Mission Impossible: Defeat Tosai!


Tosai, Naru, Hitoshi

Date: October 30, 2011


With the Genin training ground in shambles due to elemental release training, Naru doesn't have any sort of targets to practice upon until Tosai offers himself up as a kicking bag that fights back, amongst the fight Hitoshi is forced in the fray so Naru and himself can utlize their team work in order to take down Tosai!

"Mission Impossible: Defeat Tosai!"

Genin Training Ground

A sigh could be heard from the nearby target range. Four of the dummies had been basically torn to pieces. However, the problem wasn't really replacing them. It was what tore them apart. "Ugh! Doesn't anyone read signs anymore?" The sign Tosai referred to was the one that said, "No Nature Techniques allowed." These dummies were either burned, or impaled by various Earth, Water, and Fire Release techniques. Normally, missing stuffing from over punching could be remedied. Even stab holes could be patched. But the damage from even a D Rank technique was pretty serious. Tosai frowned on days like this. "Guess I have to right out an order to surplus. That damn Jinii's going to bust an artery." A sweatdrop descended from his foreheard, as he looked up to the sun. At least the front lines weren't so dangerous anymore.

Naru was back in action, and today she would be heading back to her usual training grounds for another day of expending every ounce of energy in her body, after all she was on theat same training regiment she had been for quite some time, full on stamina training… The latest events at the training ground however wasn't her doing, so as soon as she stumbled upon the training ground a sweat drop trickled down her cheek. " All of them are destroyed..?" She questioned out loud, peering around to see all of her possible targts either uprooted, burnt , ect.. " Oh the heck am i suppose to train today…" Naru went on, a slight frown forming on her lips.

See… this is why destroying the equipment is so bad. Other people can't use it if it its been destroyed. Tosai face palmed himself as he heard the question. He really felt for the girl. "Its pretty bad I know… Its what happens when folks don't follow the rules." Tosai turned to the girl, and said, "Well, I have put in an order for more, so in the mean time, I guess I should probably help you out, huh?" Tosai smiled at the girl, before folding his arms and looking to her.

"Help me out?" Naru questioned up, she peered at the large fellow, she actually heard quite a lot about Tosai's exploits… he was truly a force to be reckoned with… Didn't she have some friends under his tutelage as well? Naru smiled and nodded her head, " Of course that would be great!" She replies back, crossing her arms along her chest she remained quite curious on what Tosai's forte might be… he was a Jounin so he was probably versed in a little bit of everything… It caused her to blink for a moment and finally nodding. " I was hoping to get a lot of training done today, but with the lack of targets I might have to improvise…

Nodding to the girls question, a warm smile graced his face until he noticed the girl giving him a once over. The girl had been familiar from her duties as a courier. He had used her a few times for delivering all manner of messages. "Well, I find that the amount of targets isn't as valuable as the higher difficulty of a single moving and attacking target. It can be quite a task when you have someone whom can hit you back. I think you should probably go for sparing opponents more. It varies you alot more." Tosai would then pat the girl on the shoulder, and say, "Feel free to start anytime."

Naru smirked a little bit, it was as if Tosai had his own way of telling her that he didnt mind being a target which of course to her would lead to something quite interesting… She was aware that he was far superior than she was, however if she could have her mark on the jounin that would've been a geat success… It was also a prime time for her skills to be evaluated. " I appreciate it.. But I won't go easy on you," Naru pointed out, she brought her hands together focusing on her chakra, causing the power to race throughout her body and lightly pick up the dust around her… She was preparing for what seemed to be a one sided fight, but she was sure Tosai could provide the endurance training she was hoping for….

An impressive and robust man stands before you. At a dominating seven and a half feet tall, Tosai seemed to be already gigantic without the use of his jutsu. His body seems built and fit even while still maintaining the plumpness and fluff his clan is known for. His normal reach from finger to shoulder is about four feet. Hip to toe is four as well. His shoulders span over three feet apart, and his mid section alone needs a fifty inch belt just to keep his pants on. The man is massive. His bald hand still shows vague sign of being dotted like that of a monk. His face sports a rather thick and well trimmed beard. Upon his slim nose sits a pair of black framed reading glasses and, his cheeks each sport marks of his clan, two light blue clouds.

His uniform is built for his role as both a Jounin and an Akimichi. He tends two wear alot of the color brown in varying forms. His form is so larger that the normal metal of a head band can be worn on him like a name tag. His flak jacket alone resembles a sleeveless trenchcoat, made like the regular versions of all standard Konoha uniform but longer, and slightly more plated. Under it is a long sleeved brown kimono which hangs just as long. His fore arms and shins are padded the same as his flack jacket, while his feel and hands are wrapped thickly in white. Only his fingers and toes remain open to air. His shin guards form over his calves and feet as any large boot would. Upon the small of his back is a two large pouches, as well as four smaller scrolls. There is no belt to holding the pouches on. They seem to be sown into the flak coat.

"That is what I am here for. You won't be allowed to go easy on me. If you are attempting to make yourself better, my nindo requires that you go the distance, until you arrive at the last bit of Chakra you have. I won't accept any less." Tosai Chakra grew, but not by much. The scattering dust about Naru was hardly noticed though the handseals were. She was gathering and preparing. "Keep in mind… doing that in front of the enemy isn't good. It makes you open." Tosai set his legs apart, lowering himself very very slightly. The Akimichi sniffed a bit, seeming to clear his nose. The sniffing would make his eyes go wide before looking into his peripheral views. A smile came on his face. The two had a audience.

After a moment of pausing, Tosai was moving backward, his large form seeming a whole lot more lithe than it led on. This heavy man could move.

Had she messed up things for herself already? She blinked as Tosai quickly spoke about the way she was focusing her chakra, which caused her to cringe just slightly however she would be sure not to let him down, she smirked as he spoke of her not going easy on him which only "fed" the fire more… She was going to blow this Jounin out of the water… Kinda… " Your ways and my ways are alike," Naru simply states before she moves in a frontal stance, placing her hands together she would creature to clone by her sides, mostly for defensive purposes and to confuse him before they all would rush forward. It was then Naru's eyes began to to shift lightly, the pumpkin irsis of hers turning into a deep scarlet as she activated her kekkei genkai. It was then she pulled a hand down into her arm guard and would toss a double surge of Kunai in Tosai's direction. " I won't hold back!"

And so the fight begins. Hitoshi seems to tilt his head a little bit as the kunai suddenly fly… and Naru makes her move against Tosai first.
He makes no inclination to get involved just yet.

Well, as predicted, this girl seemed to have both a fire in her belly and some strategy to boot. Tosai liked that. He liked that /alot/. It was almost a shame that the Akimichi couldn't give the girl the fight that flame wanted to feed on. A fight like that could probably kill her. Tosai wasn't about that. He was a teacher. Naru's actions weren't without need of a lesson.

The creation of clones got a quirk of the eyebrow and a smile. "Disorientation first… I like that. Cook up other ways though. Clones are far more common than you may know." The moment that statement had ended, the Akimichi's speed went from zero to immeasurable, even probably to the sight of Naru's Sharingan. Oh, by the way… he did notice that. It would be hard to tell this, especially since when Tosai faded, the only thing left behind in his tracks was a tag. The tag was hit by the Kunai, and thus a smoke screen would limit the girls sight of her tag.

Well… just where did Tosai go? Well… Hitoshi would find out just moments before Naru did… "Get in there, Lloyd!!!", was said moment before a large hand was then ensnaring the small boy in its grasp. Soon, Hitoshi was thrown into the cloud of smoke and Tosai was disappearing once again, this time, from the view of both. How would Naru work through this latest trick? And would Hitoshi be much more than a spectator?

The Sharingan wasn't going to help her through this one… Naru wasn't able to see where such a large fellow had simply disappeared off to, it perplexed and caused her to gag lightly as the smoke began to roll over her body, though despite this she would attempt to use this smoke ot her own advantage as well, she began to lower herself into the smoke along with her clones, stealthily utilizing this position until she could spot tosai… Wherever that man was. " No time for a game of hide and seek…" Naru whispers quietly under her breath, her eyes constantly began to trace for remains of his chakra… Unfortunately at this stage her sharingan wasn't very powerful at detection…

Hitoshi disappears and tumbles into the smoke after he's sent flying and tumbling, rolling slightly on the ground until he comes to a light little stop with a bunp against Naru. "Nn. … What?" Slightly confused and a little more than annoyed now, he begins to sit up, rubbing his head. The fact that Tosai had disappeared on them? Completely eluded him. He squints and slides up to his feet slowly, rubbing his head a little bit as he tries to get his wits about him. "Okay, so I guess I'm not entirely watching anymore," he mutters idly, frowning and drawing out a kunai from his pouch, readying it and standing at the ready.
"… You seemed to be doing pretty good before he flung me into here," he remarks, trying to squint through the smoke… "Got any big plans?"

The Akimichi man wanted to cackle in laughter. Especially as the other watching ninja simply disappeared into the smoke. Meanwhile Tosai's rather sensitived and trained senses kept ear, and nose on the two. Naru's words were heard. Tosai had something for those later. Hitoshi's landing and disgust were heard. He also had a surprise for him. Both surprise would come right after the other.

There would be a smile moment where Naru was bumped into. A small distraction, sure, a person of Tosai's skill could easily slip in just that small of a window. Just when Naru would move to respond to Hitoshi, which she probably couldn't help but do, the Akimichi's words would come timed just after Hitoshi's. "Yeah, Naru. What's the big plan?", was said from behind, before the Akimichi would whip himself around, and palm strike the girl for distance. Sure, the force would be enough to knock the girl aside, but not to hurt her… much. Tosai would now be standing before Hitoshi instead, towering over the small boy just now. His words however, would not be for him. "Hide and seek isn't just a game in the ninja world. I could very well have killed you without you ever seeing me. Kirigakure Hunter-nin are /known/ for quiet kills." Tosai would then say to Hitoshi. "As for you… Be sure to back up Naru.. Just a hint, since watching seems better than training to you."

"Big plan?" Naru blinked as Hitoshi bumped into her.. She had no idea how he made it in there, but judging by his forceful landing, it could only mean one thing… " Oh n—-" Her voice was cut off at the eruption of Tosai, who appeared to be right behind

"Big plan?" Naru blinked as Hitoshi bumped into her.. She had no idea how he made it in there, but judging by his forceful landing, it could only mean one thing… " Oh n—-" Her voice was cut off at the eruption of Tosai, who appeared to be right behind her, she grimanced and felt a cold bead of sweat trickle down her neck until she was palm struck right out of the smoke bombed area, leaing her to slam along the ground which was the bulk of the pain she felt. " Darn it…" She cured under her breath before motioning through a pair of hand seals, summoning up her chakra she stoped on tiger and called out. " Fire Release! Fire Bullet Barrage!" With those words she sent a stream of precise fire speeding bullets right for Tosai, attempting to increase the volume of her attack and hoping for the hit.

As the Akimichi made his way in front of the incredibly smaller Genin, Hitoshi just kind of stares at him. Sure, he could be intimidated and say 'no' to training with these two. He keeps his kunai up and at the ready when he's spoken to… and when Naru recovers from her strike, Hitoshi isn't far behind. The Fire Bullet barrage would be followed up with Hitoshi charging forward - kunai still up and ready. As he charges in, the two kunai are thrown - without much space between them - at the Jounin's trunk.
After they're cast, he begins to throw handseals - and suddenly, there are Two 'Toshi. And they're both running at the man. One's going high - the other low. Both are trying to land a hit on him with their legs in the form of rather rough looking kicks, force behind them as they jump at him…
One's real, of course. The other is fake. CHOOSE WISELY.

As the girl began to handseal and inhale, Tosai seemed to expect something else. However, when the girl shouted out the name of her jutsu, the barrage of Fire Techniques were shrugged at, before simple and single steps from side to side dodged them all together. "Stop being so honest, Naru… Shouting your techniques is like giving away your hand." His focus was diverted to long however. Hitoshi was suddenly moving away and them toward him. This was honestly getting a bit difficult. Tosai seemed to hardly have time to react as the Kunai looked to sink into him, and knock him down… The Akimichi seemed to weave on impact before the real Toshi, which ever it had been, would nail him all together, flipping the Akimichi over, and landing him face forward in the dust.

Had Tosai been beaten??


When the body of Tosai would simply explode into a cloud of white smoke, it would be otherwise apparent that this was not the real Tosai. But then, where would he go? Well, it was hard to say for now, what was up. Hitoshi would have no one to look at, but himselves… Wait… Himselves?? What in the world was this? There were now /five/ 'Hitoshi's' on the field? They were standing on each side of where the ninja currently was. Just what was going on here?

Meanwhile, it seemed that Tosai was now attacking from behind Naru.. and he was not playing around either. His fist were like stones.

Naru didn't seem to miss her mark, at least until the body exploded off into a series of clones, quite irriating actually, Naru blinked however, her eyes tracing and reacting quickly, Tosai moved quickly but for some reason Naru was able to pick up on it…Perhaps predicting how he came up from behind before… Either way as soon as the earth clone slammed into her body only to puff into a surge of fire, mostly bits that she had shot at him earlier. Naru was at Hitoshi's organial location, using the fire replacement as a way of getting the advantage over Tosai… As soon as his clone hit another powerful ball of concentrated fire began to go in tosai's direction, two streams of fire aimed to train in on Tosai and smash into his body… Hopefully keeping him off guard. " I can keep up now!" Naru shouted out… She seemed to be getting just a tad b it cocky despite not laying a hit.

After coming out of his barrage of attacks, the other clone of himself POOFS out of existance, and he comes to rest in a crouch on the ground, clutching yet another kunai drawn quickly from his pouch. He frowns, suddenly finding himself… slightly outnumbered. By himself. "You've gotta be kidding me," he whispers to himself, wetting his bottom lip slightly and worrying it for a moment with his teeth. He squints quietly… Naru was doing her thing. He's gotta get himself out of this conundrum now, though. Surrounded by himself is just slightly unnerving, slightly.
However… they're just clones. Just… clones. So, he digs into his pouch with his other hand… Five shuriken drawn out. He's running low on his throwing weapons. He's gotta start being conservative. Or recycling. Maybe both.
When he comes up from his crouch, it's an invariable explosion of metal, though - like a bomb went off. The five shuriken go flying at the clones - one for each clone, at varying angles and varying heights - some going for heads, others for necks or chests. Either way, dispell them and get down to business. Trying to break through the clone encampment with that weaponry, he'll charge for what he believes -is- Tosai, attempting to come at him from his back… much like he had done to Naru. Another leaping kick, aimed for the small of the man's back!

It seemed Naru was doing pretty well… even though she was missing. She hadn't lost any energy at all, however, it was still to early to say what had been the verdict. However, as far as the fight went, Naru was further away than she thought. Her first large blast would not connect. Tosai's Earth Clone was controlled and agile. However, even a clone made of rock and ore could not withstand the attack of another ball, which upon impact, would cause Tosai to seem practically obliterated. It exploded into firey chunks of rock which then rained down from the air above.

As for on Hitoshi's end, none of the clones would withstand his barrage of shuriken, and each one would poof as much as the last.

However, after all of the carnage on both sides, Tosai would remain missing… He was no where in sight. With all the work these to were doing, the Akimichi was no where to be fine, and the silence that came over the field of battle was staggering. This silence was not permanent. "Well… you two were quite distracted by those two stunts, huh?" Tosai would suddenly walk from beyond the tree line as if he had been there the entire time. "But did you notice the most pivotal part of what just happened? How I managed to split you up into separate portions, leaving you alone and vulnerable?"

Tosai then cracked his knuckles. "Never lose sight of your teammate to distraction. If you come across an illusion, break it and then join your comrade in their attack." Tosai then took a lower stance than before this time saying, "Now I up the difficulty. Ready or not… Here I come." Tosai immediately ran toward Hitoshi, clotheslining the small kid, and remaining in an undeterred charge, right into Naru. From there, Hitoshi would see his own first tactic being repeated, only these weren't clones Tosai split into. The Akimichi had been so fast, that he left several after images of himself as he headed toward the girl. One was of him in a baseball slide, attacking from below. The other was a shoulder charge from her left side. Both seemed to hit Naru /simultaneously/. Naru herself would also feel the two attacks hit her at the same time.

The swift strike of Tosai was finally met with another good dodge, her eyes barely calculating his movements despite replacing herself with fire from the first attack, the second one power drived right into her, once again smaking her across the pavement, this time with strong enough force to cause her head to roll. Naru panted quietly, pulling herself up to one knee as she looked over at the Jounin… Naru was definitely tired out, she truly didnt think she could go on any longer especially with Tosai taking it to the next level.

"Im actually… In quite a lot of pain.." Naru exclaimed, taking a seat on the ground for now… she wouldn't be a ble to keep fighting with that massive headache coming over here… For now she treated it like elimination, slipping off the battle field to watch from afar, to see how hitoshi's training would end up.

This was just going steadily downhill. Fast. As things continued to heat up, Hitoshi growls a little when he realized that - again - he had been thrown off his objective. He hears the voice, and hears the negativity… and he frowns, taking a deep breath. "Gotta focus," he whispers quietly, chewing on his bottom lip and rolling his neck…
And then, suddenly?
CLOTHESLINE. He's sent reeling, knocked down quite painfully and suddenly as the Akimichi successfully distracts and retaliates in full. He winces, rubbing his head as he lays there on the ground, groaning…
"… Focus and not lose sight," he whispers quietly, to himself. "Ow…"

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