Pylon of Efficacy - Mysteries and surprises, Taji recovers in Suna


Taji, Itami

Date: September 30, 2011


Taji awakes in a Suna hospital after the invasion, her true gender revealed

"Pylon of Efficacy - Mysteries and surprises, Taji recovers in Suna"

Sunagakure Hospital

The battle occurred more than a week ago, but travel takes time and so does healing. The last thing Taji recalled was fleeing from the front lines, trying to help a pair of younger shinobi out of the line of fire. Something exploded and… blackness. During that time though things have been happening. Taji was grabbed by a group of Suna ninja who were also fleeing, along with several other wounded shinobi. In the explosion a rather large chunk of rock hit the back right side of Taji's head. The result was a rather nasty head wound and loss of the one identifier of what land Taji belonged to. The net result was it was only after the Suna ninja made it back to Suna proper and had a chance to sort things out that they realized Taji was not one of their own.
The mystery didn't end there. Providing medical help the team discovered that although dressed as a male, Taji was definitely /not/ male, lacking certain body parts and having others that were concealed was rather obvious during a basic medical examination. Realizing that Taji was not one of their own an attempt was made to go through her belongings. It became fairly clear that this shinobi was likely one of the Konoha ninja but in all of Taji's gear there really was not much identification, not even a name. A large number of scrolls in her pack were also 'locked' in a way that made it impossible to open. All of this under consideration and considering the situation, Taji has been given proper medical care, but all of her tools are well locked away, her pack, gear, even clothing. A full inventory of what they could decipher was made and treatment was given to help heal the head wound.
Now, a week later, Taji is finally recovering. She's just recently started to regain consciousness and try to eat. At least one guard has been posted at her door at all times, as much for her own protection as to make sure she doesn't try to flee. In her current state it is very unlikely she could walk to the door on her own let alone 'flee' but considering the situation caution is appropriate. Groggy, Taji has finally today gotten to sit up and try to eat again on her own. Dressed in just a hospital gown and still in bed she's been notified that someone will be coming to talk to her, which probably isn't as bad as it sounds, or so she hopes. She has yet to even give her name though, and knows that her stuff is fairly well protected, even if they have figured out that she is, well, a she.

Itami was recently released from this place not too long ago having suffered a major injury to the back, but she was well taken care of, even if she might have caused some problems here and there. She was told to regularly pay a visit to the hospital to make sure that her wound is healing well and that she doesn't go overboard in physical labor or training to keep from reopening the scar she sustained.
So far, she was doing well, but that was not what she was here for. She has come to check up on an individual who is reportedly, not from here. This wouldn't be the first time this has happened. She wonders who they have in their midst this time. The last one was from Kirigakure… Strange how that works.
When she arrives at the room, the guard at the door bows lightly to which she returns the favor before…knocking on the door. Yes, she knocks. "May I enter?" She inquires. "I am Watanabe Itami of the Jounin Council."

Taji is already sitting up, pillows behind her back. She's got a rather impressive gauze bandage around her head, hiding her hair, although it is clear, the doctors say, that the hair was dyed. Another mystery. Taji glances towards the door, tilting her head slightly then wincing. "Ah, sure… I guess." She says softly, looking out of sorts. The sheets are pulled up under her arms, and her gown covers the rest. "Hello." She offers simply, providing no introduction of herself, no name, clan or the like. She gestures politely for Itami to enter, "Jounin Council? I take it this isn't a medical check up or social visit then?" She ventures as she reaches for a glass of water and takes a small sip. The doctors have urged her to remain hydrated among other things.

Itami opens the door to the room and nods to the guard once more before closing it behind her. She bows lightly at the waist in greeting to Taji and as she rises, she says, "Greetings and no, this is not a medical check up. It is…somewhat of a social visit." She smirks before taking a seat at one of the chairs sitting beside the door. "So, you managed to get swept up into our ranks and delivered here into the hospital. A stroke of luck, I'd say." She starts. "So, let's start with a name, if you will. Who might you be?"

There is a moment of hesitation on the patient's part before Taji says, "Ah, I'm Taji. I'm a Konohagakure shinobi. Genin. And… yes, I think I was quite lucky. I hear that the Kiri nin tend not to take prisoners and when they do you'd rather wish they hadn't. I'm surprised I woke up at all with that killer death beam and the chaos and all. Glad though, at the same time. I do appreciate the hospitality. Although…." She hesitates, "I admit this might make things a tad awkward for me going forward." She notes, as she looks from the door back to Itami. "How many people know I'm here? Is… my ah… situation, public knowledge?" She asks, being rather vague and hesitant the whole time.

Itami nodded at Taji's introduction as well as everything else that came after. This was off to a good start. Her expression visibly changed with eyebrows raised and a shake of the head followed by soft exasperation. All of it a gesture of agreement to her words. "Ah yes, Kirigakure. I don't want to imagine what it would be like being taken prisoner or worse. But that is why we are Sunagakure." She smiles. "And you are quite welcome. As for how many people know you're here? Not many." She offers. "Your situation is known only to this hospital. Is there a reason for this concern?"

Taji nods, "I'm afraid there is, and I hope you can respect my concern. My gender is not public knowledge. I hide it from all but a few in Konohagakure. I have rather personal reasons for this deception. I understand it was not your intent to strip this from me, but… it has placed me in a bit of a problematic situation. I am very grateful for the medical attention I'm receiving, please, don't get me wrong. You've saved my life. But if my true nature were exposed it could cause me great complications later." She pauses, "I'm unsure how much to entrust you with, for each thing I tell you must be weighed and I'm not thinking entirely clearly yet. I can tell my speech is more long winded than normal, which might be due to some of the medications. Also I am likely to need your aid here in more than just medicine, so I do not wish to deceive you any more than absolutely necessary, but at the same time, I don't know you. Just met you. You can understand I'm sure?" She gives a hopeful questioning look to Itami.

"Ah. Is that so? Well, I understand. You are not of this land and I wouldn't want to bring any problems upon you if your gender is of a concern to you. I know not why, but…" She shrugs, "If it's enough to raise hell, then that's fine." She is curious, she admits, but she'll respect Taji's wishes. As she continues, she finds herself growing even more curious and she's almost considering asking anyway since the medications appear to be granting her more information that she should be receiving…
Oh, bother. "Well, entrust me with as much as you feel is necessary. I don't know you as much as you don't know me, but I'm not here to make your life miserable by saying something I shouldn't. If there is any more aid you need of me, I'll do what I can, but if it should come at a cost to Sunagakure itself, then I'll have to consider it."

After a few moments of consideration, Taji finally says, "I think I need to ask you a favor. It won't cost you anything. Nothing more than you are already providing for now. Until I'm recovered I'd appreciate it if no one else knew my name? You knowing, might be enough? List me as a Jane Doe or some such. Perhaps indicate my memory was a bit fuzzy due to the hit to the head? I had considered faking that but I would rather be up front with you and earn your trust. I know I'm asking a lot but until I'm recovered it would be better for me if no one knew where I was or who I was. I can't afford to take risks." She looks around the room then back to Itami, "Also, my personal items, were they recovered? Particularly my pack. There are some scrolls in there that are the only thing I have left from my clan. They are very important to me. I would ask that they be returned if at all possible? I don't ask for anything such as my weapons or shinobi tools. I understand you have little reason to trust me, yet."

Itami's facial features relaxed, replaced with amusement. "So, you want me to list you under a different name and make up a story in regards to your condition, more or less. This can be done." She steeples her fingers and rests her chin lightly at the top while she thinks over it. "I wonder what name to list you under. To your benefit, it will be nothing ridiculous as much as I am tempted to do so." She chuckles. "Oh, and your items are safe. They're secured in a good place and will be given back to you when you've been released from the hospital. You have not proven yourself to be an enemy, so I do not see any reason to keep them from you."
She lowers her hands and leans back in her seat to adjust herself into a more comfortable position. "But, because you are not from here, you will be limited in the places that you may visit at this time. You're free to partake of food, baths, or other places that are not considered 'personal' to Sunagakure. I do not have reason to trust you, this is true, but I am giving you the benefit of a doubt."

Taji nods slowly, "I appreciate this. If I can do things to earn your trust, I will. For now I'm afraid sitting up in bed is a bit of a challenge. But if there are things you wish to know I'll do my best to answer, so long as they do not put myself, you, or Sunagakure into additional danger. Sadly I'll have to use my best judgment on that. And any name you can think of would be appreciated. I'm not very good at coming up with names. But a girl name would be best as it appears there won't be much I can do to hide that identity for now. The medical staff already know my gender." She points out. "The doctors, from what I can tell, think I'll be here for at least another week, and then still need monitoring. A bit harder hit and my brains might have been splattered across the landscape." She shakes her head slowly, "I was very lucky. I had lagged behind to help others…. and got caught in the carnage, but luckily not in the beam. I still don't know what hit me exactly." She admits.

Itami hums and taps her chin in thought. "As long as you don't do anything to harm this village or the people within, then you have my trust. I don't really want to have a reason not to trust you, but forgive me if I may still have some reservations. It's only natural for me to do so." She explains. "You may lie down if you wish. If it is any discomfort to you to sit up in bed. I want your experience to be a pleasant one and do not mind you seeking comfort. You are the one in the bed, after all." She chuckles and looks directly at Taji.
"I'll try to think up a decent name and will make sure that the medical staff knows it so that your identity will not be compromised. It's best to start here so that it may not spread elsewhere. I am sorry that you suffered such an injury in the battle, but am glad that you managed to survive. Helping others is a good deed, after all. That beam…" She shakes her head and sighs. Seeing it the first time on the ships was enough. Seeing it the other time on the field was too much. "Well, I don't think it matters much now. Not to…insult your injury, but you'll be in good shape once you leave here." She nods.
"So, information wise, I'd like to know of the various people of importance that are in your village. I don't want too many details because I don't want to compromise you too much. I only wish to know their name and positions, if that's alright? And no, I will not reveal anything about you unless you wish me to."
GAME: Save complete.

This leaves Taji pondering a bit, "Well, I should point out I'm only a Genin. I can tell you about the clan heads and so on, that's fairly public knowledge. I won't betray my village. I hope you can trust me with what I can share. As for harming anyone, I should warn you that I practice a non-lethal form of taijutsu. And… am a vegetarian. I have a rather strict code I follow and so you should be quite safe as to my actions. Even once I am out of bed." She slumps a bit resting back against the pillow. "Thanks. The doctors have said I should make a full recovery. So that's… good? I mean, every time I close my eyes I see that beam still. People, friends, shinobi I know vanishing in the light, just… gone." She shakes her head.
"I'm sorry I won't be there to help. I've been told a week passed but… I doubt I will be able to recover and return to Konoha before this invasion is resolved. At least I hope that is true because otherwise it means Kiri will have taken it over, and I don't think that will happen. I hope not anyway." She shrugs, "Do you have any word from the war? Any news? All I know is we had the route, and were fleeing. I have no idea how many passed away, or any of that. I saw the beam wipe out rows of people though." She points out. "I suspect I'm safer here than almost any where else I could have ended up, so again, I thank you."

"Excellent. I'll probably come back for that information later. I think I've used up enough time as it is talking to you here while you're trying to recover. I'll only need their information and not much else, at the moment. We won't have you betraying your village. There's already war going on so enough betrayals are taking place as is." Itami rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "I'm glad that I may be able to feel safe around you as well as this village. Granted, you will still be on watch, but its nothing that should impede you should you be released and wish to wander about the village." She added as she began to rise from her seat.
"A full recovery is good. Grand, even. You're one of the few that made it away and didn't suffer under that beam." She sighs. "I understand how you feel. I saw some lost that day and even before… The experience was enough to shake me to my bones in fear. I doubt Konoha will fall to Kirigakure. They've proven that before in their last war. Yet, with that weapon, it's easy to have doubts. I haven't heard much about the war up to this point other than various squabbles that have taken place." She shrugs. "I'm hoping you'll be able to return to a home that's free of enemy influence. We may be one of the safest, but I'm not letting my guard down on assumptions. There's always a possibility something else can happen." She offers somewhat gravely.
"You are welcome, though. I'll get to work on your name and information so that you'll be protected. For now, I should be going. I bid you a good day and a quick recovery."

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