Miu's Musings - Phase One: Kirigakure


Miu, Keisuke

Date: January 20, 2012


Miu pays Keisuke a little visit!

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Miu's Musings - Phase One: Kirigakure"

A Kirigakure Restaurant

The beginning of this scene was lost. It was just a round or two of them meeting each other elsewhere and going to their meeting place.

A few minutes later, most likely…
"… you see." Miu brings her pipe up to her mouth, taking a moment to light it. Taking a slow drag, she gnaws on the tip for a moment, thinking things over on how to approach the situation. Smoke billows out from her nose and she nods.

"Well. I know Kaguya enjoy battle but, my clan's reports were saying not all of them were completely stopping our forces from destroying the cannons. Were those loose…" A small smirk appears, "Cannons or, is there something we're missing in the picture, your clan itself rebelling or perhaps, a hint of…" Miu eyes Keisuke from across the table, reclining a bit and crossing her legs, "Honor."
A slow nod occurs, she was unsure if the man was even aware that Kaguya had any part of it but, sort of jumped in since both of them were busy.

Sitting up straight in his chair across the table from Miu, Keisuke fills two glasses of sake as he listens to her explanation. "Honor is the most likely answer. Kaguya prefer combat with an opponent to senselessly slaughtering from afar with a toy like that any day," he replies, no inflection in his voice or expression on his face. His ruby eyes meet hers as he sets the bottle down and reaches to lift his glass.
"What exactly is your point?" he asks bluntly, a white eyebrow lifting slightly. "I myself was gone on an important mission during the war, so I do not know every detail. Is there something you want of the Kaguya, or are you just curious if we punished the rebellious?"

Miu nods slowly, "I'm glad to see honor exists somewhere in this village after those last two attempts. I thought Mitsuo-sama was reckless at times but…" Miu pauses, as if forgetting Mitsuo was a Kaguya for a moment. "My apologies. Anyway, you're correct on both suggestions. Though first things first…" Another slow drag occurs, the flat expression of the Kaguya left little room to read.
Miu reaches for her sake, "Did you punish them? If anything I hope not, they're quite the heroes and all. To me and your own clan, nothing like standing up for what you believe in the boost the morale after so many lost, on each side."
GAME: Save complete.

"Perhaps, but he was an honorable warrior," Keisuke says with a shrug. At her comments, blinks and sits back a bit, bringing his glass up to take a few sips. "I saw no need. If any punishment was handed out by Hikan, I am unaware," he says as he sets the cup down, intense blood red eyes not leaving hers. "Now, what is it that you want from my clan? Though there is peace, blood still boils between our villages. I assume you have an offer that my men will actually want to take part in something you have planned?"

Miu sighs as he rushes through things, she was trying to have her little vacation here. "Hmm, good." Miu's smile widens slightly and she shakes her head, "I'm very doubtful your men would agree to this or, to be truthful our Kage. I wanted to place out an offer for our clans to train amongst one another. Occasional spars and the like, small seminars perhaps. I feel the drastic differences in our Taijutsu styles would be very beneficial to both sides."
Miu halts, this would not be something she had went all her way for especially with that little smirk that was creeping up on her face as if finding her own idea hilarious.

At the explanation of what she wants, Keisuke blinks and lifts an eyebrow at her once again. "I do hope that is not your only reason for coming here, as you are obviously wasting your breath on that matter. There is far too little trust and too much hate between our villages for that to be conceivable." His words a firm, yet still calm. He is pretty sure she already knew the answer to that, so he waits for what she will say next. As he does so, he refills his glass and takes a few more sips of sake.

"Oh? No, that was about it and to see how you were doing." Miu flashes another pleasant smile his way, she then looks down to the sake for a moment. "It was a stretch of an offer but, I was hoping that we could start a revolution of sorts a step towards… peace. No I have other matters I need to attend to other than making friends." Miu tilts her head, as if searching for something else to say.

"So I did have one thing in mind specifically for you." Miu's pinky points to him as she says this, raising the sake up to her lips and simply chugging it. Her demeanor finally gets serious and she leans forward "Hmph. I am looking to form a small, neutral, international group, kept in the shadows for obvious reasons. A group that exchanges information for the better of their villages, what you are willing to share is up to you. I would simply like to avoid another situation like the past wars. To quietly unify the world without actually coming together as a whole."
Miu takes a drag of her pipe, "Call it traitorous or laugh this idea off if you want, I can always keep searching for others. Though **** like what recently happened is completely unecessary. I'm not entirely sure what Kirigakure's goal was but, slaughtering people with something so unnatural was ludicrous, I think the village should've been wiped whole to be honest." Miu keeps quiet, and glances around for a moment. "It is obvious we can't put our trusts fully in our Kage, granted both of our situations, our Kage being our former enemy and I come specifically to you first seeing as your own Kage rose to power after a mysterious disappearance of the former only to wage pointless wars like a mad man."
Miu sounds a bit bitter at the moment but, slowly shifts back to her smile and reclines. "Perhaps we can even help each other out occasionally, it doesn't have to be all chat.

"I see," Keisuke says, continuing to sip his sake as Miu begins to explain what she wants of him. His expression remains as blank as ever, though his eyes do narrow slightly at the mention of Kirigakure being wiped out.
"So a council of sorts to keep the world in balance behind the scenes?" the giant Swordsman asks, taking another sip of his sake. Despite how much he is drinking, his cheeks aren't even flushed. It seems the Kaguya tolerance for alcohol is no rumor. "I suppose that could be a worthwhile endeavor. While I have no problem massacring villages, I believe there should always be a purpose behind it. There was no reason behind what Hikan did in those wars while I was gone. To top it off, he hasn't succeeded in a single war since becoming Mizukage. His rule is a stain upon our history." He pauses a moment to take another sip before saying, "Very well. I'm in."

Miu clasps her hands together, "Excellent and yes, exactly how you put it more or less. I don't necessarily expect the Hyuuga or Konohagakure to truly be protected by this alignment. Especially given the recent… success of Konohagakure, I've noticed even some in my own clan are letting their ego's go to their head…" Miu takes another cup. Not drinking nearly as much as her counter part but, she was holding her own quite well. "They weren't humoring me when it came to describing you. I wonder who's more serious, you or my Guard." Miu slides back out from her seat, "Thank you for your time." She bows slowly to ensure the alcohol takes no effect on her grace. "I hope to see you again soon, hopefully when I have a better way to keep in touch." Miu then starts to head for the door unless Keisuke had something else to say.

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