Miira Image - Reina's Imposter


Reina, Aburei

Date: March 8, 2017


Word reaches Reina that somebody is abusing her identity, so she goes to investigate with a couple of friends.

"Miira Image - Reina's Imposter"

Ward 6 [Fuuma Alley]


Roaring searchlights, buzzing neon, arching floodlights compete under the perpetually brown-tinged lead skies of the Alley, each an attempt to draw attention to the three- and four-story casinos and other pleasure houses squeezed next to one another in the heart of the city. Fancifully constructed in the styles of a dozen lands or to look like sailing ships or tombs, the gambling houses and their marquees throw deep, concealing shadows on the wide gears of industry and narrow shanty buildings that crowd between them.


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