Movements toward Balance...


Taiki (emitter)

Date: February 20, 2013


None given.

"Movements toward Balance…"

Unknown location

Two dark figures stand alone in a room. The walls are roughly carved,
indicating they are in a cave. The only light present comes from candles
situated about the room, casting flickering shadows in various irections.
This room is simple, unadorned, and bare save for a painted representation
of the group's symbol along the back wall. The room itself doesn't appear
to have an exit so that if one did not know how to open the only entrance,
there would be no way to escape short of bringing the ceiling down around
them. All of this gives the room a rather dark and isolated feel that
would drive normal men into spasms of claustrophobia.

Strangely enough, neither occupant of the room appears to be bothered by
their surroundings. While one appears tense, and somewhat nervous, the
other presence appears totally calm, but half-made of the shadows that
surround him. The occupants are silent, but the fluctuations in the body
tenseness of one of them would indicate they are somehow communicating.
Finally a voice, a deeply basal sounding half-whisper breaks the silence.
"It is good to know one of our plans seems to be occuring on schedule.
Though the disappearance is notable."

The figure not in the shadows doesn't show an outward reaction, though he
is inwardly nervous. When the leader found something notable, it usually
meant "disastrous." The shadowed man had a formidable temper, and demanded
utmost loyalty and respect from those underneath of him, even if they
didn't know they were underneath of him. The Recluse was his creation, his
desire made real. They were the agents of balance, charged with keeping
anyone from gaining too much power. The horror of wars past proved what
happens when one's ambition for power is blind, and he was well aware the
shadowed man would kill anyone, including him, to prevent it. "We are
still looking," the visible man replied. "The subject is still… hard to

"No excuses Yoshihisa," the shadowy figure whispered, his voice not
changing at all. "Find the target before the thorn does. Need I remind you
of what will happen if the thorn learns of our plans before we are ready?"
The room shook momentarily, belying the actual feelings of the man in the
shadows. The entire room was his to command, both because of the seals set
up here and the man's other powers. Here the shadowy figure might as well
have been Kami herself, for all the good any outside influence would do.

The man named Yoshihisa swallowed. Anyone else getting an invitation to
this room would not normally leave it alive. In this room Uzumaki Hironobu
was the beginning and end of all existence. The alpha and the omega. He
controlled everything, and not even Yoshihisa himself could hope to do
anything in here that this man did not want to happen. It was a good
thing, he mused, that he was so loyal to his leader. Otherwise something
worse than death would have happened long ago. "The thorn needs to be kept
busy Ichi-sama. Perhaps it is time to start the next operation? This would
keep the thorn busy, and allow us more time to find the unnamed one. Not
to mention it would allow us more freedom for our other plans."

Hironobu remained silent for a few moments before saying, "A final
warning first, I believe. And I have just the idea…" His tone finally
changed to one of pleasure. He outlined his plan to Yoshihisa, then
chuckled. It was good that his puppet shivered at Hironobu's laugh, for it
meant he still commanded respect. 'Soon, Inuzuka Taiki… Very soon…'

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