What if? Self-Insertion - My Power is Yours



Date: January 13, 2013


A What If? If Daisuke existed in canon

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What if? Self-Insertion - My Power is Yours"

Forests of Konohagakure

Konohagakure - Forests on the Outskirts

It was the era of the Fourth Hokage, the newly appointed Minato Namikaze, one of the youngest and brightest ninja Konohagakure had in a long while. Unfortunately this era was due to end in tragedy almost as soon as it started, at least in most timelines.

It was late afternoon on the day of the birth of Minato's first child when the village was attacked. Not only was Minato and his family attacked, the arrival of the Nine-tailed Fox in the outskirts of the great forests of Konohagakure put everyone in the village's life in danger. Ninja scrambled to action in defense of the village.

Standing atop a tree looking out at the Fox stood a young red-haired man. The beast let out another earth shattering roar as it gained it's bearings, seeming to be fighting against something unseen. Suddenly, beside the man appeared another with bright yellow hair and a long white jacket, the jacket of the Hokage. Immediately upon arrival, the yellow-haired man's face turns serious as he looks out over the forests and the destruction the Nine-tails is causing.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" says the red-haired man to the other, turning his head to look at him.

"It's a boy… Naruto. I have a son." replied the yellow haired man, a wide smile on his face despite the situation, as proud as any papa could be.

"I still can't believe you were able to marry her, let alone be a father. Sometimes luck just isn't fair." says the red-head in a friendly tone, chuckling as he turns his head towards the Nine-tails again.

"Yeah well, I suppose we can argue about how fair life is after we deal with this. My son and wife were attacked and I don't want to leave them for very long." replied the yellow-haired Hokage.

"Then what the monkey are you doing here still? I will deal with this until you secure them." said the red-head, almost confused as to why he was still standing around.

The yellow-haired man looked at the red-headed one for a moment in silence, knowing what that meant. Finally he nods his head, "I will leave it in your hands and be back soon." He vanishes in a flash, half way across the village already, leaving the red-headed man alone.

"I suppose this is a fitting final stage to perform on, huh, Son?" said the red-headed man, a grin on his face. He vanishes from the treetop and enters the battlefield.

The Nine-tails was sweeping through the ninja like dolls, not taking anything seriously. A group of young genin and chuunin were spotted and the Fox decided to take them out. As the Fox takes a mighty swipe of its arm to attempt to cut through a group of ninja, the once red-headed ninja that stood silently beside the Hokage of the village all these years reaches out to grab the wrist of the beast, letting out a massive roar that sends waves over the area, twists his mighty red body, and throws the Nine-tail fox into the air to crash into nearby mountains. The Four Tailed Ape, Son Goku, had arrived in Full form, giving the Konohagakure ninja a chance of survival. He barks orders that echo over the forests, getting the others to pull back to better grounds and keep the children out of it. And the ninja responded, moving quickly, acknowledging the man's orders, a man they had come to respect rather than fear, and it was all thanks to one man, or one boy as he was in the past.

'You better hurry up Minato, I don't know how much longer this is going to go on if he gets serious.' though the red-headed man from within the beast's body as he watched the Nine-tails recover and looked even more aped off.

As the two mythical beasts fought, it kept the Nine-Tails occupied while the ninja forces were setting up sealing techniques and barrier techniques. Throughout the fight various ones were tried but eventually failed, the Fox able to break out of them unrestrained. Goku was getting tired and it looked like the Fox was just fine, things were not looking good. Then, all of a sudden, Gamabunta came crashing down ontop of the Nine-Tails with Minato atop him.

"Bout time you show up." said the red-headed man from within Goku, able to take a momentary breather.

"Thank you, Daisuke. I was able to help my family and you were able to save the village from any permanent damage. Without you who knows what would happen." replied the Hokage with a smile, realizing the battle wasn't over just yet.

"Let's end this together like in the old days." said Daisuke, the red-headed man, from within Goku, waiting for Gamabunta to spring away before attacking the Nine-Tails again with renewed vigor.

The duo fought on while the other ninja were able to make sure to get the wounded out and secure the line, the Fox fighting with seemingly unending energy. Minato was preparing a sealing technique that would end the beast's rampage when suddenly golden chains came out from below to wrap around the Nine-Tail fox. Both Minato and Daisuke looked towards the source with wide eyes, knowing the technique instantly. Below was Minato's wife with their newborn son, Daisuke's first time laying eyes on him. He was angry that she was here with him, why was she always so reckless?

The chains were able to restrain the Nine-Tails but it could still struggle to move as it cursed and reached out towards her to try to kill her. Minato was still preparing the sealing technique that would stop the beast when the chain holding the hand of the Fox broke and it lashed out at Kushina. All she could do was huddle over her newborn to shield it as her body tenses. But when the attack never came, she opened her eyes to see Daisuke standing over them in a reddish orange cloak of bijuu chakra with a massive claw of the Fox through his chest.

"Daisuke? ….. Daisuke!!" she says in surprise, first seeing him then seeing the large claw in his chest. Minato appeared a moment later, his eyes widening as he goes to his friend.

"I-I've got him..now.." Daisuke says through the blood that was trickling out of his mouth, almost joking, but both of his hands secure on the claw that had gone through him. "Do what you have to, M-minato." He looks down at the crying baby boy, a smile slowly spreading over his lips as his eyes tear up. "Do what.. you have to… for your family and… for Konoha. No child s-should ever grow up without f-family. You two were mine, now go be Naruto's."

Within his mind flashed his life, growing up the orphaned Jinchuuriki who was befriended by a yellow-haired kid who saved him from his darkness. Flashing through his teenage years with Minato, giving his pants a kick to confess to a pretty red-head, them as young adults, and finally Minato becoming Hokage and having a child.

Minato embraces his friend, no, his brother, with whom he had lived the majority of his live beside. The warm flames of the bijuu cloak surrounding Daisuke were kind, almost loving, as he reaches a hand of chakra out to pat the head of Naruto like he used to Minato back in the day. He turns to Minato and smiles, nodding his head.

Minato nods his head through tears, understanding without speaking, as he begins the sealing ritual that tears through the Nine-tails, sealing the chakra within the Host of the Four Tailed Ape, which causes Daisuke an almost instant death with two such chakras within him. Lost is Son Goku to Konoha for now, but gone is the Nine-Tails, one day to be reborn within the world. Lost is a friend, a brother, a guardian and protector of Konohagakure, saved is a newborn, a family, an entire village. As the people crowd around to honor the fallen Jinchuuriki, Minato can't help but notice the peaceful expression and wide smile upon the lips of his brother as he says a few worlds to the village with his wife and their child in his arms, alive and well.

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