Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Trouble Starts


Nariko, Hiei

Date: September 8, 2016


In the middle of the night Nariko and Hiei learn their clan has been murdered. In order to keep the clan running Nariko is appointed clan head.

"Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Trouble Starts"

Clan Head’s Home – Yotsuki Village

It was the middle of the night, no clouds were in the sky and the stars were shining as bright as could be over the village of Kumokagure. It was at this time that there was a hustle and bustle within the Yotsuki clan's village. It was mostly those that were higher up in the clan such as the clan head and other advisors. First, the Raikage was sent a letter regarding his presence and how important it was needed. Second, another letter was sent to Nariko requesting her presence as well. Third, Nariko had no idea why she would be called except to take care of diplomatic concerns. She was dressed in her formal kimono, not knowing what to expect. She would knock on the door and be rushed in to the house while the others inside looked around to make sure no one was around or trying to sneak in. She hurried in and looked around, amazed at how many people were here and curious about what could be happening to cause such a ruckus in the middle of the night.

The middle of the night found Hiei asleep in his bed. But the constant pecking from the messenger bird at his window, finally got him to wake up. After reading the message, he went to Shun's room and woke him, then dropped him off with his grandparents. Hiei shows up on the scene a few moments later dressed in baggy pants, a t-shirt, and a sword buckled around his waist. His hair was still a little messed up from him being asleep and he rubs his eyes and yawns as he walks in. "Alright, I'm here. What's going on?"

The advisors and other people rush Hiei in. "Thank you for coming Raikage-sama." They bow politely to him and then grab Nariko as well. "Thank you for joining us. We have some unfortunate news." They lead both Nariko and Hiei upstairs into the bedroom of the Yotsuki clan head. Once they both are inside they notice the Clan head looks fast asleep in his bed, his arms draped ontop of his body.

Nariko moves around to the side of the bed and looks him over. "Okay..He looks asleep." She wasn't a medic at all and had no idea what was going on. She looks to Hiei and bows her head. "Sorry this woke you up." She smirked, noting how he wasn't very dressed. She looked back to the clan head and then to the advisors. "I'm going to hazard a guess and assume he is dead?"

Hiei goes up the stairs along with Nariko. "It's alright. I always make myself available for clan stuff." Hiei then looks down at his successor and frowns, he checks for a pulse, having had first aid training and then looks at Nariko. "Oh yeah. He's dead." He turns to one of the advisers. "Any idea what killed him? I don't see any blood, so I know it wasn't a bladed weapon."

The advisor nods and moves to move the body so it is sitting upright. The advisor shows an area behind the neck where the remnants of a sharp kunai penetrated. "We had found him slumped over his desk an hour ago with a kunai sticking out of the back of his neck. And it seems the kunai was coated in something. We have sent it to the hospital in order to determine what it was. We are assuming it was poison."

Nariko looks to Hiei and then the advisor. "Wait…you mean to tell us that he was killed? Were there any signs of the person after you found him?" She helped move the body back down onto the bed to make it look as if he was sleeping again. "So, that means there is no longer a clan head." She states matter of factly. "I'm assuming the Raikage will be the first choice." She smiles to Hiei. She was ready to help make sure he could handle the role again.

Hiei frowns at the adviser. "What do you mean he was found slumped over his desk? And you moved the body?" He facepalms briefly. "Amateurs. The crime scene has been compromised now. I should have been notified as soon as the body was found." He waves his hand. "No matter. The type of poison should give us a general idea of who the culprit might be. Maybe." He grunts. "Seal off his quarters and make sure nobody else goes near that desk or that room."

He shakes his head at Nariko. "I can't be Clan Head. I had to give the position up when I became Kage. It would be a conflict of interest. However, I will help find out who murdered this guy."

The advisor looks to Hiei and seems to almost cower when he gets told they shouldn't have moved the body. "Of course Raikage-sama." They say almost wimpy like. Even the toughest of Yotsukis cower at their leader. When the idea of the new clan head was brought up, the advisor looked from Hiei to Nariko. "Yes, as he said, he cannot be Clan Head. That is one of the reasons we asked you here Nariko-sama." He takes a breath and looks at Nariko. "We are asking you to be clan head of the Yotsukis. You have shown clear headedness and your ability to work with other nations within our world has proven to us that you are deserving of the title." As he finishes he calls in some others to give them direction on what to do and what not to do.

Nariko goes wide eyed and begins to back up. "" She shook her head and then took a breath to calm down, it didn't help her outfit wasn't very breathable at times. "Umm..I will do my best to serve the Yotsuki's and my village." She looks to Hiei with a deer in headlights look and mouths, "Oh my gods" to him, still surprised and shocked. "I would take any help in finding the murderer." She was able to bring herself down for one moment as she accepted Hiei's help.

Hiei looks from the adviser to Nariko. He nods as he places a hand on her back to steady her a bit from the shock. "I think that's an excellent idea. Nariko would be the most logical choice." He flashes a smile at her. "Don't worry, if you need any pointers, I'll be more than happy to help you out. It can be a stressful job, but it should be nothing compared to your duties as ambassador, right? Grandpa would be so proud of you." He places an arm around her shoulders. "Come on. Let's take a look at the desk and..wait." He looks at the adviser. "Nobody's cleaned that office, yet, have they?"

Thankfully the advisor shakes his head. "No Raikage-sama. We only wanted to move him because of onlookers." He looks at Hiei and Nariko and bows. "We will keep this home off limits until everything has been solved. We would like to bury the body as soon as possible though." Religious rights and what not. He moves towards the door to let them both out of the room if they so wish.

Nariko seems to let Hiei hang onto her since she was still in disbelief. She looks up to him and blinks. "I'm not dreaming right?" That would be one terrible dream if it were. "Let’s see what we can find in the office to help solve what happened." She says in agreement with him. When he walks out of the room she would follow suit and allow him to lead her to the office.

Hiei shakes his head. "Nope. You are not dreaming, Yotsuki-sama." He says with a grin. "Though it kind of sucks at the circumstance. I liked that guy. Which is why when we find whomever is responsible for this, we put him in the ground. Agreed? This is a clan matter and I'm not inclined to take prisoners. Especially when the attack is against one of our own." He steps into the office and comments, "Try not to touch anything in here. In the morning, I'll have Kamen come in and collect evidence. Maybe they'll find something. It's what their good at." Hiei now draws on his own Kamen training as he checks out the room, specifically the various entrances and the desk itself. "Had to be someone either with good stealth skills, or someone he knew. I'm not seeing signs of a struggle here."

Nariko and Hiei were able to get to the office and be left alone. "Don't call me that." She glares at him and steps through the door. "Yeah, he was a good clan head. I'm sorry to see him go the way he did. Which makes me worried for my own safety." She was worried about someone coming after her since they just came after the past clan head. "I won't touch anything. Make sure that Amani also gets a hold of some of the evidence. I want to make sure we are able to determine medical stuff, or whatever she does." Nariko was never fully sure. On the desk there were lightly bloodied papers from the blood that rolled down the neck and onto the table, the windows seemed to be partially open and the room looks like someone was looking for something. She walked around as carefully as possible in order to not disturb anything. Even a vase of flowers had fallen on the table.

Hiei grins and holds up his hands. "Hey, don't be mad at me. It's what they're going to call you from now on. Best get used to it. How do you think I feel? The Saito clan are constantly bowing and scraping just cause I'm Kage. I hate it. Hate having guards, too, but I'm going to assign a couple of my Senshi to you until this is over. I know you don't need it, but well…whoever was in here was obviously looking for something. And the windows are halfway open." He sighs. "Could have been anyone, really. Looks like security was lax. And Amani should get a copy of everything. Not only is she our doctor, but she's our lead scientist, too. She might be able to tell us some things after analyzing evidence in her lab."

Nariko looks to Hiei and nods. "Well, I'm fine with others calling me it. Not you though." She gives him a glare. If he called her that again he might get a talking to the next day. "Well, I think we should try to get everyone out of here and the rest taken care of." It was the middle of the night afterall. "We will solve this. And while I know you don't want prisoners, we should find out the reason for why it happened first. They will pay besides sitting in a cell the rest of their life." She would definitely cause someone some hurt, but for now she was tired and after all that excitement needed some rest.

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