Pylon of Efficacy - Mist Supply Hi-jack!


Aoitsuki, Takehiko, Tsiro, Hoiishime

Date: September 25, 2011


Aoitsuki is leading a team of genin Water ninja to help assault supply runs aiding the Konoha shinobi near the front lines… However suddenly their plan is ruined by a rather powerful ninja who in the end forces them to retreat.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Mist Supply Hi-jack!"

Southern Passway

Smoke seemed to cover the skies, not letting hardly any sun cut through. The smell of blood lingered in the air along with other hints of destruction from the war. This land was in turmoil. Already, the roads and paths in this land had been places less traveled. The woods made it impossible for anyone beyond some ninja or otherwise to detect. Thus for the average civilian, traveling was a coin toss between safety or a death sentence with nothing in between. Why live during such an era? Why be subjected to such tragedy and circumstance? Well people couldn't choose when they are born. The innocence seemed to lie just in circumstance. The citizens of this land had no choice but to stay or go. But what about when a place is neither.

Hoiishime prayed. The only thing this monk knew other than what he had been trained to do, was to seek Buddha's wisdom in times like this. He understood the plight of both sides, as both a spiritualist, and a ninja, neither side being more than the other. Yet, though he understood, he was human. The pain the monk felt hurt much more than any wound he ever sustained. War had no winners. There was no prize beyond tragedy and death, even when one was defending there right to live. The only thing he felt he could do, was protect. He pleaded withi his superiors to assign him to guard details, and missions of rescue and healing. He refused a direct circumstance that could lead to an assault. He was not guaranteed such. No special exceptions, even for religion.

This brought him to the lonely road he and a two car caravan now walked. He seemed a monk along for the journey, his only vestment signifying his status being a long vest with Kumogakure's Medical Corp insignia. The supply caravan was enroute taking a side road through junction villages south of Konoha. They were transporting supplies, both medical and for rationing of food. The soldiers needed those. He had been a medical ninja with a almost full knowledge of what they had. This was a mission he took personally though hating the circumstances of it all. He and three others, two Genin, and a Chuunin, were all aboard, though all seemed promoted not for combat, but for intellect. Medical Personal.

It was such a wonderful day it seemed, however with war finally waged, though the mist wasn't completely advancing further into Konoha, many missions had been set out to clash and destroy trade routes, supply stations, and laying traps throughout the forests to induct their own war of attrition… Aoitsuki this time was leading her own smaller assault, coming along with two other genin companying here they were ordered to take out and retrieve any supplies in the area to reinforce their own forces… Aoitsuki remained high in the trees, kunai in hand she watched carefully down at the group below, remaining stealthed for now as she glanced around at her other comrades. " We will have to take this swiftly before they alert for reinforcments… stay close and we will attack on my mark.." The golden haired kunoichi spoke softly, her cold azure gaze turning back on the caravan below….

Takehiko remains high in the trees as well, black cloak billowing about him and hood raised. He was a bit old for a Genin but there he was. He would remain silent as he watches the going ons, when the orders come from Aoitsuki, his hand shifts in his cloak to rest on his sword, thumb pushing the katana out a bit so it would be quick to draw and use the weapon, remaining hidden and in wait.

Tsiro was hugging the tree for dear life. He looked at Aoitsuki with a scowl though he remains quiet. That mean woman ordered him to climb the tree. Now he was stuck there. For the most part when she gave the order he would run in and attack, but until then this Kaguya boy was a tree hugger. In truth he really was not hidden. He was more just kind of there. He would glance at Takehiko. He figured if these two were on the mission, the Village must have other things for the higher up ninja to do.

"Hoii-chan.. Hoii-chan. …Hoii-chan!!" "Huh!" The monks beads rattled, his mind seeming gone as another of the crew had woke him. Edo, who had been about his age, jumped when he did, almost as surprised as the monk. "I am so sorry about that! You seemed in out of it." "…Ee.. Yeah, mon. I be seekin' guidance wit me prayers." Edo thought for a moment, recieving the words. "I heard you were of the Jinrai Shrine back home. You ever come out this way, Hoii-san?" "Mmm.. Indeed. I be actually ere' a while ago. Konohain's be good people indeed, mon. One of em' be a teacher in me shapin' of Chakra a while back. I be grateful for many a ting' in me they doins' in me life. Even got greater of friend ere'."

Hoiishime, patted the other ninja before moving up to the drivers seat of the front wagon. There, the higher ranking of medic held reigns, seeming to guide the caravan. As he looked to the man, something seemed to catch just the corner of his eyes. Of course, the rather tense monk turned barely managing to make out someone. Aoitsuki was saw as a mistake of his imagination, barely seen long enough to make him act. However, a blink blink later, Takehiko's form, white hair and all stuck out like soar thumb. Hoii's eyes widened. "I get off ere', mon!!", was said with a shout as Hoii raced to the back of the caravan. "Whateva' ya do… don' look back!! Ride fast as ya can get er' to go!!" "Hoii-san, wait!! Where you go—" The Chuunin suddenly seemed to have a bad feeling, enough so to listen, from there, Hoii seemed on his own. The carriages meanwhile, were gaining a small distance.

"Spotted!" Aoitsuki shouted out, utilizing the kunai from within her cloak, tossing a single one in Hoi's direction as well as the Caravan, the blades would hopefully cause some stopping powering, her body would kick off fro mthe tree branch into the main roads, blowing their cover but they would definitely be able to catch up to them. " Don't let them escape, we need to retrieve everything we have and expose of them!" Aoitsuki ordered, more or less chasing after them along the main path, hopefully the genin would follow along from the sides and catch the caravan off guard…

Takehiko draws the katana completely and leaps from the tree, jumping from branch to branch. He didnt have tree walking so he mostly relied on acrobatics. As he got down, he brought his sword down along the other ninja, his style seeming more akin to something one would find with a samurai then an actual ninja as he attacks, sending three strikes along the ninja while Aoitsuki dealt with hoiishime.

There was a shake of the head as it became apparent they were spotted. "All that work for nothing…", he states as he legs go of the tree. He would hit a branch and toss two kunai at the horses pulling the second cart. He then moves forward to hit the ground running. "Target the horses! Without them, the supplies will not move. If we cannot secure the carts, burn the supplies!", he yells as he takes another kunai out and prepares to try and catch either of the carts if his kunai did not hit.

As Hoiishime jumps off, figuring he can cut off the team at the pass, a Kunai is tossed his way!! It doesn't matter as much as one would believe, being that he was always off and running as the shrill and horrifying screams of defenseless and non combative medical ninja were heard screaming in his ears. Children, these Genin were cut mercilessly by Takehiko's blade and his alone, the attacks of Aoitsuki, and Tsiro not even catching up to the carriages. Without a driver, the second carriage is led a stray. The horse that once had been well reined was now off course, heading into the wood.

However, much this scenario had been going, Hoiishime was still well in distancing. Appearing upon the first carriage with Takehiko, Hoiishime was just in time to see Takehiko lay blade into poor Edo, the boy's eyes rolling backward, as he took his last breath.

"Noooooo!!!", was shouted with the agony of one in pain, as Hoiishime's chakra suddenly shot in to the stratosphere… Innocent blood was slain before him.
Takehiko struck the med nin down, emotionless expression on his face as Edo's blood sprayed across his face, some hair gaining blood streaks as he looked at the beings he struck down. When the yell came, he simply looked towards the sound before moving to where the driver is, swinging his sword to cut the man's head off and take control of the carriage.

"I be saying… NO!!", was shouted once more, a most gentle monk of Kumogakure, now angered beyond even his own understanding!! As the blade was swung, a loose bandaging seeming to come out and wrap about its blade, pulling it to a halt. With another yank, Takehiko was then pulled, along with his sword, into a power and yet violent spin, before being thrown from the carriage and out onto the road again without compassion. As the Kaguya was sent flying, Hoiishime, if successful, would follow. Upon landing outside the cart, the boy would start a long chain of seals. As he would, water would seem to just appear out of thin air, starting as vapo and suddenly becoming a wall, ensuring a safe escape for the last cart. Meanwhile, the rest of the Kiri nin had some explaining to do…

Aoitsuki could only watch at this point, seeing that there was some sort of rumbling from within the Caravan then suddenly the other ninja reappeared from the outside, summoning an array of water to encase along the area, however Hoiishime probably had forgottern what speciality his enemies had…Especially when it came to Aoitsuki herself. With a raised hand Aoitsuki began to move into action, attempting to free up the caravan the water which attempts to block them out began to take motion and become manipulated, utilizing her own suiton abilities parts of the water would become similiar to senbon like needles, attempting to slice and cut holes into the caravan and hopefully make it fall apart…. " Come back and join with us quickly when you can…" Aoitsuki speaks, more so talking to tsiro who was probably stil within the woods..

Takehiko watches the sword become stopped by the wrapping and as he felt the wrapping tighten, he flicks his wrist and cuts the wrapping before it pulls him off. He would then look back to the driver, before swinging his sword once more to cut off the man's head again, if he hasnt done anything to try and get away from the man.

Missing his earlier throw, Hoiishime was trying his best. However, he underestimated the skill of Takehiko to simply cut the bandage. Well, with all that was going on, and his attention disrupted, Hoii had no idea that the caravan he was on, was still under attack! As he wrapped bandaging around the older Kaguya's arm, stopping the blow again, water senbon came flying in scraping him across the shoulder and knee. Though Hoii was in pain, he percievered, managing only this time to pull Takehiko into another, more damaging attack. As the Kaguya was pulled in, the monk had been pooling chakra across the center of the man's back. Upon the hard pull, Takehiko was spun, and soon a chakra powered shoulder charge would blast into Takehiko, attempting yet again to knock the man out of the caravan.

As for the horse and Tsiro? Well, trained horses only respond to certain commands. As far as Tsiro was sure, he would /not/ know the commands to guide a Kumogakurean horse. He is going no where, and soon.
It seemed like her attack was working at first, however without being in the carvan it was still very difficult to get into the true action… She grinneded her teeth together and continued to move forward, this time summoning up even more energy than before, for now focusing herself for a possible greater attack as she waited to see if Take would be successful or not…

It seemed with the powerful attack, and a little help from the Chuunin at the reigns, Hoiishime was smiled upon by Buddha himself. The two would go flying from the caravan, which now was flying down the road. Soon after they had been let down, Hoiishime would find himself attacked, this time, by the same man who had now killed two of his comrades. The man would be given no quarter, even as Hoiishime once again sealed, letting water flow into a wall behind him. By then, the second caravan would be safe in the borders of Konoha, safe with half of the supplies. Meanwhile, Hoiishime, panting and furrowed at the brow, was now eyeing behind Takehiko, and Takehiko himself. His fist tightened as a mantra was hummed, tears streaming from his eyes. The tears no longer seemed to flow after a moment, as Hoiishime body was entering a different state all together.

"Namuarenga… Namuarenga… Namuarenga.", was a haunting yet sweetened melody, as body turned white, gold lines going horizontal, and vertically down his body. Dots were numbered upon his forehead, hands, chest, and stomach, as his eyes glow gold with power. Meanwhile, the Spiritual Energy he had emitted was no so strong, that the souls of the slain children seemed to now become visible, where both Tsiro and Aoitsuki now stood, as well as behind Hoiishime. The monk looked on to Takehiko, seeming just as absent of emotion as the Kaguya had been. A god like voice said, "Innocents… Have ye' the will to be judged as ye have they???" As the boy spoke, meanwhile, his wounds glowed gold, seeming to heal all on there own.

The sudden rocking of his chakra was enough to make anyone feel slightly uncomfortable when it came to this fight, however Aoitsuki wasn't ready to give up just yet, after all this one seemed to be outnumbered compared to the kirigakure, slowly Aoitsuki began to create clones, two full clones of ice formed along side of her body, both of them would move forth at once, jumping in the direction of the none moving monk attempting to slam him with sharp blunt melee attacks using their own flesh, the real Aoitsuki would remain back to observe the situation. " If we can't take the supplies we need to destroy everything that we can.. I will hold him off for now…

"Do you blame the one who cuts down the innocent's lives? Or the one who puts them before my blade in the time of war?" Takehiko says calmly as he readies himself and moves in, sending two strikes, a thrust and a upward slice. "I take responsibility for killing an enemy. When a being puts themselves in the place of a man, they become treated as such. Begone." He says as he would send another strike, this one for the monk's neck.

As Tsiro looked for different ways to destroy the cart, he spotted a down hill slope. Without looking over the slope, he would get behind the cart and start pushing it forward. After what seemed like twenty feet, the cart would hit the hill and begin to roll on its own. Tsiro would hop on the back of the cart as it began to roll down the hill. So long as the other two shinobi had this monk in hand, he was almost home free. He would glance back once more. The other cart had gotten away. Just cause it crossed into the border, didnt necessarily mean it was safe. These ambushed were set up all over the place. At least thats how Tsiro would justify it to himself.

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