Mission: Double Date


Sachiko, Ryouji, Michiko, Hiei

Date: November 4, 2014


The Kumo shionbi go undercover at a Couple's Retreat banquet to stop agents of the Silence from assassinating a wealthy merchant and his pregnant wife.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Mission: Double Date"

Lavish Mansion on the outskirts of Amegakure

Sachiko, Ryouji, and Michiko had been tapped for a mission. After Hiei had come back from meeting with his contact in the Land of Wind, he had immediately reported his findings to administration and gotten the green light to assemble a team. However, the conditions of the mission Hiei hasn't really told anyone yet, save for Sachiko. The group is traveling as part of a caravan. Their wagon is being drawn by four horses and the carriage seems very lavish. Inside the carriage, Hiei takes the time to brief the team. He is dressed in finery, his hair combed and flowing down his back. The only weapon he carries is a single sword, and it's wrapped up so that no one knows exactly what it is. "Alright guys, here is the deal. We're on our way to Amegakure…well a mansion on the outskirts of the village. Dono is a wealthy merchant that has been targeted by the Silence. Our job is to prevent this from happening without his pregnant wife knowing what's going on. I understand her condition is delicate and if she is upset she might go into labor early. Which is why I have arranged for us to get on the invitation to a 'Couple's Retreat'..which he's holding over the next few days. Sachiko and I are going as a married couple. Ryouji, you and Michiko's cover is an engaged couple." He pauses. "I know this is probably your first undercover mission, but body language will help you. You're going to have to sell it..which means you may have to act closer than you really are. Now, are there any questions before we get there? By the way, we aren't allowed to take any weapons with us. We'll be searched before we're allowed inside. So Ryouji and I are going to have to improvise."

The Yotsuki had informed his wife the night before regarding this mission, since she wasn't a shinobi. That meant he needed to convince Sachiko to go, and here she is… The redhead's hair is done up with a nice decorative comb and she's even wearing a nice kimono. Given the nature of the mission, she has decided to wear her blindfold as usual, though this one is meant to match her kimono with a much smaller Yotsuki clan symbol over her left eye rather than in the center.
As Hiei explains things to the other two that are part of the mission, the woman grins. She listens and, with a sensor hidden away in her clothing, observes the two to see their reactions.

Michiko finds herself on a mission, the details themselves vague. She was told to dress in something relatively nice, too, so she's packed a few of her nicer clothes in addition to the blue kimono she's already wearing. She /does/ have her typical gear with her, since her shinobi pack only contains books. She hasn't needed actual weapons in a while. The girl listens attentively as Hiei gives the mission. Then finds out what exactly what they are doing… The girl stares at Hiei, and it's a bit difficult to tell if the glare she's giving him is because she's angry or because she's embarrassed. Either way…. It's a very powerful glare. "I see… I suppose that answers some things," she comments, eyeing her current pack. Then her gaze falls to Ryouji. Well, it shouldn't be /too/ hard to pretend she's engaged to him, right? Though she's not entirely sure if her feelings are on the romantic side of things with the Reizei…

Ryouji listens to Hiei give the breifing. He tries to stay calm about getting close to Michiko. He just nods, keeping his eyes on Hiei for the moment and only swallowing for a second. Inside though, you don't really want to know what his mind is thinking. BUT, it's for the mission. Once Hiei mentions getting close, he looks over at Michiko and nods, giving a small smile. "I guess so. I'm sure we could pull off a convincing act. Shouldn't be too hard, right my wife?" He chuckles half heartedly at that. His feelings on the other hand, would be perfect for this mission. He could make this real, even if it might not happen for real. For his part of the mission he is dressed in something casual. A button down red tunic and black hakama pants. He's got a land of wind look about him with a tan sash running from the hip up to one shoulder. But he's already has his weapons removed and stashed someplace safe. "So protect the Dono's wife without her finding out. Don't let her find out about us. Well, as long as they don't expect us to prove our marrage too much, we could do it. What is the threat to the Dono's wife? Do we know what or who the Silence is throwing at her?"

Hiei notes the looks on both Michiko and Ryouji's faces. He was once faced with a question during the chuunin exams that was similar to this situation. He'd have to keep an eye on the two of them. "From all I know it's a small group of about four people. We have no intel on their capabilities but it is suspected that there might be a genjutsuist among them. Which will make this more difficult. I have no idea why they're targeting this man, it may have something to do with his wealth and his shipping business but we can speculate about that later. Right now our jobs are to keep them safe and dispatch the assassins when they show up. However, we have an ace in the hole." He looks at Sachiko. "Your job is to place your sentries around the place and give us an advanced warning if you see or hear something out of place. Michiko and Ryouji, I want you to mingle with the guests. We know that some of them aren't who they claim to be…a little like us actually. See if you can ferret them out. I'll be keeping an eye on the Dono and his wife. First priority is to get those two out of the room when the action starts. Sachiko, I'll leave that to you. Everyone clear on what we're doing?"

The reaction of the younger shinobi was amusing for Sachiko, but she said nothing and just listened. Nodding her head as Hiei speaks, she only verbally answers at the end. "Perfectly," she responds. "I'll do my best. Can sometimes be mighty difficult to pay attention to so many conversations at once, but…" She shrugs her shoulders carelessly. The Iga had no trouble with what was asked of her and would do everything she could. Over time, she'd certainly learned how to play certain parts so acting like she was just another guest shouldn't be too hard for her. With that thought, she began to chew, creating more ears and eyes to hide in her clothes which could just slip away discreetly when need be.

Michiko gives Ryouji a small smile, less strained in appearance than what it feels like. Having to do this for a mission was a tad painful, regardless of whether or not it was a lie. But she'll make it work. "Of course, Ryouji-kun…" she replies. "I suppose nicknames might be a good idea…" she muses, considering what on earth she would call the Reizei that /didn't/ sound formal. "Genjutsu… Well, I recently have trained my defenses against those skills, so hopefully they don't fail me. You've no questions from me, Hiei-san." She closes her eyes, focusing on how she's to act in the near future and making sure she's forgotten nothing about the mission that might be important.

Ryouji sighs, "Genjutsu, great. We'll deal with that when we come to it. Take that one out fast when or if the fireworks start." he says mostly to himself. "I'm clear on the orders, sensei." He shrugs at Michiko, "It sounds a bit formal though. Father calls mother that all the time. My wife…huh. Sounds off, but let's just go with what works at the moment. If it's not appropriate, we won't have to use it." He takes a deep breath and blows it out slowly, letting any stress or pent up feelings go. He seeks that small place in his mind where he always goes whenever he practices his swords, like cool water. He looks much calmer now and says, "And don't worry, I'll be a perfect gentlemen, Michiko-chan."

The carriage arrives in front of the very large and lavish mansion. Servants open the door for the shinobi and Hiei goes all formal by offering Sachiko his arm as they walk towards the front door. Once they reach the door, Hiei produces a scroll..the invitation. Once they check both him and Sachiko for weapons, they are allowed inside. The room is filled with other couples from different places. They are all dressed in expensive looking clothing and servants are moving around with trays of drinks and food. Once inside, Hiei turns to glance behind him at Ryouji and Michiko as he asides to Sachiko under his breath. "I hope they can pull this off. Michiko looked like she was going to be sick earlier and Ryouji looked nervous. They have to pull this off or we'll be discovered."

Sachiko smiles and takes the arm of her husband, following after him into the grand party of sorts. When he expresses his concern, the woman shakes her head at him. "Worry not. Michiko has read enough stories that I'm sure she can pull off a bit of acting. Ryouji, I of course don't know extremely well, but…" She smirks faintly, saying, "I'm not worried about him." Although the redhead might not always be the most polite lady, she manages to be cordial and nice to everyone around her.

Michiko gives a final sigh before the carriage door opens, readying herself. It's not the fact that she has to pretend to be friendly that has her in a terrible mood, though. It's the fact she has to socialize and go to a party with a lot of fancy upper-class members. She's likely going to feel a bit out of place. Nevertheless, she puts on a smile that hopefully is convincing enough to have others think she's in a good mood. Happy to be with her 'husband'. The Iwata is mostly following Sachiko's lead at this point, feeling like the Iga has a better idea of how to go about this whole 'party' aspect.

Ryouji smiles as he sees out the window. It's his people! He whispers, "Well.." as he smooths out his clothes and straightens out his hair once again, "…this is going to be easier than I thought." He steps out of the carrage, sucking in a breath as the door opens thanks to the servants. He steps aside the stairs and helps Michiko down the steps by holding out his hand. He is the perfect example of what it means to be nobility. He looks the part, he acts the part, he IS the part. All the times he was force to be in formal functions with his father and uncle has paid off. He holds his arm out for Michiko to take and walks in with her. Ryouji reaches into his vest pocket behind the sash and pulls out a small hankercheif, dabbing his nose with it. "Nervous dear?" he asks Michiko as they walk in, "It seems like a good enough party." He smiles, "Relax, everything is going to be fine." He gives a small nod to the servants holding open the doors, then produces their own invitation. He's checked for weapons, even looking annoyed that the servants ask to do so. "Why would I have such things? Honestly, fine, if you must search then do so. It is your job to keep us safe afterall." He holds out his arms, letting himself get patted down. Once cleared, he gently holds out his own arm again for Michiko to take again, and they go inside. The first couple they get close to who isn't in conversation with another, he gives a small bow to. If only to be polite.

As the party goes into full swing, the Dono walks out with his wife. She pretty and very pregnant. As they begin to make their rounds, Hiei motions to Sachiko and begins to mingle with the guests. Every so often he stops to speak with a couple to give Sachiko time to plant her sentries, his deep laugh rings out as he makes small talk with the other guests. If one had never met Hiei before, they'd swear he belonged amongst this crowd.
Ryouji and Michiko seem to be popular as they are the youngest guests here. People are congratulating them and asking them the story of how they met. One couple in particular, a tall thin man with a hookish nose and his semi-pretty wife walk up to them as the woman asks Michiko where she got her dress. "That outfit is simply divine, dear. Wherever did you get it?" The man chuckles and comments, "I'm sure she didn't buy it off the rack. Obviously her husband hand it tailored for her. Right?" He raises his brows slightly towards Ryouji.

As she travels around, conversing and mingling with the other guests, eyes and ears slip from her kimono and find places to hide: under tables, in house plants, anywhere. Sachiko observes everything that is happening around her, doing her best to pay most attention to the person she's talking to while still being sure to listen and watch everything else. As she realizes how popular the youngest 'couple' is, she can't help but be amused… Hiei really was a sadist. He must have known they'd be the focus of so many.

Michiko took the Reizei's hand when it was offered, staying a bit closer to the boy than she normally would. Maybe it was an act, maybe it wasn't. She let her nerves show on her face, though, thinking it might be a bit better to act timid. "I'll survive," she responds to the question, taking a small breath. Her mind is racing through the different stories she read. The different books about societal interactions and politeness. Hopefully they'll be useful. She steps away from Ryouji when they're checked for weapons, though the people are a bit less suspicious she would have something on her. Her small stature and timid appearance likely helped with that. Then she returns to Ryouji's side, acting the perfect part (to the best of her abilities.
As it seems they're the most popular, Michiko seems to shrink just slightly at Ryouji's side, the girl pretending to be intimidated by the attention. Her eyes are rather sharp, though, looking around the area. This is disguised as nerves, though, her eyes darting back and forth between people that could be considered trying to talk to her and gain her attention. "Oh, this? My husband bought it for me on our first date. It's one of my most prized outfits," she says, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. It might be rage, though… The fact that Hiei had made her do this was a tad infuriating. And the kimono she was currently wearing was actually purchased off the rack, and a bit too large for her, initially. It took a few stitches and cuts to get it to fit, though apparently she didn't do that bad of a job!

Ryouji does not mind the attention, and even likes it at times. He figures that as long as Michiko and Ryouji can draw the attention of some of them, it gives Hiei and Sachiko a bit of room to work. Still, as each person comes to talk to the pair, Ryouji gives them the once over all while giving a polite and friendly look to each. He makes sure Michiko can act the part by acting as her faithful new husband. He says, "Oh my yes. There is a tailor in the Land of Wind, Oki Okami. She is a wonderful tailor and made this for her once she picked out the colors. I think it goes well with her eyes." He smiles and turns, looking into them. "I really can't help but notice those things about her." He blushes himself, matching Michiko's, though probably not for rage. He looks back, looking over the person talking, "But anyway yes. Once she was fitted for it, we had our first date." He smiles thoughtfully, as if thinking back to it, but really looking for anything out of place on the guy he's talking to.

Ryouji notices that the man he speaks to has a paper tag sewn into the inside of his jacket. It's barely perceptible, but when the man moves slightly a little bit of it can be seen. Sachiko's sentries notice that one of the servants, a blonde haired female begins to pay close attention to the Dono when he appears. To the point that she sets her tray aside and begins to move towards where they're standing. Michiko notices that the wife of the couple she and Ryouji are talking to is making subtle handseals with her hands while talking, trying to draw the attention away from it. Hiei leans over to Sachiko. "Someone is using chakra. It's close to where Ryouji and Michiko are. See if you can get the Dono and his wife away from the room. I have a feeling it's about to start."

The Iga's head nods gently to her husband and she drifts over toward the Dono and his wife. "My deepest apologies for not greeting you sooner," she expresses. "It's an honor to meet you and I must say, this is quite the fun event. I'm elated I was able to make it." Sachiko shifts, her smile portraying just that. Then she murmurs, "I have heard the lady is with child. I gave birth quite recently myself." She lowers her voice a bit, so as not to embarrass the hostess as she murmurs, "I imagine that your feet are positively killing you. I could hardly walk from the living room to the kitchen without needing to sit down. Why don't we go to the next room and take a seat for a few moments? I will take the blame," she offers with a grin, also giving a nod to the Dono. "The lord too, of course. Can't let him get too far," she kids gently, trying to usher them out without having the lady feel rushed or endangered.

Michiko's eyes are drawn to the woman's hands, but only briefly. She inwardly wonders how to alert Ryouji, and settles for a light tug to the Reizei's sleeve, attempting to alert him to the woman by flicking her eyes in her direction. "Excuse me, miss," she addresses the lady. "Do you want to see something interesting? I'm sure it'll light up your life quite nicely…"

Ryouji smiles at the man and says, "And speaking of clothes, that jacket you're wearing is beautiful. Please, you have to tell me 'your' tailor. The fabric is simply divine." He sees a waitress with drinks walking by carrying a tray of drinks and snakes a line of hair down his shirt, down his pants, out the bottom of the pants leg and solidifies it to hardness with a bit of chakra. It pops out to trip up the waitress sending the tray of drinks, hopefully, onto the jacket with paper tags. Ryouji just says, "Oh my!" With the jacket soon to be soaked, the paper tag is unlikely to blow or at least less likely to.

The Dono's wife smiles at Sachiko. "Oh, you're quite right. My feet are killing me." The Dono replies. "But dear, we just came out to greet the guests.." She gives him a look. "I said my feet hurt." In a lower voice. He holds up his hands. "Whatever you want. Please this way…" He turns to go with Sachiko and his wife towards a side door that looks like it leads into a sitting room.
Meanwhile, Ryouji's trick with the server manages to wet the man's jacket, he startles and curses loudly. "Duplicateit, you fool, what have you done?" He spits towards him. The woman's hands stop moving as Michiko speaks to her, but mostly because she's finished what she was doing. It's pretty evident because the room begins to change into some place completely different. Trees and brush begin to appear, the room itself becomes hazy as it seems like a jungle springs up out of nowhere. The hook nosed man and his wife are nowhere to be seen. The server girl is gone as well. People look disoriented and begin to panic. However the effects don't seem to be in the room where Sachiko, Dono, and his wife are.

When the terrain begins to change, Hiei applies pressure to the space in between his fingers. He tugs and pulls, the pain allowing his brain to see through the illusion. He then begins to move. "Ladies and gentlemen. Please exit the building. You're in danger here." People begin to panic and head for the door, those that can actually see the door. Most of them wander around as if lost.

Yes, exactly… They /had/ only been greeting the guests for a short time, but that was the entire purpose behind Sachiko's mentioning the short travel from living area to kitchen. The power of suggestion is great. Even if her feet hadn't been hurting or she hadn't noticed, the mere mention of such a thing made a great difference. As they enter the side room, the woman softly smiles, observing what is happening with her husband and the rest of the team as she takes any free seat, but only after the Dono and his wife do the same. "Have you thought of any names? Forgive me for being so nosey, but being a new mother myself, I just get so curious about how others are preparing and handling the process."

Michiko attempts to break the genjutsu, lashing out with an arm to try and catch the genjutsuist before she disappears. The Iwata isn't fast enough, though, and she ends up getting trapped by the genjutsu. She curses silently to herself, focusing chakra in an attempt to gain a better understanding of her surrounding. Chakra is sent through her body in an attempt to break the genjutsu, but the effect isn't as helpful as she wished. The jungles is still there. Fortunately, so is Ryouji. And she still has her pack on her, so she has a change of clothes for when she tears her kimono. "Ryouji-kun, keep an eye out," she tells him, waiting a bit for the previous pain to calm before trying to break the genjutsu again.

Ryouji pinches himself in a nerve cluster right under the arm pit. It hurt, but not enough to cause his brain to snap out of the genjutsu. He says, "You got it, Michiko-chan. Stupid genjutsu." He rubs his shoulder and tries to force his chakra system to break the genjutsu. To no effect. As soon as the pain subsides, he'll give it another chance to break this thing.

The Dono's wife smiles at Sachiko. "Oh, we haven't really thought about names yet. I guess we want to see what the baby looks like first. But we've been planning, we even had a playroom added to the house…" As she continues to talk, the door opens and the woman from before, the server steps into the room. Wielding a pair of kitchen knives she smirks. "Just who I was looking for.." She will begin to make her way towards the Dono unless stopped.

Meanwhile, the man with the hawk nose has noticed that Hiei wasn't subdued by the genjutsu like everyone else. Even though his jacket was drenched, he pulls paper tags out of his pants..actually inside of the waistband of his pants. He tosses a few at Hiei. "Who the doppleganger are you anyway?"

With the genjutsu in effect on Michiko and Ryouji, they have really no clue what's really going on. From their perspective, they see party guests either wandering around, or hiding under furniture. The jungle is still intergrated with everything and the genjutsuist herself is nowhere to be seen. However, out of the blue two blasts of wind come for both Ryouji and Michiko. They'll be able to dodge if they can break the genjutsu. If not, they'll be hit and it'll be broken anyway.

As Hiei turns, the hawk nosed man throws the paper at him. There is a massive explosion, so fierce that it sends Hiei backwards through the wall and into the next room. The Yotsuki was so surprised that he has to shake his head to get the cobwebs out. "Ugh. I hope the others are doing better than me." His vision is blurry as he forms handseals and slivers of lightning surround his body. He moves up to a kneeling position before releasing them towards the hawk nosed man. "Eat lightning.." He grunts.

While the pregnant woman spoke, Sachiko grinned, the conversation brightening her mood even if she was meant to be playing a part. When the woman enters, the grin fades, though, at first concern and then… She moved to stand. "I do believe you are going to have some difficulty in your endeavors," she remarks, standing idly in the way of the knife-wielding server. When the woman stepped forward, Sachiko shifted, side-stepping the blade. Moving like this in a kimono was… hard. Even so, she immediately reached out, attempting to snag the woman by her shirt while sweeping a leg under her legs before she'd toss the woman backward and form seals to throw an orb of lightning after her.

A rush of chakra surges through Michiko, causing her enough pain that the genjutsu is finally broken. And just in time to see the blast of wind! A table is thrown in the direction of the wind, hopefully blocking the wind gust. Definitely long enough for Michiko to make a few handseals, the girl finishing it off quickly. A round of muddy bullets are sent towards the genjutsu-user, pelting her in small quick blasts. "This is why I hate social functions," she sighs. The girl glances to Ryouji, then. "Ryouji-kun, are you alright?" she calls over, wincing when she sees him get hit by the blast of wind.

Ryouji decides the supercharge his chakra network. He pushes up the speed of the chakra flowing through his body as his body flips over into its blur form. "That's it, I'm beating this now!" He then rears back his fist and swings it at his face, connecting…hard. His scene pauses as his head turns, the force of the hit causing his body to twist around. Ryouji is serious getting out of his genjutsu. If that does not get him out of the genjutsu, then this genjutsu user is good. And….
She is! Ryouji, dispite all his blurring and face punching, is still stuck in the genjutsu. He says, "Awwww no!" He gets blasted in the face by the wind, sending cuts all along his face and knocking him against a table…which oddly enough looks like a tree to him. It flickers however and fades away, replaced with the scene at the beginning of this wild ride. "Um…yeah. I think so." He pulls himself up and runs a hand across a few cuts, smearing the blood. "Now she made a mistake." He points to the woman, "You could have finished this easy, slipping away and ganging up on your target. But you went and did something STUPID like break the genjutsu for all of us." He points at the guy, "You're so dead…" He points his plam at the guy, sending a narrow beam of chakra at him, then doing the same with his other palm. Iron man style.

The hawkish man raises a dome of earth to protect himself, however the slivers of lightning are fast and reach him before he has a chance to complete the handseals. His body shakes as lightning enters his system, taking him to his knees. He flicks his wrist and the partially completed dome breaks into chunks and then fire at Hiei like..well..bullets. When Ryouji attacks him, he raises another dome, this time having enough time to deflect his chakra lances. "Idiot kid.." He grunts.
The knife wielding woman falls back from Sachiko's first attack, but manages to recouperate quickly, rolling backwards up to her feet. However, she's not prepared for the ball of lightning and takes the orb to the chest, sliding backwards along the floor. The Dono and his wife are speechless for the moment, and cower slightly behind the woman who is obviously protecting them. The Server gets back up and rushes Sachiko with a flurry of attacks with her knives.
The genjutsuist is struck by the mud bullets, stunned for the moment while she was in the middle of making handseals. She abandons the idea, scooping the mud out of her face and giving Michiko a chance to strike.

Looking above him, Hiei spots a ceremonial katana and breaks the structure as he rises to his feet. He uses the sheathed blade to parry the earth bullets from the hawk nosed man as he runs towards him. He leaps and flips over his head, hitting the ground on his stomach while sliding. He flings the blade towards Ryouji. "Here! Catch!" While still sliding, he flips over onto his back, forming handseals. "I've got this guy, help Michi." He opens his mouth, sending out a blast of heated air towards the man's face in an effort to stun him. Popping up to his feet, he runs for the wall, then runs up the wall before back flipping off, sending a kick for his torso. Ryouji needed the sword more than he did, afterall. And Hiei still had some surprises under his sleeve.

Sachiko frowns when the woman just comes right back at her. "I'm sorry you have to see this, my Lady," she offers by way of condolences and to hopefully calm her somewhat. The redhead shifts out of the way of the blades and sighs slightly. "You're… quite slow," she murmurs. After sparring with Hiei, this just seems ridiculous. She lashes out, aiming to punch the woman right in the side of the head before sending another orb of lightning at her, hopefully wearing her down more quickly.

Michiko sees her chance, immediately sending firebolts at the genjutsuist. The few handseals she creates are a blur to the eye, the girl launching fire one at a time so quickly it looks like one giant fireball. "Sorry… You're not getting away /that/ easily," she mutters, looking around to make sure she isn't trying to escape at all. A quick glance around as she checks to see how the others are doing before her gaze is on the woman to make sure she's out or dead. Either option works!

Ryouji calls out, catching the katana, "You're the boss, boss." He charges the woman at that point, gripping the sword with both hands. He disappears, doing his speed trick. He appears behind the genjutsu woman, already completing his first flash strike. What, did you blink or something? He disappears again, reappearing to her left, finshed with his second attack. Really, are you not following this? Finally reappearing next to Michiko, sword to his side as it finishes its last flash strike. Too bad, you missed three good attacks there. "Got your back, Michiko-chan." he says, keeping his eyes on the woman in front of them.

The Hawk nosed man is struck in the center of the chest, even though he managed to dodge Hiei's fire attack. Now up onto his hands and knees, he sneers at the Yotsuki. "I yield, but Brothers won't stop until they control all lands."
The knife wielding server woman is struck in the side of the head by Sachiko. The blow is powerful enough to send her spinning around in a circle, to come full tilt just before that lightning orb impacts her again, sending her smoking body sliding along the floor. The Dono's wife blinks and looks over at Sachiko. "Thank you so much. Would you like to come to the baby shower?" The Dono looks at his wife..a confused expression on his face. She shrugs at him. "What? I'd feel safer with her around. Where were your guards hmm?" The Dono blushes and shakes his head.
The team of Michiko and Ryouji hasn't lost a step at all. The genjutsuist attempted to fade out of view from Michiko, but she wasn't successful. The fire envelops her, causing her to scream. But her screams were cut short as the speedy Reizei slices and dices her until she falls onto the floor with a loud thud. Dead. Definitely dead.

Hiei rips down a curtain and coils it up to tie the hawk man's hands behind his back. Then he promptly hits him in the face so he doesn't have to hear any more Silence propaganda. He nods to Michiko and Ryouji. "Good job, but I have to check on Sachiko." Running into the side room that he saw her take the Dono and his wife, he pauses when he sees the smoking corpse of the knife wielding woman. His clothes are burned and there is some bare skin showing in some places. He'd need the burn cream again, but otherwise he looked fine. He kisses his wife and looks over at the other couple. "You no longer have to worry. I doubt they'll come after you again, not for awhile at least."

Sachiko turns her attention back toward the Lady and her husband, smiling softly. "I'd be honored. Although, I must admit, we recieved intel that the two of you may be in danger and that is…" She considers and shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly. "About half, perhaps less, of the reason we came to your event. I was not lying when I said it was enjoyable, though."
That's about when Hiei makes his way in and she smiles at him. Looks like you guys weren't so lucky as I was," she remarks with a smirk. Then she sidles up by him, an arm gently wrapping about his middle.

Michiko doesn't have many injuries, but the ones she does have are healed up quickly, and she's at 100%! Then her attention is on Ryouji. Are you alright, Ryouji-kun? You took a few good hits back there." She rummages about her things, pulling out burn cream for Hiei (she recalls he was hit by some fire?) and some simple bandages and healing salves. "Here," she offers Ryouji. The girl holds it out until the Reizei accepts it before checking to make sure her kimono isn't too bad off. Miraculously, it isn't!

Ryouji snorts, "That was rather anti-climatic." he says softly as his body shifts back to normal. He touches the cuts on his face, "I'm ok, just a few cuts on the face. Superficial at worst." He holds a palm up and shakes his head, "Save the bandages, I'll be ok without them. Now, are you ok?" But, he does take Michiko's hand holding the bandages, "I should should have broken that genjutsu sooner and helped you out."

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