Naruko Doppelganger - Shadow Clones what?


Hinotori, Naruko

Date: November 18, 2014


Naruko goes to seek a secret jutsu to help her fight against the silence. Hinotori introduces the Shadow Clone technique and considers teacher her further, if she proves worthy.

"Naruko Doppelganger - Shadow Clones what?"

Land of Fire - Waterfalls

For once Naruko was here on business. With the threat of the silence over only for a few months it was time to put her training to good use… The poor Uzumaki didn't have many more skills of her own though, she needed something a bit more sturdy…stronger even which is why she decided to seek out Hinotori. After speaking with Daisuke she was told that he could teach her some interesting jutsu. Something that might make her chakra control a little bit better and get a utility edge in fights. With that she found herself moving through the Land of fire, stumbling into a large streaming waterfall where hopefully she would find the elusive Uchiha. As she gets closer she inclines sharp brow towards Hinotori. "Um…Uchiha-san?" she asks approaching from afar.

Upon hearing his sir name being called, Hinotori glances back towards where Naruko is standing. "Hello." he says as he turns to look back over the falls. "How can I help you?" he asks. Uchiha is wearing blacks and dark blues. His forehead protector is in a different design and is worn as a scarf around his neck with long tails hanging behind him. Hinotori hadn't been expecting anyone to be coming to find him, not even one of the Kumo-nins. But then again there is only one way they would find him and that is if someone sent them to him.

"Ha…well I'm sorry if this is rather sudden…. or annoying. But I was told that you might be able to help teach me some techniques…perhaps in the more rare variety?" Naruko asks him curiously, leaning backwards while lighting scratching behind one ear. "You know, with this silence threat and all that I'm kind of in need of some new jutsu….and unfortunately at my village I'm not much into lightning…or swords…. So this is the next best place huh?" Naruko squints, hopeful that she didn't offend him in anyways, she didn't know how to act i nthe face of higher ranked other village nin.

HInotori turns to face Naruko, listening ot her about the need to be taught something new. "The Silence is something we all will need to be ready for and right now, we are only just getting started." he says simply. "Follow me, show me what your capable of and I will consider your request. Don't hold back, if you do I won't teach you." he says to Naruko. "Rare techniques aren't something I just teach anyone." he states and then drops off the waterfall. Only to appear down below on the clearing near the river.

"You want me to….attack you?" Naruko asks curiously, making her way towards the clearing, not nearly as fast as she would like to get there, or at least not ast fast as Hinotori. She stumbled a little bit as she stands up and shakes her head, long locks of golden hair flowing down by her waist side. " Come on is this really necessary? I consider myself to be pretty good a t learning…But if you instant I won't hold back… As long as you can show me what I need to learn….I do need to be ready for 'them',"

Hinotori waits for her, though with her not being as fast as he was, she would see him sitting down waiting on her. Upon her getting down to where he is, he looks at her. "And you want me to teach you things I know without first letting me see what your capable of and if your even capable of learning what I want to tteach you?" he asks. "Thats like me coming to Kumogakure and asking to learn some of the Kumogakure secrect techniques and not even proving that I can handle it." he says to her. He gestures for her to come at him, "I didn't say I wouldn't, I said, show me what your capable of."

"I won't be holding back then…" Naruko states as she cracks her knuckles and grins. The chakra around her began to shift and churn, melding into her muscles so that she may move a whole lot faster. Hopeful to be comparable to Hinotori as suddenly she bolts forward in order to catch him in a swift combo. She corkscrews her fist aiming down into his abdomen, following through with her strikes one after the other as an attempt to send him staggering backwards. There wasn't a whole lot of form to her attacks but they did seem to be well executed and very quick.

Hinotori was relaxed as she spoke about not holding back. There has always been times he would smile and laugh, but his mood wasn't there tonight. He waits patiently as Naruko prepares herself and when she finally comes at him, he parries her first strike. But the following two are missed and strike home. His body is tough regardless of her strikes hitting him. SHe will feel his body give in to the blows but he isn't staggered nor does he shrink away from her.

With Naruko being close in towards him, his eyes close then opens, three tomoes show in his eyes, and his eyes glow a red crimson color. And with just a single step Hinotori strikes towards Narukos chest with an open palm, he then throws a knee towards her stomach, but as he does, flames erupts from his knee brightening the area as he attacks.

Hinotori was fast, or was it perceptive? It was difficult to keep up with him at all as his attacks, which pretty much ate through her guard caused her to stagger back. As she is forced back from his attacks she merely explodes into even more. What was one quickly became 10, and they simply kept coming. "I don't think so…I'm not going to let you break my guard!" Naruko exclaims, rushing forward with her clones, nearly surrounding him completely in order to catch him in an explosive and very rapid combo.

Watching her through the Sharingan, he could see her chakra blazing within her. Even as he hit her, and she got up. Something that she says startles him a little, she wouldn't let him break her guard. A small smir, falls onto his lips as he sees that she is surrounding him with fire clones. He gets into a fighting stance, and as the clones come in at him, Hinotori is already acting, dashing forward, weaving in and out of the attacks, allowing the clones to actually strike one another, and as he leaps over one, he kicks off the back of it's head launching himself up and over towards Naruko, thogh as he does so, she will notice three of him coming down towards her the two other clones flank around her as they kick out at her.

Clones upon clones. The three clones coming towards her merely got swept with the remaining barrage of her own clones. And summoned forth even more as an attempt to break through his guard. Two more clones formed by her side and rushed forward, attempting to thrash and grab at Hinotori, real or fake while the real Naruko merely sat back to analyze him further. " Those…seemed a little different… but that's not enough to get the best of me,"

He missed, but it was alright, she was showing him what he wanted to see. "Well then, let's do this!" he says as he watches her send Fire Clones. SHe's like him, ability to use fire, and as the clones come in towards him, his clones dash off in opposite directions. Hinotori rushes Naruko, leaping in he throws a quick strike towards her chest, followed by the other Hinotori crouching low having already been prepared, "KATON SHORYUKEN!" he hollars as his fist thrusts forward from an almost kneeling position rocketing upwards, aiming to hit Naruko in her stomach, chest then head as he leaps into hte air. HIs fist sparks and then is engulfed in crimson/orange flames as he attempts to strike Naruko.

The attack was a bit too much for Naruko to handle. Such display of attacks managed to easy bite through her clones and get to the real Naruko…who now just happened to be laying flat on her back and looking up towards the waterfall. "Ugh…" Naruko groaned quietly under her breath, finding it increasingly difficlt to rise back to a stand…. "She had the drive, but she knew when she met her match. "I'm…just not strong enough…"

Quirking hs head a little to the side as he watches Naruko. Shaking his head, "You didn't fail. I didn't see that at all." he says s he looks to her. Hinotori, gestures for Naruko to follow him. He sits down at the edge of teh river and sinks his feet into the water. "The water will help ease the burns away. It's odd, but it does help." Pausing for a moment, "You meet me here tomorrow, we will begin your training in my fighting style." he tells her. "But for now, you need to soak in the water, then get yourself to the hospital. Tell them I sent you and I need you healed for tomorrow. They know me well there. Is that understood Naruko-san?"

"Ugh….I think I got it… but what will you be teaching me per say?" Naruko asks curiously, rubbing away at the burns on her flesh, flinching with each brush of her finger tips. " Ugh… That was very painful…and your clones seemed to be a little different than mine… What was up with that really?" Shes asks, keeping up the pace to follow along with him, her eyes shift from him to the water before her.

Hinotori chuckles alittle bit. "Inferno Dragon Fist." he tells her. "It's my own style I designed around my fire chakra nature." he says to her. "Your command of taijutsu is good, but to make it stronger, you will be able to utilize your control of fire chakra within your taijutsu." he states. A smirks shows on his face when asked about his clones, "Oh, those were real clones, utilizing my techniques." SPLASH! SPLASH! two figures come out of the water, "Yeah Naruko-san, if you learn, you will have some pretty sweet moves." one of the clones laugh. The other just looks to her for a moment, "If you don't want to learn, then you can find someone else." yup both clones acting on their own.

"Well I'm not sure if I can learn Fire jutsu in that way but….those clones could be pretty fine. Mine are a bit…you know, a bit dumb," Naruko quirks scratching lightly behind one ear as she tried to understand it. "I will be back tomorrow…and you will show me right? Simple as that!" Naruko exclaims, raising a fist in the air only to groan lightly at her burns. "Ugh…but maybe I will get healed up a little first…"

Smirking a bit, "We will see. You proved that you are capale to push yourself. Don't tell me you don't know if you can do what I will train you in, because if so, you won't be able to learn the other techniques you wish to learn." he says to her. "Tomorrow we begin training, I will not take it easy." Hinotori tells her. Both the other clones shake their heads, "Oh, boy your in trouble." They bot look at each other and both puff into flames. "Again be ready." he then gets up and begins walking towards teh waterfall.

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