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Welcome to the new and slightly improved NMR Log Section! Due to the sheer volume of logs there are after two loving years, a new system was devised to sort out and ease the burden it posed on the wiki-site. Each country will now have it's own page, dedicated to logs that happened within their borders. This should make things run a bit more quickly, since it even bogged down my super connection just clicking this place. :|

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Miscellaneous Events

Click here for the page containing all logs that didn't fit in a country's section. Things like Wanderer RP, Summoning Plots, Etc…


Click here to view all Cutscene bbposts that were copied from the mush to here for archiving.

RP Challenges

Click here to view all previously completed RP Challenges.

Village Meetings

Click here to view all documented village meetings for all of the nations.

Bulletin Board Archives

Click here to view archives of past MUSH bulletin board posts.

Anchor Page

This page is for staff only to anchor all logs, DO IT! I'll notice… lazy bums. :|

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