Kumo Daimyo Plot - Misaki's Messy Apartment


Hiei, Hel (emitter), Ogosokamaru, Kaiyo, Misaki

Date: June 24, 2013


Hiei finds Misaki's apartment broken into. He requests Ogo's help. Kaiyo steps out of his apartment to help, and Misaki shows up near the end to find out what the heck happened.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Misaki's Messy Apartment"

Kumogakure's Murakumo Apartments

It is one of the two nights a week that Hiei spends at Misaki's apartment. He is on his way there now, walking up to the door when he notices that it is slightly ajar…not entirely the norm, despite Misaki being a slob. There are no sounds coming from inside the apartment. Upon further inspection, Hiei would note that the lock has been broken from the door.

Hiei walks up the steps to Misaki's apartment slowly, having noticed that the door was ajar and the lock broken. It's highly unlikely that both Hiroyasu and Misaki are gone at the same time, and he not be with them somewhere. He frowns slightly. Something wasn't right. Taking his left hand, he pushes the door open a little wider before stepping inside. Ever since Hiro moved in with her, the house has been relatively spotless. He's a neat-freak and Misaki is a slob, making them the ultimate odd couple style roommates. He'd normally announce his arrival as soon as he steps in, but this time, he stays quiet.

The door luckily doesn't creek. It slides open and allows Hiei entrance to the apartment. Whatever good Hiroyasu had done straightening up the place, it is now a pig-sty again. No, this is worse actually. A pig-sty usually has some order to it. This is just complete chaos. Everything is scattered across the apartment. Someone has done their best to find something. Perhaps they are looking to find that piece of chakra paper Ei has. It doesn't seem like anyone is in here.

Hiei moves quickly through the apartment, clearing each room as he goes to make sure that there are no nasty surprises in store. He exhales softly. He had a feeling what happened. He would normally do an inventory, but he has no idea what Hiro and Misaki have in here. At least not in detail. He continues to walk through the apartment, one hand on the hilt of one of the swords on his back. "This has the stink of that Goat KRD guy all over it. Apparently a man's word amounts to nothing with them." They were looking for that paper, but it was in the hands of Tempest aka Ei, and she's out of the country.

The rooms are indeed empty…or so Hiei would be able to tell. Unfortunately for him, the poor boy really isn't the best at Genjutsu, so he'd be hard pressed to know if anyone really was there or not. Either way, the question of where Misaki and Hiro are still hangs in the air too. After a bit of searching through the trash that is on the floor though, a note would be found indicating that Hiro and Miskai ran off to grab food and that they'd be back in a bit.

Hiei really isn't good at Genjutsu. But unlike some Konoha nin, he doesn't feel that he has to be great at everything. When he finds the note, he feels a little relief, but he's still not sure if it's misdirection or not. Time to call in reinforcements. He walks out of the apartment, shutting the door behind him, before rocketing off towards the Reizei village. It's not that far from where he is, so when he arrives, he goes straight to Ogo's family's house. After knocking on the door, he bows at whomever answers. "Forgive me for disturbing you at this hour, but I need to speak to Ogosokamaru. It's urgent. He's my sensei. I know he'll see me."

When Hiei reaches the house that is known to be where Ogosokamaru's family lives, he gets a dreary girl a few years older than him rubbing her eyes and pointing up the road, "His house is up there, but recently he hasn't been getting in until very late, you'll probably," yawn, blink, "probably find him down at the village center at about this time." She stands and very curteously waits to see if Hiei needs any further assistance. Just looking at him blankly waiting.

Hiei smiles at the girl. "Arigato, Reizei-san. I'll go there immediately." He pauses a minute while looking at her, smirks, then blazes out of there in a burst of speed that she's probably used to seeing. Hiei leaps up and travels along the rooftops, cutting a few minutes off his time. Once he reaches the village center, he leaps down, flipping a couple of times until he hits the ground. Then, he turns in a circle, searching for the familiar form of his teacher.

Her little smirk when he rockets off might be that familiar one, a little twitch of the eyebrows upward, "Aniki, what do you feed those kids of yours.." she muses as she heads back to bed.
Meanwhile, when Hiei lands in the street, he gets looked at by a few shinobi that are right there. And behind him would be a tent, with a couple of tables set up with some books on them that look really old, but they are just well worn over the last few days. Ogo was towards the back of the tent, in a chair, staring at a map with a few others, and he tells them something, and they both nod, and he gets up immediately when he sees Hiei.
"I hope you aren't here because you couldn't sleep. I'm having that problem too and can't help you there."
His setup was in the village center across the large open area from the Administration Dome, near a row of tented vendors. Exactly where they got that tent from.

Hiei shakes his head. "If only it were that simple, Sensei. I just came from Misaki's apartment. It's been ransacked, like someone was looking for something. I have my suspicions on who it is, but I can't find Misaki or Hiroyasu." He shows him the note about them getting food. "I found this, but I'm not sure if it's Hiro's or Misaki's handwriting. I'd feel a lot better if you'd take a look at the apartment. It's possible I may have missed something."

When Hiei starts about the apartment being ransacked, Ogo's eyes widen, and when Hiei holds out the note, Ogo takes it, and looks at it for a second. "Tsugi, have the next two teams that report in hold here until I get back. I might need their help." And the chuunin kunoichi looks at Ogo, "Hai!" before Ogosokamaru would reach to grab Hiei's collar. He clenched it tightly, almost like.. he were about to punish Hiei?
No, it might have been a flash, or better term, a blur, to Hiei, the amount of speed Ogo pushed to get to Miskai's apartment. But Ogo then lowered his arm, and rightfully so to set Hiei down on the ground outside the apartment.
Ogo gritted his teeth, "Show me."
Long distance to Odin: Hel sorries about yesterday…sort of timed out.

RP: Ogosokamaru transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-III.
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a CONTINUOUS-MOVEMENT…80

Kaiyo would be leaving his apartment to start his day of research and scouting when in a blink of an eye when a Jounin appears seemingly out of no where. It took him a moment to register what happen when he did he flailed his arms about before reaching for his heart. "Its way too early for this, I haven't even had my fixed yet." Kaiyo would make sure to slowly walk up to the pair and before he could speak he notice what was going on. "Ohia Hiei how can I be of service?"

Once everyone gets to the apartment, Hiei would immediately notice that the door was once again open. Perhaps someone came back or perhaps someone was in the apartment while Hiei was and left after. Either way, not a good thing. There are other apartment residents now, besides Kaiyo, that crack their doors open and stare out at Hiei and company upon their arrival. Movement that quick usually causes a pressure drop, wind blowing things over, and/or people getting spun around in place as they were walking.

Hiei has no idea what just happened to him. He yelps slightly when Ogo picks him up, and when he is set on the ground, his body twitches slightly as he looks around. "Who, what, where, how?" He spins around in a circle slowly. "Sensei…did we just teleport?" He spots the open door and then Kaiyo. He motions Kaiyo over. "I think someone is in Misaki's apartment. And I don't think it's either her or Hiro. Someone broke the lock and the place was ransacked earlier. I just went to get Sensei a few minutes ago." He reaches up, drawing Fukushu, his katana. "Someone is going to give me some answers." He states as he begins carefully walking towards the door again, that now seems to be wide open.

Ogosokamaru was the first into the apartment though, pushing past Hiei towards the door, pointing sideways to Hiei's sword, "Put that away. We don't need people thinking we're here to kill someone. Because we're not. Remember what I taught you about drawing your sword." It was to kill, not to injure or capture. As he had taught Hiei very early on in his training of him about swords. Anyhow, Ogo pushes the door the rest of the way open slowly, going to trudge through the stuff on the floor.

After getting a sense what was going on the Kaiyo would follow behind Hiei as they entered the room, he would be using his basic skills to scout and scan the room as he did this he started to notice a little things that might strike things like odd but since it was the first time seeing the place he just passed it off. "Hey Hiei what are we looking for? Besides the obvious things."

Misaki was just coming back from some training in the mountains. Alone, with Matatabi (ironically). She could sneak in a mission in that direction and it all fell in line with the misdirection ruse they were working on. Though when she got home she blinks. Her door was open. "Hiro?" She asks while carefully approaching the door, opening it up slowly. "Hiei?" She asks, her nekote popping out of her glove while she tries peeking into her house.

Inside the house there are a couple of clues as to who might actually have done this. There are a few grass clippings spread randomly here and there, along with a few pieces of random garbage. Still, there is no sign that anyone is actually inside the apartment. The oddest thing is that there are also pine shavings dribbled here and there. If someone is lucky enough to check the hotplate, there is an odd fat round shape on it, with two tails…that is smoldering slightly.

Hiei sighs and nods. "Yes, Sensei. But I did have intention to kill." He states. He makes it no secret that he wants to completely obliterate whoever it was that ransacked Misaki and Hiroyasu's place. "We're looking for any indication of who might have done this, Kaiyo. Though, I have to admit…" He says as he sheathes his sword. "…that I don't think I can find anything in this mess." And that's when he hears Misaki behind him. He turns and rushes to her, hugging her. "Misaki! I saw your apartment and I feared the worse. I went and found Sensei and Kaiyo offered to help to. I thought they might have taken you." When she gets inside further, after Hiei releases her from his hug, she'll see the great big mess in there.

RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a PERCEPTION…26

Ogo had gone the deepest into the apartment, checking all the rooms thoroughly in corners, under things, kicking about the stuff on the floor to make sure there wasn't anyone or anything left behind to snoop and spy on them.
When he comes out of a room, might have been Hiro's room, or Misaki's, hard to tell when you're focusing so hard on finding something you're looking for, and he sees Misaki outside the door. (And if Hiei hadn't seen or heard her already, unlikely, but Ogo would point out the door to let Hiei know that she was here). Also, he looks in the kitchen, finding the oddity on the hotplate, and just looking at it closely for now.

Kaiyo would close his eyes tightly as he allowed his other sense to search where his eyes couldn't, smells and sounds were both useless since he hasn't stepped foot in this place before everything stood out as strange and foreign to him. "Well I'm little to no use guys, this whole place is new to me…and that being said everything stands out." Pouting for a brief moment he could hear someone at the door. Jerking around he notice Misaki standing there as he looked at the mess then at her he smiled and wave. "Hey Misaki-san."

"K-Kaiyo?" Misaki says. The first person she sees, and then, the mess! OH MY FLAT THAT STALKING PERV RANSACKED MY HOUSE. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HOUSE!?" She yells out of the top of her lungs. Eyes looking widely at Kaiyo while she kicks the door open (which causes it to dislodge, dropping inside onto the pile of stuff… poor Hiro) While talking big steps at Kaiyo. "You know howmuch time Hiro spent cleaning this place you little-!" She lifts up her fist.
«Light-Lad» Hiei says, "…"
GAME: Save complete.
<SWORD> Ogosokamaru waits for Hiei to stop her with a big smooch, or Ogo can stop her with a fist in her soul.

Hiei reaches up to grab her arm just as he leans in and kisses her. After he breaks the kiss. "Now that I have your attention, Kaiyo didn't do this. I found it this way and went to get Sensei." He points to Ogo, who's in the kitchen staring at a hot plate. "Kaiyo's here because he offered to help find out who did this to your apartment.

Misaki kisses Hiei, though mid kiss Kaiyo gets grabbed by the collar, tossed out of her house before she lifts up the door and kicks it closed in his face, causing it to literally drop closed in its henches. Misaki's control is getting better! Now that she calmed down a little she looks around. "Oh penthouse is Hiro okay!?"

Ogo hms at the thing on the hotplate, and he looks around even more, looking at Hiei and Misaki for a moment before he goes back to searching for things out of the ordinary. Grass clippings? Unless Hiro is really that much of a goat… but that and the trash aren't looking good for his diet, but it's probably someone else. Another Goat. But that would be an assumption that would land them in a very bad spot, so he discards that thought to the side for now, and keeps looking.

Hiei keeps his arms around Misaki for now. Mostly to keep her calm. "I'm not sure. I haven't seen him, and I know you guys knew I was coming over tonight." He withdraws the note from his pocket. "This says that you and he went to go find food. So that means he should have been with you. Someone is messing with us."

Misaki smiles at Hiei. "Okay, don't worry I'm not mad." She saw the little creation in the kitchen but managed to dismiss it. She takes a deep breath. "Condo it, leave it. They clearly were looking for something and they haven't found it. Or they're trying to make me angry, I'm not giving them that pleasure." She lets go of Hiei and looks at Ogo. "Sensei, do you have time to train Hiei and me? We're working on a new jutsu. I'll … clean this up later." Misaki says calmly.

Ogo nods, and by this time one of the other nin from the village center was catching up to them at the front door, knocking, "Ogosokamaru-sama!" Ogo responding through the door with a holler, "I'm leaving for a few hours. Have Tsugi take over all administrative duties for me while I'm gone. She can handle it." He looks at Hiei and Misaki, "Once Hiroyasu gets back, we head out. You will learn where when we get there." And he then heads to the door, opening it normally as Misaki had truly put it back on the hinges. To the nin just outside the door, "And, send someone over here to get the thing off the stove, any grass pieces, and any trash. They will take guidance from Misaki," he gestures to her and Hiei standing there, "And Hiei. No questions asked." And, that was settled, Hiro might enjoy knowing that things were messed up and cleaned up before he got back. Misaki wouldn't have to clean up, and Hiei and Misaki would have a chance to boss someone else around for at least a little bit of time. :D And Ogo leaves out the door and begins walking back towards the village genter, dissappearing in his usual fashion with a small bit of smoke left in his wake.

Hiei stares after Ogo after he leaves. He says quietly to Misaki. "He knows something, but he's not saying. I can see it on his face. And then this sudden mission we have to be ready for? I don't believe in coincidences, Miso." At any rate, he walks into the house and begins picking things up until the cleaning person arrives. It'll most likely be a student from the academy or another genin.

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