Mysterious Teacher


Akechi, Luna (emitter)

Date: August 8, 2012


After failing time and time again the young Uzumaki unlocked the skills known as Shadow Clone.

"Mysterious Teacher"

Raiun Falls [Land of Lightning]

Akechi would be stand on the surface of the waterfall hands held in the ram seal as he focus his chakra, eyes closed as he struggled to shout out the words "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" a poof of some and nothing but a dummy clone would be on the surface of the water. Another failure would be rolled down the side of the waterfall, sighing and gasping for air as he fell down onto his knees. "Damnit this shouldn't be that hard for me." Shaking his head as he made it back to the feet the young Uzumaki would once again look over the scroll "there must be hidden text within this," looking it over he would wonder as he focus on chakra control.

A girl with bright golden eyes and long blue hair fluttering down to her waist line suddenly appeared, she was adorned in a bright white cloak outlined in blue, most of her body was covered and there was no hidden signs of affiliation. " You seem to be having a bit of trouble," the voice calls out to him, the young girl, who seemed to be a little bit younger than him moved forth, taking a quick glance at him and his scroll. "That’s a pretty large scroll… are you going to take something out of it?" She asks with a slightly crooked head, gazing off into the water fall as she relaxed her senses.

Coming to a stop he would sigh loudly as he shifted and look at her "that because I am, trying to learn this technique called Shadow Clone…however this isn't work though and I don’t know why." Scuffing up his hair as he kicked the water he would walk over to the edge and looked at the woman. "And the reason this scroll so large is because it houses many techniques. But the only one I seek is shadow clone." Akechi would rest over by the edge of the waterfall release chakra control so he can sit on the edge. "Uzumaki Akechi; now that I told you who I am now it’s your turn to tell me who the hell you are and where are you from?" Akechi carefree tone would be a rather tense one due to serious failures in the learning of this technique.

With such an explanation, the girl just arched an eyebrow at him and blinked briefly, though quickly just like that everything had went sour, his mood had become aggressive and actually rather rude. "Um… I'm not going to tell you anything if you are going to be rude…" The girl merely replied, rubbing the side of her head lightly, her eyes remained on the scroll… it was large but it seemed to be worthless. " Maybe you aren't able to do it properly because you are reading too much… Too much reading and not enough knowledge on how to use the actual technique…"

Akechi would bow slightly as he spoke softly "forgive me, this technique has proven to have taken a toll on me, perhaps I should change the way I say thing. Um my name is Uzumaki Akechi, Im a ninja from the land of Kumo, and you are?" smiling softly as he looked at her he would once again check on the scroll before closing his eyes and tossing it into the water. "Maybe you're right, you seem to know a lot of this technique may I ask you to teach me what you know about it. Please." Akechi would bow once more as he smiled faintly and shifted in stance his eyes would move back to her as he waited to hear what she had to say (he would no longer be sitting on the edge he would now be standing before the young lady).

"I'm….No one important," The girl concluded with a sly grin, even as she had somehow convinced him to dump the scroll into the water fall which was well on its way down the river now, she smirked slightly and even chuckled. "Looks like that is that huh?" she almost seemed to be taunting him, resting her fists along her waist as she too stood before him. " Why in the world would I do that? Even if you are a little nice now, I don't think you really know how to talk to a lady…" She was seriously and for some reason highly upset with him…

Akechi would scratch his head for a moment as he spoke softer than before "I don't know how to talk to women…that's a skill I greatly lack." Akechi would be blushing a bright red color as he stood there he would sigh as he looked at her before speaking again "I want this technique so I can advance my skills in the field of ninja smiling as he looked at her he would shift in stance as he yawned and slipped his hands into his pocket. Tapping his foot onto the ground he would focus chakra once more as he attempted it once more and failed once more. "Damnit I have no idea what I'm doing wrong," Akechi would shift as he shook his head coughing for a moment he would just shift in stance and sit down once more.

"You still haven't quite told me why would this be of any benefit to me…Your goals… Two different things," The girl answered back, but nevertheless she just sighed, and finally she placed her hands together, a simple ram seal and poof! A clone was forged right next to her, full fledged and solid, " And that is how you make a shadow clone…" was all that was said next, the clone began to buzz off, moving towards the water fall and even taken a dive in, the real one just sat there and smirked. "Any questions before I finally need to leave?"

Akechi would blush as he flailed his arms and freaked out "yeah I have question!? How did you do that? You made it look so easy!" Sighing as he drapped his head he could feel a huge weight being placed on his shoulders. Akechi would take a deep breath and replay everything the young lady did over in his head as he notice everything he still couldn't figure out what she was doing that he wasn't. Flicking his nose he would smirk "its your heart and will power that's different…we did everything the same but I just don't have my all into. My father always told me that a jutsu fail when the uses isn't using his all."

"Your father sounds like a nice fine sir…" She commented, almost sarcastically of course she grinned and moved forward towards him. " Shadow clone technique…Are clones that are actually solid, super copies of yourself essentially… Properly dividing your chakra while having an ample supply of it is an absolute must, consider it as some sort of projection… Focus your chakra, shape and project it out of you…It would help if you remember all the hand seals also, before using that just one," She informed with a wide grin, she motioned over towards him, observing him. “Focus on focusing your chakra… and worry about all that other stuff later… Stop it right before you feel like you are going to manifest your clone,"

Akechi would start to focus his chakra as he was instructed eyes close as he started to focus on focusing? Akechi was confused but he understood the basics. He would have a smile on his face as he stood there pouring his chakra into the different pools. "Comeon almost there." Taking in a deep breath he would released his held chakra outward as he smirked and found himself doing it. "What's next?" The focus was there as well as the chakra, his stamina would fall suit to everything the young body was started to glow with chakra if the lady noticed it she could see him doing as she told him.

"And thats it…" is what she wanted to go ahead and say, but of course that wasn't really instructor like, she blinked for a moment, thinking about what it was that might be necessary to push him along. " Don't lose focus…and remember that one thing your father would have said to you.. in that one particular moment…" of course it was just a play on words, she had no idea what his father might of said, but if it helped it would help. " Focus that chakra, holding it in place….and then finally extend it into the other being…. slow gradual division…"
Akechi would start to form the other being into life, the clone turned out very messed up looking however it had a very powerful build. Akechi would stare at it before speaking "oh god kill it with fire!" Akechi would unseal and release the clone to regain the chakra back. As he stood there he would shift in stance and toss his out more seals and focus. "I think I'm starting to get it. Allow me to try it again?

"On your own maybe! Watching you do that is just a little bit boring…" The girl spoke softly, though she did lean in just a litle bit , taking a look at Akechi. " However for teaching you how to do this technique, you owe me later.. It might be your life.. It might be your first born… It could be anything," Her eyes narrowed down, absolutely serious about the matter. " You said you would do anything If I remember right…So you may see me again…. soon,"

Akechi would smirk as he would focus his chakra once more to attempt this technique before calling it a day, he would close his eyes and released a breath before taking the seal. Due to use of the technique his chakra would be almost gone as for everything else it was still there. As the lady was about to leave Akechi would pause as he extended his fist "okay I promise for my word is my bond." Smiling as he waved to her he would call it a day for his training and head home.
As Akechi would be on his way home he found himself ready to test his abilities once more, as he start to close his eyes he would remember to what the lady spoke to him. “Focus on focusing,” Akechi would start to form his chakra as he started to glow. This time everything would be as it should, chakra would move into place as well as the mental stain to perform the technique this time a perfect clone would be made. Sighing as he stood there he would move his hands into his pocket as he shifted about before pausing from his walk to sit. “I should rest here; this technique requires some more training so my body can get use to it.” Akechi would shift in stance as he started to rub the back of his neck.

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