Misunderstandings Start Fires


Nobunaga, Zankuro, Asura

Date: April 20, 2014


The trio are tasked with looking over an eccentric arms dealer Makoto.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Misunderstandings Start Fires"

A town near the Land of Wind and Fire Boarder

Nobunaga, Asura, and Zankuro are once again assembled and given a mission. Their mission took them to a town on the boarder of the Land of Wind and the Land of Fire. In this town Nobunaga, Asura, and Zankuro would be undercover. It has been a total of one week since they began this mission. Their mission was to stick close to an aristocratic and influential trading merchant, or rather, arms dealer. "Nagahara Makoto." was the name of this arms dealer. She was 13 years old yet already the head of an entire organization. Now her father, the previous head, has hired Konohagakure to oversee her on her business trip to the Land of Fire. They were to protect her, in secrecy, from her many enemies until she crossed over to the Land of Wind. Nobunaga was posing as one of her 'business' associates. Zankuro and Asura were assigned to blend into whatever setting they happened to be in. They could be customers in a store, vendors or street performers, anything they had to be to remain close and maintain surveillance.

This was the last day of their mission and Makoto had just been checked into an inn. She and her three business associates, among them Nobunaga, were each in their respective rooms. Nobunaga had called for Asura and Zankuro to meet with him in his room. They are told to enter through the window and to make sure they weren't seen. Nobunaga waits in his room now. "It'll be dark soon. Where are they?"

Its been a long week and the young Asura would be a humble and silly street performer, he was a jester doing simple tricks and what not making sure not to give up his cover. Time after time a young child would come up to him asking to juggle or make a balloon animal on their request he would do it.Tonight was the night hopefully that this long and drawn out mission would be over as soon as the day switched over to night Asura would lightly dart through the window. "Is this mission coming to an end sensei?" Is asked as he started to rub the face paint off before he quickly notices that Zankuro wasn't in the room…"Aren't we missing someone?"

The week has been one of complete and utter suffering for Zankuro. Seven days without being able to wear one of his favorite loud shirts has ate away at the poor genin's very soul! Alas, he would endure ever bit of it in silence, and hide his tears behind work. Any questions regarding them are of course attributed to sweat, dust, or some other plausible thing. The only thing to console him was playing window shopper on some days, and assistant vendor on the others until ordered otherwise.
That order could not have come at a better time. Although he still couldn't allow himself to don his hawai—er, favorite foreign made shirt, the boy was just as happy to receive word that their mission might be concluding soon. Or so he anticipated anyways. Problem is, getting changed and then climbing through a window meant his running a tad behind on the way.
"Sorry, sensei.. Asura.. ran.. to.. a snag." He emits in between breaths as he pulled himself over the ledge.

Nobunaga nods to Asura. "There's one." he says in greetings to the young Uchiha. "Yes. It seems Zankuro hasn't…" and speak of the devil. "Zankuro-kun, nice of you to join us." Nobunaga chuckles and motions the two to stand away from the window. "A snag eh? Well that's to be expected." Nobunaga would check outside before bringing the curtains over the window. "How you guys holding up?" Nobunaga started. "We're almost done. Tomorrow Miss Nagahara will be on her way to the Land of Wind and from there she'll be someone's assignment. Nobunaga says with a smile. "Sounds cruel but I'm not a particular fan of arms dealers. But work is work." Nobunaga sighs and flops onto his bed. One of the benefits of leading a mission. You get the bed. Nobunaga rolls over as if getting comfortable and looks back to Asura and Zankuro "So for the rest of the night I want you guys to just keep an eye on things. Maintain a constant watch of the building specifically concentrating on Miss Nagahara's room as well as those of her two other business associates, Odara and Junichi."
Nobunaga had dismissed the two genin leaving them to their duties. He was thrilled that this assignment was almost over. Makoto was difficult, not to say she wasn't polite but she is a risk taker and thrill seeker. Asura and Zankuro would notice this as they would find, at some point, that she was not in her room after nightfall. There was no real alarm though. Makoto had found her way to the rooftop. She was in her white night gown. Asura and Zankuro couldn't let themselves be seen even by her. Nobunaga would be walking the halls doing his part. Since Nagahara and her three business associates' rooms here all on the same floor he didn't have to walk far. Nobunaga does however pause outside of Odara's room. The door is moving. There was a breeze outside. The door was being blown by the breeze. Had Odara left his window open? Not wanting any mysteries to rear their ugly heads Nobunaga checks. He knocks "Odara-san? You in there? I can hear your door slamming from my room. Close your misconceived window." After getting no response Nobunaga decides to enter. What he finds shocks him.
What occurred next was a violent explosion originating from Makoto's room. However her room was empty, Asura and Zankuro would be able to see that. The explosion was strong and shook the entire building. In fact the building would be coming down because of it. Makoto struggled to keep her footing along the rooftop. She ultimately fell. It was a five story fall for her. If she wasn't caught she'd die most certainly. Just the luck of these three Leaf Shinobi. Their last day is their most eventful.

"Besides being bored as snafu I guess you could say that I'm fine, however Zankuro isn't looking his best as usual." Laughing softly he had one hand into his pocket and the other digging into his ear. Asura would notice the explosion, rather feel it to say the least even from his distance, being half sleepy made his movements rather sluggish to say the least he would try and leap but that failed then he would try and use his power to move faster and failed again and once that happen he was out of options. "Nagahara No!" the tone was flat as for the effort being there he would still run over to her after it appears Zankuro have caught her. "Look at you. When a girl is in danger you sure can be counted on." Laughing he would try and scout the area looking for clues of the explosion, "Stay with her until Nobu gets here while I search for clues…finally some excitement." Smirking he would start to do rounds to the sight of the explosion.

Zankuro merely raises a thumb up in answer to Nobunaga's question. It was all he really had the energy to do besides lay down on his back and catch his breath. He manages a growl at Asura for the comment, but its a half-hearted attempt at best. Thankfully, he's ready to go when its time to go, and was paying attention to all that came before. Mostly. The important thing is all the good stuff stayed locked in the vault, and the rest gets set aside for sorting later.
Some time later and much chagrin tacked on to boot, Zankuro and Asura find themselves secreted in some shadows or what-have-you on the roof, watching little miss risk-taker for her safety. Admittedly at some point Zankuro does lose a bit of objectivity. He managed to hold it off during the week, but now that he and Makoto were alone (technically), it was hard not to let the mind wonder and-…
His thoughts get disrupted as the building starts to shaking. He hardly manages to regain his footing before he goes rushing towards Makoto, figuring she'd fare worse than they would. Not to mention the fact the building was coming down too! He dives after her, catching her in his arms. Heart racing into overdrive, Zankuro whips out some ninja wire and uses the exposed supports to swing to the ground with Makoto in to… though the landing is a little rough, to say the least. It was a miracle he didn't drop the girl, or worst yet, fall on her! But thankfully, he stayed on his feet.
"Wa-wa-wait! As-asura!" He calls after his friend, but by then, the Uchiha takes off. "Crud monkeys…"

Nobunaga finds that Odara's room is void of Odara but there is a body and a change of clothing discarded on the bed. Nobunaga tries to investigate more before the explosion goes off. He dashes out of Odara's room and busts into Makoto's. She's nowhere to be found. With the building coming down Nobunaga tries to check on Junichi. His room was void of him too. Nobunaga exited the collapsing building through the window. He spots a shadow sleeking across the rooftops heading for Zankuro. Nobunaga curses softly and heads Zankuro's way.
Asura, going his own way, would be intercepted by a masked child. This child looked no older than him. Affixed to the child's back were wooden tendrils. "I need, your body." the child says to Asura before moving his hand up. After he did so a storm of needles would spill from one of the tendrils. "Do you think he'll put up much of a struggle Hydra?" the child muses with much arrogance.
Meanwhile Zankuro had his own problems to deal with. "WHOA! You're a ninja!" Makoto says clearly amused. It was like she didn't even know her life was in danger. "That was awe-some. But what are you doing here? And like…can you let me go?" She asked Zankuro while trying to wriggle out of his grasp. Suddenly two people join Zankuro and Makoto. "Odara? Junichi? Hey you guys survived too? Great." But Odara and Junichi weren't dressed like business associates. "Wait are you guys ninja too? Gosh where are all you guys coming from?" Odara, slender lean and armed with dual chakrams steps forward. "Our apologies Miss Nagahara. But we're here to fulfill an agreement. Nothing personal." Junichi was short and stocky armed with a spiked bat. He chuckles a jolly chuckle. He didn't seem like such a bad guy. But what stood out most about each of them was that they both were wearing Konohagakure headbands. They then turn their attention to Zankuro. "I'll deal with the Sarutobi. You grab her." Odara says to Junichi. And like that Zankuro would come under the assault of Odara. Two spinning chakrams sailed his way. They were thrown dirty aimed for Makoto rather than Zankuro. Junichi would then take advantage of Zankuro's compromised position and flank him. For a short and stocky guy he was surprisingly fast. He tried to jab his spiked bat right into Zankuro's side to knock him away from Makoto. "Woooot ninja fight!" Makoto cheers.

As he searched he quickly came across what appears to be a puppet, questioning his findings he soon notice the senbon flying towards him. Without think natural actions took over and he totally feel into the poison trap. Afflicted with blurred vision he cursed underneath his breath before waving through a couple of seals as he pulled back to fire he coughed…"Great no ninjutsu…figures…let's try taijutsu?" is questioned as he rushes at the puppet and assaulted it with a kick barrage one to the neck joint then to arm and swift furry kick to the head threatening to send it airborne. "Freaking idiot…" Still in a slight daze his thoughts echoed towards Zankuro and Nobu "I hope they're alright…"

His hands were raw from swinging on ninja wire, but Zankuro hardly feels it all. Not with Makoto in his arms, praising his skills, and obviously swooning for him~ "Oda-ju-wha?" He shakes his head, snapping out of his own delusions and focusing on the new arrivals. The first thought to go through his mind that their reinforcement came early! But then, there was those weapons in hand…
Zankuro holds Makoto closer to his body subconsciously and closes his eyes, focusing his mind, but then, the duo attacks. Trying to summon a clone without relaxing his hold on Makoto was easier said then done! He barely manages to turn aside enough to take the chakram to the shoulder before tossing Makoto up and rocketing up after her on a pillar of flame. Seconds later, Zankuro is sent flying a few feet away and away from Makoto from a bat swing. Limbs and ribs aching, Zankuro rolls to his knees and fires a covering barrage of fire, slowing them down and distracting the assassin's long enough to lock the one closest to Makoto in place with a little binding illusion. But it's not enough. Not by a long shot…

The masked boy was able to fend off Asura's strikes with ease. His tendrils blocking each of Asura's attack with the flex of a single finger. "Wow. I am impressed. You actually undershot my expectations. And they weren't that high to begin with kid…" The puppeteer mocks Asura. He sighs "Well no sense in partaking in a boring battle for much longer. What do you say we wrap this up huh HYDRA!?" The boy raises his hand then slams it down. The tendrils on his back all begin to strike at Asura trying to knock him away to the streets below.
Zankuro was having poor luck with Junichi and Odara. Their attacks worked. Junich was able to get in close and knock Zankuro away from Makoto thereafter seizing Makoto. Odara evaded Zankuro's covering fire jutsu and repositioned himself to engage Zankuro but it was clear he only meant to stall. Junichi swated away the flames with one swing of his bat. He'd taken the liberty of knocking Makoto out as well. However Zankuro's genjutsu took hold of Junichi. "Gah…I can't move." Odara looks back. "Pffft you fool. It's genjutsu." He eyes Zankuro "Well we are dealing with a Sarutobi after all." He turns and slings one chakram at Junichi aiming to inflict pain so that he'd be free. He then turns around and slings one back at Zankuro. "Get going now." Odara commands.
Nobunaga at this time arrives a top a building not too far away from Zankuro. "Zankuro and Junichi…and Odara? The heck is going on-" before he can finish that sentence a great heat is upon him. He turns around to see a mighty fire ball headed his way.

Asura under the poison wouldn't be able to dodge the first nor the second strike, the second would send him flying from the roof as he flew he felt helpless…totally unable to save himself from his impending doom. Suddenly it happen a burst of chakra flew to his eyes and suddenly a way of escape is given to him using his kunai and wire he tossed it towards the wall and swing himself back onto top of the roof. Before long little insight was gain to the puppet movements before a sighed escaped his lips "Good thing I'm a ninja or else that might've been dangerous." Smirking he would feel the effects of the toxic leave his body before he flashed through seals and released two fireballs. "I guess I'm feeling better afterall."

Zankuro grits his teeth. These weren't your everyday assassins or even shinobi. But if so, the only advantage Zankuro still held was the fact the two were underestimating him. Pushing aside his fear and their words, Zankuro brandishes the giant scroll on his back like a battering ram, embraces that inner fire in all Sarutobi, and charges forthwith.
He can't completely deflect the chakram launcher, since it nicked his cheek in passing. Nevertheless, it doesn't slow him down. Blinds him maybe to anger, but nevertheless… he's on the two. The charge is just a trick to get them to focus on the physical. In reality, the boy immediately flashes through seals again and tries to incinerate them with flaming oil bullets!

Nobunaga can't evade the grand fireball jutsu completely. His leg is burned as he leaped to another rooftop. He lost sight of Zankuro so far. "Who's there?" Nobunaga demands. Before him stood another leaf chuunin. "Amaro Nobunaga I presume?" Nobunaga is thoroughly confused. "Yes? Why are you attacking me?" The shinobi begins passing through more handseals. "You're under arrest." Nobunaga frowns in disbelief and shakes his head. "Excuse me?" He remarked with a weak chuckle. "For what?" The shinobi inhales "For the murder of Nagahara Makoto!" and he then belches out another grand fireball jutsu.
Asura was knocked from the rooftop and forgotten by the masked puppeteer. "He's right where I want him. I guess we can leave him now Hydra. The evidence points…." The puppeteer turns around in alarm as two fireballs come his way. "The error?" he snaps trying to shield himself with his puppet. Alas the flames make it through burning the puppeteer. His mask is metled and it is discarded revealing a vernal face with eyes as red as Asura's. "Little brat was holding out on me!?" he says with excitement. But his attention is drawn by Nobunaga's and Zankuro's setting. "No time. They've already arrived. Junichi and Odara better come through on their end." and like that the puppeteer takes off.
Zankuro was finally turning the tides. Of course this is after he's suffered another strike from Odara. Junichi had started departing with Makoto in hand. Zankuro's fiery oil bullet lands square in his back. He grunts and falls to a knee. "Little guy is starting to heat up." he says with another jolly chuckle. Odara is pelted as well by the bullet. He was mildly surprised. He looks to Nobunaga's setting. "Oh where does the time go? Things were just starting to get good." The man slings his chakrams above Zankuro to bring chunks of building rubble down upon him. "Do try not to die here. It would be a disappointment." Odara says with menacing laughter as he flees with Junichi. Any pursuit either of the two genin planned would be halted by Konoha reinforcements. But they weren't here to help. To each of the respective genin they stated "You are under arrest." What will they do now?

Asura would've won his little fight and appears to have unlocked sharingan as well as he looked at his hands and then at the burning puppet a sudden appearance of a Chuunin stood before him. Crossing his arms he sighed as he heard his crimes he was being blamed for…"So let me get this straight you didn't see the puppet guy I was fighting nor care about the fact that I'm a fellow leaf shinobi who was sent on this mission to protect her and not harm her right? Hence why my main man Zankuro caught her as she fell out the window…but um…okay I guess…" Putting his hands up he would maintain its focus just in case it was a trap of some sort, "Stuffs getting stupid I swear…"

Their taunts stoke the flames, but alas, he isn't able to perform fast enough to evade the kidnappers escape plan. The most he manages is to avoid some of the falling debris by turning himself into a human rocket until one catches him in the back of the head. The flames sputter to a stop at that, and the boy is sent barreling for a few feet like a rag doll. Luck is on his side, for his more or less back on his feet in seconds. Then… more leaf shinobi arrive.
The building is falling around them, and they have the NERVE to try and put him under arrest? Now!?
Zankuro hardly gives their words more than a few seconds to mull over before he's sending a barrage of fireballs at them. He intends not to strike them — not many, in any case — but in truth, he's opening up a path to go barrelling through. Too late, perhaps, would they note his target being the floors above as well; weakening them just enough to collapse behind him.
He has never run so hard in his life, but by the Kami it felt good for some reason!
Maybe it was because he had something to protect on the line…

Asura's compliance, though a bit cynical, was handled relatively easily. Nobunaga was knocked off the building by the fireball jutsu. He landed on his back and winced in pain. He was surrounded by Leaf shinobi before he could get up. He doesn't want to fight them. He raises his hands. "Fine fine. You're clearly misinformed." Nobunaga says with a sigh. His hands are cuffed as are Asura's. Zankuro however, ever defiant was able to cause a bit of a rukus and not only that but evade capture. The collapsing buildings force the shinobi to withdraw and give up pursuit of Zankuro. The teams converge bringing Nobunaga and Asura together. "We failed to capture Sarutobi Zankuro." one of the shinobi reports. "Doesn't matter. We have Nobunaga and the Uchiha. Take them away. Everyone else clean up here."

The next morning Nobunaga and Asura were brought before a jounin of the leaf. They were still cuffed. "Well gentlemen let me begin with this." The jounin waves a hand and two chuunin walk over to un-cuff Nobunaga and Asura. "So I gather you've come to your senses?" The jounin shrugs. "We were misinformed. Duped…all of us. Even you." the Jounin points out sliding a picture of a middle aged man towards Nobunaga. "Turns out your client isn't Nagahara-san's father. He's dead. This person was impersonating her father. He also fed us the lie about you. We searched the building debris and found a few things wrong with this situation as well as the claim of you having murdered her. A fake body. This was a diversion. Whoever orchestrated this wanted to kidnap Makoto and buy time. Time for what? No idea." The jounin approaches Nobunaga and Asura. "So your new mission is this….find out what. And find her." Nobunaga scoffs. "How do we know she's still alive?" The jounin smiles "Because whoever did this needs her alive. That's why she was kidnapped and not killed." Nobunaga blinks "But the explosion…that would've killed her if not." The jounin laughs. "How could an explosion on the top floor bring down the entire building? That' was just for dramatic effect. My guess is it kept you guys from noticing the two explosions near the base of the building." Nobunaga had no more questions he was just angry now.

"So from what we've learned from the both of you there were three other shinobi involved eh?" The jounin looks to Asura "One, masked puppeteer, and Nagahara's two own business associates?" The jounin folds his arms. "Well all this is good. Still….we have no idea where they're holding her or where their base of operations is." The jounin groans "Sorry but it looks like you'll have to start from scratch guys."

Asura shakes his head…"In our defense we were only duped due to your butting in…but eh its whatever though…you just made our job a lot harder it seems." Asura smirked as he hide his hands into his pocket before looking at Nobu "Can we get this thing over with already?" Asura shook his head as he walked out of the room its clear that he should've fought back in order to keep idiots from screwing up the mission rolling his shoulders he waited for further orders…he would shake his head before pulling out an apple and snag a bite.

A trail of blood, guts, and pure determination was all Zankuro had to go on. It was enough, as it turns out, to lead him as far as the docks and finally take a moment to breathe and consider. His options were as clear as day, and great deal of him urged him to make the smart choice. But after running for so long for the sake of making sure Makoto was safe, Zankuro couldn't stomach the idea of leaving her with the kidnappers. So, he summoned the only spare outfit he had and pursued them into the docks using a combination of stealth and instinct to guide him. Once he confirmed their whereabouts — and presumably without getting caught in the process himself — he would back track just enough to leave clues for any pursuers to follow. Failing that, he'd make certain to cause enough of a ruckus to bring their so called back-up running towards the docks at least.
After that.. it was time to get Makoto out. +_+

"Asura-kun. We were both just following what we believed to be our mission. There is no 'get this over with' as it turns out 'it' was not what we thought 'it' was. Just remain on standby." Nobunaga sighs and rubs his head. "Still all this is just…so elaborate. Some of it seems pointless. Why would they go through all of this to capture her?" Nobunaga asked. The jounin snaps as though he forgot something. "Oh yeah. Forgot to tell you guys this. Makoto, the arms dealer, is actually supplying us with some top notch equipment. She's also agreed to exclusively trade with us making us her primary client." He explained. "Now I may not be the sharpest kunai in the set but if someone was selling a competing nation top notch equipment and I couldn't get in on it well then…" Nobunaga groans and stands "I get it I get it. Asura get ready. We're gonna head back to the Inn and see if we can pick up a trace of something."
Meanwhile inside a certain warehouse. "Hurry up and get ready to sail out. Once we cross over to the Land of Wind those Leaf Shinobi can't pursue." The masked puppeteer rushes Junichi. Junichi's back is patched up. "Gimme a break I took a fire bullet to the back. Misread that Sarutobi kid." The masked puppeteer groans. "Yeah and that friggin Uchiha brat burned Hydra. After this assignment is done it's time for a little payback." Odara rolls his eyes at the two as he waits by the door. Makoto is still unconscious and tied up. They were hiding her in some crates. Junichi transfers the crates to a ship. Odara catches wind of Zankuro though. He looks to the masked puppeteer and drops him a sly signal. "Junichi prepare to set off immediately. We're being rushed." Junichi nods knowing what the puppeteer is getting at. Zankuro would be allowed to sneak around a little bit longer.
Nobunaga and Asura would catch sight of a trail. They don't know who left it but they follow it to the docks. Once there Nobunaga has Asura take point. "So I noticed you gained a little bit of a perceptive gift." Nobunaga winks at Asura. "Congrats. Tell me. Do you see anything…special?"

"Thanks not sure how it works yet but hoping it aids use when the time comes." Just then through a window something catches his eye he could read their lips since the sharingan broke it down frame by frame…"Um this isn't good it appears as though they're going to move the girl soon…maybe we should stop that sensei…" Asura sighed as his chakra started to swirl…and where the heck is Zankuro? "Another thing this is the last time I allow myself to get captured." crossing his arms he spoke swiftly once more "Oh and they're totally getting ready to set sail soon…"

Zankuro narrows his eyes at the comment, but doesn't break cover to confirm their words or see for himself what they meant. He could only hope that it was the rescue party having screwed up, and not his own actions. Not that it mattered. Even if all THREE of them decided to rush him, they'd be in for a sweet treat for their actions! But they don't, yet, so he stay focused on searching for Makoto. Semi-focused in any case. He finds himself mentally cursing his own stupidity in not stocking up on explosive tags and a first aid kid, but he makes due with some explosive powder and positioning.
One way or another, they weren't getting away if he could help it. But that aside, as soon as she's found, he's quick to check her bindings and free if her can.

"Buying time….if they came to the docks then…they're trying to flee to another country." Nobunaga nods "So that's the deal." Nobunaga smiles at Asura and listens to him go on before resting hand on his head. "Good work. I'm proud of you. This'll be over soon. We'll sweep in and take'em out." Nobunaga smiles "I got a plan." Like that Nobunaga and Asura swing around to the ship closest to the warehouse. There Nobunaga and Asura would prepare a nasty surprise.
Zankuro, thought he was being stealthy but sadly the young shinobi was found before he even knew it. When he finds Makoto Odara finds him. A chakram at his back the blade already pressed against him. "You survived. I am so happy." Junichi smiles suddenly yanking the crate containing Makoto back. He's joined by the puppeteer. "Well…handle him Odara. We're gonna load the cargo. No…Junichi is." The puppeteer corrects. "I'm going to prep the ship. We gotta go now. The kid may not be alone." The puppeteer and Junichi head for the ship while Odara attempts to spill Zankuro's blood.
With Junichi and the puppeteer on their way to the ship Nobunaga gives Asura the ok. "Fire at will Asura-san." Nobunaga made sure to instruct Asura to only fire at the puppeteer. He'd handle Junichi. But their main objective was securing Makoto. Seeing as she wasn't aboard the ship that only left the crate unchecked. "Check the crate!" Nobunaga commands as he dashes towards Junichi. He attempts to ensnare Junichi with his scarf before hardening it. The two leaf shinobi had the element of surprise.

Asura followed his orders and found himself standing before the puppeteer with a smirk and red eyes. "Well well well well isn't today your most unlucky day…" Asura released a wave of white hot heat hoping to blind the man long enough to burn him and his disgusting puppet to ash. He quickly glanced around before he focus his red eyes towards the man.

Zankuro curses underbreath and glares back at Odara from over his shoulder. When reaches out on reflex for Makoto's prison, but that gets yanked away to fast to do anything. Grudgingly, he waits until the other two leave him for Odara to deal with before springing into action. A nearby crate takes the blade meant for him in a flash. The real Zankuro in the mean time is sealing nearby, meaning to cripple Odara in illusionary chains. After that, there's a fire ball with his name on it, AND the same for his friends too!
"Bout time you guys showed up!" He yells."

Nobunaga's and Asura's surprise attack goes off without a hitch. Nobunaga catches Juinichi with his cloth ensnaring him. "Gotcha." Nobunaga taunts. Junichi struggles. "Lemme go." Nobunaga smiles and spins Junichi out of his razor prison, cutting him up even more so, and sends him to the water. The puppeteer was a bit more prepared for this ambush. His puppet shields his eyes from Asura's attack. "HA! It'll take more than luck to-" but before he can finish his sentence he's knocked off into the water two by Asura's fireball. "Asura secure crate! Zankuro hang tight I'll back you up." Nobunaga commands.
Zankuro didn't seem to need the backup. He set fire to the entire warehouse which was a little bit of an overkill but hey his intentions were pure! Odara frees himself of Zankuro's illusion but the spreading fire and approaching Nobunaga gave him little other option but to run. "Confusion. They found us quick." Odara tries to escape during the fire. He knows that's not enough to guarantee him a clean exit so on his way out he sends a chakram Makoto's way. Asura would have to act fast to intercept it before it hits her. "Asura heads up!" Nobunaga shouts. All that's left of Odara is a splash. The puppeteer and Junichi are nowhere to be found either. What was important right now is Makoto though.

Asura eyes locked onto target and with noticing he covered the distance rather fast, he panted Ashe stood over her with a brief smile he would try and unhooker her, as his eyes raced over her looking for the weakest link something approached him. catching the image just in time he was able to manipulate her body and not him on to avoid damage, spitting up a little blood he patted her on the head and turned around at the source. By the time he tuned around however it was taken care of sighing he would break her free using a kunai and strength , using a heroic stance he would run towards the window and with one swift action crash right out it making sure to protect her head. Landing softly he slide across the floor panting rather heavily. "Stupid Zankuro…"

The barrage gets Odara to running, but with Zankuro dogging his heels the entire time. The only thing to slow him down is seeing the chakram go flying. He turns just in time to see Asura intercept. He was going have to thank him later for that. "Aww, gaffe! Get back here!" He refocus sharply back on Odara and tries to pick back up the pursuit even as everything falls apart around him. He'd tackle the man down if he could; but, should he Odara get away, Makoto returns to being the number one priority.

The three shinobi that impersonated the leaf earlier seem to have all gotten away. Luckily they were not the primary objective. Nobunaga is relieved to see that Asura was able to secure Makoto and keep her safe. Now their own safety needed to be secured. This burning warehouse wasn't the safest spot to be. Once outside Makoto is flying off the handle. "Whoa what did I miss? More ninja stuff didn't I? Oooooh misinterpretit." He pouts and wriggles free of Asura. "I heard explosions and stuff I was so excited. That's why I love dealing with ninja villages. You guys are always doing some off the wall crazy fun stuff." Nobunaga chuckles at Makoto and looks to Asura and Zankuro. "Well…" Nobunaga is suddenly cut off by a scream. "The warehouse is on fire? Who could've done this?" Nobunaga smiles sheepishly. "I bet it's the same guys who burned down the Inn last night. Yeah mistaken pyromaniacs." Nobunaga motions Zankuro and Asura to start leaving. "You know I heard it was some shinobi? Yeah leaf shinobi." Nobunaga then gives the command to grab Makoto and high tail it out of there. The mission was a success. Time to put her on a boat and get her out of here.

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