Mizukage Meeting


Katsurou, Aoitsuki, Yuge

Date: June 7, 2013


Aoitsuki introduces Katsurou to the Mizukage and asks for approval.

"Mizukage Meeting"

Mizukage Office

Aoitsuki had personally arranged a meeting with Yuge a little early into the evening about inducting her brother as a kirigakure shinobi. Of course much of the details were left out in the initial memo. What he would know was that she simply wanted to get some leeway in turning someone into a shinobi. Quietly she walked along the halls of the Administration building. Rather than her usual kimmono she was adorned in a silky raven black dress trimed with gold, and a simple skirt waving about her thighs with each stride taken forward. Briefly they stopped at the door of the Mizukage's office, Hopefully to be greeted in time for formal introductions.

Katsurou was adorned with his father's armor that had a few modifications to represent a new era so to speak. His shoulder pads were made of animal hide and wool that did well to keep his neck and shoulders warm and protected. His chest was covered with a sleek black leather vest with cyan trimming. Metal plates that were strapped to his forearms and shins clanked with each step down the hall. His long blonde hair still splashed down on top of his shoulders as it had still not been cut since his mountaineer days.
The armor-clad Shirayuki stopped at Aoitsuki's side as she stopped in front of the door leading to the Mizukage's office. Inhaling deeply, he slowly exhaled through his nose. "How do I look? Think im a little over dressed for the occasion?" He tossed a smirk in Aoit's direction in hopes of lightening the mood in Katsurou's quirky kind of way.

Yuge had an appointment set up by one of the 7. That was always something that had a higher priority to him, although the subject of the appointment was a little questionable. Either way, it got close to that time and so the office was prepared to not have any potential paperwork out that could be snuck a peek at or the like. He didn't quite go to the Kiku level, sharp objects removed, but it was a through cleaning of the office. At that time, he'd stand up in his seat, a small nod to one of the guards who would open the door to look out at the two. "Your appointment is now, Please go inside." Once the two would step into the office, the guard would step out, closing the door behind him. Yuge nodded politely to Aoi and Katsu, motioning to the seats across from him at the desk. "Please, have a seat."

Once the guard had offered the two of them entry Aoitsuki merely inclined her chin with a slight nod. Her bare feet lightly padded against the ground barely audible as if she was coming in with wet feet. Katsurou's comment had brought about a sudden glance from Aoitsuki, the tensity of her sapphire hue'd eyes briefly narrowing into slits until finally she smiled and nodded her head. Not a word had left her pursed lips, she wanted to save much of her speech with dialogue between themselves and the Mizukage. "Hello, Mizukaga-sama," Aoitsuki greeted promptly, guiding herself into the seat infront of his desk, she removed the bandaged blade from her back side placing it to lean against the chair. " I assume you have already read into the memo I sent prior? In that case I would like for you to meet Shirayuki Katsurou, this is my blood brother who has been in disapperance for quite some time. He has recently resurfaced after we went off on a mission to crush the peacekeepers for good…"

Katsurou watches as the door opens and a guard allows the two of them to enter. He watches as his older sister takes a seat but for the moment he decides to simply keep standing and taking place next to Aoitsuki as she did the talking. Once he was introduced to the Mizukage, he would bow his head in respect to the Mizukage. After a few moments he returned to his standing posture and tucked his hands behind his back. For the most part he just stood there silent while listening to his sister speak to the Mizukage.

Yuge would nod his head politely in response to Katsurou's greeting, a deeper nod given to Aoitsuki with her own greeting. Musing, Yuge would settle in his chair, studying Katsurou as he stood there. Finally, a small nod was given as Yuge would look to Aoi again. "Correct. I did read it, although there was some key information rather lacking. The fact that he is your brother does assist with the decision." Yuge would look to Katsurou then. "Why were you missing for this length of time, to have only returned recently? Is there something that happen to cause such a problem?"

"Katsurou-kun has been one an expedition with our father for about 5 years now… Because the Snow Prince doesn't have a legitament heir, My father and then Katsurou will be the one to succede him in the long run. However during this expedition our father had become deceased…" She paused briefly, her fingers thumbing along the hems of her skirt as she peered for Katsurou to continue the story, there we going to be quite a bit to talk about. " Go ahead Katsurou-kun, you know the circumstances better than I can put into words," she assured, all he had to do was tell Yuge exactly what happened.

Katsurou nodded towards Aoitsuki. He then turned to the Mizukage and attempted to clear the lump out of his throat. Recalling the events that lead to his father's death was never easy for the boy. "During the attack on my father and I…" Katsurou sayss in his typical soft, calm tone. "My father had ordered me to flee from the scene after i had broken free from the genjutsu that was placed on me by one of the Konoha shinobi." The Shirayuki pauses but then continues a moment later. "I fled for safety. Once a full day had passed with no sign of my father, I sought out to find him. My own tracks let me back to where i found both my father's body and a fallen Konoha nin. Filled with shame that i could not had been stronger to defend my father, I could not face the rest of my clan with his death on my conscience because i was weak and too much of a coward. I especially could not face my sister. After all, it was I who begged our father to take me on a trip to teach me more about our clan's powers. Over the course of the next five years i had made a home in the mountains in the Land of Snow. I lived off the wilderness and whatever rewards i could get from a nearby village for doing them favors. It was complete coincidence…or perhaps destiny…that i would bump into a group of shinobi from Kirigakure while taking care of what you refered to as the peacekeepers. Among that group was my dear sister, Aoitsuki. After i fled from the estate she had tracked me down to my home in the mountains." His gaze lowers down at his sister as he places a hand on her shoulder. "And from there she gave me the strength to return to Kirigakure."

Yuge would listen intently, watching the two, indeed, studying them to see if he could pick out the similarity between brother and sister. At Katsurou's end of his story, Yuge would nod slowly, thinking about it for a few moments. "Wilderness training is not necessarly a poor situation to go with. While you would of been a Kiri shinobi initially, there will need to be some adjustment time now that you are around again." Yuge would study Katsurou intently. "I will enable you to begin as a genin of Kirigakure… We'll get you a head band and allow you to get use to working with our shinobi with missions and such. You train hard, show your strength, I will not have any problem with getting you promoted to what strength level you show me." Yuge would give another small nod, looking between Aoi and Kat. "You both agree with this initial assessment, until we know what strength Katsurou can do?"

"That is an agreeable assessment," Aoi replied back with a faint nod, she then turned her eyes to the armnored Shirayuki by her side. " I will be personally overseeing the continuation of his training as well in order to assure his ability remains up to standards with Kirigakure and our clan," Aoitsuki informed a faint smile loomed along her lips with Yuge's suggestion. " My brother has a lot of potential Mizukage-sama, and I am sure he won't let you down, is there anything else which needs to be done to be formally inducted into the village?" She asks, wanting to be quite throuogh with the situation and not have any lose ends which may need to be picked upon later,.

"I agree." Katsurou would chime in with his soft yet some how stern voice. "With my place secured within Kiri, I will now be able to focus on things within the clan as my sister has mentioned earlier. Meaning i will make sure that not only can Kirigakure count on my ability as an individual but also you can count on the strength of the Shirayuki for i will strive to ensure that the Shirayuki are lead triumphantly on the path of glory." His confident tone lessens a bit as he adds, "That is of course once my sister feels I am ready for such position. Until then, i fear i still have some…adapting to do now that ive returned back to civilization once again."

Musing, Yuge would give a small shake of his head. Opening a draw, he'd pull out a headband with a file under it. They would be put on the desk, the headband shifted off of the file to open it, showing what documentation they had on Katsurou. The file itself was kind of thin. Picking up a pen, Yuge would carefully mark down some notes into the file, before nodding and pushing the headband across the desk to Katsurou. "Your headband. You're offically a genin. If you wish, we can do a ceremony to show it publically. However you do seem the type that is not really looking for publicity of yet. At least.. until Aoitsuki-san can help you get better acclimated?" Yuge would smile lightly to the two of them. "Everything is set, he will begin mission rotation and is available for joining a team. You are of course more than welcome to aid his training, Aoitsuki-san. I would never stop such a thing."

Aoitsuki nodded to both Katsurou and Yuge, she had a feeling this was going to be fairly easy going but it appeared to be more than what she had thought. " Hmm, well that about solves the situation then, I don't think I have any other concerns at the moment. Everything else is to be handled at the enclave at home," Aoitsuki informed both Yuge and katsurou, a silent yawn finally escapes her lips whiel beckoning Katsurou to go ahead and take up the headband. " It shouldn't take long to be reaccustomed to things, once you get it moving it will all just come naturally…"

Katsurou takes a step forward and retrieves the headband from the Mizukage's desk. With the headband in hand, he gives the Mizukage one last bow then turns to Aoitsuki. "Yes, im not one for very public affairs. At least just not yet." He adverts his attention back to the Mizukage. "It has been an honor. Im afraid it is time for us to make our way back to the enclave to handle other business now. Our doors are always open to you Yuge-sama." With that said he looks over to Aoi to see if she had anything else to add before they departed.

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