Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Give Us Justice!


Nariko, Amani

Date: September 16, 2016


Amani provides details on how the clan head was murdered to the Yotsuki clan. Nariko and the clan come up with a plan to get justice.

"Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Give Us Justice!"

Nariko’s Home – Yotsuki Village

It was the middle of the afternoon, the village was full of activity as it was lunch time, but for a certain Yotsuki and her clan, there was business that needed to be completed and done. She had called to her home the clan's advisors that were at the old clan head's home the night he died along with Amani, her faithful friend who helped conduct the autopsy. She was sitting in her office looking through some documents and waiting for everyone to arrive. Thankfully while she sat in her office she had help in her home to make sure that her house was up to par for visitors.

There would be a knock on the door as the advisors arrive. "Please let them in." She stood up and arranged chairs in her office to allow enough people to sit in. As they are led in, she smiles. "Thank you for coming. Would you like some tea?' Of course, being the daughter of diplomats currently living in the Land of Tea, she had on hand many different types of teas and they were all ready to go when everyone arrived. The advisors would nod to her and then sit down in a chair. "We heard you have news." An older man would say seriously and with no expression.

Nariko nods and moves to her desk. "Yes, our Head medic of Kumogakure has identified the cause of death and has also provided an overwhelming amount of information that will guide us to finding the person who has killed the clan head." She leaned against her desk, sitting on it slightly. "Well, I hope this medic has kept the privacy of the clan, even though we wished to keep it within. And you realize that this position of yours is only temporary?" She looks at the man and looks solemn. "I understand. But if I may, I would like to offer that if I am able, I will find this person and bring them to justice." She was going to prove to the clan she was able to take care of clan business.

"Don't worry about what I can keep private, I am the /pinnacle/ of private! I could release your medical files if I wanted to, but I haven't!" Amani pointed out to those gathered in the room. "And I /never would/ so don't bellyache about privacy to me, my lips have been sealed!" She grumbled. "Anyway, yes, we should bring this individual to justice. They must pay for what they have done. What would you all like to do? Hm?"

As Amani speaks up, all heads turn towards her and they all just stare when she says that she could have released their medical files. The old man who had been speaking stood up and leaned on his cane he held. "I will have you know that it was only because you are the Head medic, and close to her that we /allowed/ you to be a part of this." He was not happy with the way she spoke to them.

Nariko put her thumb and forefinger to the bridge of her nose. "I'm sure she didn't mean any disrespect. But she is very trustworthy." She looks to Amani. "Well, I was hoping you would share with us what you found." She looks to the old man and walks towards him. "At this time we should all have cooler heads and not allow our emotions to rule our minds." She spoke with a sense of calm for the old man and helped him back to his seat.

The old man eyes Amani for a moment. "I would like to see this murder's head on a platter! We are calling for justice." He looked to Nariko as she helped him back to his seat, seeming to take her calm attitude in stride. "Nariko-sama, you must bring us justice." He slams his cane down and looks to Amani to provide the information about the autopsy.

Nariko looks to Amani and smiles as she apologizes. "Amani is my closest ally and friend. If I can, I wish to take her with me." She looks to the elders and advisors as she requests this. "The clan will allow this and an extra. Preferably one you can trust." The old man speaks before looking to Amani. "We will forgive you this time Yamyuki-san." Nariko blinks as they use her formal name, sometimes she forgets that people know her because she runs the hospital. She looks to Amani. "If you would please share what we discovered."

"Excellent because I have news for you!" Amani chimed. "The poison, we discovered, came from the Land of Tea. We believe it to be a hemotoxic poison, that is, it tends to destroy blood and tissue. Nasty stuff, that is. Moving on! This kind of poison is notable for causing slow death because it takes time to clot and damage tissue which may lead to other issues and eventually death. Yet, there is the matter of the kunai which was stabbed into his throat. We found that this kunai had a fingerprint on it which could indicate the one responsible for the crime. Further…" She proceeded to flip the page onto the next. "Ah, well, that was short and sweet. Not much more to the report. Given all that happened, we can ascertain his death was unfortunately painful and slow up until the moment of the kunai striking his neck in which, we can say he likely died much more quickly from the wound than the poison. So, if we can match up this fingerprint which belongs to a Yotsuki clan member, we can close that part of the case. The next part would better be served for records purposes, I imagine. Knowing where the poison came from and who else may have been part of this, so on and so forth."

Nariko looks to Amani as she gives a short and sweet report. When she mentions the Land of Tea she blinks. "Wait, you mean to tell me that someone from our clan, brought poison from the Land of Tea here to kill him?" She couldn't believe it. She was getting quite upset, her fingers began to tense and turn into a fist. The elders and advisors began to make some noise. "This is outrage! How do you know it was someone from our clan? Who would do something outrageous?" Nariko took everything in from what was being said. "Elders, Advisors." She was calm, except for her fist. She was not being heard, their voices were too loud. "Excuse me!" She yelled, gaining the attention of all the elders and advisors. "Look, Amani has the ability to understand where these come from. Besides, as far as we know there is no other clan out to get us. Also, if the poison came from the Land of Tea, then this person must also have come from there." She let out a sigh. "I can send my parents a missive asking them who would have been there, but we must think that the person who did this had reason to do so. If we know of anyone who had any ill will towards us, that is where we must begin." Somehow she was able to keep her calm and not bring her anger forth. She had some ideas of who it could be and wanted to make sure they were brought to justice. "And even still, if they are not here, they may have returned to the Land of Tea and that means my family is in danger." She looks t Amani and smile. "Thank you for this information. I would like it if you would accompany me after we discover the identity of this person."

"Yes!" Amani slammed down the report on the desk nearby. "The criminal was out of order, this meeting was brought to order and now this whole room is out of order!" She could have gone further, but Nariko brought it all back together. Good thing, because that was a tangent that was about to stretch into an entirely new and dysfunctional direction. She cleared her throat and straightened out her lab coat. "Oh, you wish for me to accompany you? I see. I would be honored to accompany you, my friend," she smiled.

"But first things, first. Elders! What manner would you suggest we kill the criminal in? Cruel irony or dishonorable execution?" She wondered. "I really want to know. I can understand the need to bring his head back on a pike and perhaps a few other limbs for good measure, but I just want to have this on record so that it can be placed in the books about why the Yotsuki should not be trifled with," she nodded. "And one dysfunctional Yamayuki medic," she coughed the rest out.

Nariko looks to Amani as she asks about how do they want him brought back. "Wait, you're serious?" She just stared. She remembered why they were friends and it was a good thing Nariko wasn't standing near her. "Well, I.." And she is interrupted by the group of men. "We don’t wish him to be brought in alive. We wish him to be killed as he killed our clan head. There is no room for honor here. He has shown a great disrespect in this." Nariko just looks blankly for a moment and gathers her wits. "I'll give him a punch or two for good measure before his death." She looks to the elders and advisors. "We will make sure he is brought back in pieces." And that wasn't something she normally did. "But he will be brought back." She looked to Amani and smiled. "This person does not know what they're in for. Leave it to us."

"I will make a note of this. For the record!" Amani pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and examined it. Just some old receipt. Perfect writing material! Now, to jot this down… "Not…brought…in…alive. Brought back in pieces," she scribbled out. "And a couple of punches for good measure!" she folded the paper back up and stuffed it into her pocket. "And with that, I believe we can draw this meeting to a close. It has been wonderful, but now, I believe you all are due for rest. Nariko and I have to start packing!"

Nariko looked to Amani as she took notes. "You know, you don't have to take notes." She shook her head and looked to the old men and advisors. "Thank you for coming. It is appreciated. We wanted to make sure you were kept up to date with what was happening. When we find something and have taken care of things, we will send a letter and return as soon as possible."

The elders and advisors rise from their chairs and all bow in unison. "Thank you Nariko-sama. We will be forever in your debt." The older man from earlier walks up to Nariko and grabs her hand. "Bring justice for the Yotsuki clan." He whispers to her before turning and leading everyone, except Amani out of the room.

Nariko's posture relaxes as they all leave and she looks to Amani. "Thank you for doing this with me. I don't know what I would do without you." She looks down and pushes off her desk that she has barely left. "I hope you're ready to go to the Land of tea. I will send a letter to my parents letting them know what is happening so that we have a place to stay." she smiles and lets out a sigh. "I guess I'll get my stuff ready. Meet me at the docks in two days."

"But it's going on the record!" Amani pointed out to Nariko. As the Elders shuffled out of the room, she remained to look around at the room and then back to the desk where she threw the report. "…That almost came apart," she gathered the sheets back together in their proper place. Thankfully, they didn't fly off anywhere. "They don't really need me at the hospital all the time, I just stick around because I like control and want everything to go my way," she grinned. "But I will prepare myself! We have our work cut out for us."

Nariko looks to Amani as she gathers her papers. "I'm hoping you're referring to the meeting almost coming apart because yes, it almost did." She lets out a sigh and moves to a chair to fall into and close her eyes. "I am grateful that you will come with. As for the hospital, get someone you trust to do the work you want. I'm not sure how long we will be gone." She looks to Amani "I think I need a rest though. That took a lot out of me." She rises ad walks towards the door to hold it for Amani. "You don't mind if I go rest do you? I'll need it if we're going to find this person."

Amani paused for a few moments as she thought about Nariko's initial words. "…Yes, yes that also almost came apart." Yep, totally talking about the report the first time. "The hospital will be fine. I have plenty of staff and backup staff that can get the work done without me being there. I just /like/ to be there. I don't really /need/ to be," she emphasized. "The place is capable of running itself. Besides, we're partnered with the monastery. It'll be fine. We have monks and medics and both of them enjoy healing of different kinds." She gave the papers a few good taps on the desk to ensure they were straightened out and tucked them under her arm.

"I'm coming!" She rushes over towards the door. "Thank you for holding it for me and you're free to go and rest. You're going to need it; I'm going to attempt it."

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