Mismatched Personalities


Meruin, Soren, Yuuka, Isra, Aishio

Date: April 7, 2013


Meruin requested Soren's presence for the purpose of teaching him a lesson in the hopes of showing the man that he should tread more carefully. Unfortunately for the Okumo, they were interrupted before he could deliver his message.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Mismatched Personalities"

The Kirigakure Genin Testing Grounds


This area seems to be built in a general arena style along with seating available for about fifty
people in the stands. As this is a small village that is more than likely adequate. Several drains
are settled in the center of the arena, which is slightly bowl shaped so any loosed blood will end
there. The aroma of blood is thick in the air here and small severed limbs are sometimes still left
on the field: fingers, hands, feet, maybe mere shreds of clothing. One can almost imagine the brutal
testing of Kirigakure's genin here in this arena and if they're lucky they can catch one in the


South - (S) [Testing Grounds]

Meruin stands just behind the center of the arena, so that any who came to step before him would be over the central drain. It was simply his practical nature to leave as little of a mess behind as possible. The Okumo stands in silence, awaiting the presence of his company, his long platinum hair braiding itself in slow, languid sweeps. The spiders atop his shoulders are in constant, if subtle motion, fiddling with the fabric of his shirt or a strand of his hair, or chittering quietly between one another. He'd proverbially tapped Soren on the shoulder when the man was training, requesting a spar with him in this location, as well as directions to get there. After a little conversation, there was agreement. So now there needed only to be patience.

Soren's day so far had been fantastic.
He had been practicing already, and showing a few of the younglings playing with sticks a thing or two about how to actually wield a blade. But when Meruin tapped him on the shoulder, he was honestly only happy to oblige. Meruin certainly had a flair for the dramatic, and honestly, Soren was a combination of excited, and wary of this encounter. Excited for the challenge, and the chance to maybe give this guy a bit of enlightenment, and wary of the foe that he could possibly make here today. Either way, fortune favored the bold, and Soren was not going to back off from this without at least speaking to the other young man.
When Soren arrived, he came ready for a fight. "So… you're sure this has to go down this way, webz?" he asks with a quirked brow, as he strode down into the arena, standing before the pale figure, but intentionally on the other side of the drain.

Unanticipated, Yuuka arrives with the enormous Kubikiribocho strapped to her back, gliding with remarkable ease and grace considering the small young woman appears as if she would fall over at any minute. Her brilliant aquamarine eyes blink slowly as she glances over the stands, spying no one else but Meruin at the moment, though Soren soon appears as he strolls in. "Hm." Still, her expression softens with a small smile as Yuuka chooses a seat for herself, casually reaching up over her shoulder to free the huge sword from the curve of her back and rest it against the seat, within reach as she lowers herself smoothly into one of the chairs in the stands.

Yuuka… was not the person that Meruin'd expected to see coming through that doorway, her presence causing him to raise a brow. "Yuuka," speaks the man, head tilting. But there was no time to question her presence, as Soren soon came through the doorway himself. So after a moment, he simply inclines his head to the Kaguya and turns his attention to the man he'd brought in for a lesson.
Webz. Always the cocky one, this wanderer. "I am beginning to think that that moniker will be the reason for your death." A darkness ringing his right eye and beginning to spread across his features, he says, "You were disruptive the other day in an uncertain situation, traveler. It is clear from your actions that you fail to see the reason to show proper decorum while I work. As such, I am taking this time out of my schedule to educate you, to help ensure that we can avoid future issues.
You understand that this will be nothing personal, yes?"

Soren raises a brow as Yuuka's name is mentioned. He turns, glancing up at her, before smiling a bit wider, stopping mid stride, and turning on his heels to give her a respectfull bow. "Yuuka-sama. It's good to see you again, although, in odd circumstances." he shrugs, before turning back to the other young man. "Well, you didn't give me a name, and I thought you'd preffer that over 'Hey extrovert'." he grins a bit. "I respect the fact that you were doing your work. But there's a difference between doing one's job, and being a flaming tsundere about it." he says giving the other young man a glance. "And I give respect where it's earned. Not where it's expected. You threw what respect I had for you when you went 'above and beyond the call'." he says, fluttering his eyes at Meruin jokingly, before stretching a bit. "Oh well. I've needed a good workout for a while." he says with a sigh.

Yuuka smiles gently, and lifts a hand just enough to wave her fingers just once in the direction of the two boys. Or are they considered men now? The swordsman smiles absently to herself but speaks not a word, comfortable enough to simply watch the interaction between Meruin and Soren for now, noting that this might be over some sort of conflict at an earlier time. As Soren actually bows to her, Yuuka smiles to herself and chuckles, returning with a light wave as well. "And you as well. You two play nice." There was humor in her voice, clearly anything but is expected really.

The Okumo find the whole of his head and shoulders covered in chitin, the spiders on his shoulders leaping down from him and dashing towards the stands and safety. "I was hoping you'd apologize. I have far better things to be doing today." His hair stops braiding itself, pulling out of it's constraints in a sudden flair, that darkness covering every strand.
The man shakes out his shoulders slightly, body loosening in the way that only a fighter's does. "I'll give you the opportunity to have a little time getting your momentum behind you. The opportunity to, perhaps, land a few blows before you start bleeding." The whole of his body covered in chitin, he lifts his chin, three more pairs of eyes suddenly opening to regard Soren.
"Take it."

Soren shook his head, and sighed. "It's sad really." he grins, looking up at the manspider. "You think a random show of power earns you respect? Earns you regard? That's nothing but the immature tactics of a 5 year old bully. You want respect from others? Earn it. Not by flexing your muscles, or spewing webs on people, but by -acting your age-. By showing people that you're mature enough to handle what you have responsibly, not just throw tantrums when someone doesn't kiss your feet." he says, looking at him and shaking his head, his chakra surging out around him. "What am I talking about. You're just a wallflower, that thinks he's important." Just like the prince.
He shook his head, and sighed. "Yuuka-sama! I want you to watch closely! I learned a thing or two from our spar, and I want you to tell me what you think of my progress!" he says his right arm falling off, before twin blasts of smoke reveal his combat claw, and his sword, both ready for a fight. "You -are- going to attack me still, right?" he says, with a truly disappointed look in his eyes.

Yuuka calmly arches a slender brow at the exchange of words, and the fact that Soren suddenly calls out for her to pay attention. Just who was it that was acting his age now? "Hm." she smiles and shakes her snowy head to herself, shifting her weight just enough to lean back a bit in her seat, getting comfortable. This could be a while.

"Pointless," replies Meruin, a gently chiding expression on sliding over his features. "Our
personalities are far too at odds. It would take something impressive to make you respect me. I am accepting of the fact that you will not do so, so I do not seek it." His arms rise from his sides, leaving him wide open. "Your fear should serve just as well." He leans forward slightly, arching a brow.
Final chance.

Soren shook his head. "Then your appetite will go unabated, webz. But you are right about one thing. We won't settle this with words it seems." But maybe a crossing of fists could help this stoic learn.
Soren's chakra surged out as it collected around his right hand. A step forward, and a swing, projecting a giant fist of Chakra hurtling at Meruin's location. As part of the swing, he reaches down, into a small pouch, snagging a Kunai, quickly connecting a chakra string, and flinging it with all the force the thread could carry it with.

Meruin's arms lifted further, opening himself wide and inviting in the fist of chakra. The chakra construct slams into him, sending him sliding backwards, the chitin enveloping his stomach cracking slightly. "Mm," murmurs the Okumo, simply walking forward. The chitin over his stomach smooths itself over, an damage done by the attack fading away. The kunai that followed in simply bounced off of him. "I see that you're going to make me enjoy this." He lifts a hand, beckoning for more.

Soren sighs, shaking his head. Did this guy enjoy that? Well, far being for Soren to keep this guy from enjoying himself. Soren's chakra flared again, as he twisted in, launching another blast of chakra at Meruin, twisting with the punching motion, only to launch one more blast at Meruin, this time the lance of chakra coming from a kick.

Things are always happening around here in Kiri and the testing grounds are no exception. It could be said they're the busiest place in this village. Genin sre always proving themselves around here, ensuring the village always has fierce shinobi in its ranks. Isra isn't usually considered the fierce type. In fact, she isn't very fierce at all. She's more along the lines of a thinker which means she's less brawn and more brain. That isn't a bad thing, but she doesn't like being the go to person to have beatings handed to. Looking at the beatings is much more fulfilling. Speaking of, it looks as if there's one going on right now between Meruin and… Who is this?

Meruin laughs as the first blast breaks against him, not even slowing his stride. "Come now wanderer," he said, the second crashing against him and dispersing against his unyielding form. "You seem discouraged. It hardly feels as though you'd even tried that time." He tilts his head, still closing the small distance. "Talk to me, wanderer. You've gone quiet; I'm worried."

Yuuka turns her snowy head just enough to glance over her shoulder, spying Isra when she peeks in on what's going on. It isn't surprising that Meruin and Soren are starting to draw a crowd. Its bound to happen after all. The swordsman smiles warmly and lifts a hand to wave in Isra's direction, if only for a moment before returning her attention to the spar.

Soren shook his head. "Because I'd be wasting my breath." he says, deciding to switch his approach. He may still be pretty good with the chakra strike… but the blade was still his forte. Time to use it. "I'll admit, you're more powerfull than I am." he says, dashing forward, leveling his blade at Meruin, twisting away at the last moment to drag his chakra powered claw at Meruin's side, before stabbing his blade at Meruin's middle from behind, the blade extending as his chakra wills it to, the serpent blade coming to life.

Isra returned the wave. "Hey hey," she called out in greeting to Yuuka. "So, update me. What's happened so far?" She wondered while trying to catch up on the battle. "Oh, he uses a blade…" She remarks. "This might get interesting. By the way, do you know who this guy is? It's clear he's not from here."

"Ah. So you're aware," says Meruin, head lifting as Soren dashes in, blade at the ready. He stopped moving, allowing the man to do as he pleased, thus entirely nonplussed by the misdirection. "Perhaps then," he says as the claw rakes across his side, finding no hold and doing no harm. "Perhaps it is time for you to understand just how much."
Soren's blade strikes his midsection and extends, pushing him backwards. But the Okumo soon simply steps to the side, politely letting the weapon go by. And then spider webbing bursts from his chest and stomach, as though a platinum colored kraken was hungry for Soren's flesh. The tendrils lash at him, frenzied, trying to apply the caustic venom that'd begin eating away at Soren's flesh on contact.
"Let's begin, then."

The history of the Seven Swordsmen. So lame, why should they even care where the sword came from… well maybe there would be some care if you know, Aishio didn't hear those made up stories before. What she /does/ care about is seeing them in person maybe even swinging one around. Soooo maybe she skipped class and maaaaybe she heard there was a Swordsman nearby. Also, maaaaaaaaybe she's been sneaking around and finally came to the Genin Testing Area after a bit of sneaking and searching. The little blonde adventurer eventually getting her eyes set on something that may be just be more interesting than seeing one of those swords.
Ninja! Going head to head. "Oooo." Her fingers wriggle deviously and she continues to sneak around, keeping low and occasionally going on all fours through the seats, eventually popping up behind Yuuka and Isra, as if she belonged there, taking a seat without a single word.

Aishio's eyes lock on to the two fighters, totally pretending like Isra and Yuuka didn't exist. Maybe if she acted like they weren't there, they'd return the favor… and not yell?

Soren twisted as the attack came, his chakra erupting out in all directions, shaping and twisting around him to armor him completely, as the webs attached to him. It seemed to work at first, but the armor faded before Soren completely unstuck himself, the venom eating into various bits of flesh, before he leapt back, wincing at the now smoking wounds, dashing back in as he collected his chakra again, every ounce of it collected in his blade as he lashed out at the spider again. "Oh, I've got a pretty good Idea! But here's the thing. You still don't scare me." he says, with a grin.

"Quite alright, tra — " Meruin's upper body jerks backwards in a sudden motion, so swift it'd be the highly perceptive person to see the motion at all. With a half an inch between blade tip and chitin, the Okumo makes sure to give himself plenty of room in evading this strike, knowing it to be somewhat powerful " — veler. We've got plenty of time."
His arm lashes out, the webbing from his chest withdrawing as a rope of it streaks from his arm, whipping towards the swordsman. "If you had been a better fighter, we may have gotten here faster." That arm moves in a sudden flurry of swipes, poison lined silk flashing. "But now we have an audience. And an audience needs a show."

Soren grinned, and shook his head, his chakra surging out around his arm as he tried to brush away the attacks, successfully dissipating the harm of the first attack, only to take the second attack in it's bulk, wincing as the poison tears into his flesh more. "Well, not enough time for me to learn fear for your tantrums, webz." he says, twisting, as he ripped himself away from the webs, his charging his blade again as he struck at his foe once more, with all the might he could muster.

This battle… "Hey! You! The one fighting that isn't from here! What's your name?!" She decided to question him. "All I hear is traveler, but that isn't much of a name. Sounds more like…someone that's trying to offer protection over different things for a certain amount of ryo a month," she hums. "But they probably don't protect against floods. Those happen a lot outside of Kiri…" She shrugged. "Anyway, speak up! You probably won't last long anyway, so give your final words as your name and your death will be remembered!" She chuckled. "Oh, you're enjoying this battle too?" She inquired of Aishio. As she turned around she looked to see nothing in particular…and then she looked down. "I thought I was the shortest person in these parts, but now I have competition…"

"Always doubting," chides Meruin as the other man's blade comes in, streaking towards the Jounin's side. But rather than rebounding off of his sturdry chitin, the weapon sunk into him, some blood finding it's way onto the steel. "Mm," murmurs the Okumo, his lips pursing.
Soren's sword suddenly ejects from Meruin's body as a secondary pair of arms lift from his sides. He steps in, four taloned hands blurry as they unleash a barrage of strikes, movements fast enough to push the air away.

The barrage tears into Soren as he tries to armor himself again, his chakra failing him, as the strikes tear through his armor, easily rending his flesh. Soren sighs, as the blood flows furiously from his wounds. He hops back a moment, his body screaming now in agony as he continues, still ready to fight. But he'd need to build up his chakra a bit more before resuming his struggle. "You still don't get it." he sighs, shaking his head as he focuses a bit more chakra.

Someone is watching you, someone is actually speaking to you. These thoughts tap against Aishio's brain, causing her 'steely' gaze to quickly be disrupted. "Ah…" Her eyes move, slowly, eventually they settle. Settle on a questioning Isra. Well, there goes the whole 'no-existence' approach, it was time to act natural. "Oh yeah, decided you know, why not. Not like I'm supposed to be somewhere else.. or anything." She relaxes in her seat and crosses her arms, "Anyway, you're competing to be short? Weird. I mean if you want, you can have it… I'm trying to be like, seven feet tall. So I can just kinda throw villains wherever, and get to high places when I go on better adventures."
Aishio looks up to Isra, eventually sliding onto her feet… managing to get even /shorter/ when she decides to stand. "Sides, you're pretty big, aren't you? Anyway! Important stuff. You here about the Seven Swordsman?" She tilts her head, looking beyond Isra actually not taking in a dang thing from the match, they were moving too fast! "You think that's him?" She then peers as another set of wounds pop up on Soren. "This fight is /too/ good. I can't even enjoy it." Her arms cross, now that she wasn't trying to play invisible, her mouth went overboard, as usual.

"No?" queries Meruin, after breaking off of his onslaught and stalking a slow circle around the man, allowing him time to gather himself and his chakra. "Do me the favor of enlightening me, then." He stops stalking, raising an arm. Spider webbing burst from his arm, shoulder to fingertips and reaching towards the bloodied man. They'd seek to entrap him, to cocoon the man in the wearying webs, though leaving the head untouched. The spider silk would soon grow damp and heavy with the caustic poisons that cause so much pain. He'd withdraw his arm, the burning bindings dragging along his form as they let him go or lashing out at him, if he's uncaught, still seeking to do it's damage.

"Guess he's too caught up in his fight…" Isra remarks as if she's oblivious to the situation. Focusing in on Aishio, she sees that she gets shorter as she stands up? How does that work? What manner of physics was this? "What? No, I'm not competing to actually be short, ha. That was just a joke," she waves her hand dismissively at that. "So, you're looking to be seven feet tall. Well, you have enough time to get there, it seems like," she shrugged. "I'm not all that big, no. Really, you'll be shooting past me in no time. I'm going to be this short for a while," she laughs. "So, you're looking to hear about the Seven Swordsman, eh?" She sidled up to Aishio and nudged her, "When did you hear about this, eh?"
She looked at the battle, then Yuuka, then back to Aishio. "Him? He might be, but he might be not. I may know a little something about this guy, though."

Yuuka arches a slender brow as she turns her snowy head just slightly to glance at the other two girls, catching the words 'seven swordsman'. And she found it curious that the other girl, Isra, nudges Aishio as if she knows all about them. Maybe the giant sword beside her was invisible. The Kaguya woman smirks just slightly to herself and shakes her head just slightly, reaching up just enough to brush a few fingers through her snow white locks.

Soren grit his teeth as the webs came at him again, this time, charging his blade in response, his twinned slashes tearing through the webs as they came. At this point, he couldn't care if the man attacked further, he heaved his blade over his shoulder. "I know you're stronger than me, but I don't care. You brought me here to stroke your ego. Well congrats. You proved yourself stronger, in traditional 5 year old style. Now sure, you can go ahead and hurt me as much as you'd like. Trust me.You won't be able to do anything worse than what people have already done to me." he says, his body screaming in agony as he reached up, sealing his blade away, also sealing away his combat claw. "What am I doing. You're not worth the breath." he says, shaking his head, as he walks over, grabbing his every day prosthetic, and reattaching it as he starts reattaching it, his body still fumbling and quaking. It's clear that things have done a number on him already.

Yes, Yuuka's giant sword was literally made out of Invisibillium, when it came to the eyes of Aishio. That and well, she never really happened to look Yuuka's way just yet, too focused on
playing it cool earlier. For instance, still focused on Isra as the woman explains… things, "Oh,
joke, right. Hah…" End of fake laugh. She then mutters, "Still gonna be seven feet." With a slow
nod, she takes the nudge and eyes Isra, eventually nudging her back, "Can't really tell you where I heard this, can't put my intel all out there, then well… people will kidnap and torture them. So I
guess I heard it… around?" Shrugging, she looks to Isra innocently.
"Moooovin' on. They said someone was wandering around with the super big sword, Kubikachoo, or, something. You know. Kinda like that." Aishio gestures to Yuuka's sword, blindly. "So figured I'd find it, since I wasn't doing anything else, at all, right now." The fight had been long forgotten, Isra is more interesting than some fight she can't track. Even if creepy spider kid and a potential Seven Swordsman was involved.

Isra nodnodnod, "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha… Top secret stuff, right?" She threw up an 'ok' sign to show she understood. "We can't have these people getting kidnapped, nope. That would be really bad. But yeah, mooovin' on…" She snickered inwardly while eyeing Yuuka and her sword. "Wait!" She chimed. "You're looking for /that/ sword? You know the person that owns it, right? I've heard they'll just cut your head off for talking about it. You better not even /think/ about it!" She places her hands on Aishio's shoulders.
"This is important. Better keep it on the downlow, y'know? Cause…that person could be /really/ close by and they could even hear what we're saying right now…"

Meruin arches a brow as Soren summons some reserves of energy to slash through his webbing, the weapon crashing through towards him. The first slash, he simply batted aside with a chitin covered arm. The second was evaded with a swift jerk to the side, putting him out of range of the strike.
And then the wanderer seemed content to stop things…
The mists in Meruin's eyes began broiling, the colors in them all reds of varying hues ranging from the near black red of blood taken from a liver to the bright ichor that gushes from wounded lungs. With blood in his eyes, he watched the other man walking away, knowing that he'd given up, realized danger and futility. "Time for the teaching to begin," murmurs the young man as he steps after him, moving to follow.
The sound of conversation outside of the combat intrudes on his focus, however, reminding him that they had a crowd that he hadn't initially expected. He'd planned to… His plan would have to change be shortened. But hopefully, it would prove just as poignant.
"Hold a moment," speaks Meruin, swiftly closing the difference between himself and Soren. His fangs flash and they slide into the man's shoulder with ease, pulling out in the same motion. They'd leave no wound. But there would be a warm feeling as some of his aches faded and his gashes begin to close.
He was healing Soren.

"No not that sword one that l-" Aishio cuts herself off, motioning to the air for a moment. Her eyelids lower, her jaw tenses. "Yes… that sword." Madness! It was right there the whole time, Aishio was all ready to get excited and Isra gives a bit of history on the sword owner. Aishio's expression… doesn't change. It looked like she was too wrapped up on actually finding the sword to care.

Not true…

Her brain locked up, she heard how crazy strong Swordsmen are, and if lame old regular jounin Meruin is already going all crazy fast. She could lose her head in the blink of an eye. The primal fight of flight caused her to stay stationary, by choosing fight. It's at this moment, Isra may notice something peculiar, Aishio's head seems to shrink, that or her neck seems to be getting larger, or both.
"D-don't even think…" She stares at the sword, her eyes couldn't shift at all. "Stop thinking, stop thinking." The girl's neck continues to inflate. "Nyaaaah, it's all I can think about." Out of sheer distress she grabs hold of her hat's ears and begins to tug it down further over her head, feet kicking wildly as her neck continues to grow until she felt it was a safe enough thickness to avoid losing her head.
At least… she hoped.

Soren, as soon as Meruin starts moving, already had his hands up blurring through handsigns, but it seems he wasn't swift enough to finish his technique before the fangs sank into his shoulder, Soren wincing a bit. But even as his body healed, he sighed and shook his head. This guy… probably wasn't going to leave it at that. So the handsigns continued. Drudging up the last reserves of energy he had, Soren dropped down to one knee, biting his thumb, he muttered faintly "Kuchiyose-no-jutsu." With anothersmall puff of smoke, Soren's companion revealed herself.
The small fox, no bigger than a pup, shook herself off a bit, as she looked up at Soren, her eyes suddenly going wide. "What happened! Howdidyougethurt! DIDTHISGUYDOIT?!?!? I'MGONNARIPHIS-"
"Ayame…" he groaned out, reaching to pet her with his left hand, as his right focused on keeping certain slashes, and gashes from bleeding too profusely. "Calm yourself… I'm gonna need your help here…" he says with a smile, the last of his strength quickly fading.

"Oh yes, for even looking at the sword even. And this one in particular is rumored to kidnap babies and eat them for every meal." Yuuka chuckles, shaking her snowy head gently to herself as she notes that the spar is getting intense. Her right elbow leans against the armrest and lightly presses her fingertip to her temple, resting into her palm as the Kaguya woman arches a brow, her aquamarine eyes turning towards the pair of girls. "You know, if any of that was true you would have already been dead. Rumors are often more likely than not greatly exaggerated."

Meruin simply stands there, allowing Soren to complete his technique without any molestation. It was not a kindness or any such thing. Simply a necessity. He wanted Soren to get the fullest effect of his ichor as possible. Because surviving this next trial was by no means a guarantee. Afterall. He was forced to make his point in a single moment. He'd have to make it.. poignant.
"Call for a medic, please," requests the Okumo with a raised voice as he looks down to the small fox kit that'd come to Soren's side, asking her frienzied questions. "I suggest that you dredge up a little more chakra and get your armor up. I'd prefer that you survived this ordeal."
And then the Okumo was on his knees next to Soren, reaching to grab his arm and his hair. Should proper contact be made, he'd jerk the man's head away and sank his fangs into the shoulder of the man's good arm. Immediately, paralysis would set in… and then the acid would flow. From Meruin's fangs straight into the flesh of the man, liquifying skin and muscle and bone as it could, ravaging the limb. And then he'd suck up the soup with long draws, swallowing it down as nourishment…
And then he'd stand.


The sword was right over there. She went silent while Aishio took time to process what she was seeing. What she didn't expect was for her to start increasing in size. She took a couple steps away and watched her head and neck expand. This was…kinda cool. If only she had a pin then she'd like to see what it all looked like when it popped.
But she's not that crazy to just pop someone's head, so she decides to help her calm down. "You can think now! Besides, it's like she said. If all that was true, all that would've happened by now. You're okay. So, you can ask her all sorts of questions if you want to. She won't bite," she gave Aishio a few pats on the back. "So, keep it together."

Panic overran the girl's mind, she was totally freaked out. Though, how quickly he returns to
casual after Yuuka makes it known that it was all a lie, makes it seem like she was just playing
around, to a certain extent. "Hah, what yeah, super fake, I know." Her neck and head returns to
normal… whatever that was, though her face kept its pale appearance, she was still recovering from that moment of fear. "It's not like I was scared, also… wait. Swords/man/ they always told me about Swords/men/… You're too pretty to be a guy, what's up with th-" Flail, flail… FLAIL!

"B-gwoah!" A strange sound, for a strange event. She now noticed Soren was beaten up and badly and now Meruin was looming over him going in to bite him. "Wait wait, guys no swords… he isn't gonna eat him is he?!" She points, with both hands, "Hay!" That was… the end of her plan. She needed to work on her heroing.

Soren screamed in agony, even as his armor was ripped through, his arm being liquified from the inside out. He grit his teeth though, even as pain suffused his being. "Heh… is that all you got bishi-boi?" he asks over his shoulder, teeth grit as he forced himself back to his feet. "Come on." he says, twisting himself about to face this guy. He'd taken it this far… he may as well drive his point home.
Ayame on the other hand, suddenly seemed absolutely terrified of the man spider that seemed to just -eat- part of Soren's arm!
*POOF* Ayame had just dissapeared on him. Soren just let out an exhausted, worn laugh. Darn. He'd hoped she'd stick around to help. "I thought you had some huge point to make… huh? What… too chicken to actually do any -real- damage? Come on! At least do better than the last guy who made a point!" he held up his prosthetic limb. "If you're gonna make a point, then do yourself a favor. Actually make a poi-" *Poof*
Yup, Soren just dissapeared in a blast of smoke. Completely.

COMBAT: Soren left combat at 0 percent stamina.

Yuuka smirks just slightly and shakes her head, lifting her left arm enough to rest her rest at the hilt of Kubikiribocho. If there was any doubt in anyone's mind that she was the swordsman to that particular sword it would be quickly erased. "No, I will not bite. And yes, I am a female Seven Swordsman. There is even a few of us from what I hear." Her smile grows wide and warm, appearing more like a friendly older sister. "I even have a child, my own that is. And she is rather
rambunctious." Yuuka chuckles. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Soren disappear, just out of thin air, and her smile falters if but slightly.

Meruin blinks slowly as Soren vanishes from beneath him. The summon. It'd taken him away. "Quite the wasted effort," murmurs the Okumo as his clothing begins spreading out, forming the voluminous robes that cover much of his form. "Spoke too much to listen, and now…" The Jounin closes his lips, aware that he'd been thinking aloud. He floods his body with it's regenerative chemicals, feeling the wound in his side knit closed as he looks to the other's who stopped in. His gaze settles on Yuuka last, but soon shifts away as he heads towards the exit. There was work to be done. His only consolation was that Soren may, perhaps, have to find a second prosthetic to enjoy.
But he was sure he'd see the man again to be thorough.

Isra caught Soren's scream and directed her eyes to the field to see someone who was beaten and battered. Hm. She didn't like that visual, but it was one that was inevitable. He did place himself into that position, anyway. She huffed softly and turned her eyes away before she was upset any further. As it turns out, he'd be reverse summoned, but the evidence of his defeat was still on the field. "Hm? What?" She questioned as she snapped back into focus. "Oh, right. Yes, Swordsmen, Swordsman, they're all one in the same in reference," she smirks.
"That guy will be okay… I think," she remarks with some seriousness. "I can't say for sure, but considering the way he left, I imagine he's going to be on…break for a while."

Aishio, stops her pointing, no on reacts. Maybe this mysterious guy was a bad dude? Those screams though, sounded awful and what Aishio witnessed was probably not Hydrification of his arm. No, it seemed like Meruin was absorbing him and then eventually… absorbed him into nothingness. Mind you, Aishio's mind completely blocked out the talking fox during all this and thus couldn't even begin to fathom that it had anything to do with it. As rad as Aishio was, they'd soon find that she looked a bit ill.

"Ah… I'm gonna… go back to class." Aishio turns about, all the possible excitement of finding a Swords'wo'man, sort of dissolves. Her subconscious made note of what Yuuka said and how she acted though, she would be a prime target to pester about the swords.
For now, Aishio awkwardly waddles out.

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