Making Peace - Moe's Contract Signing


Moe, Shinpuu

Date: July 5, 2014


Moe is approached by Shinpuu as she waits in the desert for an envoy of the snake clan to arrive.

"Making Peace - Moe's Contract Signing"

Small Oasis - Eastern Desert

A little past mid-day in the Land of Wind, and a sandstorm has just recently passed through. With its passing, a blanket would be lifted at the oasis that a certain middle-aged Chuunin has hidden herself under. "Gotta love this place," Moe says with a smirk as she pushes herself up off the ground and starts to fold the blanket up. As she does so, she glances around, seeming to be looking for something or someone to be coming, though she doesn't spent too much time dwelling on it.

Shinpuu stretched slowly, as he made his way towards the Oasis. Kofuu, his falcon still circling high in the air, soaring above and spying the area, as shinpuu approached. The younger Chuunin steps out from behind some bushes just in time for Moe to start folding up her blanket. He smiles, giving a short wave, as he steps out over the bushes. "Hi there." he says with a small smile, heading towards one of the trees, sitting down at the base.

As the Chuunin steps out, Moe would look over and smile. "Hey," she says as she finishes folding the blanket and tucks it into a pouch on her side. "Nice day out, hmm?" she asks a touch sarcastically
as she adjusts the pouch and closes it. "Kuroki Moe," she introduces herself with a light bow of her head. "Who are you?"

Shinpuu nodded a bit. "Oh yeah. Wonderful." he says, grinning, dipping his head in response. "Hayato Shinpuu." he says, smiling a bit, as he glances back up at her. "Nice to meet you Kuroki-san. Any relation to Kuoroke Kuroki?" he asks with a slightly raised brow, a bit curious.

"Nice to meet you too," Moe says with a smile the nods again. "Yes. He's my adopted cousin," she replies as she steps over to the well to dip some water out to fill her canteens. "Have you actually met him? I'm just curious since he's not the most social of people."

Shinpuu shakes his head. "My father's had dealings with him in the past. Nothing more than that, I'm afraid." he says with a small shrug. "Adopted? Well, no offense, but I suppose it explains the lack of zealotry…" he says, mostly sarcastic about it. He shrugs.

Blinking at that, Moe cants her head slightly then shrugs her shoulders. "I'm older, so I suppose I appreciate things other than zealotry. My family chose to take me in, and for that they'll always have my gratitude." With that, he looks over toward the east, spotting something out of the corner of her eye. Coming their way is a massive white snake, at least twenty feet long. It would seem rather threatening if Moe didn't say, "Ah, just who I was waiting for."

Shinpuu shrugs. "Eh. Fair enough. Just seems like he's always chasing after something, you know?" he says, as he peers off towards the snake. When it's clear the snake is coming closer, he rises to his feet, lifting a brow as Moe mentions waiting for it, giving a slightly odd look. "You wouldn't happen to be from the Hebisuuhai clan would you?" he asked with a slightly raised brow, giving a faint grin, obviously joking a bit. Kofuu, his haw perches in the top of the tree, peering keenly at the serpent as it approaches.

"And what's wrong with that?" Moe asks, looking back at Shinpuu while she waits for the snake to arrive. "That dark look in his eyes, always set on the future? It's what will help him assist the Kazekage in pushing this village forward into the future. I admire it… And I share it… And, no, I'm not from that clan." With that she'd look back ahead to see the giant snake finally making it to the oasis.

As it arrives, the snake would coil up and raise its head as it looks down at the woman. "Kuroki Moe?" it asks, looking down at her and waiting until she nods to confirm her identity. "Your efforts have been recognized and are appreciated by the clan… If you are prepared to accept, I have been authorized to make an offer to you on behalf of the of the clan."

Shinpuu grins a bit. "Eh… I don't mind pushing for the future… I mind pushing for the future when it's via stabbing with pitchforks and torches…" he says, scratching his cheek. As the snake speaks, he goes wide eyed or a moment, before shutting up for a minute, letting them converse, and steps a bit back against the tree.
Shinpuu and Kofuu exchange a brief glance, before Shinpuu focuses on the snake again for the time being.

Moe would cast a glance at Shinpuu again, seeming a touch amused by his student, then looks back up to the snake. "I'm more than happy to help," she says with a smile up at it, bowing in respect. "I only hope that we can work together further to help bring about your elders' desire for peace."

The snake seems to survey Moe's words for a bit, silent for several moments before it says, "That is what we hope for in making our offer to you, that this will foster not only peace between animal clans but also partnership with humankind." With that its neck would bugle for a moment before it spews out a scroll that unravels as it makes a circle around Moe for the moment so that the names on the scroll aren't visible to the one in the area who's not making a deal with the clan. "This is a contract of partnership and respect. By signing it, you agree to that and that you will always treat it as such." After a moment's pause, it'd say, "Kai," and the scroll's latching would release and allow it to unfurl itself in front of Moe. "If you agree, sign in blood and leave your handprint at the bottom."

Shinpuu blinked, and simply took a moment, stepping away from the pair letting the pair conduct their business in peace, simply finding a place to take a seat once it's pretty obvious that Moe's busy. Kofuu on the other hand, continues to eye the snake carefully.

Without hesitation, Moe would bite her finger then use it to write her name on the scroll in blood before spreading the blood over her entire hand to make a handprint at the bottom. Once that's done, she'd stand up, and the scroll would seem to roll itself back up before the snake reaches its head down to swallow it once more.
"It is done. Welcome, Kuroki Moe."
"It is an honor," Moe says with a bow, looking up to the snake again before it vanishes with a big puff of smoke. She'd pause a moment then grin widely for a bit before looking over at Shinpuu. "Well, looks like I've accomplished my reason for being out here. It was nice meeting you."

Shinpuu smiles, looking over at her for a moment. "Ah. Well… I apologize for intruding." he says with a small shrug, before walking over, finding his spot under the tree again, and relaxing, sighing softly. "Take care, Kuoroke-san. I hope to see you again, hopefully under different circumstances next time." he says, with a small smile.

"Think nothing of it," Moe says with a chuckle before turning to walk back toward the village. She then blinks and cuts a look back at him as she notes he called her Kuoroke rather than Kuroki. "Uh-huh. Planning on making it on my list, Hayato-san?" she asks sarcastically. "See you soon."

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