First Promotion Exams - Mob Against Monster: Naru, Eremi, and Hitoshi vs. Tsun


Eremi, Hitoshi, Naru, Tsun, Sabaku

Date: Unknown (log received January 19, 2012)


None given.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Mob Against Monster: Naru, Eremi, and Hitoshi vs. Tsun"

Unknown location

Strolling about the area, making quite sure to avoid the many geysers that could erupt at anytime was Eremi. Currently, he appeared to be searching for something or someone as he went trailing up and down the area. There were a few times when he would get to one section that he would come to a complete stop and glance around thoroughly before continuing on. He didn't look nervous or worried that he might be attacked or others might be around, he was just searching. When he reached a pool of water, there was a stick that was lying next to it. Eyeing it for a moment, he looked up and around before bending over and picking up the stick. It was about three feet long, with ridges and could probably snap easily enough if too much pressure was applied. For now though he simply held onto it, bopping it on the ground while he moved over toward where he Hitoshi and Naru were before he went searching.

his part of the caves was one that Hitoshi didn't particularly care for. No place to really search for nutritious foods or the like, and no where to fish for food. With his pack slung over his back, he wanders along through the caves, his eyes remaining sharp against the dim light. Slowly, as he continues along with the newly formed party, he loks about, considering things.

"It's been too quiet," he finally comments softly. "I've not felt any kind of spikes in chakra usage since we starte—"

He pauses a second… Meh. "It's just too quiet. You'd think we would've ran into someone by now," he comments softly.

Naru yawned quietly as she remained sitting at where she was earlier, for the most part she seemed to be very relaxed. Every now and then her sharingan would flicker on an off, scanning the walls, watching the depths of the caverns… It wasn't as good as the Byakugan but she had some insight on what was going on around her. " It is rather quiet isn't it… Maybe people are calling it a night and resting… Of course that only means that perhaps the more scavenging types will be prevelant throughout the cavern…" Naru states, leaning back along one of the rocks while yawning quietly to herself… they had to develop some kind of sleeping scheduel… 2 weeks of this was going to be hell…

"I… am not really able to sense or detect anything in particular," Hitoshi remarks softly, "so you may be right, Naru-kun."

A pause, and he looks around quietly. "I could dig us a fire pit and get to work on at least making us a fire," he remarks softly, "if you guys think that wouldn't be too big of a giveaway. It'd at least provide a little bit of safety in light. Comfort." Warmth. Man, he was starting to miss home more. Without waiting for a particular answer, a kunai is produced, and Hitoshi unslings his backpack, putting it aside for now… and finding a nice patch of earth to begin digging at, pushing the kunai into the ground and slowly working at carving out a small, but decent, fire pit.

"Naru-kun, you seem tired," he remarks softly, "so Eremi-kun or myself can take the first watch. We can go in three hour rotations, and switch out from there." Diggy diggy hole.

"I don't know, it doesn't seem that quiet." Eremi paused and glanced around at all the geysers that would occasionally go off and bubbling hot springs. If anything it was a little noisy compared to other rooms. The boy shrugged though as he moved a little closer to the other two before sitting down and twirling the stick between his hands. "Yeah, I don't mind taking a shift. I'm not really tired. I'm still pretty full of energy from the fight earlier in the day." He reached into a holster to withdraw a kunai and began shaving the end of the stick down in to a point.

Tsun had time, way too much time she was sort of set on food for a while. Mostly because someone beat the crap out an Akimichi and didn't take the time to loot his battered body. Tsun really and truly lucked out as pastries were the last thing she expected to eat while in here. So, delicious! Though something impedes on her wonderful silence and sugar time, voices of functioning people! Wait, that was her own head. Angered mumbles come rolling out cursing herself all along.
That was some time ago and now, she was much closer to the Konoha bunch, this was not intentional at all. Within the dark world of the survival round, Tsun simply reached out with a very fine red mist, nowhere near enough to completely mask her. Just enough to work as insect feelers in a sense.

"Mrfmmf." The Kaguya takes another bite, this time out of a muffin. At this exact moment, the smell of old death may hit the noses of the Konohagakure Genin. Tsun doesn't really take into account anything is within the field of her sixth sense just yet. She was much too busy enjoying this cinnamon muffin.
A nice pile of bark and wood shavings was beginning to collect near Eremi as carving the stick down to a nice point was taking little time at all. He was kind of hoping it would keep him distracted for the rest of the night, but maybe now he could use it for fishing the way Hitoshi had used the string. Though he still wasn't hungry, he'd just hold on to it for now, placing it next to him and putting the kunai back in its holster, "Ok, if you insist Naru. Right after you, I'll be the next one to call it a night. That is.." Looking over toward Hitoshi, "Unless you are feeling tired Hitoshi? I know I already had a fight today and should get rest, but I don't have a scroll to protect anymore so I'm not the one that needs to worry right now." Breathing in, an odd smell would pass his sense but he'd just shaking his head and chalk it up to the weird caverns.

"No, I've not fought today," Hitoshi remarks softly, "no one actually ran into me before I joined up with you guys… so it doesn't matter to me who goes first," he continues, taking a deep breath in as he forms a ram handseal over the fire pit… and his concentration breaks as he tries to manipulate his chakra toward the fire pit, due to the smell that overtakes his nose. He gags slightly, and moves to cover his mouth, shuddering slightly.

It smells a lot like the beach did during the War, at least to him… He cringes slightly at the smell, looking around. He frowns a little. "… We may have to forget about resting right now," he muses idly, still keeping his mouth and nose covered, muffling his voice just slightly….

if sleeping was going to be an issues for Naru it esclated even more as she took a whiff of what was going on, an interesting smell that she too remembered, somewhere not entirely too long ago… Was it memories of her past or was something seriously wrong? Pulling herself up from her resy she began to rise to a stand, first looking over at Hitoshi intently, " Isn't this smell familiar?" She questions outloud, Naru had a feeling that there was more going on here, was it a jutsu? she amy have been overreacting abit but for now she plugged her nose. " We need to find of source of that smell…"

'Shhhh…' Tsun takes another bite of the muffin, stopping and looking around for a moment. "Hmm? Oh." 'Yes.' "Uh…" Tsun looks to the muffin, then stares ahead into the darkness. She just sort of shoves the rest into her mouth and continues to approach, listening in. 'They're saying we stink, Tsun-chan.' "They're saying you stink don't drag me into your stupid…" The Kaguya pauses, noticing she was so caught up in her conversation that she forgot to think back to her head.

"Oh… hi."

There is a quick scan of the area, "Uh…huh. You all look kinda stupid. I'm guessing you're Genin." Her previous muffin eating hand extends as the mist retreats, "Scrolls." The mist starts to retreat back into the gourd on her back but, chakra begins to slowly swell within the girl. /Just/ in case they decided not to cooperate.

Eremi glanced between Naru and Hitoshi, unsure why the smell bothered them so. Sure it was rank and a bit off putting, but it was just a cave smell, right? He'd never been in one so just assumed as much. "Probably just a dead animal that was killed for meat and the source of the smell was wafted in this direction. It will probably pass in time." Something that the boy was quite sure of, though the others seemed more on edge. Something he would probably be as well if he had a scroll to defend. "Well, let's check it out then." Pushing himself off the ground, he left the stick where it lied and stretched some before turning around and spotting a small and possibly young girl now next to the group. "Uh, hello as well." His eyes were wide with surprise, not expecting anyone to get so close to them so easily. "Yes, we are all genin from Konoha." He tilted his head some as the hand was extended and the statement for scrolls was put forth. Was this girl that brave to challenge all three of them. It was nonesense, but he couldn't under estimate this opponent, not like last time. He looked toward the others before stepping back some and extending his arms out to either side. It was quick to do and barely noticeable, but as he focused some his muscles ached in response and his pupils dialated and constricted in response.

"Nn. I don't think so, Eremi-kun," Hitoshi remarks softly, shaking his head and sliding to his feet, twirling his kunai once before reholstering it. As the smell got stronger with the approach of Tsun, he growls a little under his breath, unable to really overcome it… he just deals, letting his hands fall and form the Ram seal so that he can begin to focus…

"… Man, someone's -bossy.-"

As the girl made her appearance and the smell drifted away with it's mist, Hitoshi frowns a little bit, tilting his head a little bit and frowning. "You mess with one of us here, you mess with all three of us." He steps forward, then, frowning a little bit and tilting his head. He was by no means the strongest of the three, but he would, at least, make a good distraction if the others chose to bug out… "So, is that how it's gonna be, then?" he asks her pointedly, tilting his head.

"I remember you…" Naru finally began to speak from outside of the group, joing them as she finally approached with her eyes narrowing down upon Tsun. " You're the girl that attempted to stop me from destroying that weapon which killed so many of our people… Both of our people," Naru states, tensing her knuckles while her fingers switched back to slightly unsheath her black bladed katana. " You have that thing in you also…Whatever it is… Your chakra doesn't feel the same as bbefore however…" She states, finally utilizing her chakra she began to focus. " You should back off now or you're going to regret it…"

Tsun sighs, glaring at Eremi with the single visible eye as he transforms. It did seem a bit intimidating, it was enough to show that effort would be necessary if all of them had magical power up techniques.

"I'm not being bossy, I'm being kind and saving myself a headache. And saving you some injuries I guess." Then Naru points out remembering her. Tsun's head tilts and she squints. That didn't do much for the sake of memory but she said the girl's chakra felt different, water begins to roll out of the gourd the child acting like some sort of rattlesnake as she gives one last warning. "Oh, right. That, almost completely forgot." With that there would be a subtle shift in her chakra, it was not a confusing as when Naru first met her but, the presence of another was evident-ish.
"What's interesting is that. You threaten me to not attack you, when you obviously have enough people to jump me. Then again, who gets the scroll? I would really rather avoid this right now if you just hand me the scroll." Her hands raise into the air, water shifting about her, "I'm also not in the mood for being buddy buddy with you until you know, I have my scrolls." Her right hand twitches, a small wave of water bursting through the caverns. While her left hand drags back and flings itself forward, causing a much larger but, slow rolling wave to follow up.

Eremi could do little more then just watch the girl as of now, listening as she spoke to the three of them, "Well, I don't even have a scroll. So, I didn't threaten nor did I say I wouldn't give you one." He nodded reassuringly, though he doubted that was going to be enough to convince the girl to not attack him. It seemed Naru and Hitoshi possibly knew the girl and weren't happy about seeing her once again. So that was one clue to be on his toes. Though for what he wasn't sure. Bracing himself, he took a stance not wanting to make the first attack to cause trouble that didn't need to start, but prepare himself for what might come. Then he saw it, a small yet large wave of water coming his way. It was completely unexpected it and easily knocked into him hard pushing him back away. Instantly he scrambled to his feet only to see another one coming, only much bigger. Quickly, he leaped straight up to the ceiling avoiding the wave, then using that as a spring board to push off of and get in close to the girl from underneath and attempt to kick her up into the air before following her shadow and spinning around mid air with a succession of kicks.

"Take cover!"

And so it was on, and there was rapidly rushing water crashing against the walls, heading at him and the rest of the group. What was left of the would-have-been campire is washed away, and at first, with Hitoshi shunshin-ing himself out of the way, he almost seems like he was going to get away… That is, until he finds himself landing atop of a small rock, and he looses his balance—

And before he realizes it, the torrent of the Titan Wave was on him. It sweeps him up, and surely, it shows him no mercy. Gasping for breath, he not only takes on water, he crashes against rocks, bolders, and the like as the wave washes him along. Oh, yeah… that's gotta be a pain. When he finally -does- collide with a wall, and the water subsides, it can be seen he's not only very wet… he's also very hurt, with blood oozing out of his left ear. Yep, someone hit their head at some point. He grunts, and winces, trying to scramble, but as he does try to get up, he gasps in pain. Still, he forces himself up, shaking his head… "Not like this…"

And suddenly, he forms several complex handseals, until he bows back, and strikes back…

"Katon! Goukakkyou no Jutsu!" It was the only thing he knew to strike back with that would even remotely hurt this beast, and as he bows back, he brings his fingers up in front of his lips, blowing through them… and producing a massive fireball as a result, targetting it at the girl. Once it's flying, he readies a kunai, charging in after it. Where-ever she lands, he tries to make himself be there, forcing himself along on a clearly broken right leg, as he swings the kunai at her… intent on getting up close and personal.

Then began to become more intense, and very quicly did that happen. She managed to advert away from the first attack, her body literally fading out of existance however the titan wave was bashing throughout the entire area, slamming aginst her and forceing her body to slam against the rocks, it was indeed avery painful expereience… her body was already covered in cuts and bruises. " Damn it…" Naru cursed quietly under her breath, her eyes narrowing down upon tsun as soon enough her eyes began to activate, the sharingan burning into her eyes as she attempted to follow Hitoshi's lead… They had to fight hard iff they were going to fight this thing… That chakra was seeping out and she could see every bit of it now . " Becareful… and stay spread apart…We can't afford to fall into that attack again…" Naru shouted out, hopefully with them being apart it would make it difficult for her to kite them so easily. Motioning through a pair of hand seals she quickly begins to follow through with Hitoshi, not only did she have to dodge one massive fire ball but soon eanother would come directly at her… That and her chakra would begin to escape, attempting to sink into Tsun's mind for a greater show of force later….

Well this was not fun, she forgot what happens when you don't manage to wipe the things out with one go and you know, don't have a squad of people beside you. Tsun forcefully shuts the gourd with a new cork, accepting the challenge of defending herself for once. She narrowly avoids the first kick from Eremi while she forms a few handseals, only to get kickked in the face by the second strike before the jutsu was complete. Tsun stumbles over, growling lightly just as the Great Fireball comes in and engulfs her well what was her, the afterimage is burnt away as she flickers back a bit to get a bit of the heat off her. Then Hitoshi comes running in. The girl sort of just stares him as he approaches.

"Uh, right." Tsun steps around him and walks forward, her hand clenching the air in front of her as water from the ground seeks to rise up Hitoshi's leg and crush it with the shutting of her fist. Her other to hands raise up, fingers dancing about as smaller waves begin to form from the excess water behind the two shinobi. The cork on Tsun's back popping up as water gushes out to shield her from the oncoming fire. As for the link? It goes by unnoticed.
Tsun just carries on, completing her assault. "Just give me a scroll and I'll stop. That is very nice considering how you just…" A bit of blood drools out the corner of her mouth, "Yeah…"

Landing on the ground after his series of kicks managed to make contact with the girl, Eremi was instantly on the move again as he knew his temporary team mates would be coming in with their own attacks as well. Little did he know however, that they would be using such large area attacks while he was still in close proximity, leaving him barely enough time to flip out of the way of each fireball headed for the girl.
After their attacks subsided, he was on the move again, sprinting to the left and right, zig zagging between the geysers and hotsprings that were in the way as he closed in on the distance between him and the girl. When he saw the water form into groups of small hands coming toward him, reaching to grab him, he side stepped a couple and completely dodged out of the way of the others. No problem at all. The real problem though was it seemed the same attack was headed for Hitoshi, "Move get out of there." Not knowing if the other was fast enough, Eremi sprinted in to where the other was grabbing Hitoshi to push him out of the way. "Run." He went to follow his own advice only for the water to ensnare his arm, tighten up and the twisting, pulling and tearing motion to quickly begin. The pain was intense and in response he screamed at the top of his lungs. "SABAKU!!!" It was weird and it wasn't what he had intended to scream and yet it still came out. With a pulling motion of his own, the water finally broke free, leaving his arm some what useless, but before he went to get away as well he leaped up with a quick kick before landing to the ground to get as much room between the two as possible. "Unless you plan on giving up your scrolls. Just run, it's pointless to continue!"

And… shoved. Hitoshi is suddenly intercepted, but when he sees what happens in Eremi's steed, his eyes widen as he essentially watches Eremi's arm get broken… and he stares. But, he stops. He can't hesitate. Even after being shoved aside for someone else to take the attack aimed at him, he's gotta at least -try- to dish out some payback. With his leg still wounded, and with him trying to continue moving on it, though… It was tiring. It was very, very tiring.

He started to try and move as quickly as he could again, moving to a longer range as he calls out, "Not on your life, Eremi-kun!" Once out of the way of Eremi, he seems to dig in, skidding to a halt on his good leg and crouching down. "I may not be able to do much, but I can at least distract her with long range attacks while you pin her!" And with that, he starts, forming his handseals again and bowing back, lunging yet another large fireball at the girl… He can at least do that. "I'm not leaving until we -all- leave!"

Naru had once again felt the brunt of the water attack, her body slammed back against the wall, not doing nearly as much damage this time though. "Erg.." she cursed under her breath finally undrawing her katana completely, she looked to hitoshi and Eremi…There was still a chance for them to win but they had to be smart…well then again perhaps running around somewhere else would be a better idea… "Okay… here we go…" She whispes under her breath, though no one else could see this a black wisping aura began to circulate around Tsun's body, shrouding the area until spectral blades lashed out from each side of her body, stabbing, slashing into her body for a prolonged period of time. She watched and waited, hanging back to see the results of her attacks, hopefully to put down this beast once and for all…

"As this continues on, I wonder if this is why I hate people." Tsun looked bored and annoyed that after all this damage, no one was caving in. "You're all acting like a bunch of Kaguya. Except you don't have the bone density to back up the retarded stubborness." While everyone was being signalled to run, Tsun figured that this would be a good time to go with plan B. 'That is no longer Plan B Tsun-chan~ It was supposed to be done before fighting. It is more like Plan E but, do you plan on steaming them for me?' Tsun rolls her eyes, "We're in no place to start killing people in this tournament." 'Examination.' "Whatever." Tsun just sort of talks to the air, not paying any attention to those who gathered around her. The gooey liquid just flailing around and deflecting everything. Except, the black blades. Tsun blinks, the first one cuts through her, oddly enough she ignores it. Tsun was very good at ignoring pain to a certain extent.

Then it happens… multiple times. "What the chunk are you doing?! What this song is this cheese?!" She yells out, fiddled off at the fact that her defense wasn't working, she drops to her hands and knees, eventually screeching a shrill screech.

'What do you mean what the chunk am I doing, Tsuny Tsuns?'

"You know exactly ugh…" A cold sweat rushes over Tsun. "This always happens… this always happens." Tsun starts mumbling to herself, 'Silly Tsun-chan, since when has the diplomatic move ever work for you. Come now child…' Tsun begins to shudder, ice crystals forming and hovering about her person, her eyes beginning to shift. A small aura of purple radiates around her, Naru can most likely spot this strange presence that begins to bend and twist before finally… exploding outward.

"I've over stepped my bounds in warning. You Konoha people are more glittery than I thought. So I'm going to ask you kindly, give me a scroll!" Well that didn't sound kind at all, she short of just barked out the command, expecting a result. The maddening whispers in her head not helping her cause at all, these Genin were really ruining a quite lovely day.
Sabaku heard her name, and comes running. After all, people don't normally yell her name and as far as she knows only really a couple of people here know it. So… here she comes, she focuses some chakra as she hurries forward, just in case. She's approaching from behind Tsun, from the dark, not that obvious to start with, and hopefully any big attacks will head away from her, a quirk of luck as she approaches, trying to figure out what is going on, and not attacking yet.

Eremi sprinted over toward Hitoshi, one arm simply flopping about as it was unable to respond to any muscle commands. "Ok well, let's leave." Spinning around he was looking to see where Naru was, watching her simply standing there and not really doing anything. He tilted his head curiously, wondering if that is what Genjutsu looks like when you aren't on the receiving end. "Naru! It's time to go! We made a good effort trying to group together, but in the end it still wasn't enough…" He wanted to say more, but with Tsun apparently talking to them…herself…someone? It was quite distracting, "Uhh…" His eyes widen as he watches the girl drop on all four followed by a loud shrill screech. One he himself let out earlier that day. c.c "Are you ok?" Naturally he was still worried for the girl, even if she didn't appear to be in any harm. That was, until he saw the ice begin to encompass the girls form and a few other odd sights he had never seen before. A quick glance would be given to Hitoshi, "We can run and hope to get away, stay, fight and die or one of you can give up your scrolls and either try to get it from someone else or forfeit right here and now." Those being the only options he could think of as he himself didn't even have a scroll to soothe the beast. Still, slowly he began to back up while reaching for Hitoshi with a good arm to bring him along.

"Damn it…"

Hitoshi shrugs off Eremi as he tries to tug him away. Slowly, surely, realizing his leg is giving more and more away to the obvious lower-limb compound fracture, he begins to move toward where some of his stuff has been scattered by the fight… Wet, dripping, his bag and all the contents otherwise ruined. The scroll, when Hitoshi takes it out of the bag, is soggy, and it kind of gets limp… He stares at it a moment, then looks up toward Tsun, smiling sort of oddly.

"This is what you came for, right? This is what you want?"

Suddenly, and quite surprisingly, he -chunks- the container toward the girl, aiming squarely for her face. "Then -take it!- Just leave -them- alone!" He gestures, pointedly, toward Eremi and Naru. "He doesn't even -have- a scroll to give you! Just let them go…"

During the distraction the throw is likely to have caused, he looks toward them both, as if pleading for them to get -lost.-

They were quickly running out of options, and with the power of the jinnchuriki becoming even greater with the transformation, Naru's eyes was almost literally blinded by the amount of chakra she was packing. " Impossible…" Naru whispers quietly under her breath, narrowing her eyes down upon them, Eremi began to beeline it away however Hitoshi continued to fight… There was no way she was going to let him go and take the heat right infront of a demon.. " Are you crazy? Hitoshi-san? You're coming with us right now! Lets just get out of here.." She states, suddenly utilizing her jutsu once again, the blades of spectral matter swirling within the darkness around Tsun's new form, this time though in the process Naru began to phase out of existence, her way of getting the heck out of the way and disappearing enough to clamber away from this demon girl…

The swirling darkness starts to come in again before Tsun mumbles out, "Genjutsu." Tsun mumbles turning to see the scroll come her way. How does one tense their face? The world may never know, perhaps it wasn't thrown all that hard after all? "Thank you…" Her hands come up in a seal as she mumbles out, "Kai!" She did not care to go after the Genin at this point. "I said it, they looked stupid. Why'd I expect them to even think."

The girl momentarily stares at the scroll, water being sucked out of it before she tucks it away in her jacket. Steam rising from her body as the ice crystals settle on her wounds. Tsun drops exactly where she stands and just waits. Waits for this long long month to roll on by.
Sabaku watches from the shadows, back a bit from the fight, trying to see what is going on. This looks, well, bad. She makes her way around, trying to see who is who and who is going where. She keeps her distance and hopefully keeps her way far enough away to be out of view and out of combat. She tries to figure out what is going on next, as people seem to be kind of splitting up.

Another scroll from the three was lost, leaving the group with a total of one now. There chances of finding enough scrolls to total five for all of them to continue on wasn't looking good. Especially if the rest of the competitors are anything like the two he had to fight today. Moving toward Hitoshi once again, Eremi rested his good hand on the others shoulders, "Come on, it's over. There's no need for anyone to stay behind and sacrifice for the rest. Let's go see what we can do about finding a spot to rest for the night until morning comes and we can start all over again." Briefly he looked over toward Naru, seeing her coming as well then waited to follow behind making sure Hitoshi indeed planned on leaving.

Still on the ground, Hitoshi, at this point, was trying to find the -mental- strength to just get up. Every time he tried, though, his right leg would give under him, the very last time, with a sickening sort of -crunch- noise. He winces a bit, biting his lip to keep from screaming, shaking his head quite hard at that pain. "I'm… nngh. I'm going to have to splint this before I can move," Hitoshi remarks softly, "and that's going to take time. I've already hindered you both enough with my playing ninja," he tells them both. "Move on ahead of me and I'll try to catch up…"

He then begins to grab at his bag, trying to fish out what he needs. But that's… kind of hard to do, when every single piece of equipment, every single bit of supplies, and the like, are soaked. He uselessly tosses stuff out… including two very limp, very ruined and very soaked long splits. "… S'my luck," he remarks quietly, shaking his head. He shoves the bag aside, then, and with that 'screw it' face on, he twists his face and forces himself up, quickly… only to have to brace himself on a rock to keep from falling over.
Naru cringed, though managed to fade away from the sight of tsun, with everything all said and done for now she followed through with the retreat. A grimance o her face… They wee all pretty badly injured and so quickly also.. There was going to be a need to figure out how to take care of that beast when the time came… if she could make it out of these caverns alive. Keeping her eye on Hitoshi and Eremi she continued on, rubbing at the brusing and scratches on her body. " No more lone warrior stuff, okay Hitoshi-san?" She spoke with a smile, not leaving his side and instead attempting to holster his body up by forcing his arm along her shoulder blades. Tsun didn't seem to be coming after them but she wanted to make sure they were far away from her for the time being…

Tsun looks over, the trio seeming to have a mess of a time. Tsun spits out the remainder of the blood in her mouth now that the wound regenerated and called out, "I don't know why you guys are still flipping out, if I wanted you dead it would've happened already. Sit down and figure your crap out before you break more bones." A bit of a silence, "Retards."
Now that her teeth weren't in pain anymore, she rummages around for another muffin.
She takes a bite and just watches how the others continue to act, hoping they calm down a bit as it was sort of annoying her. Then they go hoisting him up. "Eh whatever." Tsun turns away, looking in the opposite direction as she continues to chow down.

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