Monsters in the Mist


Kibushi, Kodoku

Date: December 23, 2011


Kodoku and Kibushi meet and clash in the mist.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Monsters in the Mist"

Cold Springs

The hours of daylight had dwindled to there last few remaining moments before darkness claimed the land. Crimson and orange light bathed the springs giving the place a haunting glow that would unsettle some. It was here that Kodoku stood. His pale and thin frame bobbed gently atop the shifting waters of the pool beneath him. Eyes the color of fresh blood peered out into the seeming emptiness as if awaiting the arrival of something or someone.

An object would suddenly sail from over the cliff side that acted as the natural wall and barrier to this area. Slowly rotating along its cylindrical axis as it arched high above the poles withi nthe cold springs. At the precipace, a slight chiming mixed with a definitive thunk would be heard as sword tip met petrified wood and was driven forward by a man of a particular stature. Lips curled back ina vicious snarl as suddenly the log as well as the person would streak down fro mthe height and seem to crash with great impact down in to the dirt, kicking up the loose material and rocks whle leaning heavily upon the log by the hilt of his blade. Retracting the tip that could barely penetrate the surface of this ancient log made nearly of stone, Kibushi would roll his shoulders slightly, glancing back behind him to the person who stood upno the water.

Kodoku wild let his thin lips curl upwards into an almost smirk at the sight of Kibushi. Obviously a much more savage man, and an impressive specimine at that. Dangerous eyes would survey Kibushi's form and figure as the being turned to face him. He intentionally made his gaze appreciative, but whether it was the display or Kibushi's form was anyone's question.

A dark voice warped by almost constantly shifting negative emotions came from those cruel lips. "Greetings…You know that you can get more blood from a man than you can a rock…that is if you can cut him. Can you cut man as well?'

"Those who cannot make the very rocks bleed are untrained in the ways of war." Kibushi would state in his cool tone simply as he would punt the weight of the petrified log away from him and resheath his blade. His answer was beyond direct of course, moving past the intent and straight to the core of his beliefs. "What would you know about it?" Kibushi would turn to face whom ever this was and his strange glances and intent filled voice.

Kodoku's eyes would flash for a moment as he continued to look at Kibushi. His chakra levels begining to rise with a controld excitement. His warped voice continuing to press from between cruel lips. "I know little of making a man bleed… Though I do know much of how to make a man scream." A single eyebrow would raise as Kodoku let an alabaster hand move from his side to point a crimson nail at Kibushi. "You seem the type to know all about screams…have you had any good ones lately?"

"Somehow, I do not doubt your… facination with inducing male orations at high decibles." the cool and calm voice of Kibushi would reply as he noted Kodoku's continued interest in him at this time. He could only guess as to how he would achieve this without blood, but it did seem to be of great interest to this person regardless of orthodox capability. "I do not allow people to scream most of the time. It is a waste of time." he would answer the question given to him, though likely not i tnhe way it was intended to be, or fro mthe proper perspective.

Kodoku only let out a small chuckle at Kibushi's words. "Come now…it doesn't have to be just men. Women, the elderly, animals, and especially children…oh how wonderful their screams can be. Surely you can afford to waste some time with me. Can't you? Or are you too busy for a good time?" His hand retracting slowly to gently trail his nails down his arms as he continued to look at Kibushi. A hunger growing in his eyes as he awaited his answer.

"I can see that you are not very particular… or are at the very least boastful." Kibushi would reply to the claims of being an equal opportunity provider of uncontrolled vocalizations. "What ever the case may be, I do not understand what it is you expect from me. I assure you that I will not scream, nor do i have any particular interest in causing you to. Without that understanding, I do not know what you intent to happen."

Kodoku let his smirk turn into a smile. His chakra levels sky rocketing as the water around him was pushed back into less than gentle ripples. His eyes focusing intently on Kibushi. "I, Kodoku, do not believe that you are incapable of screaming under my actions. If you have the ****, then lets find out shall we." His pale hands moved from holding his arms to rest infront of him coiled almost like claws.

"Ah…" Kibushi would state as the water would react to him and the air itself smelled of the internal power of another. "…that I understand clearly." Kibushi would nod to the rest, that was all that he need to know. A half step would be made towards the man who seemed sure of himself as a shuriken was thrown almost lazily only to be followed in trajectory and speed by Kibushi's own form as his blade was unsheathed in a rolling arc as a losw sweeping slash opposite of the shuriken itself. His body continues to rotate around viciously as a hooknig kick sailed through the air towards the man as well.

Kodoku's hands moved to create the basic seal to replace himself as each attack came at him. The shuriken sliced his shoulder. The blade cut his thigh. Finally, Kibushi's kick sent his body sprawling across the water. All the while a soft chuckle escaped his lips. "Been a while since someone made me bleed…" Casually, Kodoku would pick himself back up to his standing height. "Not a bad start…not bad at all." As he spoke Kodoku would attempt to work his own chakra to gain a hold of Kibushi's chakra system. If it succeeded then the fight could really begin.

"Is that not what I promised? It seems that you doubted me… just as I doubt you." Kibushi would mention as he walked over towards the man's body. "I find your movements strange… what are you waiting for?" Kibushi would state as he glanced hard at the man, though had no intention of relenting at this point. It seemed that he needed motivation, and Kibusih would eagerly provide it sooner than later. "Ah… you need to know what you face? One of those that cannto be inspired without being drawn in? I see… very well." Kibusih would state as he would slash out to his side for a moment, holding the sword out at arms length. The water he stood upon would blast back from the pushing off of his powerful legs as he would move to clench the man by the throat harshly. SImultaneously, his blade would come from the outside in, nearly wraping around hi mbefore attempting to impale him from behind and cut in to him further after if he succeeded.

Should the grip also succed, Kibushi would launch them both in to the air, kick off of one of the many poles withi nthe cold springs in a back flips, and drive the man's body in to the groudn with his own weight and momentum, sliding atop it as he would skid to a stop due to pure friction.

Kodoku managed to replace himself in time for Kibushi to grab a hold of a nearby log, but he was not far enough away before the blade came in to avoid it all. A deep gash bled from his ribs as the smile on his face refused to fade. Instead it seemed to intensify with the pain that he fel and the wounds he suffered. A bloody hand moving in front of him as he licked a trail of the fresh liquid from his hand. "Savage…I like it."

His other hand moving to throw two kunai at Kibushi as he tried again to probe into Kibushi's mind and establish his control.

Flicking his wrist, Kibushi would loose a kunai to intercetpt one of the blades sent at him, and rotate his sword to bat away the other as he glanced at Kodoku. He was up to something… or he was completely full of himself. This made no sense to Kibushi aside from those two possabilities. The fact that he had evaded something was enough for kibushi to know that he was capable of it… but that was about all. "Hm…" Kibushi would state as he'd now seem to be less than engaged. Twirling on one foot, he would send a series of shuriken in one rotation, shifting it tohe opposite way immediately to send several move from both hands at Kodoku as his sword was resheathed in the process of the movements with great ease.

Kodoku would seem to just stand there as the blade impaled his flesh and drove him to the ground in a bloody mess. Failed dodged lead the way to the water. A grin grew across his face as the shurriken seemed to wiggle and push out of his flesh to sink in the water. His wounds healing before Kibushi's eyes as he rose.

Kodoku's voice would call out from several feet away. "Now that I am prepared, your blades will no longer harm me. Though I do wonder if your flesh is as hardened as it seems, or if perhaps there is more alive under there than meets my eye?"

With that Kodoku would finish the seal and send the sensation of dozens of centipedes crawling under Kibushi's flesh before allowing them to burst free before his eyes. "My pets are hungry today it seems. Shame you got so close to me at the start of things." Another seal and the efforts would be redoubled to show more vermin attempting to devour Kibushi from the inside.

Laying witness to his strikes landing, Kibushi assumed that this was the end of the conflict. Thoroughly disappointing, absolutely a waste of time. He would watch however as the body of the man would… 'reject' his weapons and he would seem to be fine. However… he continued to have his cuts and scuffs fro mthe former attacks. This made no sense… why was he now immune to the attacks? Obviously something was not right here. And then there was his mention of being 'prepared' now. Kibushi furrowed his brow slightly. Things were nto as they appeared. As he was suddenly infested with insects ,he would react jsut as one mgiht assume, scratching at first before seeing them beneath his skin and being taken aback. he would try to remove them from his flesh by scratching, wriggling, and swpieing at them to no real avail as they burst from his skin. His teeth were bared and he was trying his best to rid himself of them entirely. Snarling at the assault, wasting much energy and feeling as if far more was happening to hi mthan what was. The pain felt real, but the damage… it did nto last aside fro mhis own nails scratching his own skin.

There were too many holes to deny that it was a trick. And as the swarm continued, Kibushi tried to focus his mind against it, but he could not easily discern illusion fro mreality. His senses were his guide in al lthings, and they were being used against him directly. Seeing beyond his senses was like forgetting his entire life's experience. As Kibushi took a knee, he would growl lowly. "I understand…" he would say as his growl continued and he eyes gazed sharply at the man. "I shall have to drag you back in to my realm of existence then." he stated as he leapt at Kodoku, padding along rapdidly as he hit the ground nearly on all fours as his body would begin to before rapid twisting cuts from multiple angles shortly before trying to grasp the man once more and feel his form for himself as he would use it to tear a new path through the area with it.

Again Kodoku's body was shredded by the blades of Kibushi before it was drug around the arena like a rag doll. The body healing its wounds before fading to show Kodoku standing a distance behind Kibushi with a smug smirk on his face. "Have you figured out what I am yet? I am beyond your grasp right now."

With a quick seal his bloody arm would begin to wrap itself in the dark liquid before becoming black as midnight and tinged with a bloody outline. It quickly began to morph into a giant ragged shape almost amorphos in appearance before eyes as bloody as Kodoku's began to appear within it. Over a dozen pairs began to focus at Kibushi. The red outlines of maws appeared as teeth began to gnash and rage. Then in an instant the heads of three hounds shot out from the mass connected back to Kodoku on strands of darkness. Their teeth bared and gnashing for a taste of Kibbles and Bits.

Watching the demonic mass grow as the man would speak of his superiority, Kibushi paid close attention to what was happening. It was a horrible creature, that was to be certain… however creatures did not actualyl cause Kibushi any fear. The fear induced by the genjutsu was more akin to heightened wariness than it was truly unthinkable horror. What ever this man was, he was not a beast… he simply appeared as one. The same cuts that he had made prior to his invulnerability remained, he had not masked them, perhaps he was incapable of it. This meant he was vulnerable.. this meant that… and then they would come. Kibushi would out pace the chomping jaws and gnashing teeth, staring at the eyes for a mometn as they seemed to follow him, unflenchingly. However, no matter how well he evaded, they would seem to catch him. They would seem to be able to get to him regardless of superior ability. And then he would be bitten and eaten at, feeling the pai nas he snarled and growled out horribly. Hid midn tried to fight to know avail, and the ripping of his own fingers and bitting of his own lip did not cease any of this as he struggled. And yet, despite how worn out he felt… he was still only harming himself. Other wise, he would be dead by now, or severely injured. "Yes…" he would pant. "…I know what you are."

But that didn't help him very much. How was he to combat something that he could not simply fight? And more importantly, how could he get to the source that he could in fact fight? Roaring slightly, as if in frustration, and perhaps to the chagrin of his tormentor who may take it as a scream of frustration, Kibushi would slam his foot into the softened ground of his earlier training with the petrified log. The groudn shattered and the dirt flew in to a plume i nthe air as Kibushi himself would move to mask his presence entirely. He would attempt to see if this 'demon' had powers on that which he could not precieve himself.

The frustration of Kibushi only made Kodoku's smile grow. The look in his eyes was unmistakably predatory now. He knew he had Kibushi where he wanted him now. The futile running and dodging of it all. The clawing and beating. The frustration and hightened reactions. It was like watching a wild beast fight for its life against something it didn't know how to wound. The cloud of dirt and dust caught his eye for a moment as he had to stop and scan. This was annoying him.

His head turned and let his blood thirsty eyes scrutinize the area for a painful moment. This man could hide. Then he caught a glimpse of what was Kibushi. He barely noticed it, but still he had to draw the man out to be certain.

"Hiding from me already stranger? You fight like a beast, and know the love of blood as fine as one of my own. Do not tell me that a creature such as you has had enough already? Are you going to run and hide like a waste of life and a piece of filth…or are you going to get a hold of yourself and fight?! Come on now, repair your wounds…gather your demons, and charge! This night has only just begun let us have some fun!"

No insects, no demons, just a man. A wounded man with chakra enough to saturate the air. It was dwindling however. He has used much of it in pursuing his quarry. Kibushi himself would grin slightly as he cling along the back of a pole with one hand and one foot. He had a limit to range… no… he had a limit to perception. It was ironic… that as he manipulated perception, he was also limited by his own. Very interesting. Dragging a kunai against his flesh for a moment, he would allow his blood to lightly drip in to the waters below him as well as slightly coat the blade itself. He then would laucnh the blade at his opponent as he'd drop down from his several feet above the water. As the bloodied kunai would sail towards Kodoku, Kibushi would land on the water, using his water walking skilled to created a non static surface as the rest of the water gave into his weight momentarily. Timing it just right, he would spring from the waters surface as the water rolled back in on itself much like a trampoline, twisting through the air as he spiraled, blade first, towards his opponent. Catching himself on one hand, he would rotate his lower body viciously in to a spinning series of kicking before curling down in to a ball that sprung forward after Kodoku would a passing swipe of his blade. "It doesn't matter if you can't die, I'll still kill you." he would say as he flew through the air, grinning at the possabilities of an invicible rival.

Kodoku smirked as the kunai flung and nailed him between the eyes. His body already starting to fall backwards as Kibushi slammed into him and sent him recoiling before the blade would slice across his chest. The body resting atop the water despite no ripples eminating from it as the kunai would wriggle out and fall before the skin that was sliced would heal again and he would vanish.

The real Kodoku standing atop the water not far from where the body landed. His eyes looking to Kibushi as he licked some more of his now drying blood from his hand. "Come now…killing me. No beast can kill me. Only man can slay a monster after all." With that he would fall silent and let another houndish figure form from his shoulder. Its snapping maw growling something that Kodoku would seem to understand and then nod. The beast would lunge from him and make a straight path for Kibushi's face. With a few short seals Kodoku would focus and smirk as more of his precious vermin would wriggle under Kibushi's flesh. This time fire ants. A burning sting should do nicely to finish this.

Kibushi's movements would dance around the grotesque beast that assaulted him, sneering at it as he would stay just out of reach of the effects. He could not avoid it entirely, but by doing so, his own mind began to refuse to beleive in the fact that the jutsu was actually working against him, that his body was actually being gnawed upon by a shadowy, demonic beast. Opennig his own jaws wide, he would chomp down on the barely coporeal, entirely imaginary beast, digging in to his own arm in defiance. The sharp pain began to focus his eyes, but only momentarily. This man still had control over his senses with as much ability as he could muster. "If a beast cannot slay you, then I shall have to devour your bones for all eternity to keep you tame." Kibushi would say with a vicious glare at the man. At this point, fire ants would ravage his body, the familiar sting was amplified i nhis mind ,twisted by this man's control over what Kibushi could currently feel as he hunched over slightly with his eyes closed tightly and his fangs gritting harshly, his lips pulled back. Snarling out ,he would kick a chunk of the rock he had shattered under foot at Kodoku, following behind it would a heavy fist that would impact with it just after it would hit Kodoku or other wise, attempting to amplify it's own impact and drive through it with his own powerful swing. He would continue the entire movemetn as his body flipped forward in to a sharp axe kick, not wasting any of the built up energy he had accumulated through his movements.

Kodoku's smirk widened as he watched Kibushi struggle and fight against his illusionary pet so fiercely. "Come now I doubt I taste very good. You should not set such ambitious goals for yourself. They will only lead you to failure and dissapoint me, just as you are disappointing me right…" Then comes a trail off as the stone hits him square in the face. His illusions warping so Kibushi's follow through strikes go the same as before. The illusion suffering them and healing.

Though the real Kodoku is picking himself up and bleading from the skull as he glares at Kibushi. Real blood this time. It is obvious he was hurt and not prepared for it. A snarl passed through his lips as he stared katanas through Kibushi.

As he rose his voice became truly dark and his hands flung the fresh blood into the water between himself and Kibushi. His hands touched in a seal and began to flow slowly as he stared the man down. "You **** mutt. Is that the best you can do. You want a bone to gnaw on well go chew yourself somemore. Pathetic tricks will get you no closer to victory, and luck only serves to **** me off. Go leave a puddle at your Master's feet dog!"

With that his body would seem to melt into a puddle his clothing resting in the black ichor that once was him. Then his smile would appear within it. "You can see my true form before tasting defeat…Hahahahah!" His pool began to wriggle and writhe as it grew tallers as if a living shadow collapsing in on itself over and over again before crimson slits began to open within it. They would all open and focus on Kibushi. Hundreds of eyes and his cruel mouth before his head would emerge. Then came the teeth. Those hounds of hell snapping and snarling as the form became humanoid. It was unmistakably Kodoku just about 30ft tall and his arms were two hounds lunging out for Kibushi.

Truly a nightmare was emerging in front of Kibushi as he was able to land on of his blows truly against the illusionist. Any doubt he may have had was entirely based on nto having hit him since. It was clear as day now… at least that he was a man, and not truly a monster. Not yet any how. As he began to twist and morph and become something truly inhuman, Kibushi would indeed see his true form, to at least, the manifestation of his true mind. His fangs dug into his lip, not out of training, but simply out of witnessing such a glorious beast. It was hard to say if he was truly afraid, or simply in awe at the way this man saw himself. A true demon, even if in a world of illussion… the only place Kibushi had never even considered combating and taming a beast before. Kibushi raised his arm as the dog chomped down on it, cackling at the man loudly as he stared up at his gargantuan form. "Fantastic! THAT is worth my time!" he woudl grin viciously, widely, absolutely delighted as his arm felt as if it was about to be torn off from his body. As the other snarling hound of an arm would come at him, he would ripe his arm clean off to avoid it! Roaring out at his opponent in sheer determination and dominance as his arm would reveal tiself to be fine after a mere moment as he evaded the attack within his mind. "Come and take us…. we mock your anger…. we laugh at your power….. WE FEAR NOT DEATH!" Kibushi would recite the words of a war song long forgotten by civilization even amongst the kaguya.

His recently reattached arm woudl grasp his sword as he'd charge forward, grinning wildly as she'd swipe his blade at Kodoku without apprehension. "Demon or god… you will not define how i live nor how I die. Prepare to be dog ****!" he woudl state as he would relentlessly slash and stab and cleave at the mass before him, trying to cut away to the core and slay the true enemy.

Kibushi's renewed excitement brought a smirk to Kodoku. This man was now enjoying this fight. It would seem that Kodoku had awakened something in him that perhaps he hadn't seen in a long time. Kodoku felt it was his lucky day for fighting a man like this. They came about only once a generation.

"Dog ****? I believe you are the one who will become dog **** before this is through. What is your name beast?"

Kodoku would stand back as he watched Kibushi swing his sword with a savagery and vigor he had never seen before in his years. This man truly would not stop unless Kodoku managed to exhaust him completely. Something even he was begining to doubt he had the strength left to do. But the man's vigor was contagious. Kodoku couldn't see himself backing down until one of them could not move any more.

With a deep breath he focused again and let native creatures flood his mind as he tried to implant the image of countless spiders pouring out of all of his orifices and biting into him. With a smirk he would make one more hound head to lunge out and try to devour Kibushi and end this.

Clawing into his flesh, he would remove the parasites from him as he foudn thme, but he would nto be able to sto ptheir attack, nto be able to stop them from getting to him and making him shake and itch and squirm. He growled out harshly as he would pay attetnion to the next attack coming, and immediatel flip and twist out of the way, bounding off of the surrounding area and roaring out as he evaded the twists and turns of the beast that pursued him. "I am Kaguya Kibushi! My dominance can't be denied!" he would state with the pride of his generations behind him as he sailed through the air towards Kodoku. Kibushi would attempt to send both of his feet down at the man, as well as his sword and another arm looking to ram it's white knuckled fist at him. An all out attack from the Rabid Dog of Kirigakure.

Kodoku was kept moving just by this man's shared vigor. His body ached, his chakra was running out, and his stamina was begining to waver. Just like his opponent though, he would not allow himself to falter here. He would not give up or in. This was to the end and that end was one of htem face down in the dirt unable to move.

The blender that was Kibushi met his illusionary form again as he looked to the man and snarled. "Kaguya…Kibushi. I will remember that name. The first to be swallowed by my demons." He made the seals and began to focus as his second wind took over him and brought him back into a fighting condition. It wouldn't last long, but he could finish this if he had to.

It was true that Kibushi could feel his own muscles burning from exhaustion, but a warrior did not simply fall over destroyed due to being winded. No… he would face this trial like all others. He would win orhe would lose, but there would be no question as to which occured. This man was able to use his chakra very efficiently it seemed. Even when he barely had any left, he could use it to hisadvantage. That was not something Kibushi had anticipated. Out lasting him was a dimmer and dimmer possability now. Hitting him was unlikely as well, so breaking him was a small possability in the end as well. Smirking however, Kibushi would stand tall, showing little weakness. "You will not succeed in making me to your power. But you may defeat me in the end. Tell me who it is I seek to destroy so that he may be remembered." Even though he had asked, Kibushi did not waver from assaulting the …entity. He would fly back in to battle, attacking with kicks, punches, slashes, and tools as he twisted, flipped, cartwheeled, and danced around his opponent and the large mass that made him up.

As Kibushi destroyed another illusionary him a smirk rose on Kodoku's face. "I am Gansao Kodoku…The Forsaker." His chakra was begining to fade he only had a few moments left of this at best. He gathered it slowly as he focused. He would first try to make Kibushi envision horse flies buzzing in his throat. Then refocus his efforts to allow the himself a chance to make Kibushi live through having magots eat away at the wounds he had created for himself. If this didn't finish the Kaguya he didn't know what would.

The final assault on Kibushi was able to push him past the brink. He was unable to do anything at all about the insects that would come from his skin even if it was i nhis mind. His ability to dismiss aparitions was rather poor, while his abiltiy to face them head on was more thn adequate. But that particular jutsu would bypass all of his defenses, and even as he tried to pluck maggots and spit out flies, he would eventually fall to his knees and then to the ground itself, literally having nothing left to give aside from the sheer aura and presence he had built up throughout the fight. The energy was unusuable to the Kaguya at this time however. Something he had no ability to tap in two quite yet, and thus, he was in that sense completely spent of energy. No words, barely any breathing, Kibushi was unable to continue, lift a finger, or remain concious what so ever.

Kodoku stood breathing heavy. He was so exhausted even his hair felt heavy at this point. He let his chakra fade back as he looked to the man unconscious before him. With a deep breath he let his smile grow wide for a moment as he approached him. Both needed medical attention, and Kibushi fought hard enough to earn it. With effort Kodoku would drop low to scoop up the man and sling an arm over his shoulder as he limped and dragged Kibushi with him to the hospital.

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