Naruko Doppelganger - Combat Training!


Hinotori, Naruko

Date: November 27, 2014


The time has come to see if Naruko can use the Shadow Clones in a combat setting!

"Naruko Doppelganger - Combat Training!"

Konohagakure - Windmills

It's early in the afternoon and Hinotori had informed Naruko that they would be doing their final training sessions today. Hinotori is standing oiut in the middle of the clearing near the windmills waiting on Naruko.

So this was it…This was the day she would try and perfect her technique, and learn even more about the applications of this secret technique. While Naruko did know how to make the clones for the most part using them in an active setting was something else entirely.. She noticed Hinotori out near the clearing not to far away, flailing her hands as she approached. "Hinotori-san! Sorry if I'm a bit late! Got caught up with a chicken that managed to escape from it's nest!" Naruko shouts out, quickly running over to greet him promptly.

Hinotori laughs and shakes his head, "IT's alright, you ready?" he asks as he looks to her. Stretching out a bit and rocking on his feet back and forth, the Uchiha smiles when he sees Naruko. Honestly it felt good to be teaching someone again, and now that he has his own team, things would be a bit different this time around.

Standing in a relaxed stance, "Well today will be control and technique, using the Shadow Clones in a combat." he says to her. "This is the best way to learn how they work and how you will adjust your fighting style around them." Watching Naruko, "This will be hard but I know you can do this Naru-san. Just focus and relax." he smiles and gestures for her to come at him.

"How about… a bit of a warm up then?" Naruko asks with a sly grin spread about her lips, suddenly she runs forward focusing chakra throughout her body as a means of picking up her her adrenaline, and swiftly begins to attempt to catch Hinotori in a beatemup combo. She came at him with two tightly curled fists, one aimed at his stomach and another at his side, after which she vaults over him and utilizes a hand seal, a shadow clone riveting to life right along side her. " How….about that?"

Hinotori chuckles, a big grin on his face as he looks at Naruko as she comes charging in. "Sure, I don't mind." he says to her. "Though I wish you let me train you in my taijutsu style seeing as we share the same element." he says to her. "Could really bring some…." grunt as he parries her first strike away from him, and as her second came, he side steps and parries the next strike away. "….variety to yoru attacks seeing as you seem to like to get in close." he says as he throws a quick knee strike in towards her, then he does a back spin kick in towards her clone.

The easy spin kick was enough to send back Naruko along with her clone. The clone puffed into a poof of smoke while Naruko herself was sent staggering back, picking up the dust from the ground beneath her. "Ugh…" Naruko groaned quietly, rising herself back to a stand. "Perhaps I should simply avoid that… getting close I mean," She states, forming yet another clone along side of her. Both of them reach out with their palms, forming bolts of fire along the palm of their hands before slinging it in Hinotori's direction in rapid succession.

Hinotori grins, "Naruko-san, who all trained you besides me?" he asks as he quickly scans both Naruko and her clone. "Come at me Naruko2-san." he says to the clone as he quickly begins rushing towards Naruko. He waits for her to speak up and as the firebolt came in towards him, he dives and rolls under the first. He grins as the second one timed it's firebolt as he came up to his feet. Hinotori tries to flip over the firebolt which he is able to do, but he is still hit. He grunts as he comes down rolling. Once he is up on his feet, but before he comes up to his feet, he dips his right shoulder down, and channeling chakra down through his right arm up to his fist. "Katon: Shoryuken!" he calls out as he throws an uppercut as flames erupts from his fist as he tries to uppercut Naruko.

It was a little difficult to articulate a response after being upper cutted… Naruko was launched down on her back, an "ooof" noise audible as she had began to pick herself up. Her chakra began to pick up, a raspy and violent cloak of red forming about her, she was giving in….or taking in. At least a little of it. "Hiei-sama, the general of Kumogakure," Naruko finally states as her chakra clones began to magnify, one…two, three, 10 clones, and then 10 more on top of them. A mixture between shadow clones and fire clones. They all began to move forward and capture Hinotori with a fist full of explosive chakra… With this chakra Naruko could easily keep the clones coming.

Hinotori noted the red violent cloak, his eyes focused on it for a moment, then to Naruko. But he nods as she tells him who's been training him, "Good." he grins as he watches the multitude of clones come in at him, but Hinotori just laughs and rushes in towards the clones. Flipping and rolling, as well as using the clones against one another. But still there was too many clones and he is hit hard and he staggers a little. "That's great." he says as he looks over to Naruko, looking at the shadow clones still standing. "We are done." he smiles. As he stands up looking to Naruko, "Good, very good Naruko-san."

After a slew of attacks geared towards Hinotori she was happy to see that most of the attacks managed to slip through his guard, even if it was just barely. Though, at the mention of him saying that they were done, she blinked her eyes and her aura quickly faded…Carefully evaluating Hinotori and rubbing a hand through her hair. "Wait…we are done already?" Naruko asks curiously, hopeful to get him to repeat. "Is there anything else we need to go over?"

Hopping from foot to foot, "Yup." he says. "I just wanted to see how you would react, and honestly I saw what I needed to see." he says to her. "You are good, you still have a bit to learn, but honestly I can't teach you everything, you have to learn through experience." he tells her. "Granted I've other things I know, but for now, you are on a road that only you can travel and it's good to hear you have good people around you to help you. Now if you ever need anymore help, come find me." he smiles and bows to Naruko

Naruko looks over him curiously, a sweat drop trickling down her brow and finally she shrugs her shoulders and smiles back at him. "That's the first time I've heard you speak so cryptic towards me. I suppose you are right though… Hmm okay. I just need to learn the rest of it through experience and practice," Naruko speaks up, bowing once more. "Arigtaou, Hinotori-san. I really do appreciate all that you've done for me thus far,"

Naruko is tapped on her shoulder and as she is, Hinotori grins. "This is the reason I said we should stop." he tells her as there is about fifty Shadow Clones, behind her, "But besides that, you are just a really good learner. Now you have five months, and I want you ready for Silence and any of his damn minions he have with him." he moves up to stand in front of Naruko. "I know you are a strong person, and I want you to continue to grow and when it's time, know I will be there and we will end this person." he says. "YOSH!!!" all of his clones say.

Naruko simply sweat dropped even more as she noticed more clones behind him…Sure it definitely seemed like she had a whole lot more she had to work on. Nevertheless she nods back at him. "Yes…we need all the time in the world to be able to defeat the silence once and for all. Hopefully after all this is over…" She pauses and simply shakes her head. "Thank you, Hinotori-san,"

The clones looks to Naruko and smile, "Alright Naruko-san!!!!!!!" they congratulate her. Hinotori shakes his head and then he dismisses them, and each one poofs up in smoke, there are others are that go up in flames! "No those aren't fire-clones." he grins at Naruko, "What did you wanna say Naruko-san?" he asks noticing she was about to say something else.

Naruko grins at the close, looking to be pretty surprised with some as she unfolds her arms and shakes her head at Hinotori. "It's nothing, just glad that I finally have this technique. I think I can really make a difference is all…Without enough patience anything is possible," Naruko answers back to Hinotori, offering him an honest smile.

HInotori watches Naruko and smiles to her, "You did a great job. NOw there is going to be times when things just get insanely crazy or take a long time." he pauses for a moment, "DOn't let it get to you, dig down deep and keep pushing. Don't allow no to be in your vocabulary." he smiles to her. "I hope to see you again Naruko-san." he smiles to her.

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