Murasame's Return - Rebels Revealed??


Akio, Rune

Date: October 12, 2016


A leak of information results in the Murasame fighting within themselves. Naturally, the Tsuchikage ends up getting involved, and she and her 2nd in Command aren't thrilled.

"Murasame's Return - Rebels Revealed??"

Iwagakure - Murasame Village

A mission was prepared quickly as some Murasame starting causing trouble within the Murasame village. Seems knowledge was 'leaked' of possible Murasame rebels living within a certain area. Certain Murasame quickly acted and the ones in these specific houses acted to defend themselves. This of course meant that fighting happened and destruction came quickly as a mini war wrecked parts of the homes within this area. Most Murasame were told to sit on the sidelines if they weren't in the heat of it already since they were a bit personally connected to the problem. On the case for this specific issue instead would be both the Tsuchikage and the Hand of the Kage. Akio was also sorta involved as he was being blamed for the leak by the ones that were being called rebels since he was an outsider with majority of Murasame and would be more trusted on this issue since he was kidnapped before.
The Tsuchikage Rune, and the Hand of the Kage Kaoru would have noticed instantly that a sorta standoff was happening. Junji who was an important person within the Murasame clan was trying to calm a few Murasame who seemed intent on attacking a few Murasame on the opposite side of Junji. The ones they were trying to attack were presently holding a dome of metal around their house and their land to simply prevent the fighting. To reinforce that fact they had Akio being held basically as a hostage. They of course hoping that it would be enough to prevent others from trying to kill them.
Akio was not presently being tied up but he was being watched closely by one of them, and he was trying to speak to him. "You know that this won't be helping you right? Trying to hold me hostage makes you look more like the bad guy. If you would let me go I could try and talk to them and make sure they don't harm you. I am sure Rune would talk to you and them to try and figure out what is going on and who actually told others you were rebels. I personally don't remember your faces so I couldn't say whether you were or not." The man just formed metal into a spear and pointed it at Akio. "I don't care what you MAY be able to do. I know I can protect myself in here so you might as well be quiet while you are in here unless you want me to make you stay quiet."

Rune gets the notice on her desk and stares at it. "I thought the Murasame clan were becoming more reasonable, but I suppose that's too much to hope for…" she says with a small sigh. The woman rises from her desk, opens a scroll to change into her Kage robes quickly, and then she takes off to appear before the Murasame village. Kaoru would be notified too, she assumed, since she obviously couldn't completely handle this on her own. "Any Murasame that doesn't wish to be put in a cell within the next twenty four hours better stand down!" She would yell out, hopefully quelling the immediate vicinity. "And someone take me to where the heart of this issue started so I can settle this personally." She was obviously angry… And it took a great deal for Rune to get angry, considering that she never got angry about issues prior to today.

Kaoru looked at the notice of his own and he frowned a bit. A simple sigh before he rushed off to meet up with Rune. He would show up as she was busy yelling out and it caught even him off guard. He was surprised how angry she was. But it did make him respect her a bit that even she could be serious when needed. "Tsuchikage. Shall I make them stop or are you hoping to prevent possible conflict?" He asked of Rune. In the meantime as he waited for her answer he would look at most of the Murasame standing down. Most weren't doing anything anyways, but even not they weren't stupid. Well most of them weren't. There were a few still trying to get past Junji who would stand down if it wasn't for these Murasame. "Sorry Tsuchikage-sama. They won't listen. I'll stand down and leave these ones for you." Which of course he removed any metal that was blocking the path and the Murasame that were ignoring Rune rushed at the domed over house.
Akio could feel the vibrations of their running and he just frowned a bit. "They are abou-" Thud! He was knocked upside the head by the spear and then the spear was poking his chest slightly. "I said shut up and I mean it!" Akio had a big bruise on the side of his head almost instantly. Metal spear… Yeah that would hurt later. The ones holding the dome up would lower it some but not to let themselves get caught. The metal would instead be used to try and rush the charging Murasame and try to wrap them up and hold them in place. No casualties yet at least. The man who had struck Akio walked forwards and into view just as Rune and Kaoru would be lead into the area over here. "We are not rebels! Stop trying to fight us or we won't hesitate to defend ourselves!"

"Keep them from hurting anyone," Rune tells Kaoru, the woman making her way towards the dome of metal that was formed. She would pause just outside it, examining it a bit curiously. If anyone tried to approach Rune that wasn't Kaoru, they would find themselves running into an earthen wall. "So. Can someone please explain to me what is going on? Why is there fighting within Iwagakure?" she asks, frowning. "I expect words to be used in the place of violence when it involves our own people. Do the Murasame think differently? This is not /purely/ a clan matter when it involves shinobi and citizens of the Hidden Stone, so don't hide behind that reasoning."

Akio was still out of sight sadly so Rune wouldn't be able to spot him. The man who had struck him was standing basically in front of Rune now though with like two other Murasame between him and her as well as a good bit of distance between them. "Why don't you ask the ones that tried to attack us? Information was falsely leaked about us being rebels and they decided they would try and end us before actually seeing our side of things!" He spoke loudly and with power, but it wasn't particuraly yelling. No anger yet.
The ones that were being held in place by metal now were not happy and were using their own metal mnaipulation to try and free themselves. "If you weren't rebels then why did you grab that one kid the moment we showed up!? You didn't have to take him hostage but you did! And where is he now huh?" They on the other hand were very loud and angry. Kaoru of course was not a fan of their seemingly tense and aggressive attitude and so he stepped over to them with a cloak of purple chakra surrounding him. The power of the chakra being felt by even non sensors as he struck a palm right against each of the Murasame who seemed to be letting anger drive them. There were about 4 of them and since they were all stuck in place they were unable to avoid the pam strike which would both drain their chakra and tire them out with the way the attack worked. "Why don't we all relax now yeah? I would rather not want to leave each of you here as a helpless body that can't think for themselves." Slight exaggeration but it got the point across. "Murasame Junji. Can I have you write up an official notice of everything that happened here. Everyones stories. Thank you." Junji worked to collect the story of everyone and would have himself and two other Murasame writing what they were told so as to have more notes of it.

"I'll ask them what happened later. I'm asking /you/ though… What is going on?" Rune would wait for the reply, nodding just a bit. "I see…" She points to the one speaking. "You, go to my office now. If you aren't there when I get back, then you'll be facing harsher consequences." Then she gestures to the two that were standing as 'guards'. "You two, whatever hostage was mentioned… I want him with me this instant. Then you two head back to your homes and Kaoru-san will get an account from you as well." Then Rune turns to Junji. "Junji-san, go to my office as well once you're finished. Since you seem to be the leader of this other side, we will have you as the representative."

The man frowned for a moment before speaking up. "You speak as if I will already have consequences! I have only defended myself from the attacks of others! Do you th-" Kaoru was suddenly in front of the man though he didn't attack. "Why don't you do as our Tsuchikage asks? Because I can gurantee that you wasting her time now will get a consequence by itself. If not by her then by me, and I honestly don't know which would be worse for you. Might as well not risk it." The man seemed agitated but he knew the two of them didn't earn their positions for nothing and so he listened.
The two guards were just worried that if they didn't obey that they would be in a worse situation so they quickly grabbed Akio and brought him out. Of course once he was out it was apparrent that something had happened. The bruise on the side of his head was a bit swollen and it was a little bloody. He did not seem to be in the best of conditions. "Please tell me you two didn't have any idea that had happened." Kaoru spoke before grabbing the boy and hefting him up. "Tsuchikage. This is Murasame Akio. Seems he is injured and I think it would be best he get care as soon as possible." He stated before bringing him to her. Junji just gave a quick nod to Rune. He didn't want to distract her too much from the task at hand right now.
There were a few other Murasame inside though and they were not as… Obedient. "You are going to take there side and throw us out aren't you!? Just for us being called an enemy by someone elses word!" Obviously they weren't thinking well and the four of them that were still there would attack. Well three of them did. The fourth sorta sat back but didn't participate and they made it seem like they did not agree with the actions of the other three. Either way the other three were enough to show they weren't being peaceful. The attacks were for now all aimed at the Tsuchikage. Shrapnel of metal was formed and all shot at her to seemingly cause as much bodily harm as possible. At least the technique was designed that way.

[NPC System]: Murasame Rebels? roll(s) Metal Shrapnel from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 45. - Rolled by: Akio
[NPC System]: Murasame Rebels? roll(s) Metal Shrapnel from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Akio
[NPC System]: Murasame Rebels? roll(s) Metal Shrapnel from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Akio
RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a EARTH-DOME…56
RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a EARTHFLOW…47
RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a EARTHFLOW…33
RP: Rune transforms into SYNCHRONY-II.
COMBAT: Rune attacks target 1 with SINKHOLE with a roll of: 49
COMBAT: Rune attacks target 1 with SINKHOLE with a roll of: 36
COMBAT: Rune attacks target 1 with SINKHOLE with a roll of: 42

Rune makes a handseal as the others attack, and the shrapnel would embed itself into the earthen dome while she slipped out of the way from some of the shards that managed to puncture her barrier. A frown. "You three… Are really not improving your chances of being listened to…" she says, voice tinged with irritation. She makes a few handseals, chakra surging through the ground and opening a person-sized hole below each. They'd find themselves unable to move, buried up to the neck, if they didn't avoid it properly. "Kaoru-san, make sure these three are taken care of. The one that didn't attack can be let go and asked on later."

[NPC System]: Murasame Rebels roll(s) Metal Floor from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Akio
[NPC System]: Murasame Rebels roll(s) Metal Floor from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 45. - Rolled by: Akio
[NPC System]: Murasame Rebels roll(s) Metal Floor from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 31. - Rolled by: Akio

It seemed as the attacks came through the Murasame tried to prevent their fall. The one that didn't attack and one of the others did so. The other two were stuck in a hole but just seeing the Kage angry and her being able to seemingly fight them all at once was enough to make them hesitate. Long enough for Kaoru to form a genjutsu that made each of them freeze where they were at the sound of his voice. "Now… Why don't all of you run along right towards our prisons. You won't have to be in a cell if you do so nicely, but you will all have to be questioned. If you act out anymore or not will decide if I have to…. Work harder for my information or not. And we don't want that do we?" He stated before freeing the genjutsu and letting them run off. "Tsuchikage. Permission to have sensors watch them to make sure they get to the cells alright?" He asked before turning towards the last man.
Kaoru pondered a thought for a moment before gesturing for the man to go. "I will come to speak to you after dealing with your friends." And then he went back to where he had set Akio to rest a bit. "Hmmm. Does seem like he was hit hard. A blunt object it looks like. No doubt formed from their metal manipulation. He probably has a concussion. Surely he just needs to rest though. Lie in bed. He is out right now and there is no sense in waking him up from it as he will have a massive head ache." He sighed. "What do we do with him?" He asked of Rune.

Rune rubs her head a bit, glad that the 'fighters' were cooperating. "We'll let him rest in the hospital for now," she tells Kaoru. "Sensors are unnecessary. Have the guards keep a close eye out in case they try to escape, though," she says simply. Then she looks over to Junji. "Are you ready? I think we should head to my office now." Then she raises her voice a bit. "If I catch wind of any fighting going on for the remainder of the week, there will be more than just jail time for the offenders. I will not tolerate infighting." Then the Kage turns and makes her way to the Stone Temple in which her office resides, obviously assuming that the others will slip back into whatever tasks they were supposed to do.

Kaoru just nods to Rune before taking Akio to the hospital. His first stop of course. The second would be to meet up with Rune and Junji to see about what was going on. Something isn't right here at all and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. So many issues within the Murasame clan alone. It was hard to think of every other bad issue that may be within the village.
Junji nods to Rune and made his way to her office behind her. He wouldn't be slow about it either as he had collected what everyone else wanted to say now or well what they had to say. "Where shall I begin Tsuchikage-sama. From the start or is there something specific you want to know about?"

Rune takes a seat at her desk, gesturing for Junji to sit across from her. "Hai, please start at the beginning. Before you start, I will tell you what I already know. You may correct me in your own telling." Rune pauses to let Junji mull that over. "I know that the Murasame clan has had a great deal of infighting throughout its history. One could say it began once the end of the clan wars came to be. There was a struggle between those that wanted power and those that fought their way to the top. Naturally, the ones that were trying to overthrow their government lost."
"They were exiled. Akio-san happens to be a member of the exiled group, who are only now rearing their heads. They have captured Murasame Kaneko. They have attempted to take other Murasame, even, though they failed each time." Rune pauses to collect her thoughts. "And now, we come to the present issue. There are supposedly members of the exiled force within the Clan. Within Iwagakure. And the Murasame decided to handle it themselves instead of letting their clan leader deal with it. Instead of letting the Tsuchikage and the administration handle it… Now, with all that said… Please fill me in on the details, Junji-san. The why's and how's, specifically."

Junji frowned and nods as she spoke. "Yes it is a… History full of conflict. I hate to admit the Murasame are a.. Stubborn bunch. No matter what it is they like to stick to their ways. And if their ways are different. Well it is like two brick walls trying to push the other bricks wall. Do you expect either wall to move?" He asked. "I know what happened those years ago. It is something I have even told my son. A lesson for him really. To show what happens to those who… Choose the wrong path." He stated. "And I also know who Akio is. The boy who suddenly showed up on Iwagakure's doorstep. As he gets older I notice the resemblance. You won't know who his father is I am sure. But I knew his father when we were younger. Murasame Youta." He sighed a bit before suddenly Kaoru knocked on the dor and after waiting for permission to enter he would step in.
"Did I miss anything?" Kaoru asked before stepping over towards Rune's side of the desk. He would stand next to her, but for the most part planned to stay quiet. This also seemed to put Junji back on track. "Just… History. I'll get to today now." He frowned. "See I was walking along when suddenly I saw a few Murasame rushing towards the house you saw the fighting take place at. Seems that someone stated they were rebels. I don't know if it is true or not, but… it didn't matter to them. They didn't want to risk it. I quickly moved to stop it and I put a wall between both sides and right afterwards the ones in question put a metal dome around their home. I didn't see them grab Akio myself but someone else seemed to have noticed them do so. The boy was supposedly near the other side opposite of me." He shrugged lightly. "That is why and how it happened. From my point of view in particular and a few others. There were… Multiple ones that were a bit.. Bias to their side or their thoughts. I have all of the notes here." He passed a notebook over. Then two more. About twenty pages written in both books. Each book had different hand writing since there were three people writing it. The info was all basically the same with different flavor based on who was writing.

"Iie. Please, come in, Kaoru-san," Rune says calmly. She waits for him to take his place before looking back to Junji, nodding a bit to his tale. "I see…" She would take the notes once offered, skimming them over briefly. She had experience in reading things quickly, so she was able to get the main idea of each in a short span of time. "The Murasame that were attacked… And the Murasame that attacked… Neither of them are pardoned for their actions. Both sides will be assigned D rank missions for the next two weeks. Each of them will be scolded by a Jounin /not/ of the Murasame clan. I will speak to your clan head about a punishment from him as well."
Rune glances to Kaoru. "Please make sure that is all prepared. I'll go and see the Clan Head personally, though." Then the Sasaki looks to Junji once more. "I don't know if there are spies within Iwagakure. If there are, then we need to do something about them. But this fighting is not the solution. Please spread the word that this matter will be handled without violence. If things come to a head like this again, I will not be so lenient…" She furrows her brow in thought. "The one who had hit Murasame Akio… His punishment extends to three weeks."

Kaoru listened to Rune speak and when told to make sure it was all prepared he gave a quick nod before getting things prepared. "Two weeks…. three for the one who hit Murasame Akio…." He hummed a bit before adding 'pay visit to that one' and then he just scratched it off and changed it to 'keep eye on that one'. He did not like the things that were done to Akio and it was likely because of him having a younger sister who was still a bit young at eighteen.
Junji stared a bit before nodding quickly. "Yes. Those are punishments I feel work. Probably not enough, but they should see that as you trying to be reasonable. I hope." He stated quickly before nodding. "And I will spread the word. It may not seem so, but I do try to be a big part of the Murasame. I try to keep the clan unified as best I can. I would even take being clan head if they weren't so set in power makes right. I do not fit those standards as easily. Even though I have plenty of knowledge of our clans techniques." He shrugged and went on for a bit longer before apologizing for doing so. "Am I dismissed?" He asked lastly.

"Hai, you're dismissed," Rune says. "Just do your best, Junji-san. It's all anyone can do, really…" Once the man leaves, Rune would turn to Kaoru. "What do you think, Kaoru-san..? I've half a mind to ask if the Clan Head would step down and turn the reins over, but I'm sure that he'd not accept such. And none of the Murasame have yet to defeat him despite his age…" She sighs softly. "But I don't know that things will change while he's in power…" She shakes her head a bit. "Nevermind… I'm just going on at this point." She stands up. "I'll be seeing the Clan Head tomorrow. For now, let's focus on the ones that were arrested."

Junji quickly stood and gave a quick bow before stepping out now that he was dismissed. Kaoru waited until he was gone before finding a spot to sit and nodding to her. "Yes… I know. I feel like we do really need to figure out something at least." He paused. "I half think putting them at each others throats might be the best thing. But in a controlled sense. Maybe suggest to the clan head to hold a tournament to choose his replacement. Between all of the clan. He can deny the winner a place and can even fight them himself if need be. But it would show who is the strongest one out of the rest of the clan. Maybe they can even beat him to take their spot." He shrugged lightly. "Just a thought. Would give them a enviroment where they can fight and it be.. Controlled at least. If they have any issues." He shrugged again now. "Alright. Sounds like a plan."

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