Movie Trailer - Can't Sleep



Date: May 18, 2013


None given.

"Movie Trailer - Can't Sleep"

Unknown location

Sweat drips from his brow..

Dozens of images of a gruesome death scene of a girl with a stab wound
through her abdomen..

He fights sleep every night, trying not to have nightmares about her,
images flash through Ogosokamaru's mind of his lost fiance.

As his eyes slowly close..

…a pale.. black-eyed face with no body, and hair damp with blood fades
in just over his body.. mouth opens to reveal hundreds of tiny swords for
teeth.. many chipped, some broken… all bloody… her face lowers to his
neck, a whisper of his name..

"Ogosokamaru… join me…"

Her mouth opens unnaturally wide, honing in on his neck-

His eyes flash open, he sits up violently, only to look around and see wet
footprints coming over towards his bedroll on the floor in the dim light
of a flash of lightning, and next to his bedroll, wet circles where knees
were just moments ago…

He stares at the footprints for just a moment… a single drop of blood
falls onto his forehead….

He looks up-

Can't Sleep
Coming this November to Kumogakure theatres… and one Kumogakure house, a
little closer to bedtime than you would ever want.

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