Mushi vs. Noab


Mushi, Noab

Date: July 26/September 16, 2013


A simple spar between Neutral Medical Center leader and Akimichi clan head.

"Mushi vs. Noab"

Training Area #26 - Jounin Training [Konohagakure]


The section of Toshiba Forest designated for jounin use is a vast and sprawling area, considerably larger than either the genin or chuunin training grounds. Virtually every type of terrain can be found here, from cliffs and falls to dense forests, hills to valleys, a broad river and a large lake. Although the area is kept in surprisingly good order, the fact that animals avoid it completely gives testament to how much destruction is continually wrought here. Caches of ninja weapons are stored cleverly in innumerable places around the zone.


* First pose lost *

And who should respond to Mushi's challenge but KONOHA'S CREAM OF PHYSICAL FITNESS AND SHINOBI SKIno wait it's some fat old dude missing an eye hobbling across the training fields. e.ea Noab makes his way toward where Mushi is waiting at a deliberate pace, leaning on his axe-cum-cane. When he reaches her, he looks her up and down calculatingly. "I understand you're looking for a spar. You're certain you're up for it? Even friendly practice can be pretty dangerous at this level." Not that Noab disbelieves she could be a formidable opponent, but he doesn't want to be responsible for injuring any visitors. :P

Mushi blinks when she sees an old man approaching her. So she's not even worth sending a…wait. As she looks at the approaching shinobi, she quickly shakes off her first impression. This guy carries himself like a veteran, and he seems quite confident. It wouldn't be the first time she was whooped by someone three times her age. So she says, "Yes, thank you for accepting my challenge. As for injuries, that's just a part of sparring. I'm sure we can count on one another." Then she starts gathering chakra. A great deal of it in fact, which is a no-brainer as a medic and ninjutsuist. "When you're ready," she says gaily.

Noab nods. "Very well. I'll be your opponent, then." Noab starts gathering up his own chakra, and he's not slacking on it either. "Mushi-san, wasn't it? I'm Akimichi Noab, in case you don't recall. Let's have a good clean match." Noab lifts one arm with palm facing outward, is that some sort of signalNOPE the arm suddenly expands and shoots forward in a sort of full-body palm strike. CHEAP SHOT OLD MAN! And right after talking about a good clean match. :P

"Nice to see you, Noab-kun," Mushi says just before he's leaping at her. No, not him…just his hand! Of course, he's Akimichi. However, he might feel a slight sting as he slaps a clear barrier instead of Mushi herself. She'd sent it out to meet his attack and repel it. However, Mushi isn't taking the time to gather herself—she's already gone and appears right behind him, aiming a kick at his back. He's not the only one who can take a cheap shot. As soon as she lands from her first attack Mushi makes a few quick seals to pepper the old man with chunks of earth that shoot up like annoying bullets from the ground.

Noab lets go of his axe and brings his other hand around to cover his back, inflating its size and density. He seems to stagger forward from Mushi's kick a bit, but the stomp of his foot brings the dirt around him upward briefly. Mushi's earth bullets clatter off the temporary personal fortress. "You do seem fairly capable. Let's move it up a notch." Noab forms some handseals, and the falling dirt from his defense clumps together into a clone, which takes a hearty swing at Mushi. Noab meanwhile expands his torso outward into a big ball and revs up slightly before plowing toward Mushi.

Mushi is about to move into her next attack as he's knocked down and hailed with rocks. But somehow he's neither knocked down or bombarded with earth. "Earth manipulation," she says with a smile. Seems they're birds of a feather…well, in some ways. The Earth Clone would smash into a swiftly executed chakra barrier. However, Mushi doesn't stay to catch Noab's spinning bulk. If her barrier is bypassed, she wouldn't look forward to being crushed by a boulder. Already in his spinning path Noab might find himself rolling right onto a seal on the ground, which would freeze him in place. And now chakra is swirling around Mushi's arm, growing to imitate the size of his extended arm from early. Then she'd swing it to swat him away.

That's the problem with this attack, it's hard to tell what's going on around you. e.U Ironically, it tends to work better against multiple opponents, since you can threaten several at once and their panicked attempts to dodge can make them interfere with each other. >) But no, that's not what's going on here. What's going on is that Noab seems to be facing one very experienced and resourceful opponent. He finds himself suddenly stuck, which is saying quite a bit considering his momentum. o.U; Then he's smacked by a protrusion of chakra and goes bouncing a short distance. Ow, that stung a bit. :P Noab poofs back to normal physiology and grunts. "First touch to you, Mushi-san. Well done." Noab forms some handseals, and a torrent of mud suddenly erupts from the ground toward Mushi's legs. Noab charges alongside the stream and swings his axe low — low enough, in fact, to hit the ground, though it seems to cleave through it like pudding. It comes back up with a large ball of earth stuck around the blade, which Noab swings at Mushi.

Mushi gives Noab a half smile when he points out the first blood…er, blow. Gee, he has thick skin. When the river of mud rushes at Mushi, it parts around the barrier that has sprang up around her. The barrier is angled and glossy like a crystal. Instead of vanishing, it pushes outwards, driving Noab's club back. Mushi takes in a deep breath as the stream of mud flows outwards, and…SPITS. Globs of mud would hurtle at high velocity towards him. "The second blow will go to me," Mushi says with exaggerated swagger.

Noab twists his axe deftly, moving the hulking weapon with surprising agility. The mudballs are deflected by the broad blade of the axe. Not much of a worry for Noab, seeing as he already encased the whole thing in dirt a moment ago. X) "Could very well be," Noab remarks in return. "Wouldn't count on it, though." Noab lunges in again and swings his weapon at Mushi in powerful strokes. >.U He's not using the sharp edge of course, seeing as this is a spar, but it could still pack quite a wallop.

When Noab blocks Mushi smiles, if anything, more widely. "I wouldn't want it to be too easy," she says. She seems to be in good humor, but she doesn't seem to be taking Noab as lightly as she might want him to believe. Her eyes are tracking his movements very closely. From the look of it, when this guy hits it probably HURTS. The swing of his axe passes right throughno blood, no soundas an afterimage of Mushi simply flickers from view. He'd hear the soft sound of her step behind him, or just sense her, but the next second Mushi is behind him aiming to tackle him off his feet before blowing up into a million pieces of dirt and debris.

Noab furrows his brow when Mushi disappears. When that happens to him, usually people try to attack him from behind, figuring he's too slow to do anything about it. >.U Well, sometimes they're right, but other times he surprises them. Noab allows the sweep of his axe blow to carry around behind himself, shielding him. He's rewarded with a heavy thunk of something throwing itself against the flat of the blade. Noab grips the weapon tightly and slings it forward over his head. Mushi's earth clone is carried with it and flung through the air before it can complete its kamikaze detonation.
Noab slams the butt of the axe handle against the ground and leans on the head. "All right, that's enough!" he barks out. "I'll concede this match to you, you're too quick for me to take on solo. Congratulations, Mushi-san, and thanks for an invigorating spar. Haven't had a challenge like that in quite a while."

Mushi looks surprised as Noab gives her the spar. Then, she shrugs. "You're being too kind," she says. "I would never want to fight against you if it were a serious fight. Or even if it were a serious spar," she adds, raising an eyebrow. She has a sneaking suspicion that even he wasn't putting in as much effort as she was. She relaxes and then goes over, offering her hand to give his a good shake. "It was a fun spar, Noab-san. I'll see you around?" She gives him a smile before departing.

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