Miracle Cure Plant!


Berii, Kitaru

Date: October 1, 2012


B-Rank mission: Kitaru and Berii are sent to gather what is suppose to be a miracle plant that cures all

"Miracle Cure Plant!"

Wilderness in the Land of Grass

The Miracle drug has been found! There is an elusive form of plant within the fields of the Land of Grass that when harvested and mixed properly, can cure anything, even chakra network damage that was thought to be irreversable! Of course, it's an unusual plant, that does not bloom but once every 100 years and as such, it takes speed to get to it and get it harvested at that time. Berii who happen to be on another mission was found by a nin-pigeon with a specific note saying she must drop whatever she was doing and get to that spot asap. There was potentially hostile nin on the way to get this herb, it needed to be recovered. Kitaru had something similar occur. While he was at the fort, he was contacted by a regular missive explaining what he was to find and where to get it. So, it was a race between the two of them to get that herb before anyone else could get it.
Morning of the day that both would be close, saw Kitaru running towards the field it was known to be at. While there had been a few local shinobi, it wasn't anything he couldn't deal with as per normal of avoiding sight and keeping on the move. Once he spotted a really wierd looking bush, he'd slow to a walk, paying attention both to his surroundings and the bush that was supposively guarding the herb they needed.

Berii looked at the pidgeon's note that day with disgust she knew what was happening before she even read it, this ALWAYS happens to her. She had half a mind to pretend she didn't get the note but, assumes that maybe this time it was something important. She'd reread it twice to make sure nothing with the mission was too off before deciding to take off. Plant picking? Really? At least she was done with her other mission beforehand so nothing had to be dropped.
Berii was a fast kid, it's mostly what she worked on lately so speed would not be an issue. With Sharingan active she'd zip on through to her destination without any ounce of hesitation. Twisting this way and that until, she stumbled on to someone in the general area where the herb should be located. A local perhaps? Now that she thinks of it, Kusagakure wouldn't necessarily want to let this go off intot he hands of anyone.
The Land of Grass would definitely want money for it, perhaps even need it. So she halts and goes into a stalker mode, dropping low on all fours and keeping a low profile as she observes what he does next through those devilish eyes.

Kitaru got closer to the bush as he walked. Considering he was in a forign country and potential hostiles were going to stop him, he'd focus himself, that chakra flaring to life had his dark cloak awaken. The purple chakra billowed about him, curling over his form as the dark malice that it hinted at would flicker in and out around the area. He was simply preparing and those that knew him, knew the malice wasn't from him, but those who did not.. He'd stop short of the bush as it started to move itself. Thorns were growing fast enough to be visible as it shifted to face him with thorns out. Well.. Wasn't that interesting?

Berii is disappointed, it looks like he definitely a ninja that also wanted that herb and now he was all pouring out some funky looking chakra. Berii's demeanor changes, she goes from hapless to serious in 1.5 as she gathers battle ready chakra to prepare a surprise attack. Everything was measured up with ease thanks to the Sharingan and she quickly settled on what she was dealing with. Range would be best for now as whatever that bush was, it was loaded with an amount of chakra not usual for a plant so that was a bit off as is. Along with the strange chakra of the other ninja, it was also not something to goof around with, it's probably also toxic of some sort, don't get hit by it, simple enough.
The plant starts to move though, this causes her eyes to squint down as she waits to see what it does to Kitaru before making her move. This may be easier than she though.

Kitaru took a step back as the tendrils from the bush started to reach out. It spread out in all directions, looking to be a direct response to that chakra charging. He'd take another step back, putting him about 10 feet away from it. The bush would calm down, tendrils curling up within it as the thorns turned inward. In the middle of it could be seen the goal. An elaborite looking bulb of the center of the bush. There was at least 3 of them in there and they looked close to blooming. Kitaru stood there for the moment, ready for anything it seems, but he was pondering exactly how to get the goal without damaging the plant too much.

'Huh.' Is the thought she gets, the thing appearing to have a range. Berii plays on that, a slight motion through the grass puts her behind of Kitaru and in an instant he'd find himself under attack by a sole windmill shuriken, at least it appears that way. One hidden down below the first but, it doesn't stop there, one kunai goes up in the air after the other, aiming high up, the second one moving slightly faster.
"This pwant is mine, hnn." Berii states, her cover mostly blown after all that weapon throwing combined with some residual summoning smoke. "No need to fight, just move awong, neh?" This would be her offer in hopes that they can both go their seperate ways without much more trouble.

Kitaru got caught off guard. The motion behind him had him reaching for that mirror, however it was not enough warning to stop him from getting slashed as it went by. Pulling up the mirror, that purple dome would form about him, stopping the rest of the attacks as he'd stare towards Berii.. Demon eyes. Blast. That means this is going to be tough.. Gritting his teeth, Kitaru would shake his head slightly. "No, it's simple.. I got here first, it's my plant. Stand down, or I will be forced to hurt you." Kit pulled a couple of spheres from a pocket, that hand mirror held in the other as the seal on it would fade, the barrier flickering as it went out. "I'd really rather not have to fight over this. I made it here first fair and square, hai?"

"Hnn…" Berii crosses her arms, looking thoughtful for a moment. He /did/ have a point. "Wew, I guess that is pwetty faiw, hnn." She looks between the plant and Kitaru, she didn't really care about the plant personally but, she had to keep up her mission record if she was going to catch up to the others. "Sowwy, I can't. Bweh… as much as I want to wet you go with it. I guess it just, wont sit white with me if I just took off fwom an assignment, hnn."
With that Berii takes a step forward and twists, her hands moving to and from her scarf at blinding speeds as she herself is engulfed in smoke followed by a five zipping shuriken. "Katon!"
The smoke is torn apart by her leaping up into the air as she releases a blitz of fireballs down the ninja's way, making sure to keep an angle that avoided lighting the plant itself on fire.

Kitaru cursed that devil eye once again. While he was able to avoid one of the throws via having that mirror reflection of it coming out of his hand mirror to stop the throw in mid air, it wasn't enough to slow down the rest of the attacks. Grimly, Kitaru would go through his own seals, that mirror shifted to capture Berii's reflection within it, the image of her in the mirror would force her mind to make her stand still. As it did so, Kitaru threw a series of a half dozen miniture spheres. As they bounced close, the spheres would suddenly charge a brilliant purple before they exploded in a cascade about where she was at.

The "devil eyes" don't stop there, Kitaru's Genjutsu defense eliminated by the eyes themselves before the link is complete. "Hnn, so that's how you do it?" She noticed this the first time when he attempted to defend by raising a mirror. "Once the Shawingan see's thwough an attack it's pwetty much ove'. So unwess you have something ewse, pwease stop, neh?" Berii doesn't wait to give him the chance to quit or well, neither does he.
Her eyes notice the glowing coming from the spheres and she frowns slightly. Her legs bend slightly and the explosion catches her within or… not. The smoke is parted by a pink and black blur as Berii rises higher and higher up a small scroll trailing in each hand.
No patience, she'd have to put him out of commission now if she wanted to have enough energy to stave off another attack. She twists her way up higher into the sky until letting the scrolls loose. Sharingan aiding her as her hands smack against the seals of the passing scroll work spiraling around and letting off a barrage of projectiles.
While a technique like this would normally be hazardous to the plant itself, the red eyed precision leaves the plant only slightly shaved at the edges throughout this chaotic hail of weaponry.

Kitaru just shook his head slightly. "I was trying to go easy on you. My apologies." As she'd go up, he'd form a seal, around the area a dozen or so mirrors, all his height would shift up out of the ground. As Berii attacked, he'd step back into the one behind him, his image suddenly showing up on all of them. The weaponry would impact, shattering that mirror, which caused them all to shatter, showing Kitaru off to the side. As Berii landed, he'd finish that final seal, "Mirror Edge Style: Mirror Maze." The world around Berii would suddenly take on a silvery hue. Everything, sky, trees, grass, ground. That mirrored surface would wrap about her, enclosing Berii within a tunnel of mirrors. As Kitaru faded from sight, the mirrors behind her would start shattering, the shards of glass a million in number projected her direction. She could either run, or be shredded by the mirrors. Either way, she was left helpless in reality as she got caught within that mirror maze.

Berii squints, she hits every single mirror with the attack so he should be more or less nailed regardless. But, he managed to get her in a Genjutsu. Fun fact, Berii has never actually worked with the defensive portion, not knowing what to do if Sharingan didn't automatically deflect it. "Hnn." She looks down to her arm for a moment and picks a shuriken off of the ground. No need to go stabbing herself just yet, this may be the real deal.
She summons a few small pieces of paper, casually walking through the illusions with a wary eye. What was she going to do with all these random things? Kitaru may soon find out but, there's a hinderance in her plan as the mirrors behind her start to shatter. She more or less had it figured out now, but, the second step is always the hardest… or at least so she heard.

Kitaru would use that weakness to his stronger genjutsu to his advantage. Two of the reflections around Berii, her, within the mirrors, would reach out, clawing at her, slowing her down, making every step she took to try and get away, all that harder to do. As that happen, Kitaru rolled another sphere in her direction. This one rolled to a stop and the seal would flare, forcefully pulling at her chakra, pulling it into the sphere to consume it. The mirrors had liquid mirrors reach out to latch on to her, pulling at that chakra as well, draining her of her very essance. Yeah, he had been gentle, but she did push him, it seems.

This was obviously Genjutsu at this point, it had to be, right? Some form of clone? Either way it wasn't a real danger, she didn't have to worry. Until they actually grabbed onto her, she'd attempt to shake them off. She goes to and slices at one of the clones with her shuriken but it does no good as she feels her energy ripped straight out of her. Though that same chakra was enough to break her out from the Genjutsu.
"Heh. That kinda sucked, hnn." The girl tries to hold herself together as her body trembles. It was obvious that Genjutsu got through to her but, it didn't stop her from continuing the fight. She just needed a moment to gather herself.

"Then you'll just love this.." Kitaru would focus himself as that next set of seals came about. While she was staggered from the maze and it faded about her, one final mirror would launch up out of the ground before her. The massive mirror was at least 30 feet in height, her image a small speck in the center. That mirror would reach out for her mental essance, ensnaring her to flip sides, so she was inside the mirror, caught as still as her body. The dark malice that was only hinted at in Kitaru's aura was vivid here, a living pulsating thing. The mirror would go dark, the malice reaching out to shred Berii's soul, ripping her apart as she was shut off from the light within that mirror. That moment of total nothing, that void, passed, as her mental focus switched back to her body again, it would be a draining effect, to be sure, but ultimately would not stop her from acting further.

Berii can't do much else at the moment as the mirror barrage continues on. The girl drops the scrolls and the shuriken as she knew at this point she'd have to go with her back up plan at this point. As she is dragged into the mirror she shakes off any negative thoughts, it was the best she could do while in here, eliminate fear with reason. But, her body would still react to the pressure. "Ugh, stupid, body." She tries to break it but, lacking knowledge prevents her from doing so.
She smirks, "Neh, wooks wike I'm not winning this one." Her eye didn't react properly like it used to. Confusing to say the least but, this wasn't the time to worry about that. Her hands come together in a seal and she brings her fingers up to her lips. Leaping into the air she squint down at the field below. With a soft exhale she'd unleash a gout of flame taht runs from her fingers and treads to every weapon tossed on the floor, setting the area in flames along with the plant, she felt sort of awful for doing this but, that was the last order on the message.
If she couldn't take it, then no one else could.

Kitaru moved, that seal going up, although it would cause the plant to react to the chakra around it, he braced himself. The fire torched the barrier, shattering it, but he managed to stop the assault on the plant, even if he did get burned in the proccess. Putting himself out, he'd glare after her. "Look, I've played nice. I've played not so nice. You are really starting to actually sort of bother me. You lost. Take your devil eyes and leave. Otherwise I may have to seriously hurt you." Kitaru would shake his head slightly. "I have an agreement of sorts with one of your cousins, I'm sure. We fight til it's clear there's a winner and go on our way. Take it. Before I do have to hurt you badly."

"Neh?" Berii looks down another thing that didn't make any sense to her but, she doesn't question it. "You sound angwy." Berii teases, as much as she had pushed herself she was too annoyed with being shuffled off into multiple missions to really be bothered by failing this one. Her hands raise up to her scarf and the weaponry jingles a bit before all being absorbed back into the scarf once more. With that she gives the man a slight nod before dispersing. There's something severely wrong with Konoha, continually sending out Genin to do crazy stuff like this, man she was going to be sore.

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