Murasame Strife - The Matter of Pride


Kaneko, Nendo, Mitsue

Date: September 30, 2015


A small argument between two adults has trickled down to their children, and Kaneko finds herself the victim of two older genin. It’s lucky that her friends are there, or things could have gone much worse.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Murasame Strife - The Matter of Pride"

Iwagakure - Murasame Village

It's a lovely day outside! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and people in general are just pretty satisfied! At least, that's what would be happening in this small part of the Murasame village if there weren't two families going at it! As it so happens, Murasame Ken and Murasame Rokuro are arguing in a very heated manner, and its drawn some attention from the clan, as well as a few from the training center! Rokuro is a rather skinny individual compared to Ken since he's on the ninjutsu side of the clan, but he seems to be holding his own!
"Yes, but if you keep on giving /everyone/ your services, they could analyze it and maybe even steal it!" the thinner man says in a rather whiny voice. "Che… And the likelihood of that happening? Do you even know what it takes to do that? You've only just become a Chuunin, Rokuro-san. Don't get cocky when you have no idea what you're talking about," comes Ken's retort. This gets a heated glare from Rokuro, and he draws on his chakra. "You aren't even a proper shinobi anymore. What makes you think you know better than I do?"
Considering that Ken is Kaneko's father, the girl made a hasty retreat because she really didn't need this in her life. She wanted to find Nendo, the person she figured would be able to come up with a reasonable solution, when she was stopped by two of Rokuro's cousins. They were both Genin, and it was too easy for them to make the ground trip her. "Keekeke, where're you going, you little pest?" the older one sneers. He has sandy brown hair and blue eyes that are cold. "Going to get help? Well, this is between our dads, so you should just butt out."
Kaneko yelps when she's tripped, skidding to the ground and getting scraped knees and hands. She tries to get up when the heavier of the two genin (and the one focused on taijutsu) steps on her back to prevent her from gettign up. "So it takes two of you to beat up a student?" She shot back. "You two are soooo brave. Just like those two Kamizuru!" The young Murasame scowls, narrowing her eyes at the pair. Hopefully someone she's friends with walks by the Murasame village soon, or this could get ugly!

Unfortunately, it was the Genin that was passing by the village at the moment.. and it was the genin practicing his more refined technique that felt the vibrations of the scuffle. Nendo would raise a brow slightly as he moved from the stone fields and into the Murasame village to quietly close in on the situation but it wasn't something that Nendo saw fit to get involved in. The argument was a fair distance away but loud enough to be heard probably all the way to the Kage's office. What did bother Nendo however, was the young Murasame being tripped, stepped on, and over all picked on by others of her bloodline. Still, internal strife in the Murasame village was something often settled within themselves so that their power-lust got worked out. Two on one was another matter entirely however. With that, Nendo knocked on the wall of one of the homes to get the attention of those boys.
"Didn't anyone teach you that only weaklings gang up on someone to try fighting them? If you really want to pick on a student like the big-brave genin that you are, why not show some confidence in yourselves and try taking her on one on one?" Nendo questioned in a fairly mocking tone.. The two boys were two he'd seen in the academy a year ago while waiting for his own team to be formed…. Time spent observing allowed time to analyze. "Murasame, Zora." Nendo stated in a low tone to the ninjutsu user as his eyes narrowed. "Since you're letting your lackey here do all the picking, why don't you try her on for size in a sparring match? If you can beat her, I'll give you all the money made from my missions with the Tsuchikage and even let her think you're better than me."

Mitsue was actually on his way to find Nendo for some training when, well, he had heard the yelling first. He might be a mute but he's certainly not /deaf/. The boy had wandered to examine what was going on and had arrived just in time to see Kaneko get tripped up. He starts to walk into the village but pauses when he sees Nendo there…talking to the two bullies? Hmm. He hangs back for the moment then since he can't really interfere while Nendo is making deals with them. After all if he did something and they accepted what Nendo said then he would just be making more trouble. So instead he just watches from a little distance away, leaning sideways against a house and staying in the shadows, his hood hiding his face even more so than the shadows themselves.

Zora raises a brow. The ninjutsuist of the pair, as mentioned. His eyes look Nendo up and down. "Well, if it isn't the living bomb. I can't believe you're still alive. Wait, yes I can. You don't do anything but hang out with this shrimp all day! I bet she's the reason you're still so weak!" the boy taunts. Sure, he was a bit smaller than Nendo at 5'4", but he had a lot more experience (or so he thought) than the Toujitakumi. "You wanna bargain?" he asks, stepping away from Kaneko to get right in Nendo's face. "Heh. Why don't you want to fight me? Too chicken?"
"He probably is!" Sentora comments with a smirk. He removes his foot from Kaneko, only to try and kick her in the stomach. "Get up. If one of us is going to fight you, we should at least let it be honorable." In his mind, honor was important. That, and he saw Kaneko as something like a rival. The girl was one of the few taijutsuists even close to his year (among the Murasame), and he was determined to keep ahead of her one way or another. "So then, all your money?" he calls back to Nendo. "Is there anything if we beat you?" he asks, dark eyes lighting up at the challenge. He was a bit smarter than his so-called leader, and he knew Nendo would be a challenge.
Kaneko feels Sentora's weight lessen, and she's about to get up, only to have the wind knocked out of her. And she's pretty sure she just got a few bruised ribs right then! She clutches her stomach, trying to breathe. It really hurt to do so, though, so she's forced to take small breaths rather than the huge ones that her lungs are demanding. 'Cowards!' she accuses mentally, even as she curls up into a ball to try and lessen the pain and protect the rather vulnerable spot.

Nendo would walk over toward Kaneko and pat her off lightly as the genin began pulling her up and onto her feet. The Toujitakumi shrugged while listening to the prospect of being beaten by them which, honestly, made him have to resist the urge to laugh. "If you can beat me I'll eat dirt and let your clan brand your emblem on my forehead." Nendo explained in a flat tone of voice. "But that's not going to ever happen when it takes you being sneaky just so you can work up the courage to kick a small girl while she's down… so try and pick on someone more on your level… Like Kaneko's little toe?" Nendo questioned calmly before whispering to the small girl so the genin didn't hear. "Zora is bad with Taijutsu so don't give him the time to make seals…" Nendo said to the small girl before he'd lean back and pat his hands off from any dirt. "Two on one against myself might be fair though… However I'd need something worth while to make the two of you my opponents.. I have standards you know, and neither of you even rank up to interesting…"

Mitsue continues to watch in silence even when the other Murasame hits Kaneko. Well, he was looking for someone to test his genjutsu out on in a more realistic scenario. It appears to him that he just found two volunteers, whether they expect it or not. Or even like it or not. Either way Mitsue isn't going to just stand by. From his place in the shadows he makes his hand seals and sends out the wave of genjutsu towards the two bullies. Should he succeed they would find themselves faced with a rather fearsome figure of dark, draining their psyche even as they fear it. Nothing but a black humanoid, completely unphased by the sunlight of the day. Pure evil? Perhaps. It does come from Mitsue after all…

"Hah! This is gonna be good, then. We'll get your money /and/ we'll be able to humiliate you!" Zora says gleefully. Then he looks to Kaneko with a frown. "So, I'll be facing the kid, and you're facing Sentora? That sounds fair." At least he could get one easy win in. And then the Murasame feels a tingle in the back of his head, a figure appearing in front of him… Genjutsu! It takes a quick pinch of his nerves, making Zora wince, but he isn't affected by the illusion. The boy then makes a few handseals, and he grins. "Earth Style: Dirt Bomb!" he cries out, sending a surge of chakra into the ground. This would get in Kaneko's eyes and make it difficult for her to defend his follow-up attack.
Sentora blinks a bit at the arrangement. He wanted to fight Kaneko! But oh well, he could test himself another day. For now, he turns to face Nendo. "Okay, then. Guess it's just you and me, Mr. Bob-omb," he says before his eyes go wide and he scrambles back a bit. Nendo had turned into a horrible monster! "What the heck are you?" he says, throwing kunai, shuriken, and just generally anything within arm's reach.
Kaneko sees that Zora and Sentora seem a bit distracted, and she's pretty glad that it takes forever for Zora to actually attack. The girl just nodded when Nendo gave his advice, trying to take in the area. The Murasame village was made of earthen houses that at most reached two stories tall. She'd have to make sure not to damage them, so she made note of that… And then the action began. She was already tense from earlier, so the explosion triggered her muscles to send her leaping away and off to the side, which meant Zora missed. Haha! In his face. Then the girl made a few handseals, remembering what Hotaru taught her. She wouldn't be using this regularly, but flames are expelled from her mouth in the form of small fire bullets. Then she dashes off to the left, trying to avoid any counter strike by throwing two shuriken right at Zora!

The genin would chage himself and dodge those flailing throws with grints as they scraped and scratched at the genin's skin but more than pain, there was an annoyance in the genin's face as he narrowed his eyes in anger. "First you attack a girl in a pair.. then you don't even respect the nature of a duel and use a surprise attack… I hope you aren't expecting any mercy from me, Sentora.." Nendo growled out as he clasped his hands together in the form of the ram to begin focusing chakra. Crouching a bit, the genin would jump backward from the honorless genin. Nendo had thought the taijutsu one would be a bit more tame rather than to go from cocky to panicked as soon as he was ready for a fight. Maybe it was some kind of trick to keep the Toujitakumi on his toes?
Nendo would be sure to watch the Murasame both that was facing off against him, and the two that were going to be dueling along with himself.

Mitsue winces and he feels pangs of sympathy pain when Nendo gets hit so hard. Well, he'd tried to help and just made a mess of things. Hmm. Mitsue steps out of the shadows so that he can be seen before he starts making hand seals again, letting the two Murasame see him now. Maybe he could get them to focus their attacks towards him instead. He'd much rather take them himself then have the other two continue to deal with them. Again that figure would appear, even closer and appearing a bit more daunting now as the chakra continues to push at their mind, the continued presence trying to cause the fear and drain the two.

"Heh… Fire against fire, huh?" he asks, crumbling once he's hit by the barrage of fire. He had used earth replacement technique! And a clone is just behind that shell, taunting, "You throw like a baby, no-wait. A /baby/ could throw better than you!" He laughs, especially when the kunai just zooms through his body. Of course, one of the shuriken is angled in such a way that Zora gets a cut along his arm, and he grabs the injury with a scowl, glaring at Kaneko… But then Zora blinks a bit when he sees the strange illusory man again. "Oh, is that what he's worried about? Little crybaby…" he mutters, trying to escape the genjutsu with another pinch…
But it fails! He starts to feel the true effects of the dark cloak, moving back a step to get away from the scary man. He even wastes an attack on this mysterious figure, sending a muddy rain at the vision with no regards to the fact it isn't real. Moments later, he's panting a bit, and then he realizes what he just did. 'Dang it… I looked like a fool!' he curses inwardly, making a handseal and puffing out his cheeks. A gout of flame fires off from his mouth, and it was /hot/. Hot enough that Kaneko wants to avoid it! And then a second fiery version of the genin appears, charging straight at his cousin! … They were cousins in some way, at least. Not directly, though.
Sentora blinked once and stared at Nendo for a moment. "Surprise attack? What the hubris are you talking about?!" he asks, lifting a hand to point at the Toujitakumi. "You're the one who attacked first!" he states, drawing a kunai. The illusion cast on his mind, though, seemed to affect him once more, and he panics again by just throwing everything he had into his next move. Literally. The boy started charging at Nendo. "Ahhhhhh!!!! Get away from here!" he shouts angrily, trying to aim his shoulder into Nendo's chest and knock him down so that he could aim a strong kick at the boy's shin. Little did either Murasame realize what Mitsue was doing in the background!
Kaneko leaps out of the way to avoid the fire, feeling it try to singe her clothes. She stares at Zora, but goes a bit cross-eyed when there are two of them. Did she get kicked a bit too hard? Maybe she was see- nope! Suddenly she's on her back and her clothes are burning, making her eyes widen. The girl stands up quickly, battling the flames with her hands and getting some first degree burns, but putting out the fire. "Oh yeah? Well, watch this!" she says, making handseals again. She fires off another round of … well, fire. It was one of the few elemental skills she could use! Hopefully this barrage would work properly. When she runs out of chakra, she starts to throw kunai at the genin, desperately wanting to defeat the boy.

Nendo would catch sight of Mitsue when he heard the comment of Him being the one to have attacked first. Narrowing his eyes a bit and smiling, the genin would charge himself with lightning chakra and sway out of the way. He didn't move in leaps and bounds but waited until the last moment to simply drift from the path of that charge and then step back from the kick. The charge of lightning through him helped the genin let the attacks come as close as possible but not hit him. Raising his hands, Nendo would begin forming the hand seals and gathering up earth onto his fingertips now that he was close to the other genin. Glancing toward Mitsue, Nendo would give the younger teen a wink in thanks for the assistance before raising his hands up and took aim. "Don't make excuses for your own pathetic short comings. Does the very idea of fighting on your own scare you that much?" Nendo would scold the fellow genin to keep him focused on blaming the himself so that Mitsue went unnoticed for as long as possible.
Tensing his fingers, the genin began releasing the barrage of bullets from his fingertips at the backs of the Murasame's legs.

Mitsue has to admit it's nice not to be attacked himself but he doesn't like the fact that injuries have come upon the other two. Kaneko was his friend and Nendo…well, he was really upset that he got hurt. Yet there was only so much the Student was yet able to do as his hands sent the same genjutsu forward once again, this time allowing it to be followed by his auditory genjutsu to try and distract the two by causing the sound of a loud explosion to come from behind him. Surely someone must be destroying the Murasame village to cause so much noise, right??

Zora is pretty swift with his little tricks, avoiding the barrage of fire easily. His apparent form crumbled to dust when they struck, and then the two kunai flickered through what appeared to be his real body. Another clone! The genin laughs. "This fight is boring!" he says, exploding the ground once again to try and kick dirt up and into Kaneko's eyes. "You should go back to your widdle sand-" He pauses as he hears an explosion off in the distance, and he turns quickly to see… Well, not Mitsue, but the village itself looked fine! So what the heck happened? This means that Kaneko is just left to her own devices, of course…
Sentora wasn't expecting the bullets that Nendo sent at his legs, and he is immediately cursing aloud. That hurt! Surprisingly, it hurt /a lot/. The young Murasame turned on the leg that didn't get hit to jump out of the way of the next round of earthen bullets, only for the injured leg to buckle from his weight, and he suffers more hard earth pellets, giving him a good set of bruises. "Ow, dang it! Just keep away, baka!" he yells. The boy darts in towards Nendo again, moving slower, and just starts to throw wild punches at him.
Interestingly enough, Sentora seems a bit distracted, his eyes flickering over to the village, and also that shadowy figure that just seems to be ever-present in his peripheral vision. Perhaps that's why his attacks are so wild? It seems he's wasting a lot more energy than he needs.
Kaneko tries to avoid the explosion like she did before, but some of the dirt still manages to get in her eyes, forcing them shut. She starts to scrub at her face, wiping the tears that suddenly showed up and just trying to get the dirt out of them, to no avail. At least there wasn't any more attacks coming at her… "Dang it! You're such a coward!" she accuses loudly at Zora. "Leaving me unable to see and just toying like a cat chasing a mouse…"

The genin would raise his brows in surprise at the wild swings, blocking, dodging, and finally, reeling from the hit that managed to come through the genin's evasive maneuvers. Stepping back and holding his shoulder, Nendo looked over to Kaneko's fight and smiled a bit as he saw that his student was in a little bit of trouble.. "Don't let his taunts get to you, Kaneko! He's trying to rile you up because he's afraid of what you can do when you're focused! It helped that Nendo also knew they had an unfair advantage but Mitsue was proving a key matter of being a ninja.. Cheating's a part of the fight; getting caught it what shows success or failure! Nendo would again switch his hands through seals to gather earth onto his hands. With a laugh, the genin would shake his sleeved arm to drop free a pair of kunai before throwing them at the Murasame, following those flying blades with the gathered stone and soil on his hands. "You're the one running around like a raging bull; if you want space so badly then back off!"

Mitsue was continuing to do what he was doing, just watching the fights as best he could while he continued to interfere as best he could. Whether or not they knew that he was involved or not was not really his concern at this point…he just wanted to help as much as possible because he didn't want the other two to be injured any more than necessary. The sounds of explosion come from further inside the village, where the Genin Murasame wouldn't be able to see while that black shadow continued to bear down on them.

Well, Sentora /was/ getting a bit tired… The boy scowled, then he declares, "You're not done with me! Once I figure out what the heck is going on over there, I'll come back and fight you. You'll see!" The boy stalks off, not bothering to look behind him. It was not the best way out of a fight, but he would take it if it meant saving at least some of his dignity. A shame his sense of honor was trampled. The boy was absolutely convinced that Nendo had played dirty with that little shadow of his. Was the Toujitakumi secretly a Nara?!
"Sentora, let me know what's going on!" Zora shouts, not even wanting to back down from his own challenge. He couldn't lose to a little girl, dang it! He wasn't even half-done. The boy, now that he no longer has to worry about the sounds coming from the distance, focuses only on Kaneko and the looming shadow that appears around her. He flinches, sending a wave of earth at the vision, but said dark figure only absorbs his attacks. "Dang it, who the %@#! is helping you two?!" he asks, only now realizing… there must be a Gansao around! There weren't many that would hang out in Iwagakure, a lot of them preferring to keep to themselves. So turning, the boy would see Mitsue. "YOU! You got in the way!" he shouts, making handseals so that the earthen rain would shoot out at both Kaneko and Mitsue!
Kaneko braces herself for the first wave of earth, but … it barely had any power to it really! The girl was also finally able to clear all of that nasty grit from her eyes, and she could see~. She was able to avoid the earth shower coming at her, charging straight at her cousin to give him a few solid punches right in the gut. "Don't you /dare/ hurt my friends," she growls at him when she's up close and personal, even as she leaps back to avoid any retaliation on his part.

Nendo would growl a bit and fire off one final bullet of earth at that fleeing Murasame while charging himself and dashing past the genin to interrupt that assault against Mitsue. While he wouldn't make it in time to block all of it Nendo could at the least beat the largest of the stones away from Mitsue to limit how much damage the boy would need to suffer. "Pay attention to your opponent!" Nendo would command the two other genin while raising his uninjured arm and firing a barrage of bullets at Zora in retalliation of the attack he'd tried to rain down onto the young Gansao.

Yes yes, it had been muchly the fault of Mitsue that the two Murasame Genin had been distracted. It had taken them long enough to realize it. He is preparing to fire off another blast of genjutsu at the remaining Genin when the earth starts pelting him. The Gansao winces against the pain as it batters his frail body but he does manage to keep from dropping at least as he finishes his hand seals and sends the chakra out once more.

Feeling a bit cocky, Zora decides that he'd simply avoid all the punches, but he ends up with a nice punch in the gut. It didn't do much damage, but it hit! "Tsk tsk," he scolds lightly, making a handseal and disappearing so that the earthen bullets could strike a clone. "You three are all ganging up on me! Look at how fair that is," he accuses, grinning widely. "I think this breaks the rules, Nendo. Looks like you have to give me all of your money~" The boy snickers, then sends a wave of fire out at the trio to try and burn them down to the ground! Sadly, his partner in crime isn't back yet.
Kaneko simply dances to the side to avoid the wave of fire. "Hah! In your dreams. I'll beat you up without their help if I have to!" she declares, having stored up enough chakra during the battle that she can send her own barrage of fire at the other Murasame, though eventually she runs out of chakra again and is forced to follow up with a kunai rather than continue on. She aimed mostly for his left side, which he seemed to pay less attention to (considering that was the side Mitsue was mostly on for the past while!)

The genin would charge himself but the flames were already coming and the genin would growl low in his throat at the feeling of the burns washing over his legs and bare arm. "I said you had to win against her, little Zora, or are you trying to run away like your little accomplice after you tried picking a fight with someone beyond your puny mind's scope?!" Nendo questioned as he fought back the urge to cry out.. He'd not give the Murasame the satisfaction of knowing how badly injured he actually was.. Luckily, the red of his shirt hid the bleeding for the most part. "Kaneko, show this pathetic excuse what the Murasame are made of!" Nendo would call out, after all, the young girl was his actual opponent.. any retalliation for attacking the 'uninvolved' Mitsue wasn't infringing on the duel.

Mitsue wasn't in great shape himself, but he wasn't going to back down either. Sadly…not only was he pretty badly injured but his chakra was running low. So for now apparently it would really come down to Kaneko and the other Murasame. Hopefully she would be able to fend off the girl and win her fight. Otherwise Mitsue would probably get in even more trouble than he's already in by trying to physically intervene. Something he couldn't even do well if it came down to it. For now though he just focuses some and moves over to Nendo, trying to offer him some support.

Zora scowls at Nendo, but his attention turns to his cousin, and he smirks a bit. "Fire again? You can't even hit me with it," he says, moving to avoid most of the flames. Sadly for him, he ends up getting caught in the leg before his clone is able to misdirect the younger girl, and he says, "You want to keep fighting with fire? I'll show you!" He makes a handseal, and three powerful bursts of flame start heading right at Kaneko.
Kaneko smiles a bit and nods to Nendo in thanks. This was her chance to prove to her clan that she wasn't that weak, right! The girl took a breath, then disappeared in the heat of the flames. She came out unscathed, luckily, only feeling the heat and not the pain from the fire. A kunai is pulled from her belt pouch so she could lash out at Zora twice before she completely passes him by and flings it behind her to strike Zora.

Nendo would sigh slowly as he watched the two duking it out and reached into his pouch to begin drawing out his burn ointment to start stroking it onto his burns carefully. "How are you feeling, Mitsue..?" Nendo questioned as he glanced back at the young Gansao and turned to see if there was anything he could do for the younger teen as well. The majority of his burns could wait while Mitsue was more easily injured than the Toujitakumi for now.. Besides.. Nendo was sure that he'd be getting hurt even more than this when the time came for him to begin practicing with explosions.

Mitsue offers a wane smile to Nendo at his question before he shakes his head, indicating that he doesn't need anything at least. Not for the moment! When the fire shoots out at Kaneko he tenses, but she seems to have avoided all the flames pretty deftly. Good. Violet eyes shift to Nendo questioningly before he nods his head slightly at the fighting pair, wondering if he should do something to help out. He was doing well at hiding his pain at the very least, for now. He'd have to go home after this though and rest. For sure he had massive bruises under his clothing and probably a bruised or cracked rib or two.

Zora is able to avoid the attacks, but he also uses up all of his chakra in the process! He blinks a bit as he realizes that the elements he had relied on were gone, and he scowls. He's also tiring out, and fast. At this rate, he knew, he could only last a bit longer. "Dang it… Just one more good hit…" he mutters, focusing his chakra up to try and prepare for whatever Kaneko had in store for him. He knew she would try and take this advantage!
It's at that moment that the other brother comes back, running. He's panting heavily, having to take a pause before he gets right in front of Nendo! "You…. There wasn't… anythi- anything…" he says between gasps of air. "What'd you do?" he asks, then, peering suspiciously at Nendo. It's only then that he notices Mitsue, and his guard is immediately up. "Hey, wait… What the heck? When did- Grr… I'll fight both of you!" he declares, drawing a kunai all threateningly… despite the fact he was already exhausted!
Kaneko does indeed take full advantage of Zora's pause. She suddenly unleashes a huge barrage of fire, this time the attack stronger than anythign she had created before. "Hah! Take that!" she says cheerfully, drawing a kunai and throwing it at the boy as a sort of 'last ditch effort'. She noticed that he looked a bit more desperate than before, and she also knew that meant they were reaching the end of their match. She tossed a shuriken at her cousin in an almost lazy fashion, blinking a bit when Sentora comes back. "What? That's no fair! You left!" she exclaims.

Nendo was shocked when the other genin returned and Nendo groaned a bit as he saw that exhaused genin draw a kunai before him. Rather than making excuses or fleeing however, Nendo would drop his ointment to begin forming seals with his hands once more. He was feeling burned out, literally and metaphorically but the genin had made his challenge and Nendo wouldn't act like the two boys, trying to run away from a fight time and time again. "Ran off to let your brother burn me while you took a break, huh? Sneaky little blockhead.." Nendo would goad even as he did what he could to gather chakra for one or two more bursts.. It was all the Toujitakumi felt he could manage.

Mitsue was surprised to see the return of the other boy as well and he just kind of stares with those violet eyes before he decides to act. This time he focuses only on the boy who seems to want to threaten he and Nendo so badly. The seals are formed and then the dark figure would appear once again, trying to bear down on him unrelentingly.

Zora acts swiftly, trying to make a handseal. He fumbles a bit, though, messing up the last seal, and then the first, which means he gets a good few burns, and then he gets a cut across the cheek before the final shuriken thuds its way into a log. "Hah" he says, drawing the flames from deep within. It was getting harder to summon chakra, and he was pretty sure his vision was getting blurry… Maybe he should take a break…
Sentora feels the genjutsu, and he immediate stabs himself several times in the leg. "That… That won't work on me!" he declares. "I know the truth now! So… So die!" He slashes at Mitsue's throat before the boy then just kicks out at the Gansao's chest, then he throws his kunai at Nendo really quick before leaping back and panting heavily. This was … difficult now. He /had/ just run from the other side of the village, though…
Kaneko is starting to feel a bit more confident, and she recalls Hotaru's advice a bit. The girl takes a breath, turning to face Zora. "Okay, I'm ending you!" she tells him, ducking and weaving her way out of the bursts of fire he had spit out at her, and she retaliates the fire with her own. A huge wave of small fire bullets! And then she's right in front of him, lashing out with a kunai to try and cut his leg so he can't move as easily anymore.

Nendo couldn't defend Mitsue against everything but the flash of the knife was aimed at Mitsue's slender little throat. The genin was quick to press Mitsue back just out of range of that blade before he'd have to lean back his own head so the thrown kunai didn't go for his throat as well. Narrowing his eyes in annoyance, the genin was quick to form hand seals, the boosted speed from his mild lightning charge fading just as his hands finished moving. When the other genin leaped back, Nendo gave him a hail of bullets chasing the genin's fleeing form as a parting gift. Attacking him could be overlooked, trying to kill the young Gansao under his care however was a far different matter..

Mitsue didn't even realize what was happening when Nendo moved him back, thought it probably saved his throat from getting slit at this point. There was little to be done about the foot however and it easily knocks him off his feet and to the ground, the connection of the foot to the chest followed immediately by a soft cracking sound. Something not good is happening there. Pain shoots through the frail Gansao before and after he hits the ground…yet people are still in danger. He painfully pushed himself into a sitting position, refocusing some more chakra despite the drain he felt already. He hadn't had enough chakra to defend…how was he going to focus enough to attack in time to help?

Zora struggles to avoid the barrage of fire bullets. There was just far too much for him to avoid, and he ended up getting burnt and cut up, as he held his kunai in a bad way, allowing for his hand to be cut despite trying to block. He drops the kunai with a curse, shaking his hand and eyeing the blood that wells up. "You win this time!" he scowls, putting down a smoke bomb and running away. His partner in crime realizes that his friend is running, and he flees as well, getting some new bruises because Nendo was a pretty good shot despite the smoke!
Kaneko sighs a bit in relief when she sees her two cousins fleeing, and she suddenly collapses to the ground. She was /tired/. "That…" she says, taking a huge breath before continuing with a quick rush of air, "tookwaytoolong." She then flops back, groaning when she thuds against the ground. Then a thought crosses her mind, and she's back on her feet looking worried. "Nendo-sensei, Mitsue-kun! Are you two okay?" she asks, eyes wide as she finally takes in their conditions.

They were fleeing.. that was good.. they knew their place. And the sky was very blue… Nendo swayed and dropped down to one knee before bowing forward and bracing himself with his hands against the ground. Swallowing deeply, the genin started to pant a bit more heavily due to the wounds dotting his form along with his own drained stamina. The genin could probably stand in a few minutes but for just those few minutes, the genin needed to be weak even if it meant that his students could see him in such a state. "We're alright here… You both were really amazing in that fight.."

Mitsue wasn't feeling so well himself, but he faught against his own pain when Nendo dropped to his knees. Mitsue reached forward, a shaky hand moving to brush against Nendo's cheek worriedly. He didn't have his genjutsu active, so he couldn't actively speak to the pair, but his eyes showed his concern plainly. A look to Kaneko when she neared and he just shook his head slightly, whatever that might mean.

Kaneko heaves a sigh, but not one of relief. One that said 'oh boy, now what the heck am I supposed to do?!' Lightbulb. "Oh! I'll … I'll go and get Otou-san. We'll all take a trip to the hospital. I'll be right back!" She gets up a bit unsteadily and takes another breath, fighting the exhaustion that's dragging at her limbs. She just needed to tell her dad. Fortunately, he wasn't fighting Rokuro anymore, so he could actually help out!
When she came back, her dad and her mom were both with her, the pair carrying some bandages for basic first aid and some soup to help keep everyone's strength up at least a little bit. They would treat the ones who seemed like they were in the most trouble (so likely Mitsue and Nendo) before they would get all three of the shinobi to the hospital. There was likely going to be some WORDS about those two genin later!

Nendo would give thanks for the first aid and then work to press to his feet so he could stand up on his own. The genin would sway tiredly but insist on standing and walking on his own with the stubborn words that he was alright. "They're just a few burns… I've had worse in the past when training your daughter and her friend.. They're both going to make strong Shinobi.." Nendo explained ot be sure Kaneko's parents heard from a genin that she was an impressive girl… as though her single-handedly(almost anyway) beating a genin didn't already prove that for them.

Mitsue would actually decline the hospital trip with a small shake of his head. Visibly he only had a few bruises. He might really be worse off than that but he wasn't going to let it show. He would go with Nendo though to make sure he was okay before he went home himself to rest and try not to breathe too much.

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