Mutual respect


Kitaru, Naru

Date: July 8, 2012


While on a courier mission with top secret documents, Kitaru met up with Naru once again.

"Mutual respect"

2 miles outside of Kyog

Kitaru had been given a simple mission while his team was on break, as it were. There were big missions and small and he was given a small as the big ones hadn't been done yet. Carrying a messanger sachel, he was on his way to Fort Kyusheen with classified information that was detailed enough to require a ninja's escort. It was still only a d-rank mission as there wasn't expected to be any trouble along the route. Kitaru was quiet in his travels, getting close to that fort, he knew that it soon would be over and he could retreat back to the mists. It was about mid-day that found him on the road to the fort, within 2 miles of his destination.

Naru was out and about, her destiny was all but certain at this point. She found herself in the natural grounds, alone and more capable than she had ever was, though her mission was in a sort of just surveying the area and checking out who was coming in an out, perhaps looking up for possible bingobook subjects, Naru was also on a private mission…Find out where her master was hiding and finally prove her worth to him…
She on the other hand was walking out from Fort Kyusheen, perhaps already two miles out from the main path, her body, bellowing with an elegant wind she was wearing traditional konoha battle attirement, the insigna of konoha scribbled along her chasis, it was then a few moments she stepped forward, noticing a familiar presence not to far away from him… It was an instance she found her sharingan flickering, a deadly bright crimson narrowing down on the familiar chakra signature.

Kitaru slowed as he saw someone approaching, a brow raised as he'd finally make her out when they got close enough, he'd give a formal nod to Naru. "Assassin-san. It's been a while." Stopping a good 20 feet from her, that hint of the dark cloak started seeping from him, the normal dark blue energy of his chakra tinged that dark purple in the sharigan perception. "So, are you after this sachel once again? We really do need to stop meeting like this, hai?" He'd tilt his head to the side slightly as he noted the chrimson eyes. Although there wouldn't be a real comment made about them.

Naru didn't carry a vendetta against Kitaru, if anything they were both victims of circumstance. " It has been awhile…. Since we last spoke," Naru spoke softly, she arched an eyebrow at him, of course he stilled called her Assassin-san… She had yet to introduce herself properly. " I'm not here to steal cargo, not this time… And I don't have time to waste against someone…" She paused for a moment, her eyes picking up on the ominous purple chakra… It was different… " I don't know if you have any passion within you, but you seem'ed to have done something to yourself to have such a sinister and evil chakra," It was hard to tell if it was an insult or not.

"Ironic, isn't it? I've unlocked the Gansao secret.. It's a malice that is tangible.. fills everything.. and yet, I have none of it." Kitaru would shake his head slightly. "I've taken your words to heart, Assassin-san. Afterall, if I was to be a challenge.. if I am to survive, I would have to find what it is that pushes me, that driving force and use it." He'd shrug off the sachel, stepping two steps to the left to drop it off by the side of the road, before slowly walking back. Suddenly, the dark malice that was only hinted at before would storm the area, the dark chakra rippling into sight about Kitaru as he focused himself, embracing the dark cloak. "So.. Since there is nothing hostile between us, nothing at stake other than a desire to see where I am vs the one who has always beaten me.. Shall we have a match? I think.. That I may show you more strength from my studies, than I had before.."

Naru looked over him carefully, the dark chakra seemd to emit from him like a ghastly wave, it was interesting, but not intimidating… She took a single step back, her eyes surged darker with the triple tomoe, the full power of her sharingan while her chakra continued to bellow about her, picking up her hakama while her raven locks sway slightly infront of her face. "Its a shame you aren't from Konohagakure…" Naru states simply though she brings her hands out and beckons him forth, fully prepared to take on anything that he might be willing to throw at her.

"Indeed. If my boat had drifted another way on the water, I may have. It's the little things in life that bring forth so much change.." From his belt across his chest, he'd palm two of the spheres, immediately dancing them up into a juggle over one hand. Meanwhile, the other drew a kunai from a spot on his back and would immediately launch it. While the kunai was in the air, he'd attempt that link with her, his chakra becoming a dark cloud over the whole area, dripping thick with the malice as he tried distracting her with a physical attack and link into her network.

Naru's eyes peered open, the kunai came at her in nearly slow motion, she simply shifted the weight in her body and it soared right passed her, but even the power of the sharingan wasn't enough to push away the link, she could see it though, his misty chakra rushing all over her… " You are… stronger," Naru couldn't help but to whisper, it was nearly impossible to flex that much chakra out of her body, instead she needed to completely obliterate him…. Her own eyes gleamed once more, her own link quickly taking shape to penetrate Kitaru's mind, while she chucked a single explosive tag in his direction, obviously to get him on the move… " Lets see who is stronger then… My passion against yours!"

The link from her was shut down almost instantly. That dark malice denying much of any sort of chakra coming from Naru at Kitaru. He just shook his head, the mirror in his leg pouch was pulled up with a small spin, reflecting back at Naru as the illusion from the mirrors took effect. Naru would see a kunai come launching out of the mirror, impacting with the explosive tag kunai so that both burst in the air. Kitaru had moved, he was off to her right as he focused himself. Willed into exsistance via that illusion that he had Naru warped in, a set of mirrors formed about her in an almost cylinder fashion. They all reflected her, entrapping her within the center of those reflections. Each one had her caught in every minute detail, and all of them were still. The images were invading her mind, forcing her to go still, making her be able to do nothing at all. Even as that stillness was bombarding her, two of the mirrors, one each on her left and right, would reach out and latch on to her, the images warped free of the mirrors to pull at her form, almost like tearing straight at her vitality, weakening her in the illusionary assault.

Naru could feel them encroaching her, but she knew very well that this was an illusion, her eyes could see right through it, the potency of the genjutsu was absolutely powerful though, she could see it, the chakra leaking from his body. " You are more formidable than before… if I didn't have these eyes…" She stated quietly though once again attempted to do her own link once more while following through with a pair of hand seals. "Katon! Endan!" She expells a massive bullet directly towards Kitaru, destined to not offer him any sort of recourse… She was going to cause as much damage as possible.. if genjutsu wasn't going to work, Ninjutsu was her second weapon…

Kit missed the link this time, focused as he was at trying to power past the eyes. Those devil eyes were ever the reason why he pushed harder and further in his illusion creation. When a genjutsu can beat those eyes, then it would be powerful indeed. That ball of fire that came towards him was once again reflected within the small mirror he held, a similar ball of flame matching it in mid-air so that both would explode, letting Kitaru move again. Back to where he had stood before, he went through several hand signs. Erupting out of the ground before Naru, that illusion taking hold again, would be a massive mirror, easily 3 stories in height. It caught her, in a minute form, in the middle of the mirror. She'd feel her mental state switch places with the image, her body left standing as she looked out from within the mirror. The mirror itself would suddenly darken, that malice that was hinted at within his chakra all the more tangible within the world of the mirror as her very soul was ripped at, being shredded by the darkness. It was a moment, the briefest of seconds she was caught in that other world, but it was a harsh drain on her stamina as her mental state snapped back to her body.

Naru felt herself pulled into this void, even her sharingan wasn't able to looked passed it. She struggled and sliced her kunai deep into her flesh but to no avail, she felt herself literally sunken into this world of genjutsu, the surrounding mirrors continued to engulf her into she felt her body and soul literaly being shredded by the darkness.. " This… is an illusion!" Naru cries out, though still she could feel blood seeping through her body, though soon enough it stopped, her mind became clear again and it was right where she was left off… " You…" She huffed quietly and suddenly motioned with a single hand seal. "Begone!" The anger of the iron maiden sprung forth from the ground beneath him, attempting to pull him into the earth, locked in the a box of pain…Deadly spikes slammed into his body, a painful bloody process and even making it difficult to even get out of…

Kitaru felt that tug as the image formed behind him. A simple seal and the iron maiden was completely shattered. He shook his head, looking at her as he'd launch two of the spheres she was more use to seeing him use outward. As they'd start orbiting over Naru's head, he'd once again use that small hand mirror, catching Naru's reflection within it. It was a simple attack, a drawing in of her image and causing her body to go still because of it. While she was dealing with that, the two mirrors would launch out those warped images of Naru, reaching out to latch on to her form and pin her down, almost like they were trying to push her down to a knee. Kit watched her passively as he continued that illusionary assault. He was pushed to that edge and he was trying to push back. Even if ever so briefly he had managed to trick those devil eyes.

The Stun was pulling at her form, until a simple flicker of her eyes she could she see passed the genjutsu, but then the weight of his attack continued on, clones of herself dragging her to the ground… It was difficult to get rid of.. " Katon.." Naru whispered quietly uner her breath until finally she managed to continue a set of hand seals. "Katon! Zukokku!" It was at that moment she ignited a single fire ball, compressed and condensed until finally it slams into the ground near him, exploding the area into a massive fire storm that was impossible to withstand without moving away, there was nothin to say, she just knew she needed to end this fight quickly…

Kitaru didn't expect the exact extent of how far the attack would reach. He tried to move, to fade out from that initial impact point, however it still managed to catch him, burning his clothes as he'd pat it out. A small nod to himself, he'd pull up straighten, looking at Naru dead on as the chakra cloud, the pure malice would retreat slightly. He wasn't going to release his link, although he would focus himself to shatter hers. "Assassin-san.. how about we call it a draw there.. We could keep going, but one or the other of us would be hurt badly if we did.. and as there is nothing at stake, I'd rather not put either of us at that point.. hai?"

"Lets…. call it a draw," Naru had finally concluded, she let out a loud sigh, relaxes her body, though her sharingan had remained… Kitaru managed to easily break through her link, though unfortunately she could see the wear on his body… Still they both had quite the apptitude to continue the fight. " You have gotten stronger… I don't know what it is you may have found but… You certainly have gotten stronger," Naru confesses, she couldn't help but to smile lightly. " We will have to fight like this again… The next time there won't be take backs," With that said Naru finally began to relax and move forth, taking a step away from Kitaru and moving further back down the path. "My name isn't Assassin-san… Its Uchiha Narusegawa…"

Kitaru would nod in response, finally letting that link go as the malice would fade out of the air. He relaxed himself, worn, but looking ready enough if needed to continue. "I took your words to heart assassin-san.. ah.. Uchiha Narusegawa. I found a path that would work for me.. The path of passion is a trap. It leads to a dead end as passion blinds you to details.. But I am finding my path.. and it will be as clear as a mirror's reflection.." Stepping over to his bag, he'd pick it up and shoulder it again, a formal bow given to Naru before he'd start walking himself, heading for that fort to finish the mission. "Next time, we will definitely handle it with nothing held back.."

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