Naruko Doppelganger - Learning the Basics


Hinotori, Naruko

Date: November 21, 2014


Hinotori decides to train Naruko in the Art of Shadow Clone, going over the basics of chakra control.

"Naruko Doppelganger - Learning the Basics"

Land of Fire - Waterfalls

Here as promised, Hinotori is standing along the clearing, dressed in training clothes that fit the cool weather. Hinotori looks around for a moment taking in the river area. Training someone is pretty fun to him, but he's not done that in a while, so this will be interesting as to how things go.

Naruko was a mix between excited and serious as she met Hinotori back at the water falls. She was finally going ot be able to learn more about the technique she was so curious about, and hopefully with that she would have an edge in combat overall. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she waves and enters, bowing deeply before the Uchiha. "Hinotori-san, sorry if I'm a bit late," She states, carefully watching him in the clearing. She didn't know him as well as she'd like, so she was curious on how training would turn out to be.

Hinotori hears Naruko, and he turns to see her. "It's alright, next time you have to be on time." he sys to her. Stretching a bit, he looks to Naruko, "So are you ready?" he asks. Studying Naruko for a moment, bringing his hands together and a second clone appears. "Alright, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a very complicated skill to learn. But once you learn it, you can begin incorporating it in many different skills." he tells her. "You ready?"

"I…I think I'm ready. I'm sure I can learn how to do it," Naruko replies back to him, there is a faint grin on her lips as if she was just itching to learn it and hopefully master it. " I know I'm ready," Naruko corrected herself, carefully watching as the clone spring sto life rght next to him..

Quirking a brow at her slowly, then nodding his head as he looks to her. "Alright, might as well make this challengeing. Go stand on the river, focusing your chakra at the same time to build up your chakra. Dispersing it and building it all at the same time as if your going to make a clone." he tells her. "The Kage Bunshin no jutsu is a very difficult technique, becuase the clones aren't like normal ones. They are as if alive. They are able to hear information and upon dispersing, you instantly know what they found out." he explains as he walks to the edge of the river.

"Alive…like smarter and can actually think? That's surreal though…" Naruko repiles back, gradually making her way to the surface of the water and naturally building up her chakra reserves. "I can build a clone…but it's going to come out as a fire type I can feel it… I'm not really sure how to push myself further," naruko explains honestly, nevertheless placing her palms together and focusing. The water at her feet picked up but nothing was comign from it, at least not yet.

"Calm your fire nature, yoru just using chakra, nothing else." he tells her. Hinotori walks to the edge and watches Naruko as she starts working on building her chakra. "Push all thoughts from your mind and just focus, now if you mess up, expect to fall into the frigid water." he grins. "The clones are very unique in their own right, so the more you train with them the better you will become with them.

"Easier said than done….That's really all I've ever used," Naruko tries to explain, though still attempting to do so. As she begin sto build up more of her chakra it's obvious she is starting to falter quite a bit. her feet every now and then slip into the water, but keeps herself afloat with some immedient focusing. "I'm…. I'm not sure how…" Naruko speaks up yet again, apparently needing a bit more tips to be able to summon a proper physical clone.

Hinotori smirks a little and just watches, "You can do it, I've already told you what you need to know." he explains, "When your able to do this, you will be able to manipulate how much chakra you can instill in the clones. Shadow Clones need a large amount of chakra and you must balance it."

After focusing her chakra finally thing began to take shape. She began to dig deep and focus on funneling the same chakra she used into a fire clone…except this time without the fire element. Poof! Came to existence a single shadow clone, though she wasn't able to sustain it from too long, it exploded in in a sweep of smoke, completely catching Naruko off guard. "Whoa wait…did I actually manage to pull it off?" Naruko asks curiously, feeling the natural depletion of quite a bit of chakra in the process.

Hinotori sees the clone but notices it's far from complete which is why it poofed out. "Nope." he says to her as he looks to Naruko. "Focus, keep all distractions out. You will know when you've made a successful clone." he tells her. Which she would, "Just focus on the chakra for now, and when I call out the seals you will do that in order."

Naruko was making progress and she had been doing exactly what he had asked of her. Placing her hands together once more she began to focus her chakra, this time without applying any hand seals and would wait for his guidance, the proper combination to help facilitate the process further. "I…feel something…" Naruko whispers back to Hinotori, her focus now being absolute….More difficult to distract.

"Stop talking Naruko-san." he says to her as he splashes that cold water onto her, "Keep your focus." he tells her. "When in battle, you don't allow your focus to slip so in training you don't do it either." he says as he sprays more cold water at her seeing if she can keep her focus.

Naruko almost cringed and jumped out of her spot as the rushing was splashed onto her, she manages to sigh deeply and merely maintain her focus, not saying a word. Suddenly though another loud pop sound could be heard, a true shadow clone visible and formed along her right side, stretching it's legs and throwing it's arms behind it's back. "See now, that wasn't very hard, the clone teases Naruko which forces a smile on the girl's face. "Once I make a clone….it sustains itself… I feeling pretty low on chakra right now….

Hinotori smirks a little bit when he sees her shadow clone, but it's about that time that he leaps in towards the shadow clone and strikes it hard. Yes she cna make them, but is the chakra enough to sustain it? Granted thats something that comes with practice, but he wants to see how well her chakra control is. "I'm glad, but there is a difference in these clones compared to others Naruko-san." he says to her. "Don't get confused on that, because if the proportions isn't correct, you have useless shadow clones."

The quick strike from Hinotori went straight through the clone as Naruko attempted to wrap up the final bits of her clone technique. Shadow clones did spring to life but not without much sustainability, at least in terms of being able to absorb attacks. Naruko sighs heavily and drops ot one knee, unable to feed anymore chakra out into a clone and instead stand before Hinotori shaking her head lightl.y. "I was really close…I just need a bit more chakra but I feel like I'm coming a little empty now…

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