Second Promotion Exams - Mind Against Mind: Eri vs. Kitaru


Kitaru, Eri

Date: November 26, 2012


Two genjutsu specialists go head to head in an attempt to obtain/defend one of the scrolls. In the end one comes out on top and a new alliance is formed.

"Second Promotion Exams - Mind Against Mind: Eri vs. Kitaru"

Dark Cavern [Land of Water]


Wandering further into the dark cavern the mazes of tunnels and traps increase, more light needs to be provided in order to avoid falling to the death. A stream of water rushes from unknown area towards an abyss where the water forms a waterfall. There is no sound of crashing water as it leads into the abyss displaying the endless depth of the area. More sharp rocks and slippery edges are noted, more cobwebs and sounds o screeching bats getting caught up through the webs of the dangerous spiders. Further in the distance the thick air is replaced with a calm and steady wind coming from somewhere further into the darkness of the cave. In fact a small tunnel emits an abundance of fresh clean air.



It is late at night and Eri explores the caves trying to remain on her guard as she looks around. The exams have finally begun, and she had received her scroll earlier. She kept it tucked away in a pouch for safety, but for some reason she had a feeling that it wouldn't stay there for long. From what she had heard there were some really strong competitors. Still, this was for Kumo and she had to try her best even if things seemed futile. She folds open the note in her hands and smiles to herself. She wished Ayumo could be here with her, but at least he cared enough to write her a letter before she left. Of course it wasn't very romantic, and basically just ordered her to come back alive, but it was the thought that counted. A screech from a bat gets a yelp out of Eri and she stops right where she was to look around. This place gave her the creeps! She couldn't wait until this entire thing was just over and done with!

Kitaru cursed in silence as the bat gave away his position. While he was able to keep that initial point of contact hidden from Eri, animals were another matter. Focusing himself, he'd step from the shadows, the menace of the Dark Cloak enveloping the whole area as he'd study Eri in silence. They had met before, she was trying to grow her own genjutsu.. but he wasn't going to let that stop him. Afterall, strike early, hide well and he'll make it through this chaos. A slow breath taken, then released. "This is your one chance, Eri-san. Surrender, give me the scroll and maybe we can work together to get you two.. hai?"

Eri blinks at Kitaru and smiles softly at him as he approaches her, it was her old friend Trickster, well maybe not her friend but still! She hasn't seen him since they last met in Fuuma alley, and that was a long time ago. She offers him a friendly wave and tilts her head slightly at the offer. "Well hiya Trickster…and I'm not sure…You haven't exactly given me any reason quite yet to trust you. And you do seem ready for battle. For all I know once I give you my scroll you could just walk away with it." She shrugs faintly before gathering her own chakra and allowing her aura to surround her. She needed all the help she could get against Kitaru, the last time they had met he definitely had the upper hand. Her eye twitches faintly and her smile grows even wider as she keeps her eyes on Kitaru. "Alrighty Trickster! I'm ready to go sweety! Perhaps if I get too tired I'll take you up on your offer. Right now I feel like having some fun though!"

Kitaru would raise a brow, before a nod was given. "Fair enough." Focusing himself, he'd go through a few seals, seeking to end this quickly, in case they were come apon while he dealt with this.. situation. "Mirror World." That Dark Cloak would reach out, wrapping about Eri as she would see the whole world take on a sudden silvery hue. Up was down, left was right, it would be a total Alice through the looking glass situation. Indeed, even breathing was hard as the sudden awareness of it made it hard to breath as trying to breath out sucked in air and breathing in made her exhale. The world was for Kitaru to control.. and she was going to find that out quickly.

Eri blinks for a moment as the world around her changes, and attempts to purge herself of Kitaru's foreign chakra. It was no use though, the world was still silver-y, but that wasn't too bad right? She attempts to move but blinks in surprise when she seems to move in the opposite direction she wanted. She opens her mouth to speak but grimaces as she begins to notice how hard it was to breath. This posed much more of an issue than Eri thought it would, and she simply watches Kitaru as she tries to focus on simply breathing, so she wouldn't pass out before they even started fighting.

Kitaru would give a small nod as she got caught up within the world. Her own shadow would darken, a massive dark mirror raising above her, the darkness within that epitome of the malice felt from the Dark Cloak. It would break free, a darkness that would wrap about Eri, shredding her body, making her feel as if every bone was pulled away, indeed her very soul was attacked, that darkness latching on to it and draw it from her, searing her, before it'd leave her gasping, locked still within that Mirror World.

Eri bites her lip anxiously as she struggles to turn around to look back at the mirror rising behind her. She couldn't get turned around before the darkness wrapped around her and she lets out an agonizing scream as the darkness tore at her. The scream slowly turns into high pitched laughter as the aura that surrounded her forced her to be happy even while being seemingly ripped apart. She sends another surge of chakra to her brain finally purging herself of Kitaru's chakra and breaking free from his mirror world. Her chest heaves as she tries to catch her breath and she shakes her head slowly. Part of her had thought that she'd never get out of there. "You've…learned a few tricks..I guess I named you well Trickster."

Kitaru would raise a brow at the laughter.. that was.. different. A small shake of his head was given. "No, Eri-san. That one is simply my signature.. I was holding back before, as I did not wish to hurt you. This time, I need the scroll." He'd throw twice, two sets of two orbs launched to orbit over Eri, the four spheres would capture her reflection from above, reflecting her perfectly within them, before the reflections would warp, twisting, breaking out of the orbs to reach down and latch on to Eri. They would attempt to force her to a knee, making every action she did four times as hard, literally making it feel like she had to press 4 times over simply to breath. Yes, Kitaru was in a fight mode, not a spar.. and Eri was definitely feeling that results.

Eri maintains eye contact with Kitaru even as her reflections force her down on one knee and even as her breathing is strained she manages to find enough breath to giggle happily. "That's sweet of you love…but…if you wish to have my scroll…you will have to do a little more work." She winks at him playfully before forcing her hands up to perform several hand seals. She softly whispers to herself "Love at First Sight.." Hopefully that would be enough to place him under her spell long enough for her to regain some lost ground. Continuing with her hand seals she follows through with another jutsu "Feel the Heat.." She knew her illusions didn't have much of an effect on him before, but she's definitely improved since Fuuma.

That Dark Cloak would respond to her attempt to try and wrap him in her own genjutsu, a shake of his head given as it would repel the hostile chakra. Kitaru would study Eri for a moment, pondering as she tried to force out of his last genjutsu. "It's simple. Give me the scroll and I may help you get two more. Otherwise, your attempt ends here." Kitaru would do a seal, those mirrors of his suddenly fading into view about Eri, in front, behind, all around her, they would entrap her within a cylinder of mirrors. The first one that would catch her attention would try to claim her mental state, forcing her to stare at it, forcing her to become as still as the mirror. The two mirrors on either side of her would then have those reflections twist, reaching out of the mirrors to rip at Eri, shredding her bodily, stressing her whole form, still making it hard to breathe. Kitaru hasn't done anything physical.. he was kind of fond of Eri after all, but that didn't mean that he was going to let her resist.

Eri laughs happily as she is trapped by the mirrors, but she manages to surge enough chakra to avoid the illusions of her reflections ripping at her. She looked up in thought trying to think of what she could do while she had this moment to herself. She could give Kitaru the scroll, and she would have a more than powerful alliance and a chance at making it to the third round. She'd hate to have gotten this far for nothing, she spent forever working on answering those written questions. Besides being a Jounin was one of Eri's dreams, perhaps more achievable than becoming Raikage. Still if she let Kitaru have her scroll, what was stopping him from just leaving her here? Finally she lets out a sigh and calls out for Kitaru to hear her as she managed to come to her decision "Alright Trickster. You can have my scroll, but please. Don't let this be a trick. I have…a lot of people I don't want to let down. I wouldn't want to be out of the race because of something as simply as my naivety." She disperses her aura to further display to Kitaru that she was more than willing to surrender. "Let me out of the illusion, and you can have it. Then while I rest we could maybe speak on how we may get me my two?…"

Kitaru would raise a brow, studying Eri as she finally surrendered. A slow nod would be given then. Quiet steps carried him over to where she was stuck at, without breaking that mirror that held her fast. He'd calmly pat down her pockets until he found the scroll, then take it. Turning away, that motion would hide where he could put it on his own person so it was stashed away. He'd let the grip fade, the mirrors fading with it as he'd drop his own cloak. "Hai. We'll let you rest at the springs, wait for Kiku to meet us, then work on our plan for three scrolls." He'd glance over at Eri. "We're not hitting any Kiri nin, however. Understood?"

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