Mission Debriefing


Taji, Hashiramako

Date: March 15th, 2010


Taji briefs the Hokage on a mission.

"Mission Debriefing"

Hokage Office

Taji has been waiting patiently for a little while, after all one doesn't normally just walk in to see the Hokage! He returned a bit ago from the mission to retrieve a chest and its contents from a cave in the south west of the Land of Fire. As he's shown in, two things are obvious, one he didn't really clean up fully before coming to report after the two day road trip, and two he has a minor wound to his right hand, since it is bandaged. As he enters he stands at attention, giving a proper bow as he presents himself, "Shinobi Taji, with a mission report." He offers, "I found some things I thought you should see." He says as he starts to dig into one of his many pockets, pulling out a letter of some kind.

Was it coincidence or fate, that would have the message concerning the travel notice in the Land of Fire arriving a few minutes prior to Taji's arrival. Hashiramako had received the message via a robin who had been dispatched from the mission reviewing office. The Kage was reading over the paper as Taji walked inside. Hearing his voice, Hashi looked up and nodded, wondering where Moriko was as no information was given about her other than she had lead the mission. It was, rather unorthodox to be debriefed by a genin when a jounin had been involved. "Ah, Taji, was just reading a little about your last mission." She said, smiling softly to the boy as he began digging through his pockets searching for whatever it was he was looking for. The Kage had noticed his hand "I hope everything went okay on the mission. The debrief I was sent, was well, rather concerning."

Taji flushes a tad and rubs the back of his head, "Well, this is kinda… just about something I found during the mission, not something from the mission itself. We found some bodies in the cave, three nin with village head bands, and some other unidentified ninja. And… The Sunagakure ninja had a letter with a village seal on it, addressed to you." He says as he puts it on the desk in front of the Hokage, "Also, there was a Kusagakure and Takigakure ninja there. The Takigakure ninja had mapping stuff, as if he, or she was a scount. None of the bodies had any flesh, just bones, and since the villages are only about three years old, something ate the flesh from the bodies. So at least three villages had ninja in the Land of Fire borders without us knowing… unless you knew about them." He finishes as he steps back from the desk, "The others were more worried about just finishing the mission but… I was studying the bodies and what else was
there, just in case."

The Hokage lifted her hand to her chin as the boy spoke, nodding slightly as she took in the information as it was relayed. "So, the bodies of the deceased ninja are a bit of a mystery. I agree. I will contact the Hospital and the Uchiha Police to go and perform a forensic investigation into the cave." She stated calmly. "In fact, I think I'll contact Kitai and Genryuu and have you speak with both of them concerning your findings. As far as the letter goes, I'll read over it and pass out whatever information from it is needed." She added. "Is there anything else that needs to be reported?"

Taji shakes his head, "Ah, no… I just wanted to make sure you got the letter." He shrugs, "I don't know what else I can say. I'm not a medical expert. I saw some wounds on some of the bones, but…" He trails off and nods again, "Anyway, um, there was some strange genjutsu using thing in the cave, and the plants and animals around it were sickly. There was some strange thing that seemed to go after anyone using chakra. So… anyone sent there should be careful about using chakra. I don't know what's there. It's way out of my league, but it is something to be careful about. The whole place seemed… just wrong."

Hashi nodded slightly, "Okay, I'm going to send a message to your mission team leader, Moriko; Genryuu of the Uchiha Police, and Kitai of the Medical Center, and Kisu Yoko to discuss with you your findings. I will be launching a forensic investigation into the deaths of the ninja. They should contact you soon, until then, get cleaned up and some rest. I'm sure this mission for the forensic investigation will happen soon."

Taji nods, "Thank you, Hokage." He offers, as he bows again, "I'll be at my dorm, so if anyone needs to find me… that's where I'll be." He says as he glances at the letter, clearly his curiousity is there, but he can't bring himself to ask what is in the sealed letter. He did deliver it still sealed though! He takes a breath then nods again and starts to head towards the door, "Thanks." He says again as he starts to leave.

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