift pen) the kits had plenty of places to climb, and otherwise frolic around. All except for Kimura who sat in a corner, chewing very angrily on a big stick, grumbling under her breath.

Michiko is still in Konohagakure, of course. She remembered the sudden appearance of the kits and she still wanted to check up on Kimura. The girl approaches the clearing where she feels a bunch of tiny tremors, offering a wave to Ayame when she approaches. "Ayame-chan, how're you? Are the fox kits doing well? And Kimura-san?" she asks with a curious look into the play area.

Ayame's ears perked, and she smiled. "Hey Mi-chan! Oh, they're doing ok." she says with a grin, looking out at the still playing kits. They really did just have a limitless supply of energy didn't they?
Upon hearing Michiko's voice, Kimura stands, dropping her stick. "YOU." she growls, hopping up onto one of the logs, and walking around in Michiko's general direction. "Why did you heal me?" she growled, accusingly.

Michiko smiles and nods. "That's good to hear. And see," she says just before Kimura approaches her. The girl offers a light dip of her head in greeting. "Kimura-san… I'm sorry I healed you without permission, but I thought it would be a good idea. You seemed to be in quite a bit of pain, and I'd rather not see anyone suffer when I can help," she says, looking apologetic. "I'm sorry I healed you while you were asleep."

Kimura growls. "You shouldn't have done it! I can take care of myself!" she growls, her hackles raising a bit a bit. But after a long moment, she huffs, before turning around and hopping down.
Ayame rises for a short moment as she sees Kimura getting so worked up, but settles back down, letting out a relieved sigh as Kimura settles down. "Phew…" She looks at Kimura and raises a brow. "Ehem?"
Kimura growls… and turns around. "Thank you… for healing me. But don't think this means I'm not still angry!" she glares, before going back to her stick, chewing away her frustrations.

"I'm sure you can," Michiko says calmly. "But you needed healing right away, considering your condition. I was lucky I had the scroll Akiyama-san gave me, though…" She gives Ayame a small smile and when the older fox nudges Kimura into thanking her, the Iwata dipping her head once more. "Of course. I wouldn't presume such things, Kimura-san." She leans against a nearby tree, considering. "How's Soren-san, Ayame-chan? I haven't seen him around in a while, and I wanted to thank him for the birthday present.

Kimura huffs a bit, chewing all the harder for her frustrations.
Ayame jsut grins a bit, before looking at Michiko. "I think Kimura's just pouting right now."
"I am not!" She growls around her stick.
Ayame grins, and shakes her head. "He's fine. He's cleaning up the shop after the mess we made. I'll pass that along though." she says with a big smile.

Michiko seems amused by Kimura, idly saying, "You should go easy on that stick, Kimura-san. If it breaks, you might get splinters in your mouth. That wouldn't be fun at all." She grins, then. "It's good to hear Soren-san is doing alright. I have to leave for Kumo soon, but I'll come back. Or you two could come and visit me." She nods a bit, then glances to Kimura. "If you don't mind, Kimura-san, may I check you over to make sure none of your injuries are lingering? I prefer knowing you're fully alright before going back home."

Kimura harumphs, continuing to chew… before finally sighing and nodding. "Do what you will." she says, continuing to chew at the stick furiously.
Ayame grinned, and shifted, laying on her side for the moment. "Oh, I'm sure that would be fun, but we can't really bring the kits with us if we're going to visit you. Which means you don't get to visit Kimura!" she says with a big grin, earning an angry glare from Kimura.

Michiko hops over into the play area so she can go over to Kimura and inspect the fox. The girl places a hand on the fox's body and sends chakra through her, listening carefully to the echoes like Kenta had taught her. She closes her eyes a bit to concentrate harder, drowning out all the other sounds with her mind. Eventually her eyes reopen, and she gives a small nod. "You seem to be alright, Kimura-san. Healing up nicely." She pats the fox on the head, though quickly in case that elicits a bite, and stands to hop out of the play area. "I'll have to see you later, though, Ayame-chan. Whether or not I get to see Kimura-san at the same time will have to be subject to time."

Kimura didn't bite, but instead simply grumbled. But when that hand came close to her head, she growled. "You're pushing it…" she gritted out. But after a moment, she pouts. "But thank you."
Ayame grinned a bit, rising, and walking over to Michiko before the girl walks away, pressing her head into Michiko's stomach again, practically begging for a big hug before she leaves. "She's a prideful little one isn't she?" Ayame asks, her tail twitching towards Kimura for a moment. "If you aren't in charge, if it's not your responsibility, then she's going to try and handle it herself." she says with a small grin, the fox raising a brow, before walking back into the fray of kits. "Anyways, have a safe trip Michan! Soren and I will visit soon!" she says with a smile, before laying down, the several kits all attacking her at once.

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