Mitsuo's Daily Annoyance


Mitsuo, Osamu, Jayde, Onimitsu, Nori

Date: June 6, 2010


This is a log in which Mitsuo, former Mizukage, was speaking to the swordsman Jayde about a battle plan. During this conversation they were interrupted by Nori, Onimitsu, and a young Genin Osamu. Osamu was much shorter at that time and wore black gossamer robes with much too long sleeves and a low hood that effectively hid his face. The log only goes so far as Osamu is involved in it, as I had to leave at that time.

"Mitsuo's Daily Annoyance"

Kirigakure Administration Building: Mizukage's Office

Having returned to Kirigakure, Mitsuo called Jayde to his throne room to discuss potential strategies with her. After forming a water clone from the fountains at the very top of the Master's Tower, the Mizukage used the copy to free himself up for the brainstorming session.
"That sealing technique comes out fast, but it has an obvious wind up", Mitsuo remarked while drawing out a battlefield on a board off to the side. "It's too hard to dodge, but we may be able to throw objects in its path to block the attack. Maybe. I don't know if throwing a log in front of it will work, and we can't risk trying it out, lest we lose an opportunity to grab one of those stones. I may be able to avoid it using a water clone, though we'll have to rely on this man choosing to target me instead of you, Jayde", he continues, making little stick figures with names and arrows indicating who was who. Currently, Mitsuo and Jayde were in a pincer position against 'Prick'. "If we separate ourselves, he'll be forced to direct the technique against only one of us, though judging from how he managed to catch us and Goh, who wasn't close to us, it seems to have quite a spread to it".
Turning round to the guest chairs that had been moved over to the drawing board, Mitsuo asks Jayde, "What do you think? Any alternatives?". Then, turning to the clone sitting in his throne, the Mizukage probes, "That sound good to you?". Without looking up from its paperwork, the water clone raises a hand to give a thumbs up to the real devil.

Little spiders begin to creep under the door to the Mizukage's office. They are of various builds and styles, but each bears a single tiny white mark on its back in the shape of a human eye. Moments later there is a soft rapping on the door.

Jayde nodded, having given this a fair amount of thought already. "Well, lets look at the basics. The seal or flash emitted from his hand. I'd say when we arrived, we were a decent distance from him. Relying on our skills of observation to allow us to dodge an approaching attack. However, this attack did not need to approach. The moment it is released, is almost the moment it strikes. It fans out from his hand in the direction he is pointing, perhaps like the light from a lantern. As long as you avoid that seal on his hand, you can probably block or parry the strike with little problem. Force his hand to move away from you. Perhaps, if you're lucky, you can even turn his hand so he is in the path of his own seal. That would suck for him." She said with a smirk. "Basically closing the distance but keep him flanked. If possible, throw an easier clone decoy in the middle that may tempt him further."

The moment information was passed through the ranks that the Mizu Kage had finally returned to Kirigakure, Onimitsu had made it his goal to finally put forth his 'suggestion' on certain matters. All the while a feeling nudges at him to at least speak with Jounin or even the rare seven swordsman perhaps first. Still, this doesn't stop him from changing his course and make that final approach…Only to see a surprise in the form of someone waiting outside as well. "What are you doing here?", He asks wearily.
Nori comes striding down the hall, his body still bandaged from the recent 'training' exercises with the 'Genin', his vest hanging open to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the wounds. He is rank with the smell of healing salves, and even now blood stains the wrappings in what is apparently a very large claw slash, akin to what a jungle cat would leave. Nori brushes past Osamu and Onimitsu, and opens swings the door open on the Mizukage's office. "Mitsuo-san, I have an issue with some things that are going on around here… Weird stuff…," he begins ranting at the Mitsuo behind the desk… and then notices there are two. He scratches his head for a second, and then looks at Jayde and raises an eyebrow.

Glancing over with curiosity as a bunch of spiders crawl out from underneath his door, Mitsuo agreed, "The longer we let the battle drag on for, the more chances he'll have to catch us, so we should flank and immobilize him as quickly as possible. Once we have him pinned down, we'll need to press things and kill him as quickly as we can".
Walking over to the door of his throne room, the Mizukage continued to speak. "He also used a jutsu to send that stone away too, so speed here is key: Flank quickly, pin him down quickly, and kill him before he can muster any energy for that seal jutsu or that escape technique". Before he can open the door to let either more spiders, or an Okumo in, the door suddenly swings open. Swiftly side-stepping the swaying steel, Mitsuo stares drowzily at Nori.
Without speaking a word, the Mizukage clone at the desk peers up from his work and gestures with his hand to one of the guest chairs. "Siddown kid", the real Mitsuo tells him, leaning over and looking through the door to the two genin standing in the hallway. "Same goes for you two", he says, jerking a thumb in the direction of his office.
"In any case, it seems that we've got a sound plan. We may need to bring more people along, just in case we catch him with some of his cronies around. Though, I think we should limit our numbers if we can - Pretend that his seal on us is intact and catch him off guard", Mitsuo says to Jayde before turning to his three new guests, "Now, what can I do for the three of you?".

Osamu stands in front of the door, holding a circular serving tray. On top of this tray is a human skull fasioned into a cup. Inside the cup is bitter lemonade. Spiders are dropping from Osamu and out of his robes and other spiders are crawling back into Osamu's robes. He ignores, for now, the comments of Yoshi or the actions of Nori, except to turn his head towards each of them momentarily while they approach.
When the kage tells him to go inside, Osamu hurries into the office and stops in front of the standing Mizukage. He looks to the one behind the desk, then to the one standing. Coming to a decision, he holds the tray up over his head to offer the drink to the one who is standing, but stares at the one behind the desk while he does so.

Jayde nodded, "I agree, time will be of the essence, especially once he realizes we are no longer sealed. My worry, because, I really don't know much about seals, is if he has some kind of tracer that he can detect in the seal. Because, with the seal broken, that tracer is gone and he'll know and be more apt to flee quickly." She said, "But yes, we'll probably be best to go in with reinforcements, perhaps me and a squad with you lingering in the shadows. The moment he is open and focused on the squad, you go in and catch him from behind. If he sees you straight out, he's going to either flee or target you head on. I could disguise myself fairly easily and perhaps give him enough that he stays to fight but be enough that he doesn't just scoff and leave us in the dust." She said, then quieted as the others started coming into the room. Her eyes narrowing at Nori's rant the moment he enters. 'Stupid ass punk.'

Onimitsu eye narrows slightly from behind his mask at the short explination. However, before he could say anything Nori just goes waltzing into the Mizu Kage's office without care. And Sure there was an Open Door Policy ,but at least he could've knocked first!
Onimitsu is no fool to try and nitpick in front of the head honcho of course about manners, and instead respectfully declines the offer to remain standing once he walks fully in. As a second thought, he goes back to push the heavy iron door back closed first before returning to his original position. "As long as now isn't a bad time. I just…" He trails off a moment to peer at the strange 'cup' before shaking his head. "…about Kumogakure forces, lingering in our lands.", He states warily.

Nori snorts. "Of course you would have a clone do your paperwork…," as he shuts his bad eye and stares at the real Kage. "And who's the prick?" He gives the Kage a toothy grin, and moves to look at the stick figures on the chalk board, avoiding the chair. "So, whats with the girl and the bucket on her back? She's waaaay too strong to be a Genin…" He turns around and sidles up beside the Kage. "And she's nutty…," he whispers, doing the sign language for loco by spinning his finger around his ear, "Demons in her head or something, and that blood in the bucket. I've never heard of Blood manipulation…"

When offered the cup of sour lemonade, the standing Mitsuo grins with delight while the one at the desk narrows his eyes at the offer. "Thanks kiddo. Have a seat", the Mizukage says, looking weary.
"Yeah… Though I don't think you should be out in the open. My Death Hand agents, by and large, may be able to better protect themselves from that jutsu. Maybe. In any case, you're one of my best ninja, and I wouldn't like to have you taken out of play before the battle proper begins", the Master of Mist says, "So, you should hide with me and attempt to take him by surprise. Even if it's just the two of us, I feel confident in our victory".
Turning his attention then, to the three ninja, Mitsuo snorts at Onimitsu's comment. "Kumogakure isn't in our lands yet. They're still focused on the Land Waves, though we should expect them to come our way after their occupation is established. It's what I would do", he corrects the genin. When Nori asks who the prick is, Mitsuo eyes him and grins, "I'm lookin'em".
When the conversation turns to a particular genin, the Mizukage narrows his eyes at Nori. "She's one of my personal students, and if she's got demons in her head, you should know beter than to piss her off", he verbally jabs, "Oh, wait…".

When Mitsuo takes the cup from the tray, a small slit appears in the fold of Osamu's robe where it is over the top of the tray. Out of this slit is expelled a napkin, which lands folded on the tray. On the napkin is a lot of writing in Crayon. The biggest and most obvious of the writing says, "Receipt?," and on the next line, "Please sign," and has a line with an x at the bottom as the third line.
Osamu doesn't look up from the clone behind the desk as he says, "Please sign" in a soft and high voice. A red crayon is expelled from the slit immediately afterwards, rolling over towards the napkin, and then the slit disappears.
Further inspection of the crayon writing on the napkin will reveal that it is an extensive requisition order for biology lab equipment and variously sized and typed animal containers.

"Eh, don't suppose I have to be the one out there. Pretty much anyone can be a decoy." She agreed slightly, "However, you say I'm one of your best Jounin, but you hardly let me do anything. You almost coddle me as much as father did." She said, almost sounding a bit disappointed that he wouldn't allow her to go headlong into Fuu. Finally, she sighed, "But as you wish, Kage-sama." She said respectfully, looking a bit disappointed but perhaps if she was lucky he didn't see it, though the others in the room most certainly did. She did listen intently to the other information being disiminated to the others.

Onimitsu just…stood there, and tried to makes sense of Nori's words, but eventually shakes it off to better pay attention to the Mizu Kage's word. "So can it be assumed them to their fate? Not that I see us playing the dramatic ,but foolish heroes of course sir!", He quickly with his hands raised up in surrender. "Eto…If you would premit it. What is this about a Seal Master?", he asks firmly yet cautiously enough to avoid sounding weak.

Nori chuckles. "Maybe you should teach her how to cook and clean instead… she seems a lot more interested in that stuff than fighting anyway." He grins at the Kage. "Oh, I forgot you wouldn't know how to do that…" Nori scratches his head. "Actually, I don't know how to cook or clean either…" He shrugs and moves back over to the chalkboard.

When Osamu presents Mitsuo with a receipt, the Mizukage shrugs his shoulders. Who in their right minds cared about money when there were better things to strive for? Oh well, it least it kept the regular human beings occupied. Idiots. With a snap of his bone-plated fingers, the water clone is called over to Osamu. After eyeing the bill for a few moments, the watery copy signed the slip of paper and managed to steal a sip of lemonade from the real Mitsuo when he was occupied with everyone else. With that, the clone returns to the desk and continues its work.
"That's because I can't yet afford to risk such losses", the devil in the skin of man informs Jayde with a hint of impatience. As if she should've known something like that, but whether or not she should is an entirely different matter. "Not without a hefty reward for the investment. And you'd be mistaken to think I'm coddling you, Jayde.", Mitsuo added. Sorely mistaken.
Looking to Onimitsu then, the Mizukage allowed a wicked grin to slide across his face. "If they take so much as a step in our direction, they'll fall by the hundreds. Fighting us in Waves is one thing, but to cross the ocean to fight shinobi who specialize in water jutsu is suicide". The thought made his blackened expression grow all the more vile and inside, he dared the Cloud ninja to try it.
Suddenly snapped from his reverie, Mitsuo looks over to Nori and raises a droopy eyebrow. "Says the kid who's got himself all bandaged up", he chuckles. He begins to say something else, but then the younger Kaguya makes a head-shaking confession.
Lifting a finger to the stick figure dubbed 'Prick', the horned man activates his bloodline. The ivory tip of his finger suddenly grows a thin spike long enough to nearly impale the stick figure on the chalkboard. "This seal using guy is after some sort of magic rock that makes you stronger. There are two of them that I know of, and he's got one of them. For now. Once I get my hands on it, I'll let R&D make some copies for some of us to use. Should help us solve the Kumo problem".

When the water clone signs the napkin and places it back on the tray, two ends of lengths of webbing shoot out from inside Osamu's robes, the end of each one attaching itself to the crayon and the napkin respectively, then the webbing pulls the napkin and the crayon back through a new slit in Osamu's robes. "Thank you," Osamu says in his soft voice, then turns and walks out of the Mizukage's office, the tray still held over his head. When Osamu makes it out the door, the tray lowers down beneath Osamu's left arm and the napkin with the signature appears in his right hand. He takes a look at the napkin, then runs down the hallway.

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