Mission D-18191: Meow-Chan's Great Escape


Hitomi, Yasuki, Ryo

Date: May 19, 2014


Hitomi is out trying to catch the devious Meow-Chan. Along the way, she meets two comrades whose combined efforts help her bring home the kitty!

"Mission D-18191: Meow-Chan's Great Escape"

Forests outside Konohagakure

"Prepare yourself, this ends right now, I will not let you remain outside our walls whilst such terrible danger threatens us!"

Hitomi sounds deadly serious. The young girl summoning all of her willpower towards this most important task. It is the first time she's been on a mission and she hasn't had direct, immediate oversight. Heck, it is the second time she's been on a mission at all! She's not going to allow it to fall apart at this, the final hurdle. Her eyes narrow at the target, the last thing standing between her and what she is certain is glory and respect.

"Mew." Says the cute white cat 'Meow-Chan'

Located in one of the taller trees in the forest, finding the cat had been relatively easy with her Byakugan. But yet again Hitomi attempts to run up the tree, leap dramatically to catch the first branch - which is no mean feat for a girl of her height…

And fails, landing face-down in the dirt with a heavy WHUMP.

"O-owwwwww." This is not dignified. Not at all.

Ryo stands at the bottom of the tree when the girl falls face down infront of him. "That looked like it might have hurt." he states as he scratches his bald noggin. He the looks up to see the cat in the tree. "I am a bit surprised the cat stayed where it is." He was more surprised the cat did not fall out of the tree laughing at the Hyuuga girl.

The young Uchiha boy reaches a hand down to help the girl up. "My name is Uchiha Ryo. Would you like me to help you?" he asks. He was pretty sure he could get the cat from the tree for her.

Yasuki would let out a long and drawn out yawn that was covered by one of his hands walked out from behind some of the brush. The other hand was used to rub at his eyes as it appears he was just awoken up from his nap. "What's…Going on out here?" His half opened eyes scanning the area only to fall upon a bald kid offering a hand to a girl lying flat on her face.

"You two sparring or something? Is that what all this noise is about?" He questioned quizzically while tilting his head waiting for a response only for his answer to possibly be answered with the sound of a cat's meow forcing the boy to look up, "You know theres a cat in the tree?"

There's a small, whining noise from Hitomi as she gradually turns a deep shade of pink. Why is everything going so terribly wrong? Picking herself back up from the ground, the young Hyuga dusts herself down, and looks back up at the cat.

"Mew." Says the cat.

"I ah… yes, I am aware there is a cat in the tree." She says, first, to Yasuki, and then she looks to Ryo. He's… very bald. "I uh, it is supposed to be my mission to recapture Meow-Chan and bring her back to the village, Ryo-san, but, if you wouldn't mind helping me, I suppose there is no harm in it… I am Hyuga Hitomi, by the way."

Really, she just sounds horrendously embarrassed. And she's still all dusty!

Ryo turns his head to Yasuki. "No, I am not sparring with her. Just offering a friendly hand." Although it seemed she did not take his hand. "Do either of you know the tree walking jutsu?" Ryo asked. He then placed a foot on the tree and then another. He used his chakra to walk directly up the tree to the branch where the cat was. He then looks back towards the other two.

Yasuki looked at Hitomi sympathetically. Cat catching can be tricky for even the most skilled shinobi if not approaching the beast intelligently. What with their tricky ways and tiny, sharp claws that scratch at whatever they find a threat. "Pleasure, Hitomi. I'm Yamanaka Yasuki." His attention turned to Ryo who was already walking up the tree, "I haven't. I only recently graduated the academy and haven't exactly…" He yawns once again, deeper than last time that he closes his eyes to hold back the tears. "Yeah….Be careful with the cat though. Must be skilled if it was able to put a Hyuuga on her face." Yasuki started to wonder how he would handle having to capture a cat…Does Mind body switch work on animals?

Hitomi has also recently graduated! But, she was also renowned for her utter lack of distinguishing features or talents. The kind of girl it is infinitely easy to overlook. Aside from the fact that she is Hyuga, of course, but even so 'that Hyuga girl' isn't exactly the most memorable trait. She was also famously bad at paying attention, so who even knows if they shared a class?!

She smiles to Yasuki, and bows her head. "Nice to meet you, Yasuki-san." She replies, before realizing that Ryo has walked up the tree. "E-eeeh!?" She exclaims, "Ah no! I've never seen anything like that! How did you…?!"

"All shinobi learn the tree walking jutsu before becoming Chuunin. It allows them to enter areas that otherwise would be a lot harder to get to. You should also learn the water walking jutsu. It simply aids in learning chakra control." Ryo then takes a seat on the branch. It was time for a lesson. "Chakra has multiple functions. For this jutsu, you need to focus it to the very bottom of your feet. You then use it like a glue to stick to the tree. Too much chakra and you dent the tree and lose grip. Too little and you do not stick." Ryo then shrugs and looks at the cat. "So you want to try the jutsu or just have me try to grab the cat?" he asks.

Yasuki smiled at Hitomi, her 'innocence' was…refreshing? Maybe he was still tired from his nap, but he didn't think much on it as his attention switched back to Ryo, who was already sitting on a branch near the cat. The lessons he was giving, he already knew about, he just hadn't put into practice yet. Hitomi on the other hand was actually pretty lucky though; being able to finish a mission while learning some very valuable jutsu's necessary for every shinobi.

It is important and valuable information, for sure, and Hitomi listens! But she's also eyeing the cat, who is slooowly backing up and away from Ryo as the Chuunin gives his lesson. She hesitates for a second, and then bows to the bald young man.

"Ah, not that I don't appreciate the lesson, Ryo-san, but I think I would rather you capture the cat for me." She says, taking the easy way out almost instantly. "I don't want to sound rude, but I actually don't like being outside the village right now! The dead coming back to life and all, I would feel safer continuing this lesson somewhere else… and anyway, the mission should always take priority, shouldn't it?"

RP: Ryo makes a Spd roll and got 13.

Well, the wind was pretty much removed from his sails. With that bald ego deflated, Ryo stands up. In his mind he begrudges the zombies. Not cause they ate people, but because they ruined his chance to be cool. He moves swiftly across the branch and scoops the cat up as it tries to get away. He then drops from the branch down to the ground. He holds the cat by the scruff of the neck and hands it to Hitomi.

Zombies? That wasn't something Yasuki had heard about. Then again, he did miss a lot of the going ons around the village while he kept busy with his own hobbies. "Nicely done, Ryo." He scanned the teen a bit, who was possibly slightly younger than he was, but far more skilled. Not surprising though. Yasuki smirked as he slowly moved toward a nearby tree and leaned up against it. "Mission over, I guess you're going to be heading back into the village, Hitomi?"

Hitomi seems to think the movement from Ryo is pretty cool all on its own! Scooping up the cat and then dropping to the ground like a badass? She couldn't do that without at least equal odds of breaking her leg! Taking the cat from the boy, she holds it carefully. "Ah, thank you, Ryo-san." She says, smiling hesitantly. "That was very good of you." Then, she turns to Yasuki. "Yes ah, I will—"


As Yasuki had pondered earlier, cats are horrible creatures full of spite and with sharp little claws. Ryo is strong and scary enough, after how easily he caught her, to keep Meow-Chan in check. Hitomi, holding the cat uncertainly, basically exudes 'victim', and for her trouble she gets a cat claw to the face, which makes her yelp with shock and drop the little white bundle which immediately starts to sprint away!

Well, Ryo had not anticipated that outcome. He had heard cats were evil. He assumed this was probably one of those reasons people felt that way. "Are you ok Hitomi?" he asks. He then watches as the cat goes scampering off.

Ryo's attention then turns towards Yasuki. "The land of Tea has been infested with dead creatures. They have been spreading out and attacking other countries. I have heard they can be powerful in numbers. She might be right. It might be best to get the cat and head back to the village."

Yasuki winced as he watched Meow-Chan flip out, scratch Hitomi and take off running. "Ooh. Yeah, are you ok?" He started to feel bad for Hitomi who just didn't seem like she was getting any luck at all. Crossing his arms over his chest he wondered if Ryo would go after the cat once again. Yasuki would try, but he doubted he could catch up to a cat. "This is going on in the Land of Tea, you say?" That was definitely…an interesting story. What kind of jutsu could do such a thing…"I mean, if you want to catch the cat again, I could put it to sleep so it won't cause any more trouble with its claws, but other than that I'm really of no use."

Luckily, if there is one thing Hitomi is good at, it is enduring shame. The girl is bleeding! The cat actually managed to draw blood, from her face! But although she's upset and in pain, she still manages to shove that down and stammer out, "Ah, I, I'm fine, really!" Stumbling a little on the spot before she wheels around in the direction Meow-Chan is streaking off in…

"Please, Yasuki-san, please stop her if you can! Ah, I don't want to fail…" She'd done a pretty good impression of someone with a spine when she thought she was all alone, but now? She just feels ridiculous. And hurt! The girl does start running after the cat but… she is slow. She's not going to be able to do it without help.

RP: Ryo joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: It is now Ryo's turn.
COMBAT: Ryo focuses 1000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!
RP: Ryo transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
RP: Ryo makes a Spd roll and got 15.
RP: Yasuki makes a Spd roll and got 5.
«OOC» Yasuki says, "Nothing like rolling the low end of the dice, eh Ryo?"
«EYE» Ryo says, "That enough to catch the cat again? i gave it a head start."
«EYE» Ryo says, "yeah"
«OOC» Hitomi says, "15 is more than enough, yeah. :)"

COMBAT: Ryo attacks target 1 with KUPPUKU with a roll of: 47

Ryo shook his head. It was only a matter of moments before his Sharingan activated and the boy vanished taking off after the cat. He moved directly infront of it and then turned to look at the cat's eyes. The others may have seen it or they may not have. Either way, the three tomoe of his sharingan rotated and the cat seemed to become very docile. It even crouched down to the ground. Ryo was able to pick the cat up by the scruff once more.

As Ryo walked back towards the two genin, he placed the cat out for Hitomi to take. "The cat should be fairly docile for at least an hour. After that you can expect the evil to return…" He then glances at Yasuki. "We really should make sure she gets back home to the village safe and sound."

Any other time the cries for help would go unaswered, but it was hard for Yasuki to ignore the pleas of Hitomi. "I'll give it my best." Pushing off the tree and stretching his arms out as he started toward the cat only to get a take a couple feet before Ryo took off again only to instantly return with the cat. "Yeah…" And that's why the boy sticks with naps. "Well, the cat seems a bit comatose now. Pretty much all I could have done." Placing his hands in his pockets he moves closer toward the other two, wanting to make a joke about how Ryo could probably carry us all back to the village for safety, but refrained. "Alright, I'm game."

Hitomi looks fairly startled all over again as Ryo takes care of the cat problem in the blink of an eye - almost literally. When the cat is offered, she gingerly takes it and the girl holds it far out from her body just in case. Of course, Meow-Chan is completely and totally safe, at least for the forseeable future, and Hitomi seems quite grateful, bowing lightly to each of her allies in turn. "Ah, yes. Lets return to the village… I think we can say this was a success!" A hesitant smile to the other two.

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