Mysterious! Meeting of the Enlightened Uchiha


Rain, Kureno, Kirin, Satoru

Date: July 14, 2010


Rain and Kureno travel together and are visited by the newly dubbed Nukenin; Uchiha Kirin and Uchiha Satoru.

"Mysterious! Meeting of the Enlightened Uchiha"

A Path in a Forested area near the Twilight Village

Delayed for a small amount of time due to… visiting his little genius inventor in her swollen eyed stupor of paranoia due to self induced sleep deprivation, Rainos was healed from the trap that had gone off quite literally in his face and was ready to set out towards the leads he had to find this "Amuro". Still, Rainos had an incling, a feeling about Konoha, something was stirring there… but he had to have patience. If he rushed towards it, he wouldn't be able to exploit the weakness fully. No… he must wait to insure that what ever occurs there will allow him significant time and access to do what ever he pleases with Hashiramako's little community project.
Traveling with little more than Kureno was a strange happening for Rain, but apparently was perfectly acceptable for Uchiha Rainos. His armor, his appearance, his attitude and the way he operated was starkly different when he wielded his true name. His trek through the forest is without worry or concern, and the pace seems to indicate such.

And Rainos was right; he wasn't the only one that noticed it, but many people would look after Rain's follower, who seemed to be a new Shinobi in the village. But as far as questions went, they were asked beyond earshot;
Kureno certainly didn't have any problem with following Rainos, after-all, though he never said it, he owed Rainos his life. And so, with little else than distant echoes of his footsteps he would follow after Rainos, peering at shadows, corners and alleys in the village, and at treetops, branches and trees in the forest, like some kind of bodyguard.
His clothing is a bit dusty and his sandals as well from his walks on countless beaten paths; though, no matter how long they travelled together, Kureno wouldn't initiate a conversation, and it was a obvious sign that there was something on his mind.

Flitting through the forest at high speed, Kirin and Satoru have constantly been on the move as they must, to always stay several steps of anyone else. Only a soft whisk can be heard as they soar through the air inbetween landing for a mere moment, continuing in long soaring jumps through the forest in unison. Kirin lands in a crouch as he slowly draws to a stand, a mere second-and-a-half before Satoru would aswell..his attire looking fresh and completely unscathed by the many bouts they've bested even in such a short time. His nostrils flaring ever so lightly, "Two more, Satoru. They aren't from Konoha though." Kirin tilts his head back subtley, glancing at the position of the sun. "We've made good time, we can assess the movements of the area, and clean up anyone else following us." Kirin says calmly, "We're downwind, so we may not be noticed yet." Kirin turns calmly and begins walking casually. "The hidden mist approach, lets go."

Wearing a cloak much like his partner, covered entirely by the piece of attire….including his head and face as a hood is draped over it…stands Uchiha Satoru after landing in a crouch a mere moment after the slightly older shinobi. "Hai." A serious and stern voice comes out from the cloaked figure, dutifully moving behind his partner. From behind the hood, hidden eyes scan the area for anyone else that might be hiding, however the two nearby are mainly kept on his radar.

Perhaps even Rainos has a limit in which he can tolerate silence… or perhaps he was simply inspired by the moment. "Walking in to traps along the beaten, and some times unbeaten path is quite easy in the Shinobi world as i'm sure you know. However, do you know the one thing that beats all traps? Knowledge. However that is not enough. Experience teaches how to deal with and use that knowledge. This is why there is such a thing as an elder even in shinobi culture." Rainos would spout off seemingly randomly. "With your knowledge and experience… tell me, what is it that you see?" he'd finally ask.

A slight gust of wind ruffles Kureno's hair as it billows out, enveloping his back; He slowly nods his head as he listens to Rainos, feeling like the two share something in common. "I see…" Kureno begins, looking at the sky, his eyes unfocused. "I think I am stuck with only being able to see pain and manipulation." He answers. "I mean. I try to see more.. but.. my eyes always fall on the fact that made me leave my village." Than he pauses and looks back to Rain. "And what is it that you see? When you see a village in flames, do you see opportunity… or …"

Moving closer as fast as possible without disregarding stealth, Kirin moves into nearby vicinity of the two travellers; but only within proximity to initiate the technique from the front. Instead of surrounding the two, this would aim to create a rolling mist from one direction. Kirin blurs through the handseals, kneeled in a crouch amid the forestry..and a thick mist begins to form in the air, rolling torwards Rain and Kureno. Kirin draws to a stand, flickering out of view using the body flicker technique to appear on the branch of a tall tree, overlooking the onsetting mist and now the two it would attempt to distract - now laying his own eyes upon them for the first time. Even at this distance, Rain's attire is very easily distinguishable. For now, he remains silent..knowing full well Satoru would still be initiating his part of the tactic from behind, and he'd have no way to stop him..yet.

Satoru's eyes continue to scan the area, though the crouching and hand-seals draws his attention back to the other cloaked shinobi, instantly noticing the mist rolling out toward the two nearby. In a single hand-seal, his body silently flickers from sight as he travels to his stand-point…which is behind the pair and on a tree-branch much like his partner. The sight of the pair for the first time brings a smirk to his lips…as the mist rolls out in an attempt to distract them… A single, idle glance in the direction of the other cloaked shinobi, able to see him in the distance and he firmly nods from beanthe the cloak's hood.

"I see many things at once, Kureno." Rainos would explain to him without much surprise to the answer he recieved. "However, what i choose to take it as, is how i define what i see. Eliminating variables is part of what it means to see the future… as is coined by some." The mist would indeed begin to roll in, and Rainos would simply continue to walk in to it, meeting it as it came towards him. "I suggest you stay close to me, Kureno." Rainos would state to the teen as the mist would over come him. While other senses could penetrate the mist, the sense of sight, aside from a very few in this world, was obscurred. That was the point after all. Thus Rainos would use this to his advantage, spinning slightly and laying out a very meger and unimpressive looking "barrier" of small blades, senbon, and makibishi around bot himself and Kureno. He would then simply wait as he allowed himself to focus his chakra to a significant level. He also closed his eyes for a brief moment.

"And what would you see if you saw a heart divided? Divided between his home, and his duty. Would you not try to unite the two again?" Asks Kureno, perhaps a bit mystically; Most likely he picked that up from Rainos. "Lord Rainos" Kureno calls him by name, perhaps for the first time, whispering the words so low; "I must tell you som— huh, what the hell?" Kureno than glances at the all encompassing mist that rolls in through the area; The mist clings to Kureno's form and than he hears Rainos' words.
"I got your back." Kureno said as he turned slightly, his chakra focusing.

Kirin remains motionless, though to his curiousity Rain fearlessly walks into the mist. It only serves to show the character of an Uchiha, Kirin blinks slowly..his eyes on Satoru as opens his eyes. Raising his right hand, Kirin makes a simple series of handsignals to Satoru, he would know exactly what they mean upon sight.
Kirin willingly falls forward from the branch, silently falling into the mist below - landing in a graceful crouch, Kirin dashes halfway up a tree only to kick off, just as quietly..spinning in the air with acrobatic grace only to kick off another, and another..untill after soaring in the air for a few moments..Kirin lands with the soft sound of his sandals grinding the beaten paths grated sand, very much in earshot and audible to Rain and Kureno from nearby, within speaking - or striking distance.
His eyes red, Kirin raises into a stand..his eyes falling to the ground beneath his feet, his eyes on the small blades, senbon and various metallic weaponry half imbedded into the earth. "Rain-san, you have my humblest apologies for this interruption - you were just the man I was hoping to find." Kirin raises his eyes slowly, peering into the mist..unable to see more than a foot infront of his face. "If you hadn't been here, I would have missed you at the village of Twilight. It must be fate." Kirin says calmly, knowing more than dangerously well where he's standing, and who he's speaking to.

The handsignals were anticipated and Satoru was already on the move, rushing toward the center point after back-kicking off a tree and spinning…performing hand-seals the entire rotation. In an instance, a gust of wind occurs around him and spreads outward, clearing the area of the obscuring mist; Only to find a cloaked Uchiha Satoru standing next to his partner. The teenager's head slowly lifts, pulling the hood back from his face to reveal a emotionless face..only to be broken by a slightly surprised look. "Is that…Uchiha Rainos?" The words that leave his lips are surprised, not totally believing that himself and his partner have come across another clan-member…especially one that had left a few years earlier. "It's been awhile since I have seen that face, but it's definitely you, Rainos-senpai?" he asks…still in slight disbelief. He did not work much with this older Uchiha member, but he knew of him and had seen him around on the battlefield during the clan-wars.

"Ah…" Rainos would say as if exhaling a satisfied breath, his eyes remaining closed still regardless of the apparent company he now had. "… and yet you have seen it fit to mask your approach and obscured the area of any additional ability to see beyond this point any how. Then, you reveal yourself to apologize for this… misunderstanding even though you were aware of who i was prior to your deception. Very curious." As Satoru enters the scene and the mist is swept away prior by a timely gust of wind, Rainos would now choose to open his eyes, looking to the both of them. "Kirin… you were always far too cautious. It has served you well however." shifting his normal gaze on to Satoru as well, he would size him up. "You have sprouted… i do hope in more ways than one. So… what do those that resemble the Drifting Smoke and the Swirling Embers of the formerly powerful Uchiha clan seek one without such a lavish field title for?"

Kureno was surprised as well, seeing another Nin with red eyes; He smirked at the thought, "These are friends of yours? I see." Kureno would say, glancing at the two Shinobi, though, still on guard regardless.
Glancing down at the weapons in front of Rain, than back to Kirin; It was obvious to him that Rain and Kureno had the advantage here; and with the mist rolling away, he didn't expect a fight now anyway. But still, to be safe.

Standing in the mist, Kirin would remain still as a statue while the momentarily intense gust of wind from Satoru blew by, tugging firmly at his clothing and blowing his bangs out of control. Kirin doesn't seem to acknowledge Kureno as the mist clears, instead he has an unblinking gaze that seems to never fade fixed on Rain..afterall, one must be alert at all times. Closing his eyes for a moment, "I had to be sure it was you, the world is a dangerous, and unforgiving place." Kirin opens his eyes,they fall to the ground as he glances at Satoru from his peripherals while he speaks, and Rain also regards him. Raising his eyes back to Rain at the question, "We no longer consider the Hidden Leaf Village a suitable place to call home, nor recognize the newly appointed Uchiha Fuyu as Clan Head." … Kirin openly glances at Kureno for the first time..his gaze could easily be unsettling to the unperceptive..and even more so the more sensitive they are - Kirin's killing intent regardless permeates the air around him. "And very important information that I trust will prove useful to you." Kirin shifts his eyes back to Rain, "Though, it is for you only." Kirin adds calmly, though the seriousness of his tone can't be ignored.

"As stated…" Satoru begins to speak, answering the older clan-member's question…and keeping his deep brown eyes on him the entire time, not even bothering to regard the man's company. "…Konohagakure no Sato is no longer our home and for myself…it never was one." His voice is calm, serious, and stern…exuding his own dangerous aura just like his partner. "You are probably wondering why I remained there despite this…Well, I have my reasons, Rainos-san." The dubbed named given to him during the clan-wars does catch his attention, however there are more pressing matter besides recalling old times.

Rainos is aware of Kureno's… transparencey at the moment. It was to be expected. Without true offense being meant to Kureno, these two were always looking at the threat first and everything else second. He listens to them, not surprised mostly because well… he obviously agreed with his own views a long time before they made their decision. However, Uchiha Fuyu is mentioned and Rainos cracks a smile. "How foolish… to have let that opportunity slip away. Especially you Satoru, as you had a reason to remain atleast in body if not in spirit or desire." Rainos would turn around from them as most of the metallic items upon the ground lifted and began to orbit around his form in various strings of floating armaments just before they would slide in to or settle into various locations. "That woman… she became the Clan Head in Konoha? Hashiramako is truly blinded by her all encompassing compassion. Now i simply need to know how i can use this…" he would chuckle slightly as he played with the thoughts.
"Kureno, i would ask you to scout ahead of us for now so that this apparently private business can be handled and we can get on our way. I now have far less time to achieve my objectives if i don't want to have to wait much longer to get to one or the other." Rainos would state as he'd raise a gloved hand, "And we will get to your words to me soon as well."

Then Kureno nodded his head at Rain's words and clapped his fist against his chest, "As you wish, my liege." Answers Kureno obediently and than moves ahead of the group; to 'scout'. He wanted to punch bunnies, damn Uchiha. Always so important.

Kirin calmly listens, taking in everything that's said. Kirin keeps a silence as Rain speaks, and even untill Kureno is well away. Kirin nods his head lightly in agreement, his bangs every so subtley moving along with the sway. "Hashiramako will be traveling to Kumogakure very soon, and remain there for some time. The Hidden Leaf Village, will be very open to an attack." Kirin closes his eyes slowly, "With Hashiramako seperated, the village could be taken control of. I don't presume your plans, Rain-san, as I offer this is because I believe, as I believe in are capable to bring about change. It is, the only beacon of light for the Uchiha. Those who have not forgotten themselves." Kirin's eyes fall to the ground at his feet thoughtfully, and after a brief moment his right hand raises..the long sleeve of his cloak falling back over his hand, revealing it gloved and lightly armored. Kirin raises a thumb up to his forehead protector..and slowly traces the outline of the scar across his polished forehead protector.. previously a sign of pride to have never been touched by so much as a single scratch since being worn. "We wish to follow you, should you consider us of use. I know much about Konoha. Even without that village in mind, war is what we do best. And we do it exceedingly well." Kirin's hand falls back to his side, his long sleeve covering it once more.

"I have no interest in showing sheep the light, I went through the same things, and I have not lost my way." Satoru would answer, his deep brown eyes shifting into a blood-stained red..a single tomoe slowly spinning around the pupil much like the moon orbiting the earth while adding, "If they have, they are a mockery of our clan's history and the blood that runs through our veins…they should all die." The Uchiha teenager clearly feels strongly about this, most notably due to the clan's dojutsu taking form within his eyes; That menacing red piercing forth. A slow glance is sent toward the departing company of the man, though those red eyes shift toward his partner as he speaks, mentioning, "If they have not lost their way, then they need to be rewarded and that reward is to grow stronger…as Kirin stated….You are capable of bringing change and bringing our clan back to their former state along with much more." As the dojutsu remains in a show of pride for their lineage, he looks back toward the older clan-member and states, "Our former leader, Uchiha Madara-sama's body was never found after the fight with Senju Hashiramako…even if he is still alive, he is not here, so someone new and capable needs to take up his vision for the clan, Rainos-senpai."

"Ah… and there it is." Rainos would nearly cackle. "Oh it is too bad Kureno had to be sent away… now he may believe that it's a bit too convinient that i promoted such patience before my actions. All of the pieces are in place… Fuyu… hmmm yes Fuyu should be very interesting to meet once again." Rainos would turn to move forward once again, his step a bit more than casual now as he had an amused smile upon his face. Three tomoe would gleam from his visage openly as he walked forward without hesitation, and perhaps the mildest of impatience. "It would have been… alittle easier to control the situation if you had not abandoned your positions on the inside. However it is of no matter. And as far as Madara is concerned… do not buy in to the rumors of Konoha so readily. There was no battle between Madara and Hashiramako. He has taken his leave to do… what ever it is one such as himself who can live far beyond our life times does. I dare not say that he hides… but the sheer… utter lack of faith in him over the Senju of all people has likely cast us in a light of worthlessness. That is why I fought Hashiramako. That is why she is the only one i call rival."
Inhaling deeply, he would keep his gaze forward, not looking back even to the path that went towards the village he recently acquired. "I ask no one to follow me, you may do as you will. I however do not tolerate those that harm the Takokujin with their actions willingly. Beyond this, feel free to pursue your own goals in any fashion you feel will get you there. If you want a leader, you may have one. Are there any others within Konoha's walls that can be confused, stalled, or swayed away from Hashiramako's overly available teet? I will also need to know of the villages current lay out… and i will have to get on to Fuyu's … dangerous side in order to complete my objective after we are back inside. My time table is dependant upon your accuracy, Kirin."

Silent, Kirin listens..moving into a slow walk in tow as Rain speaks and he begins to move. Nothing that is said Kirin disagrees with, he keeps his pace, taking in everything that's said. When the questions are asked though, Kirin doesn't have to think much..there's much to tell. "Konoha is set in the forest, surrounded by large parapets and walls high as the trees. Underneath the village are a series of tunnels, meeting chambers, secret passages to nearly anywhere topside. However, the village is surrounded by a warning barrier - if a foreigner enters, they will know." Kirin says calmly, continuing to walk. "But, it can be bypassed if one knows the password." - "There may be, but I could only vouch for the usefulness of a few. Fuyu, however.. appears to have an open, rather flamboiant hatred for the Senju - she could be used. If she refused to cooperate, or even if she does, she can easily be disposed of. But, as you say, Rain-san. Satoru and I take responsibility for ourselves, we are more than capable of dispatching any hunter nin sent after us. With that, we won't allow such nuisances to arise."

"This might be true, Rainos-senpai, but I could not stay in that village any longer. I was forcing myself to swallow their bullshit since the day it formed…all for my younger brother." Satoru explains. "My little brother is on his own now. He will either want to push his container to its limit and beyond or will accept the peaceful life of that ridiculous village and become like most of the pitiful members of our clan who threw their pride away for peace…" With that said, his attention is on the other Uchiha teenager listening to what has to be said and then he firmly nods, adding, "Kirin is right. We can handle ourselves. Any annoyances that arise will be dealt with.. and quickly." His menacing blood-red eyes return to the Uchiha who fought the First Hokage on equal terms, firmly nodding once again in a reassuring manner. "I will tell you, Rainos-senpai, my goal is to see the weak weeded out of our clan's ranks…and the true-blooded Uchiha to flourish and begin a new age that will be etched into history. I do not want out clan going down in history as a bunch of ingrates who threw away their pride for a false peace."

Rainos' answer seemed to be appropriate blanket on all accounts so far, "So be it." His attention was now on waiting for the very instant that Hashiramako was out of contact with her village. But first… he would have to have some way of knowing. Given the current state of the world, it was unlikely she would travel by sea, thus a land route, which would take much longer, would be taken. Given the over all weakness of something like a caravan or a cart or horse ride, it was unlikely she would take such as well, also slowing her down a bit on a daily basis of travel. Plenty of time to throw things into chaos… but how to hold it down… "I will need to know who will be in charge of Konhoa while she is away. Fuyu unfortunately is unlikely… i do not believe Hashiramako is that brain dead. However… most of the Clan Heads are old and perhaps even feeble… depending on who she picks… this could be quite easy, or quite difficult. Finally, in order for that to work, there needs to be something that draws away those capable of detecting the ploy in the first place. So… a feint will be necessary."

"These things can be found out easily enough.. she'll be in Kumogakure awhile. It's possible to intercept any distress warning she might recieve. It all depends, on what your objective is, Rain-san. I may aswell relinquish mine to yours for this - depending on the target, it can all quite easily be exploited. The opportunity for change has truly arrived." Kirin keeps his gaze ahead, listening and walking. "A feint can easily be achieved, after all.. we have access to the village itself. We can be in and out without them knowing, especially if one were to summon others from the inside." - Kirin glances up at the sky as he walks, thoughtfully. "Perhaps Fuyu could recieve an invitation..for a meeting. And see what she has to say."

Satoru continues to walk behind the pair, his blood-red eyes scanning the area for any signs of a threat or anything else that could interfere with the trio's meeting. His ears remain on the conversation at hand, simply listening as his cloak flutters back against his body as a gust of wind travels past.

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