Mizukage's Day Out


Akane, Tsiro, Yuriko

Date: April 30, 2017


Tsiro makes an appearance at the Kaguya Festival. He attempts to go to the fighting ring but manages to get detained by others.

"Mizukage's Day Out"

Kaguya Village

This area, while normally smells very strongly of blood, is masked today by the rich aroma of cooking food. Each ivory building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. The rooftops dwarfed by the house to the far west, double the size to that of any other, which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small restaurants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other structures.
Colorful streamers crisscross overhead among the brightly lit lanterns, above many booths. The steamy aroma of cooked food, naturally draws people in towards the center of the district. Families, couples, people move at a steady pace through the crowded streets beneath the colorful lights. Boys and girls alike dressed in yukatas as they eat or play games, perhaps wearing one of the many playful masks that are available at certain booths. Couples more often than not join in on the Bon-odori (bon dance), though what is more popular by far is the fighting ring that is set up on one end of the festival.
It's explained to those visiting the Kaguya district that this was one of the clan's customs. Though one of the more lax customs by far, as the ring is open to anyone that wished to issue a challenge. For honor, to reveal one's true feelings to another, or to settle a score that's long sense overdue. Here the crowd cheers for their favorite contender.
An hour after the sun sets, the music changes and eyes are drawn towards the night sky. The first firework blossoms up above, then another. Various sizes and shapes, exploding in dazzling sparkles of light that is replaced quickly by another. For several minutes this lasts, stretching into a crescendo of several dozen going off all at once, before eventually fading into nothing. With the conclusion, the crowd of people clap loudly with their approval, cheering happily.
Food: Frankfurters, Takoyaki (octopus dumpling), Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake), Yakisoba (noodles), Waffles, Candied Apples, Kakigori (shaved ice), Cotton Candy, Choco-bananas, Kasutera (sponge cake), Crepe, Lollipops, Candied fruits.
Games: Ring toss, Cork gun target practice, Kingyo Sukui (goldfish scooping)

This was one of the few days that Tsiro would actually wear the Mizukage attire. It was not because he liked to or because he thought he had to. It was a sign that the Kaguya were still enough of a clan to hold the Mizukage position. As he enters the Kaguya village he realizes, that he likely could have sent someone else in his attire and no one really would have known the difference. He was not big on festivals, not unless he was hunting. Then they made the perfect hunting ground. Liquor numbed the senses of targets while loud surrounding noises made for good cover.
Tsiro makes his way down the main avenue. He was heading towards the ring. It was one of his favorite spots to be at these things. He got to see some decent fights and he did not have to deal with the attention of many on himself. It was a win-win situation for the kage.

Halfway through the festival, Yuriko parted from her friends to roam the crowded streets on her own. Though it wasn't entirely by choice. Slightly disheartened, the young woman exhales a small sigh as she nibbles on a meat bun. Trying to distract herself with the food and colorful lanterns, the excitement of the games being played. Every now and then a roar of victory heard not to far away, from the direction of the ring. Someone must have gotten in a lucky punch, she suspected. Pulling down the pink kitty mask over her face, she roamed further until the crowds suddenly move, pushing her in the direction of the Mizukage. Quite by accident, stumbling into him. Yuriko makes a sound and grabs for what she can, his arms, to keep her from falling. And it's a long belated moment before she realizes she's clinging to someone, blinking up at Tsiro. "S-sorry!" she quickly apologizes, straightening herself and pulling her hands away.

Not many people bump into the Mizukage. Usually there are only two real reasons for this. Someone is dared to stick something on his back or they were being clumsy. He assumed the latter with Yuriko. "Easy there." he states with a smile under the hat. "So the festival has managed to keep the people busy and all of the actual fighting contained to the ring. I am impressed." he states. He then starts walking again. "The food smells good. What would you recommend Yuriko?" he had not asked her to follow him but he assumed she wouldn't be too far from his side.

He already knew it was her. Even under the mask. There's was a brief pause as Tsiro oh so naturally started the conversation and was already moving forward, anticipating that she would follow in turn. Despite literally bumping into him. Yuriko hesitates before she quickens her step, falling into place by his side and glancing around to see if anyone had noticed this. A few had, as there wasn't many ladies that followed the Mizukage around. Not at 'formal' events like this. "Mm, well for you… I think you would like the Frankfurters. Or maybe the Takoyaki." she gestures to the partially eaten octopus dumpling that's in her own hand.

Tsiro continued to walk along towards the food. "We will try the frankfurters." he stated. He then turned his head towards Yuriko. "It was not that long ago that someone tried to start a rebellion amongst the Kaguya people. Are people have always been easily controlled by rumors. To think that we had been split nearly down the center." Tsiro's words may have seemed to be about the past, but they were very much an acknowledgement to the present. "We have to remember that at the turn of a hat things can change."

Her free hand reaches up to lightly pull the pink cat mask to one side, her bright aquamarine eyes glancing up at Tsiro curiously for a pause or so. "You reflect on odd things when there are festivities around you." Yuriko observes, though she suspects it's because of his nature. Or his position as Mizukage. Or both. She fall quiet for a pause as she looks away, to the crowded street as a whole instead, and her expression softens slightly. "While this is true, my Mizukage, it also means that what joyous moments we do have, we must treasure them all that much more. For we have so few."

Akane wore some kind of yukata though she would not know what kind (mostly for the kids' sake). On her back was still the Kiba blades and she still wore her bracers and a medical pack as well, but she had at least allowed her eldest daughter to dress her 'normally' for once. Her face, however, was covered with a kind of blindfold over medical bandages and her right arm was wrapped in Okumo silk bandages as well, a step above the usual burn wrappings. She could not see and could not hold both of her twins' hands. Her eldest daughter Tsubaki was there with her, guiding Akane with one hand at the injured elbow and the other hand holding that of one of the younger twins who looked close to 5, though that was silly. They had not been born that long ago. The twins had white hair and black and misty eyes that shifted, Tsubaki had red hair and red eyes.
Akane obviously could not play the games and Tsubaki had the money pouch but Akane did her best to keep up with the kids.
At one point they stopped because one of the twins wanted Tsubaki to play a game and try to win a stuffed animal for them. However, the other twin saw something else and took off running breaking free of Akane's hold. The child ran right in front of Tsiro, and would either run into the Mizukage or nearly trip him in the process of heading toward some stand or other.

"As a Jounin, the world is cut and simple. Go here, kill them and come home. Go here, steal that and return home. Go here, watch this and return home. Nothing too hard or complicated." Tsiro states. "When you step into the shoes of the Mizukage or a clan elder, now it becomes about clan management. As a village Kage, you need to understand the dangers and benefits each clan brings to the table. A clan elder would need to realize what his clan brings above the others. It is a different world. This is how clans barter with the village."
As the child ran towards Tsiro, he'd step forward and scoop him up. Again, only one of two reasons. "How is it going little one?" the kage asks as he takes a look at him. Very few might realize the dangers associated with the Kaguya clan still existed in even these conditions.

Again her aquamarine eyes peek at Tsiro with a slight tilt of her snowy head, observing him for a longer moment. Was he trying to tell her something that means something? A hint perhaps? She wasn't quite sure if there was. "Dangers and benefits, weaknesses and strengths…" Yuriko says lightly, thoughtful. It's then that a child bumped past her and towards Tsiro, only to be scooped up in one smooth motion. She blinks at this, and tries desperately to keep from instinctively smiling at this. "I think he might be lost."

The child blinked as he was scooped up and stared at the Mizukage silently for a long moment, mists moving in his eyes, mostly blues. He tilted his head at Tsiro and reached up as if to pat him on the forehead then saluted instead. He then peered at Yuriko quizzically while easily holding onto Tsiro's sleeve for balance.
That was when Akane and Tsubaki with the other twin in tow caught up. Tsubaki winced when she realized who had her brother but bowed politely to both Tsiro and Yuriko. Akane had already been using a kind of chakra location to search for her son and for who had him but when she got there she could only keep her head pointed in the general direction of Yuriko and Tsiro.
Tsubaki reached for the boy in Tsiro's arms ad the boy frowned and suddenly bared fangs at his sister before trying to climb onto Tsiro's shoulders. Tsubaki blinked and started scolding him until Akane touched her shoulder.
"Forgive my son for whatever he's doing to annoy my daughter. Might I ask what happened? I do not sense any injuries… But I cannot see. I believe we are in the presence of the Mizukage and…" She looked like she was concentrating. "Forgive me uh… Yuriko-chan perhaps?" It was a wild guess as Akane was not as familiar with Yuriko's chakra.
Meanwhile, the girl twin peered up at Tsiro curiously then looked at Yuriko and pointed at the chuunin. "Awe you his wife?"

"Imagine that you walked into a cave and on the other side everything was completely different. Life as you knew it was gone. Now you have to learn a new way of life. Very few truly understand what the position of Mizukage means. They think it is simply the strongest shinobi in the village. Why would you put them in charge of desk work and decisions if that meant purely physical strength? No, its because they have been around and understand the cost and value of things." Tsiro explained to Yuriko.
"He might be, but its ok." Tsiro stated as he studied the eyes of the child. There was something very familiar about them. Tsiro did not stop the kid from climbing over him either. The kid at his age posed very little threat. "Nothing much Akane. The child was running along and I scooped him up. I would not want him bumping into the wrong people here. These things are happy occassions but all it takes is one over bearing drunk to turn the tide."

Okay, that was adorable. Children saluting the Mizukage all so seriously. And because of this Yuriko tries hard to keep a straight face. She didn't want to hurt his feelings after all. His twin, Tsubaki, and Akane are quick to approach, though again Yuriko is surprised when the caught boy bares his fangs and tries to climb on top of Tsiro's shoulders. Did he take an instant liking to the Kage? It seemed like that was likely. Turning her bright eyes to Akane, she smiles easily and bends slightly in a respectful bow, "Fujikujo-Doihara-san, good evening. I hope you and your family are enjoying the festivities." the Kaguya girl says cheerfully.
The boy's twin points at her, earning an almost surprised blink from Yuriko for a slight pause. Curious question, a valid one maybe. Smiling lightly, she bends down to be eye level with the girl and holds up her bare, left hand. "Husbands and wives wear a special ring to show their bond to each other. That's how you can tell if they're married."

Akane nodded to Tsiro's words. Kaguya festivals would have Kaguya sake and there would be someone Kaguya or not, that would misjudge their drink.
The boy kept his perch despite Tsubaki's fussing. The girl stopped when she realized the Mizukage was OK with her brother climbing all over him like a jungle gym.
Akane pated Tsubaki on the head lightly. The girl was one of the Doihara clan that had not yet gone through the academy.
Meanwhile, the girl-twin peered up at Yuriko with those misty moving eyes and waited for an answer. When the Kaguya bent down to her level and explained about the special ring. The child looked to be pondering that and shook her white head. "Papa doesn't wear one."
Akane suddenly reached down and covered the child's mouth. "Hime-chan!" The girl squirmed and once her mouth was free she nipped Akane's hand. Tsubaki scowled and the boy-twin glared from atop the Tsiro-mount.
For the first time the boy spoke. "My sister is not lying, Hahaue. You should not treat her that way." The boy sounded older than his years… And as commanding as a Kage himself. Meanwhile, he peered down at Tsiro then puffed up his chest…. And pointed at a pair of stuffed spiders. "Hahaue cannot win them for us right now. Can Mizukage?"

Tsiro watched the children that he could see. The voice of the young child on his shoulders was a little off but he already had his notions of what these children might be. Either way they were going to be future shinobi. "I think I might be able to. Whats the game?" he asks. His crimson eyes move to Akane for a moment. She sure did have a lot of kids. He knew that the Doihara clan seemed to be mostly adopted. "I take it the young girl is named after the Shirayuki or no connection?" he asked. Tsiro then passes a look towards Yuriko. She had known Tsubaki.

Again Yuriko blinks her bright eyes at the girl-twin, uncertain how to really proceed further. She did have a point after all, not all couples, husbands and wives, wear rings. Her gaze looks from the girl to her mother, watching as she bites Akane's hand. This makes Yuriko wince slightly. This.. felt awkward for some reason. Why did it feel awkward? "Well… it's true that some couples don't wear these special rings." she relents, hoping that she isn't making it worse. "But no, I'm not married." The Kaguya girl tries to offer a reassuring smile, just in case. "I hope I did not make things strange for you, Fujikujo-Doihara-san. That was not my intent." Glancing to Tsiro over her shoulder, from her knelt position, she smiles when he volunteers winning a prize for the boy.

Ouji-kun (the boy twin) clapped three times and hung onto Tsiro at the agreement to try and win the spiders. Tsubaki blinked at Tsiro's question about her and peered up at her mother. Akane answered, "Ah, no connection. I love the Camellia flower and so named my first daughter after it. Ishino favored the name Kitaru for her brother. You were present at Kitaru's graduation from the academy, Tsiro." Of course, he was. He was Mizukage. Akane did not use her customary 'san' or 'godaime' when referring to Tsiro, a sign that they were friends. Or growing to be such in any case.
Tsubaki meanwhile, blushed as her name was explained. Tsubaki was only 9 as was her twin Kitaru, the first children of Doihara Akane and Ishino. The white-haired twins would seem to be the product of Akane's second pregnancy, but again they appeared too old to be those children. Then again, aging seals and genetic manipulation was not unheard of in Kirigakure. Tsiro would find his suspicions were pretty spot on.
And Hime-chan (the girl twin) tilted her head a little then nodded, satisfied that Yuriko was aware not everyone wore rings. Tsubaki put her little hands on her hips and stated matter-of-factly "Papa wears a ring just like Mama!"
Meanwhile Akane just chuckled, ignoring the nip as if it was a playful thing. "You did nothing of the sort Yuriko-chan. She merely speaks more than she should at times. We have an.. eclectic family." She patted Tsubaki on the shoulder. "Why don't you go get one of those sweet treats you like Tsubaki-chan? I'll be fine with Tsiro and Yuriko-chan." The girl hesitated then turned and bounded off happily to get said treats. And that was when Hime-chan tugged at Akane's sleeve. She took a second then tried to grab Yuriko's sleeve too, intent on leading both females to the game gallery (Tsiro please insert game here) to watch if the Mizukage could win them the paired spiders. Upon people realizing the Mizukage was about to play a game… a crowd began to gather.

Tsiro approached the game with the spiders hanging there. He took the kid by the hand and set him down for the moment. "I just want you to know, this would be a lot easier if I was not in these robes." He then nodded to the guy behind the counter. He was given three balls. The first one hits the milk bottles but does not knock them down. Tsiro ponders it for a moment. It was a direct hit. He takes the second ball and tosses it with a bit more force. The bottle come apart. After the man sets them back up he does so once more with the third ball. "Two spiders. Give them to the kid please." is all the kage states before turning around to the festivities.

Yuriko dips her chin ever so slightly in a nod, a bit relieved that she hadn't offended Akane unintentionally with her explanation. And again she's caught off guard as Hime-chan tugs at the sleeve of her yukata, holding onto both her and her mother as they proceed to watch the Mizukage win a prize for the boy. Naturally, he draws a crowd. Yuriko hides a small smile as soon the pair of plushie spiders are delivered to the boy. Much to his delight. "I think there's a fish scooping game around here somewhere if you two like goldfish." she says with a smile.

Akane allowed Hime-chan to pull her over to the game with a tolerant expression as if she was used to this. Hearing the first ball not strike hard enough, Akane waited, knowing Tsiro was well able to do this. And she was right.
Ouji-kun clung like a little spiderling himself as Tsiro set him down and waited, looking completely unworried about Tsiro's abilities with those robes on. When the boy was proven right in his faith he clapped three times again then accepted the spiders.One he kept while the other went to Hime-chan. The girl wrapped her arms around one of Tsiro's robed legs in a hug then ran over to join hands with her brother and in perfect unison, they bowed formally to the Mizukage.
Akane clapped softly as she heard the children's breathing, excited internally if not externally. She bowed her head to Tsiro's vaguely general direction in thanks for the gifts.. Meanwhile, the non-Kaguya crowd applauded politely. (The narrator is unaware how Kaguya would view such an action for children not even of the Kage's clan.)
Yuriko's comment about the goldfish made Hime-chan and Ouji-kun look at each other and then at Yuriko. In unison, the two asked, "Are they good to eat?"

Tsiro watched the kids bow in unison. He nodded to them. "No worries. It was the least of what I could do." He then laughs when they ask if goldfish were good to eat. "They would be more like a snack. Not a real big one either. If you want real fish, I am sure Ishino and I could probably find you some good fishing spots." Tsiro then glances towards the ring. He had wanted to go there but ended up side tracked. Oh, the pains of being the Mizukage. "So I hear there will be fireworks tonight. You kids know what those are right?" he asks. He then looks up towards the darkening sky.

The thrilled twins happily hug at their newfound plushies, joining hands to bow towards Tsiro, thankful. Yuriko couldn't help but chuckle to herself. "Looks like you got some instant fans." she says lightly to the Kage, watching him briefly out of the corner of her eye. Looking back to the kids however, she lifts a pale brow at a very valid question. "I'm not sure. I've never eaten one." she admits. "Normally you catch them to keep as pets, because they're too small to eat." Which is essentially what Tsiro confirms. Taking another bite of her octopus bun, Yuriko enjoys what's left of it as she glances up at the sky in turn. No fireworks yet.

Akane sweatdropped at the question about the goldfish. But Tsiro's comments made her chuckle softly. The twins were still too young to be fishing alone but now she knew they would be curious why there would be a goldfish prize if not for food. It was an explanation that Yuriko and Tsiro both offered fairly well.
Tsiro's final comment about the fireworks made the twins peer at each other again and then up at him, shaking their heads. But as Yuriko peered at the sky and Tsiro peered at the sky they looked up too, quizzically.
Akane spoke up for them. "This will be their first festival. They have never seen fireworks before." Which would only confirm how young the twins actually were. "We had already made plans to bring them when I was injured."

So Tsiro crouches down so that he is at eye level with the kids. "So… fireworks. You see this object travel upwards into the sky and then it starts to fall and all of a sudden, BOOM!" Tsiro exclaims. He uses his hands to show the explosion. "Then the sky lights up with amazing colors. Sometimes there are more than one color. Sometimes its different shapes. Some explosions are bigger than others. The neat thing though is that as one starts to vanish, then you get a few more. At the end… they call the the finale. It where you get lots and lots of them. So many its hard to keep track of." Tsiro says. Obviously he was trying to get the kids excited about the fireworks.

His description of fireworks, hiping them up for the twins, was downright heartwarming. Hand motions and everything. Yuriko chuckles softly to herself, glancing to Akane as their mother explains it was their first festival ever. Not surprising. "I suppose this means they haven't had cotton candy yet?" she asks, her bright eyes sparkling with a bit of mirth and mischief. Kids on a sugar high from the treat would be amusing to see, though doubtful that a parent by themselves would be handle the explosion of energy. Meaning that Yuriko also doubts that they would sample the candy this time around too.

Akane listened to Tsiro telling them about the fireworks and couldn't help but smile softly. The twins listened raptly still holding hands and when Tsiro went BOOM! Their misty eyes lit up with swirling blues like the mists of their home.
Tsubaki took that moment to return to the group carrying three small bags of sweets, one for each of the kids (including herself) and blinked as she watched in awe as the Mizukage deigned to treat her siblings so importantly.
Yuriko's question made Akane shake her head. "No, but I planned to bring some home so Ishino and Kitaru-kun could help. We're unsure how heir metabolisms can handle that much sugar. The theory is that it will not even phase them." Akane looked slightly sheepish at that statement but then again, experimentation on children was also not unheard of in Kirigakure. "We'll see if they even like the sweets."
Tsubaki moved over to stand behind the twins and peered up at Tsiro curiously then bowed again. "I'm here to help Mama-sama. They'll be alright."
Akane meanwhile smiled. "Tsiro, perhaps while the fireworks occur we can share that Kaguya sake we promised each other. Yuriko-chan should be old enough to sample some too by now, yes?"

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