First Promotion Exams - Muddy Melee: Yui vs. Daisuke


Yui, Daisuke

Date: January 24, 2012


Daisuke stumbles upon Yui, another Jounin exam participant, who is hungry for his scroll.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Muddy Melee: Yui vs. Daisuke"

North Shiren Caverns

Yui is hunting in the cave looking for anyone who might have a scroll. She still has none and by now the contest must be getting close to ending. She needs to find two scroll as quick as she can.

Daisuke had been wandering the caves ever since the incident at the lake in the south, somewhat depressed that he couldn't go swimming anymore to kill time. Who knows how long he had been in the caves when there hardly is a difference between day and night but today he will just happen to run into someone else looking for a scroll. The red-headed Senju whistles while he walks down the tunnel he had noticeably expanded in his last fight, entering the cave and spotting Yui from afar. "Hello there."

Yui turns to you her mask is up on top of her head showing her dark pretty face. Unlike most in her clan her skin is very dark. She looks you over and then in a cold flat voice speaks, "Do you have a scroll?" There is a long pause as if she thinking, "hello." Her voice does not change. Her body seems to be relaxed and not one worry about being attack.

Daisuke notices the dark color of her skin, not having met the girl before. "Scroll? I sure do. Why? Are you interested?" he says with a smile, an amused expression on his face. "I'm Daisuke, Senju Daisuke. Nice to meet you." he adds, introducing himself like he always does before a potential fight. He stretches his arms up and puts them behind his head, resting in a standing position as he watches the girl.

Yui nods, "I am Yui a demon in training." She holds a hand out and as she expecting you to put something in it, "hand over the scroll please." She has no problem with a fight but sometimes it is easier to just ask before just attacking.

"Demon in training? Well I guess that will make things interesting, won't it?" Daisuke says with a smile. "Unfortunately, I like my scroll where it is, so I won't be handing it over. But lucky for you you ran into one of the nicest chuunin in this exams. Your life is safe, though I can't promise you won't walk away with injuries like the last person did." he says as he moves over to the wall of the tunnel he had widened in his last fight, his fingers moving over the scorched marks lovingly. "So I guess we will just have to have a fight for it."

Yui nods and in a flash her silver sword is out. It's thin blade shins in the low light, "well you leave me with no other way. she chargers forward. but instead of attack she jumps over you head. She lands on the other side and spins on her heel being the blade of her sword at you.

Daisuke smiles as Yui finally makes a move towards him, noting the sword in her hands now. "Yikes!" Daisuke says as he flickers from view as her blade slices through his after image. "That was a close one." he says from his new position up above Yui hanging on an exposed root as he moulds some of his stamina into chakra. His hands flash through a series of seals as he forms his attack, his left hand reaching up to his mouth as he spits out countless small bullets of flame towards the young woman.

Yui body seems to bend and twist in way that seem unnatural as she moves out of the way of the covering firer. She nods, "I never face someone who hangs like a bat." She runs up the wall and then pushes off flying at you sword ready to strike. Once she pass she twist and lands on the other wall feet first push off again and flys pass you once more.

Daisuke watches as Yui's flexibility impresses him, dodging the bullets with good intuition. "A bat! That's kind of cool." he says as he flickers from view upon Yui's attack reaching within his ranged. "You are pretty good, lets turn up the heat a bit." he says from his new position near the entrance to the tunnel. His hands flash through a longer series of handseals this time as his stomach suddenly expands with chakra. Leaning forward and opening his mouth, he literally 'barfs' out a massive white-hit stream of flame towards Yui.

Yui eyes widen as the flame come at her. She goes to evade the attack and trips on a stone stalling her so she hit. She cries out as she burned. She then nods, "your quick I'll give you that." She charges at you and this time drops to a knee and thrust up at your belly. She then shifts to your side swinging at your head.

Daisuke looks somewhat satisfied as his fire attack hits, providing the young woman could be hit. "Thanks." he says with a smile to her comment about his speed, looking prideful for a moment. As Yui attacks him again he wonders just what the girl was saving for later as she continues to attack him within range. He flickers from sight of the attacks, again appearing yards away to set up an attack. This time the chuunin decides to switch things up, using his hand seals as the ground in front of him begins to liquefy into mud as a massive roar echoes through the caves. A large dragon head of earth rises from the ground, opening its mouth towards Yui. Large mud projectiles are fired from its mouth towards Yui as Daisuke attacks with Earth this time.

Yui cries out as the earth gets her, "damn it" she tries to free her self from the mud, "what is with this stuff.?"

Daisuke watches Yui squirm in the mud as it gets all over her, pausing for a moment as a hot-blooded teenage boy would. "It's mud, it won't hurt you, it just doesn't let you get your footing for awhile. But here, let me help you." he says as he moves forward, retrieving his own weapon from behind him. He pulls out a metal tube and, with a twist, the tube extends into a metal staff. He runs forward and jumps in the air, the staff twirling behind him as he comes in for a full frontal attack with his staff, spinning and twirling the weapon and using its long reach to hit Yui without stepping in the mud, his final attack intending to literally 'push' her out of the mud.

Yui frowns as she tries to free herself, "mud? Aw my clothes there going be ruined. She still freeing herself as you come in and beat on her.

Daisuke stands above Yui, the end of his staff pointed at her neck. "How about yielding, chuunin-san? You don't look too good and you want to be able to keep going and choose a better opponent, yes?" Daisuke says as he waits for her response, offering her a friendly smile.

Yui looks up at you not pleased one bit, "fine I yield in this battle. Now free me from this mess." She not wearing mush and can feel mud getting places it does not belong.

Daisuke smiles and offers his staff for Yui to grab as the mud on the ground begins to harden, freeing her from the mud. "As I do with all battles, here are some burn bandages that I made especially for my burn victims. Though you got more dirty than burned, it should help with your wounds." he says, tossing her the bandages once she is out of the mud before offering her a wave. "See you around, chuunin-san."

Yui pouts, dripping in mud having her imp handed to her how could this day get worse? She then slips in the mud and falls on her back

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