Nano Gets a Scare, Kyuketsuki Gets Some Power


Rockpath (emitter), Kyuketsuki

Date: March 6, 2015


Kyuketsuki is just wandering in the village when someone attacks him! … and his cat.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Nano Gets a Scare, Kyuketsuki Gets Some Power"


It's a wonderful spring day in Konohagakure! In fact, it's perfect to just find a random meadow in the forest and play with a certain pet cat! … So, pan the camera over to Uchiha Kyuketsuki and see just what's going on with him. Is he one of the pet owners that have decided to do this? Kirasoku Ryuugu is certainly hoping so! The boy is hoping that he can take Kyu's eyes, not caring if they do or do not have the Sharingan. But any chance … would be great.

Kyu is, rather obliviously, headed towards the meadow, his pet cat Nano sitting calmly in his hood. It certainly is a nice day and Kyu plans on making the most of it, he brought a few toys to play with Nano and is carrying them, he also is carrying a little bag of cat food and a small bag with food for him in it, he's taking a nice day off… or so he thinks. He gets to the meadow and accidentally drops one of the toys that jingles as it hits the ground, Nano reacts immediately, pouncing on the toy. Kyu turns around to look at her. "Guess here's good enough.."

Aha! It looks like Lady Luck is on his side. Ryuugu draws a few kunai from his pouch, taking careful aim before sending two at the Uchiha's head…. Then one last one at the cat. He can't leave any witnesses, can he? That'd be a bad idea!

Kyu wasn't expecting the sudden Kunai attack, he tries to dodge the first, hearing it coming, and second kunai but isn't quick enough, taking them to the arms instead of the head, thats better but it still hurts, he spots the last one, noticing the aim is a bit off and tracing it to Nano, he tries to use replacement techinque to move Nano out of the way but isn't quick enough. Nano taking the shuriken to the side, and falling over from the impact, letting out a loud "yeow!" as she was hit, Kyu quickly ducks down and looks at the kunai… He isn't sure if he should leave it in or take it out but Nano is clearly in pain. He flashes two hand seals, monkey and ram, and uses Sleepy Jutsu to put her to sleep, hopefully allowing him time to deal with the threat at hand. Clearly very upset by this Kyu turns towards where the kunai came from, making a face few ever see him make, hes clearly very mad. He flips through a few handseals very fast and uses blazing shuriken, not caring about the foliage he was going to ignite. He wanted revenge on whoever did this.

Ryuugu avoids the blazing shuriken, and a few of the trees catch fire! Eep!!! Though he's not too worried about that. Right now his target is in front of him. "Just let me kill you, and we'll be good~!" he says cheerfully, shifting in his spot to charge at Kyu before kicking him in the gut and attempting to dart over to the cat. Kyu seems to really like that cat, so it was definitely a good idea to get her! Yep.

Kyu tries to genjutsu out of the attack but fails, then using a normal clone technique to dodge out of the attack, when Kyu sees him run from Nano he leaps over him and stands in his way. He looks down, his hair just barely blocking his eyes from sight, he takes a deep breath. He doesn't look up as he speaks, he is clearly already very injured. And very angry "Leave. Her. Alone!" Kyu looks up and shows his now red eyes, the sharingan has been awoken! Kyu, using his slowed perception of time, flicks through the hand seals for blazing shuriken, unleashing as big of a barrage as he can manage at him, again being reckless and not caring if something else gets lit on fire.

Ryuugu blinks a bit. Hey, wait a minute… Kyu wasn't supposed to have the eyes yet! He frowns a bit, hesitating in his spot. Then he shuffles backwards, edging towards the forest. "Fine. I'll get her next time. Rather, I'll get you! Dang Uchiha…" He mutters and shakes his head. He wasn't strong enough yet, especially with Kyu getting his eyes. Maybe he can escape…

Kyu realizes that if he can stop him, he can wait for someone to show up and capture him! Kyu attempts to use binding illusion, stopping his attacker from escaping, and simply hold him there. "You attack me, injure my cat, and expect me to let you leave?!" Kyu flicks through a few hand seals and attacks to initiate, and maintain, Binding Illusion. Also, while holding the illusion, firing a barrage of fire straight up. Hopefully anyone nearby doesn't assume it's just fireworks or something and they actually come to help.

Genjutsu??? Who the heck… Oh pico… Ryuugu stabs himself in the leg to get rid of the first ropes, but is quickly held down by what he perceives to be vines stretching out, eventually just stuck where he is. Dang nabbit… His superiors didn't tell him Kyu was a genjutsuist! … He has crappy superiors.

Kyu, seeing that the man has fallen victim to his binding genjutsu, watches him closely, making sure the Binding Illusion doesn't wear off. And should it, that he is ready to reinitiate it, firing another Barrage of fire into the air quickly before looking back at him. "Why did you attack me? And who are you?" Kyu listens for the sound of approaching footsteps, he hopes that sound happens soon. If this guy breaks out of his genjutsu, then it could be bad news for Kyu.

Ryuugu doesn't say anything, biting his lip for the time being. Just nothing… Kyu won't get anything out of him until the people that saw his flare come. Ryuugu gets tied up and lead to a prison for a later trial, but other than that, nothing of interest comes up.

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