Mission Interruption


Kurome (emitter), Hige, Zori, Kajiru, Yoshomaru, Hinori

Date: June 29, 2015


Konoha gets sent to help guard a caravan, but before they can even reach it, they’re attacked by bandits!

"Mission Interruption"

Land of Fire

Rumor has it that the Kazekage is getting married! Naturally, /everyone/ that's a free agent will want to help out! Some of the merchants come from far and wide, and a number of them happen to be passing through Konoha. Since this whole Recluse business has a lot of people nervous, body guards have been requested. Ask and ye shall receive: Konoha shinobi! Hige would get the message to head off to the rendezvous point to meet with his client, said point being about ten miles to the north and east.The merchant was aiming to travel back to Konoha, and also, Hige should bring someone else.

Bodyguard duty…sounds thrilling. Hige got the message and sent for his team, consisting of one. He even checked out the wires so that Zori could use them during the trip. And then, well, whoever happens to be free gets drafted whether they like it or not. After checking with administration he sends out notes to all who want to go and has them meet him at the gate when ready. And that's where the teen currently is, leaning against the gate at the entrance of the village with arms crossed over his chest, Konsho sitting nearby, waiting for the others.

Soon, the arrival of two more is marked with the yipping noises of a young pup, as well as a girl seeming to respond to those yipping noises. "Yes, I made sure! Seriously! It's not like we're going on an A-Ranked mission or something! We'll be fine!" Whining can be heard, and then the two come into view. The dog looks intact and ready to go… but the Kunoichi is a little drippy in the hair, as if she'd gone swimming or something… with the pup sitting atop her head anyway. The Kunoichi looks up at the puppy with a small bit of disdain. "I still can't believe you did that to me… that was not cool!" The pup could only be described as snickering… if that's what you could call it… either way, it seemed the black Ninken puppy was amused by what happened. But the Kunoichi just sighed as she approached. "This is where we're supposed to be meeting up for Bodyguard duty, right?" She'd ask of the Ninja leaning against the gate.

He'd been dodging duty for almost eight months. And he already can guess how he got caught. As Yoshomaru walks towards the others ahead, he looks back towards the village with a thought. He would huff once before looking back up towards the others. There was that Inuzuka who almost splashed him at the lake. He's always been the loner type, runs in the family. He would make a low grunt as he pulls his bag tighter over his shoulder and clasps it into place. His shoes kick the dirt up as he comes near them, taking a moment to tap each toe on the ground before the teenager stands there quietly with his arms crossed.
Youthful energy is one thing, calm patience is another. He knows he's stuck working.

Zori had received the message from Hige. Packing up his first aid supplies into his backpack just incase he would need it. Zori goes searching his room for his wires. Where is it! Zori picks up his pillows looking up under them tossing his pillows over to the ground. Zori screams. But a few seconds later Zori calms down and realizes that Hige had them locked away in storage. With that Zori heads out the door just before jumping into the trees moving from tree to tree till he arivesd at the gate. He jumped from the tree branch landing beside Hige. Zori gives the Inuzuka a smug grin.His shortsleeved purple hoodie jacket looking ever so stylish that if ones eyes would glance upon it theyre eyebrows would just burst into flames. Zori does not look at the other two people here his focus in completely on Hige.

Arriving after her summons, Kajiru appears at the spot and grumbles as she spots Zori there. She glares at him for a moment before looking to Hinori and grinning, "New person!" She declares and sniffs at Hinori before looking to her puppy and peering at her with a sniff or two as well. She starts walking around Hinori and her dog to examine them and then states, "Hi, Hige!" She declares before looking back at Hinori, "I'm Kajriu!" She declares to the new person.

"Yeah, this is it," Hige replies to the question from the other Inuzuka, looking her over briefly before looking to the ninkin. He says nothing further at the moment as his eyes scan the others that arrive, some slowly, some rather quickly. When Zori lands Hige tosses the bundles of wires towards him. "Best behaviour," he reminds the teen before looking over to the others and motioning them close. "We're on guard duty for a merchant that's passing through. I expect you all to be alert and on your best behaviour. Any questions before we go?" Konsho barks a greeting to the other ninkin, tail wagging happily as the rather large pup waits next to Hige, ready to go at a moments notice.

Hinori shakes her head in response to the other Inuzuka's query at the end, setting herself up for anything, as she wanted to be ready for whatever may happen upon the road! Even if it were a peaceful trip, she wanted to make ABSOLUTE sure that she had it and didn't need it than need it and not have it. So she took a little bit of time to charge some of her Chakra to have it ready to go whenever she needed it. Hoshi looked at the other Ninken, and just yipped at him curiously. ~I don't think I've seen you before…~ The Ninken with Inuzuka Hinori was rather small compared to most Ninken his age… runt of the litter, but… he did look like he knew his speed. More yipping from the younger Ninken, ~I am Inuzuka Hoshi. And this is my partner Inuzuka Hinori! Say hi, Hi-Hi.~ Hinori looked absolutely annoyed when the Ninken said that 'nickname' of hers. "Seriously… please stop calling me that, Hoshimaru!" The young Ninken growled a bit. ~Then don't call me Hoshimaru!~ Hinori just sighed, shaking her head. "Yeah… as he said," she gestures to the Ninken on her head. "I am Inuzuka Hinori." She was saying this for the others in the group that wouldn't be able to understand Hoshi.

It's definitely an Inuzuka's world in this case. Yoshomaru's fine with that. He even smiles alittle as he watches all the interactions. If anyone greets him, he's too distracted by the ninken to notice. It's not to be rude, he's just a bit spaced out at the moment. When he can tell the party is ready to move out, he actually just rolls one of his shoulders and starts walking. He doesn't even seem to have his guard up at this time.

Zori is thrilled, When the wires float into the air, Zori focuses his chakra into his body. The wires start to tingle from the familar sensation of chakra being emitted, slithering down to the ground over to Zori. The wires wrap around Zori's left moving over to Zori's chest making its way up to Zori's wrists. The wires safely wrap around each of them. Zori snickers "Alright Hige..sure thing." Zori notices Kajiru staring at him, he turns his head over to her "Got a problem? Little Girl?" Zori snickers. With that Zori summons wires within the area as he walks with the rest of the group. These wires would help him sense any danger if possible. Zori does not speak to the other two, Hes not really a greeter.

A look to Hinori and she nods before squatting down toward Hoshi and grinning, "Hi!" She waves at the puppy before standing up straight and glaring at Zori briefly, "Not at all, Big Jerk." She then nods to Hige before saying, "Hey, guess what?" She asks of him and bounces a little before turning her gaze to Yoshomaru and peering at him. She walks over to him and peers at him before saying, "I haven't met you." She nods her head, "I'm Kirryu Kajiru!" She nods again. The barely four and a half foot tall girl looks up even at Hinori as she moves around, eager and excited, "Now lets go!" She starts off and then stops and blinks, "Umm, which way?" She grins and bounces on the balls of her feet.

The team would set out, nothing really happening on the way there for … the first bit of traveling. There are new sights, new sounds, even new smells (for those with strong noses) for some of the group as they move on. Perhaps bandits and Recluse will stay away for the time being!! Or maybe not. Who knows? ot Zori! His wires don't pick up anything but dead leaves and a few old branches.

Hige nods to the group as none of them seem to have any questions. "Alright then, let's go." He walks over to Kajiru and puts a hand on her shoulder, then turns her in the right direction. "That way," he says with a grin, then takes the lead by jumping up into the treetops. Konsho will take the rear of course. The speed isn't slow, but it isn't as fast as he usually travels. He doesn't need to tire out the Genin before they even get there, after all. "For those of you who don't know me, I'm Inuzuka Hige. That's Konsho back there. Why don't you each introduce yourselves so we're all on the same page, yeah?" He keeps his senses open, eyes, ears and nose scanning the surrounding areas as they go.

Hinori and Hoshi were keeping very even pace, the speed at which they were going was actually pretty slow… thankfully, it was slow enough that the duo could keep an easy nose out for trouble, just keeping their keen noses out for any ambushes or something. Hopefully, they were travelling into the wind, which would keep their noses trained and focused towards their direction instead of another direction entirely. Having already introduced herself to the team, Hinori and Hoshi kept travelling in near silence as the pair of them just sniffed the air for anything bad that might be coming for them.

'They are so ansy. They still don't know how to keep themselves in check.'
Yoshomaru's thoughts just are kept to himself. He hears the other above him introduce themselves but he takes his own time. He's just not in a chatty-chatty mood. He wants to sneak off, but he knows he can't. He brings a hand up to run his hand through his hair as he keeps towards the back of the group. He's not being antisocial, he's actually covering the rear in his own odd way. He's smiling, for some weird reason he's smiling.
"You guys move too slow! Quit focusing so much on being on edge and focus on getting faster."

When Kajiru calls him a big jerk, Zori just continues grinning at her "Heh, thats right walk away." When Hige motions for them to take to the trees, he does exactly that. Traveling from tree to tree he could sense dead leaves and broken tree branches with his little Wire sensors. Hige had said something about a introduction. Zori looks around and notices everyone else besides the Inuzuka had introduced themselves atleast to what Zori had heard with his own ears and was paying attention to. Zori smirks "Zori is who i am". He continues to follow the group to wherevers next.

"I said my name a lot." She states, "Again, I'm Kajiru." Kajiru nods a she runs along, "And don't listen to him." She points at Zori, "His name is Jerkface McGee." She nods her head and continues to run along at a pretty good clip as she sniffs at the air, peering at the area around. Her senses are rather powerful as well as she moves along, peering this way and that.

It doesn't seem like Konoha is at its best in terms of being perceptive. A few try, certainly, but what they find isn't enough to alert their senses. They would pay that price of overconfidence, a tide of knives and sharp rocks being thrown at the small group. Okay, given the attack weapons… Probably not Recluse. But folks that are willing to kill.

Hige glances over his shoulder when Yoshomaru doesn't introduce himself and for a moment he's ready to stop them until they get this little pain figured out. But then at the last moment he senses the incoming knives and lands sideways on a thick branch, putting it between himself and the weapons. "Head's up, find some cover!" He calls out to the group, frowning as he turns his own attention to where these new troublemakers might be. Troublemakers galore around here! Hige hops forward a bit before putting his back to a tree, sniffing the air to find the troublemakers.
Konsho stays with the others, the large pup hiding behind a tree trunk and keeping track of the Genin just in case one of them needs help.

Sharp reflexes shoot both Hinori and Hoshi into a reactionary posture as Hinori ducked under the attack, while Hoshi jumped over it. Hinori landed on all fours, with Hoshi on her back as well! Hinori used her low to the ground stature to get to a defensive position, behind cover until she could perceive the enemy with her allies! Hoshi just started growling. ~Sneaky attackers! Let's take the fight to them, eh?~ And with that, both Hinori and Hoshi sniff the air with a redoubled effort to get a hint of where the enemy was!

Yoshomaru would be looking upward towards Hige, detecting his intent before he would see everyone else scatter. That's when the kunai and knife digs into the back of his right shoulder. He didn't even get his own gesture off in time before he whips his arm around in a blind fury. He begins to fake that he can't move it, letting it dangle as he looks around back and forth. He wasn't hiding yet…And it was totally on purpose.
"On guard, don't move from your positions!"
Why is he suddenly getting bossy?
The real question is, why isn't he moving?

Zori's wires instantly spring into action unwrapping itself from his wrist lashing out slapping away the weapons aimed at him. Zori heard to duck and cover and he does not like that at all. Wheres the fun in that? Hehe. "No way Hige, this trip is becoming more exciting now." Zori stands out the in open as he focuses more chakra to his already summoned wires. Hopefully it would help him detect who he needs to kill. Zori's grin has widened a bit. He shouts "Comeon is that the best you got? A couple of kunais and rocks? Show me what you got! Weaklings."

Dashing to the side as the attacks come in, she flicks her hands out wide and almost immediately claws sprout from each of her finger tips as she looks around quickly for her targets. She does not take cover even as her teeth sharpen to nasty looking points, her nose stretching out just slightly as if trying to become a snout. Her ears move up her head into a pair of furry circular ears. Even a long fluffy tail sprouts as her clawed toes dig in slightly to the ground, sniffing about as she turns this way and that, "Lets play!" She calls out, "I won't bite…much…" She chuckles to herself.

The bandits don't really want to come out since.. well… the shinobi were tougher than expected. They figured the group was a bunch of kids with no experience, dang it!! More knives and rocks are thrown at the group, though they go everywhere all at once, no true aim in the throws. Kajiru would be able to notice two in the trees while Hinori and her ninken would sense two in the bushes. Hige's nose would reveal all that and a bit more, as there seems to be backup members not so far away.

Hige sighs mentally as people just stand out in the open. He can't help them all, and maybe it'll be a good lesson for them at this point. Two of them at least he can take care of personally later. He was getting tired of them not listening, especially one that's already on thin ice. Apparently his thoughts are a bit too much in going over the situation of the others since he's a tick too slow to avoid an incoming blade that sinks into his shoulder. A low growl escapes as he pulls the knife out and throws it back. "If you want to live you'll run now," he growls in the direction of the attackers, that being his only warning before the first one comes under attack of a spinning flurry.
Konsho in the meanwhile is watching after the others and sees one that needs the most help…and is actually listening. The large pup darts forward and pretty much knocks Hinori and the much smaller pup onto his back before darting back a short distance to avoid the rocks that were heading there. "You okay?" He asks the two, the pup sounding worried.

Hinori looks at Konsho with a smile. "Yeah, we're fine. Thanks." She looks at Hoshi on her head. "What say we repay the favor, Hoshi?" Hoshi just looks excited at the prospect, tail wagging happily. Yip, ~Fast-Ball Special?~ Hinori nods. "Fast-Ball Special." Hoshi howls in triumph. ~GET READY FOR THE INUZUKA, CHUMPS!~ With that, Hoshi jumps up and curls into a tightly knit ball, while Hinori holds out a hand, Hoshi landing in it gracefully. Afterwards, Hinori throws a pitch straight down the lane to the two targets, putting some spin on the attack to let Hoshi rebound off one target into the second one, in hopes of throwing off the pair of their's attacks!

Yoshomaru's eyes would narrow when he saw the randomized flurries begin. As the others began their attacks, he was watching. Sure enough, the volley came again and this time he wound up trying to pull out another technique, but he doesn't do it in time. He shouldn't have been feigning a hurt arm, because now a kunai is lodged in the bicep. This time, he cuts to the left and immediately tucks behind a tree to get his bearings.
He tries to find the others by eye, trying to make sure he can keep tabs on them. He then closes his eyes a moment, as if he's trying to plot where the enemy may be based on where they are starting their attacks.
He would then just reopen his eyes and form three fast handseals, vanishing underground…
And then he emerges right beneath one of the bandits, the one Hinori was assaulting. And if he's quick enough…buries him to the neck.

Out in the open indeed with her claws and teeth bared. Kajiru literaly zips under all the attacks, barely avoiding them as she races right for the pair that attacked her. She races right for the tree containing the pair that attacked her and she jumps straight for the tree. One clawed foot and clawed hand drive claws right into the side of the tree with a nasty sound before she pushes off and drives herself right for one of the pair attempting to take that one right out of the tree and to the ground below. Moments later her claws are slicing back and forth at the enemy and the other in the tree might only get to watch the last moments of their friend's life.

Lucky, or perhaps no so, The bandits are able to escape Hinori and Hoshi's baseball combo, only for one of them to get yanked into the ground by Yoshomaru. "ACK!!! Hey, what gives?!" whines the trapped one. Others find themselves facing a number of sharp things. Namely claws and fangs, courtesy of Hige and Kajiru. The duo of Konoha's Fang make a fearsome enemy, both of them launching spiraling attacks at the bandits. Enough that a few of them decide to play dead in hopes the scary ninja will go away. Those still brave enough to continue attacking toss a bomb, releasing a lot of smoke to try and escape.

Hige doesn't even pause after his claws dig into one of the people, turning and letting out a loud whistle that Konsho responds to. The two are up in the air in an instant, spinning togeter this time as they come down through the smoke, led by their noses, to take care of the bad types. He's had enough of them hurting this group of shinobi and now they'll pay. They should've just given up in the first place. The pair head towards the furthest escapees, deciding that they don't need to be escaping.
Yoshomaru has arrived.

The smoke overwhelms the senses of both Hinori and Hoshi, as the pair of them just start coughing and sputtering from the sudden burst! Trying to block it out, each of the Inuzuka just take the careful time to try and find one another, easily distinguishing each other from the others due to them being around one another for as long as they've been… once the Ninja and Ninken have been reunited, Hoshi just whines a bit. ~I really sucked…~ Hinori just pets Hoshi gently. "Don't worry… we'll get it next time. We're still getting the hang of that move, after all." Hoshi just nods, and the two Ninja return back behind cover to let the others have a go.

Despite the smoke, Kajiru can hear the one that is escaping from the tree. She glances up as he hops down and begins to run and then she rushes after him, running on all fours. She leaps off one tree with a kick off and then jumps over a rock to try to land on her target and then begins to savage him viciously. She is attempting to rip him to shreds to as she lets loose with a nasty set of claws again.

Those two men in the distance didn't stand a chance, falling to Hige and Konsho's Gatsuga. They lie bleeding out on the ground, if they aren't dead already, which means that five are taken care of. Kajiru is able to claw the final bandit really good, her claws tearing through his skin like it was nothing. With all the bandits down, the Shinobi are able to continue forth with their journey to the meet up spot, leading the merchant back to Konoha with little to no troubles.

Hige ties up the bandits if they aren't dead, deciding to send someone to get them later, before returning to the others to check on the final man. Well, seems like that was done well enough. "Everyone alright?" He asks as he looks between the Genin and their injuries. "We have a mission to finish and then we can have a medic check everyone out. For now let me do some bandaging so you don't bleed out. You all faught well, but most of you failed to listen to orders. That's going to get you killed some day."

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