Movie Trailer - The Recluse Wars



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"Movie Trailer - The Recluse Wars"

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The following trailer is rated for the RP Challenge: NMR: The Movie
Trailer. The movie as been rated MUSH for action, vulgarity, and sexual
suggestion. Reader caution advised.


  • The sound of heavy, labored breathing can be heard in the background. A

single drop of red fluid falls from top screen to bottom:


  • More heavy breathing, this time belonging to three separate people. The

picture of a clawed hand appears, trails of blood running down to the tips
of the claws and pooling there. Then, as if in slow motion, one drop of
blood falls from top to bottom:


Female voice 1: "Taiki… Do you need healing?"

Brash Male Voice: "Yeah, you need to rest a little…"

Hoarse male voice: "No… I need justice!"

  • Quick montage of explosions of fire and electricity engulfing buildings

and caves, devastating vast swaths of various kinds of lands. Musical
accompaniment reaches a crescendo as a huge white and red three-headed dog
can be seen suspended in the air before twisting into an explosion of
electricity. Sounds of screaming men and women fill the air.

Narrator: In another land, and another time, one man is pushed to the
brink of sanity…

*Picture of the teen from before standing over a grave, hands clenched
into fists as blood drips from them.

Narrator: by an unknown, hidden evil committed to running the world…

  • Shadows of humans play across a symbol painted on a wall: a wheel with

five segments, each displaying the color representing the elements.
Suddenly ominous seals glow around the symbol

Unknown: Sinister laughter echoes in the background.

Narrator: He will gain and lose friends, watch innocent people killed, and
be forced to fight for his very life against impossible odds. Only those
strong enough to stand will survive by his side.

  • Two female ninjas of Konohagakure stand watching the young man train

himself and two dogs into the ground. The older (Female 2) turns to look
at a clearly exhausted and bruised younger female.

Female voice 2: Perhaps you should back off, I worry about you…

Female voice 1: I made a promise, one I intend to keep…

Narrator: This is a tale of one man's struggle to live, and his struggle
to make a better life for those around him.

  • Classical fighting music fills the air as a montage of desperate battles

wage in various locations. Each battle shows a different enemy, but a very
badly hurt main character.

Narrator: Coming soon to a theater near you… Naruto Mush Rivalry
presents: The Recluse Wars.

  • Final scene of a man silhouetted by a wall of glowing seals.

Unknown: Time for you to die, Inuzuka.

Hoarse male voice: You first!

  • Explosion of light, followed by a black screen. Lightning flares across

the top of it, forming the words "Coming Soon" while a wave of water
splashes below, forming the words, "Everywhere"

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