Midori Unleashes Her Rage!


Midori, Naru, Hinotori

Date: February 22, 2013


Naru puts Midori through hellish training, and Midori responds by unleashing her rage.

"Midori Unleashes Her Rage!"

Uchiha Village Training Ground

Graduation day was nearing quickly for those who were still in the academy, and while many were on the right path towards passing their examinations there were

others who were less than fortunate. Midori was one of the few, and her father knew very well that she was going to need all the help he could muster for her not to

shame not just her family but the Uchiha Clan as a whole. Uchiha Narusegawa was approached and asked to take Midori under her wing, at least to help her move on

through the exam and perhaps teach her a bit more afterwards. The older Uchiha remained deep within the complex, settled upon a clearing of wide open space and ground

covered with thick concrete. It resembled what appeared to be a square arena… Narusegawa herself remained settled within the middle of this arena, her body flowing

with it's usual ribbon like garbs and blade by her back side, silently she waited for Midori to reveal herself… this training wasn't going to be easy…

Midori had received the summons as soon as Academy finished for the day. She wasn't sure yet whether she should be excited that someone as prestigious as

Naru-sama had chosen to teach her, or scared of just how tough this training might be. After all, she knew that if she failed she'd be virtually an outcast within

Uchiha society, and the last thing she wanted was to embarass the clan. The girl arrives in the clearing inside the Uchiha complex, having run all the way from the

Academy to make sure she got there as soon as possible. As she enters she spots Naru and stops for a moment, taking a deep breath before approaching the Jounin.

"That's close enough, Midori-chan," Naru suddenly speaks up as Midori attempts to move closer. With a raise of her hand her expression is actually quite stern

and serious rather than her usual demeanor. " Your father was the one that asked of me to help you with your situation… I believe I have an understanding as to why

you aren't doing as well as you can within the Academy," Naru informs, narrowing her eyes slightly upon Midori. "I feel like you have been training for the sake of

training, or training to save yourself from being looked down upon… This sort of thinking isn't going to make a better shinobi and certainly isn't the way an Uchiha

strives to become stronger," With a light pause the dust about Naru began to pick up. " You are going to show me everything you are capable of doing… I want you to

push until you don't have an ounce of strength left in your body…"

Midori stops suddenly as Naru holds up her hand, taking in a sharp breath. She listen carefully to everything that Naru says, and finally nods. She knows

better than to argue with an elder in the clan. So she bows deeply, respectfully, and replies, "Yes, Narusegawa-sama. Should I start with Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu?" As

soon as she's finished the bow, the little Academy student starts subconsciously wringing her hands, feeling incredibly nervous. This direct approach to her training

was quite intimidating, and Midori wasn't quite sure how to cope. How would Chiyoko deal with this kind of situation? Surely she'd just pull out some sort of awesome

jutsu to show off with, or make some incredibly witty remark. She was always so good under pressure.

Having supposed to be meeting Naru, Hinotori makes his way to the training area where most Uchiha tend to do their own training, keeping a lot of what they

learn away from others. It doesn't take him long to make it to where he was to meet Naru, but upon getting to teh location, he notices Midori and Naru and from the

looks of things a possible spar. Quirking a brow and leaping to a large stone boulder, he crouches and watches for now.

"If you have to think about what you wish to show then you are doing this training session wrong. Everything you do will be based off instinct and reaction.

The Uchiha way is knowing what attacks are coming at you and developing a counter to avoid being hit…reading your opponent… did you mention something about

genjutsu?" There was a brief flash in Naru's pumpkin hue eyes and suddenly Midori could feel her lungs begining to collapse… Naru was using a genjutsu of her own in

order to subdue the young student, and finally she reached back for her blade, unsheathing the glistening bladed edge. " An Uchiha learns best when there is more on

the line than their own pride… for instnace…their own surivival," Naru then kicked forward in a single instance, attempting to bring the blunt hilt of her blade

right into Midori's stomach, attemping to send her staggering back. " Focus and react!" Naru demands with a shout.

As the air is sucked out of Midori's lungs, the girl staggers backwards. It takes her a few seconds to work out what's going on, and even then she can't think

of how to react. She dives away from Naru, hoping that a little bit of distance will break the illusion, but instead she finds the Jounin approaching her even faster.

Thankfully the woman doesn't follow through on her sword thrust, and Midori is pushed away forcefully. The young Uchiha hits the ground hard and struggles to get back

up. "Naru-sama," she squeaks, panting loudly and trying not to sob. The vicious attack had truly taken her by surprise. She tries to prepare a ninjutsu to defend

herself against the next wave of attacks, but her hands are trembling so badly that she can't form the handsigns.

Crouching like that of a cat, Hinotori grins as Naru is in teacher mode, he's seen this side of her before, but for now instead of speaking he just keeps quite

watching Midori as she tries to evade Naru's attack. His Sharingan isn't activated, but from what Naru is telling Midori, she is correct. One must be able to

anticipate their opponent, no matter how many opponents your faced with. Granted Midoris attempt isn't stellar, it seems that is something she will need to focus on in

order to get better.

"This isn't much of a reaction, are you really going to allow me to push you around this arena without any sort of resistance?" Naru questioned the younger

Uchiha, though noting her trembling hands she Naru reached out and reclenched her own fists. "Your shaking won't allow you to properly make hand seals, so you need to

focus on keeping your fists tight… Fight me with your body and don't worry about using ninjutsu, not yet anyways," Naru spoke softly, there was an obvious hint of

serenity in her voice, perhaps she wasn't as hostile as she appeared to be. A glint of of presence caught her attention from the corner of her eye, her sharingan

wasn't activated either but she knew a Hinotori without even as much as a true glance… She smiled for now but turned her attention back on Midori. "I'm waiting for

your reaction…"

Midori suppresses a whimper and balls up her fists, getting ready to go on a counter attack. She charges toward Naru, raising a fist in a manner that

completely telegraphs her intentions. However when she gets about six feet from the Jounin her feet snag on some uneven ground, and the Uchiha goes tumbling over,

landing flat on her belly. She's struggles back to her feet, then runs at Naru again, trying to throw an uppercut at the older and vastly more experienced Jounin.

Giving a wink at Naru, as he allows her to continue her lesson with Midori. For the most part, there wasn't really anything he needed to say, but he could see

the trepidation in Midori, and honestly he felt for her. Then as if something caught his attention, he looks up at the sky for a moment, then with sudden clarity, he

remembers that the Academy Graduation is coming up…..he looks back to Midori. 'Oh boy.' he thinks to himself as he watches Midori fall to the ground. He winces a

little and even when the girl tries to attack, she still fails. He blinks and looks to Naru with an arched brow.

Midori definitely wasn't focusing, or at least it seemed like she wasn't able to focus…. Paitence didn't seem to be working, even with allowing her to strike

on her own time Midori still seemed to be fumbling around…Whatever it was Naru was going to crack it. She rolled with the uppercut, taking the hit and twisting her

body so she was able to force Midori off to the side away from her, Naru was going to assure Midori that this situation wasn't at all a joke, and in the same motion

she forces Midori away the edge of her blade made way for the students cheek, attempting to make a clean slice barely along the flesh but well enough for some blood to

drip from the wound. "You aren't focusing or thinking about what you are doing… combating has everything to do with multitasking and knowing what is around you…

Before us is only dirt and rocks… You are holding back, fight me as if you were going to kill me or I will be the one to kill you!" She really aimed at pushing

Midori back, motioning through a pair of hand seals and suddenly.. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" She expelled the massive fireball in Midori's direction, of course the

attack itself wouldn;t nearly be as potent but the idea was to slip away. " You are too far away to use taijutsu against me…what are you going to do?"

Midori tries to jump away from the sword slice, but isn't even close to fast enough. The sword scores down her side, digging deep into her, and she drops to

the ground in agony. Thankfully Naru backs off for a moment, and Midori is able to gather her wits. As she sees the Jounin forming the handseals to the Great Fireball

she hisses, knowing that if it hits she's done for. Her fumbling hands try to make the seals for the Replacement Technique, but she messes them up and closes her eyes

in fear. When she hasn't felt the burst of heat a moment later, she winces and opens her eyes to see that Naru had stopped the flames short. "No, Naru-sama, don't kill

me," she squeaks as she scrambles back to her feet. One hand goes to the weapons pouch at her hip, and she withdraws a shuriken which she throws with all her effort,

but it seems to have gone wide before its even left her hand.

"If you don't want me to kill you then you can't afford to not keep moving… the moment you sit still I have already read you..and I know how you will react

next…So keep your feet moving," Naru informed and finally attempted to come in close yet again, swift movements taking her to close up the space between Midori and

herself, the hilt of her blade was aimed down into Midori's stomach yet again, following through with a ducking kick to sweep her off her feet in a mere instance…

Blinking from wehre he is, Hinotori looks to Naru as she actually starts to amp up a little bit. His eyes narrow slightly but then again he remembered doing

teh same to her and others to get them to focus and well honestly it's a little cruel, but it has to be done becuase their enemies will not take it easy on them.

"Focus Midori-san." he says loud enough for the acadmey student to hear him.

Midori takes a step back as the sword comes in, and she gets smacked around twice. She falls, almost in slow motion, and her head smacks against the ground.

The girl lies there dazed for a moment, breathing heavily as tears seep out of her eyes. She had already known she was a failure, and this just confirmed. Still lying

there on the ground, she expects Naru to just give up and finish her off, to thrust her blade into Midori's back and end her. She clenches her fist and grits her

teeth, wincing at the expectation. When it doesn't come, she slowly climbs back to her feet, her face dirtied with soil and tears, and turns to face the Jounin.

Clenching her teeth, she screams, "Just leave me alone!" Her hands seem to move of their own accord as she starts forming handseals, takes a deep breath and then

unleashes a torrent of fire at Naru!

The torrent of fire sweeping towards Naru definitely had caught her off guard. It soon became apparent as to what Midori's natural ability might be, and Naru

was definitely going to push her to that limit. She slipped around the first stream though the second nicked against her flesh, burning through the ribbon and

scorching her left shoulder blade… she frowned, clenching a fist as she took a knee infront of Midori. " I wasn't expecting that, your father never told me you had

enough focus for fire manipulation…" Naru spoke softly, taking a step forward and focusing chakra throughout her body. " I'm not going to leave you alone…. I'm

going to keep going unless you push me back!"

Midori looked at Naru fearfully. Even though she was speaking softly, Midori thought that she'd never seen Naru looking so angry and scary. All of the rage and

frustration she'd just released was suddenly gone, replaced once again by timidity and anxiety. Midori squeaks and tries to charge headlong at the Jounin again,

swinging her fists in a futile attempt to pass whatever test the older woman was putting her through, and barely managing to stop tears from rolling from her eyes.

"That isn't at all what I was talking about…" Naru complains quietly under her breath. Clenching her fists and sweeping away her strikes with the palm of her

hand while taking a step back. "You won't be able to defeat me with Taijutsu…but if you actually pull off your fire manipulation yet again you might actually have a

chance,," Naru informed, keeping herself back away from Midori, using her own hand seals and finally letting out a stream of burning fire right in Midori's direction.

" Keep it moving, I want you to focus on ninjutsu instead of taijutsu this time!"

Midori sees that Naru is preparing a Ninjutsu of her own, and she starts trying to make the handseals for the Replacement Technique, hoping that it will get

her out of the way before she's incinerated by the Jounin. Instead, she fumbles the seals and trips over backwards so that the flames just barely lick her. She manages

to climb back up to her feet, tears streaming from her eyes and blood pouring from her side. She makes those handseals again, and manages a tiny puff of flame in

Naru's direction, but the technique is obviously far inferior to what she used before.

Effort was what counted. Naru began to duck underneath the flames spit in her direction, spinning her body off to the side yet again and keeping herself more

or less free from the sting of the fire, she blinks her eyes and grins in Midori's direction. "You need to hold your stream of fire for a longer period of time… use

your jutsu and hold it until you use up your chakra, you obviously know how to mold it," Naru continued to champion, once again sending her own burst of harmless yet

intimidating fire in Midori's direction.

Clearly Midori hadn't realised yet that the fire Naru was spitting at her was completely harmless as she tries to roll away, looking like some kind of awkward

bandicoot as she hits the ground a whole lot harder than she means to. But she gets back up and makes the handseals again, huffing and puffing and crying but doing her

best to get there. But it doesn't seem to have much effect on the end result. In fact, if she's using her Sharingan, Naru can probably tell that her chakra levels are

fluctuating wildly as she tries to use the technique. And the stream of fire that belches forth shows it.

Unforuntunately Narusegawa wasn't at all using her sharingan but she could note the hesitation, and eracticness of her chakra. Naru moved away from the burnt

of her attack and almost insantly moved forward to clear the space between the two of them, she held up a hand briefly before them both to stop. " Your ability to

fight in hand to hand combat is quite dismissable…but your innate ability to churn chakra is prove that you have a lot of potential in you…" She leaned down a

little bit, peering intently at Midori. " You fight better when you have that fire brewing with you… like most Uchiha… You have to tell me why you have such a hard

time focusing…without having a blade at your neck,"

Midori starts stuttering and stammering, "I-uh… I… don't know! I-I've never been… able… well no that's not true… maybe it is… I've never really

been able to use my jutsu like that before. Normally when I try I just get little puffs of smoke or a small amount of fire that I can't control." She's still looking

extremely nervous, her feet fidgetting on the ground as she looks down at them, wringing her hands. "I don't really know what came over me just then," she adds, trying

not to upset Naru even further. Her knees tremble, and Midori drops to her as even more tears stream from her eyes. She really was a failure!

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