Monkey Escort


Abel, Daichi, Tsukiko, Nobu

Date: September 11, 2010


Monkey Village

"Monkey Escort"

Monkey Village Trail

At only two hours into the mission, and already the team has gone over every type of terrain one can imagine. They started out walking down the road, then suddenly turned into a forest, then came out of the forest into a wide open grassland, then onto another road. The road took them to a peat bog, and past the peat bog was a range of low mountains. Now the ninja have found themselves on a narrow mountain path, surrounded on either side by dense forest. A rather strange route for a team of ninja to take, maybe, but then again, they're being lead by a monkey.
"Shukyou-san," Nobu speaks up, after a long time of silence, "I don't mean to complain, but we've been travelling at top speed for a little over two hours. I can't make any sense of the path we're taking. Can you tell us how far along we are?"
Shukyou, a pure white spider monkey spins around and comes to a halt. "Patience, have," he answers, "Monkey place is close, oop!" He bobs his head up and down a few times. "Good place for ninja too! Learn monkey fighting secrets, oop!" He bobs his head again, then turns back around and starts up the path once more, waving the ninja in his direction. "Follow, follow, oop!" Nobu complies, heading on after him, glancing occasionally into the dense forest on either side of the path.

The walk was nothing for the young Uchiha as he walked he would often be seen flashing throught he hand seal for GTF but this time he was wearing weighted gloves. "Hey Nobu-senpi what are these gloves going to do once I take them off?" is asked as they walked he would glance back at Daichi. "Are you okay Daichi?" is asked from yesterday snap in the training grounds. "What aobut you Tsukiko?" the other spar that showed Abel how strong Tsukiko has become. "Well are you guys okay?" the uchiha was now doing the seals without looking at his hands.

Tsukiko traveled along with the group. She was watching the rapidly changing terrain, trying to decide if they were being affected by a genjutsu or using some kind of rapid travel jutsu that the monkey used. She situates her scroll pack a little better, turning her attention back to the party. She wonders about the gloves Abel is using, curious if they worked.
Daichi waves "Yeah I'm fine now." he takes a deep breath "Got it under control now." As he says that he would look back towards Nobu-sensei "So whats on the agenda?" Again Daichi forgot to read or listen to the briefing, that was gonna cost him, eventually. Never the less ignorance was blissful for Daichi as he continued along is high spirits.
"That's nice of you to offer," Nobu answers Shukyou's offer from before diplomatically, "But we've been ordered to head back to our village as soon as we can. Do you have anything that we can use to find out way back after we get there?"
"Monkeys give ninja friends special instructions back to Kono place, oop!" Shukyou answers, "But Monkey place is secret, so burn instructions when back in Kono place!"
"Alright then. Thank you," Nobu says. Then he turns back to look at Abel for a moment. "I don't know what will happen, exactly," he replies to Abel's question, "You're the one that came up with that idea, and I've never heard of anyone else using it. So you'll just have to see." Nobu is a professional, so while he's willing to answer the question, this isn't the time or place to get deep into a conversation. Instead, he just continues to search the area as the group walks along, watching and listening for anything suspicious along the length of the trail. "We're only escorting Shikyou-san back to the monkey village," he tells Daichi, "Once we've done that, all we do is go back to Konoha. There's not exactly an agenda."
Unfortunately, it seems that the group has chosen the wrong time to start talking. For hiding in the forest nearby are two thuggish types, looking for an easy ryo. "Oi, Chikushou," says the first, a large, burly man dressed in the grubby, dirty remains of a three piece suit, "See that? One of them talking monkeys from that monkey village. And he's only got one or two guys guardin' him. That looks… sorta like an opportunity, doesn't it?" He grins evilly.
"Yeah," answers Chikushou, a somewhat less burly man wearing rough-looking work clothes, "Sure does, Kichiku. All white too. Not many of those. Probably worth a good bit of money to the right buyer. What say you and I go take a closer look?" The two men need no more conversation to start planning things out. After years of ambushing innocent travellers together, they know exactly who does what. Already, they're creeping down to the path.

Abel hands would become tired due to the weight so he allowed them to drape as he walked. "But Nobu-sensi I wanna learn Monkey Fu!" Abel would then struggle to pick his arms up and do more signs as he walked.

Tsukiko stays near the back, of the group, dropping the occasionalbangled senbon along the route so she can watch their backs, but the speed they were moving made sending the senbon ahead pointless. She also had given each of the team members (and Shukyo) a mirrored bangle to wear. "is the terrain really this varied, or are we traveling some special path?"

Daichi eyes lighten up "Monkey fu? Sounds interesting." Daichi sighs and agrees with Tsu and Nobu. "Yeah, how long are we gonna have to walk?" Daichi asked. He would glance at Tsukiko as she was dropping the senbon, Daichi assumed she was losing them so he dropped back behind Tsu and began picking them up he smiled to himself "Tsu wouldn't want to lose these."

"Patience, have," Shukyou calls back over his shoulder as he hops along the ground, "Monkey place is close, oop! Ninjas not be so in a hurry, oop!"
Unaware of the approaching ruffians, the team continues on along the path. As they pass through an area of thicker shrubbery, however, Kichiku steps out onto the road in front of them. Shukyou and Nobu both stop immediately. "Hello, Mr. Monkey and ninjas!" Kichiku greets cheerfully and loudly, giving them a grin which reveals several missing teeth. "I'm going to ask you for a little favour. You see, I'd like to be rich, and maybe you can help me…" He menacingly eyes Shukyou, who takes a couple of wary steps back.
From the man's rough looks and and threatening manner, Nobu gets the feeling this isn't someone to be trusted. "Shukyou-san, please get behind me," he orders the monkey, then tells Kichiku, "We aren't here to help anyone get rich. Tell us what you want, and we'll consider it, but if what you say doesn't satisfy us, then we'll have to ask you to leave us alone."
Kichiku's grin doesn't falter. "My, my. Are you ninja always so distrustful? All I'm asking for is a little help. I just need you to—" He cuts himself off, then a split-second later, Chikushou comes dashing out from the trees a ways behind the group, holding some kind of pipe with a little flame at one end and a bag at the other. He points the pipe at the ninja team, then squeezes the bag. Some kind of liquid squirts out of the pipe, then ignites from the flame and sprays at the ninja! It looks like this is some kind of crude flame thrower.
After taking the hit Abel would flip back land and smirk. As he reached for his kunai he notice his hands are moving to slow to do much of anything so Abel would move in to attack. Abel would attack after flashing threw some seal but this was a smaller flame then normal. "Tsk…what's going on?" is asked.

Tsukiko didn't see the second attacker until it was too late. But her reactions and seals were still fast enough. The flame hits only a clone image of the girl. Tsukiko steps out from the foliage and launches a small glitter bomb towards the one with the fire making device.. but misses badly.

"What?" Daichi says before dodging the fire with great speed. He looked back to sensei Nobu and the client. He felt Tsu and Abel could handle the man with the flame thrower. He turned his attention to the other man. He took the senbon he picked up and tossed them at other man. Daichi moved next to Shukyou-san to defend him. "Don't worry, I can take this guy. Just stay close to me or Nobu ok Shukyou-san?" Daichi stated as he glared at Kichiku.

Chikushou ducks under Abel's flame and smirks. "That all you got, kid?" he taunts, then simply smacks the glitter bomb away before it explodes. "C'mon!" he cackles, "You're not even real ninja, are ya?" The flamethrower is apparently a one-shot thing, and the bandit simply hurls it at Abel, then charges at Tsukiko, pulling a rusty, old fruit knife out of a pocket and taking a couple of wild swipes at her.
On the other side of the fight Kichiku simply steps out of the way of Daichi's senbon, and joins in on the taunting. "Nah, they're not ninja, Chiku… just of bunch of dumb kids playing with their pet monkey!" Nobu pushes Shukyou to the ground in time to prevent any injury to the monkey, but only manages to narrowly avoid the jet of flame himself. Or the bulk of it at least. A few small drops of flaming liquid fall onto his shoulder and he is forced to stop and rub dirt onto his clothes so that they don't catch on fire. Thanks to this quick action, he manages to get away with only small burns. Seeing that his team has been unable to damage either bandit so far, he quickly grabs several senbon from his belt and fires them all at Kichiku, loading and shooting them all in only a second or so.
As for Shukyou, he decides that this isn't his fight and scampers up a nearby tree, climbing straight to the top, squealing all the way. This proves to be a pretty good idea, as Kichiku goes on the offensive now, pulling a lead pipe out from his jacket and swinging it at Daichi, then Nobu.

Taking another hit Abel was so pissed now that he flciked the gloved off and took in a deep breath. "I'll teach you both not to piss and Uchiha off!" Abel started to build the chakra up to his cheeks. "Fire Stylel: GREAT FIREBALL JUTSU!" as the fireball would fly it would cover everyone else attacks.

Tsukiko appears to take two slashes from the clumsy attacks, but it wasn't her. it was a replacement technique. A log took her place… a log with a piece of paper stuck to it…. *BOOM* The tag explodes, injuring Tsukiko's attacker as she erappears in the forest line. She takes a moment to concentrate her chakra , while the bandit is confused.

As the man swings the pole Daichi tries to block with is katana but is hit as it parries his blade. "Not bad hehe, but don't bad mouth us, it will only make you look worse getting beat by a bunch of kids." Daichi vanished and attacked the man with a quick efficient stab. Nice, clean and quick just like Hiro taught him…sort of. He takes a moment to charge some chakra after attacking.

Chikushou growls a little as he sees that Tsukiko has replaced herself with the log, but he turns in time to see the flamethrower whack Abel, something he finds rather amusing. "Ha ha haaaaaaa…!" he laughs, "You kids are really too mu— " The rest of what he says is drowned out by the roar of the log's explosion, which catches him very much off guard. And he's left completely open for Abel's fireball as well. When the smoke and debris clear, he's got singed hair and burns all over. "You kids are really too much," he says again, much more darkly. He roars and charges at Abel, aiming a strong, beefy fist for the boy's midsection, then charges onward and throws himself at Daichi.
Two of Nobu's senbon hit Kichiku in the leg. "Gah!" His swing at Nobu goes wild, leaving him wide open to Daichi's sword strikes. "All because I wanted a dumb monkey," he growls. He throws the pipe at Tsukiko, then tries to tackle Nobu, who is already after Chikushou, raising a kunai above his head and swinging it down at him.
Abel damn legs and hands wasn't fast enough again as he is hit again as he falls back and lose his breath."Man that hurt like hell!" this time his furry would rise. "I'll burn them alive!" is said as he flashed through more hand signs and this time his cheeks started to glow. "FIRE STYLE: GREAT FIREBALL JUTSU!'

Tsukiko was too busy watching the other target, stepping towards him before she saw the pipe flying at her. She draws a mirror out to defend, but the pipe impacts before she can form her seals, letting the mirror shatter. Tsukiko holds two large shards still and charges them with chakra, returning the attack to Kichiku.

Narrowly dodging the attack Daichi decides play time is over. After the brute lunged at him Daichi would finish him off with a punch. The punch was infused with chakra and damage the organs on contact. "Had enough of this." Daichi then backed up Nobu who was being attacked from behind by the other one. "No you don't." Daichi says as he attacked with that speeding sword strike again.

Having thrown himself at Daichi and missed, Chikushou leaves a great big opening in his defenses, allowing Nobu to sink the kunai right into his shoulder. Nobu doesn't manage to kill him, but the wound is deep and bloody. As if that wasn't enough punishment, Abel's fireball hits again, bringing his temperature up from rare to medium. Once the fire has dispersed, Daichi's strong punch lands, knocking Chikushou out finally.
Faster than the blink of an eye, Nobu jumps out of the way of Kichiku's attack. Kichiku stumbles, but manages to duck under the first mirror shard from Tsukiko. He's not quite so lucky with the second, which cuts into his clothes, giving him a nice long gash on the shin. He's taken a few hits, but he's still taken much less punishment than Chikushou, so he's still got some fight left in him. He runs over to the side of the path and picks up a log. It's small, but still fairly long, and has a pretty good reach. He aims a single mighty swing at all four ninja. While he's doing all this, however, Nobu has made a few seals and drawn some air into his mouth, preparing a justu of some kind.
Abel was done playing games with them and that was shown once the fire clone was made and the real Abel would be back pulling kunai out making sure to take aim he would throw two of them bur finish with the big one a fumma shuriken. Abel would land and watched as they moved.

Tsukiko raises her mirror up to block with, the log bounces off as if it had hit a stone wall. She drops the mirror afterwards and gathers wind chakra, launching it towards Kichiku. The miniature wind storm streaks accross the battlefield, gathering glass shards and glitter pieces and any other debris it can pick up before striking the bandit, delivering what looks like a hundred tiny cuts, shredding clothes and slashing exposed skin. The charged senbon that streaks afterwards, misses, burying itself into a tree.

Trying to deflect the log, Daichi is too slow and is smacked by it. "Damn, still need more training." Charging in under and around the other attacks Daichi tries to lay a good firm punch into the solarplex of the man. Daichi smiles as it was of the soulstrike technique, should it hit the amount of damage would be heavy. Daichi then would hop back and get into formation with the others.

Ducking under the log. Nobu exhales sharply, firing a rock-hard pellet of wind into Kichiku from his mouth. Then Abel's fuuma shuriken hits, then Tsukiko's glitter storm, and finally Daichi's strong punch. Hit by a full barrage of ninja techniques, Kichiku is down for the count. He groans in pain and drops the log, then flops over onto the ground. There are a few seconds of silence.
"Is everyone all right?" Nobu asks, looking around at his team members to check for casualties. Once he's determined they're okay, he carefully inspects the surrounding forest for more bandits, then calls up into the treetops. "Shukyou-san, you can come out now."
The monkey hops down from the tree. "Good fighting! Very strong ninja, oop!" He's already hopping down the path once more.
"Hold on, Shukyou-san," Nobu says, "We need to restrain these two. We'll take them to the monkey village with us. Daichi-san, help me with the one in the suit. Tsukiko-san, Abel-san, get the other one for us. Be careful, just in case they wake up."
Since Abel kept Uchiha steel wire in his pouch he thought it best to use it. Wrapping the bad guy up was nothing he would have done it all by himself so he did. "Hey Tsukio put a seal on this guy like an explosive tag to make sure he don't get away." Abel would yawn as he placed his weighted gloves back on his hand. "Ready to move on when you guys are." is said as he tapped his foot on the ground.

Tsukiko helps pin the guy while Abel ties him up. She smirks, "I was going to already" She applies an explosive tag to his forehead, making sure he can see the tag, but not much else. I can't believe i was clumsy enough to get hit. Midoru will bawl me out for sure when we get home."

"Sure." Daichi says to Shukyou, assisting him with the restraining of the man. "Whoo. Showed them didn't we?" Daichi looks at Ts. "ehhh" the explosive tag seemed a bit much. Since when did Tsu become so vicious? She's like Moriko….Moriko. Daichi shutters "Once she hears about this she'll want to train the life out of me." Daichi becomes dismal. "My luck sucks…"

With the Monkey Village close by, the ninja don't have to haul Chikushou and Kichiku very far. Once they're in the village, the two bandits are hauled off to jail (or the monkey equivalent), and Shukyou gives the ninja their payment. Despite what he said earlier, Nobu agrees to let the group hang out in the village for a bit. Not long, but the team gets couple hours of rest and the opportunity to try some tasty monkey food (a style of cuisine that involves the use of many, many bananas). After that, though, it's back to Konoha, where the debriefing awaits.

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