Pylon of Efficacy - Naval Unrest


Kibushi, Aura, Tsiro, Rise, Eremi, Kaydin

Date: October 29, 2011


Kirigakure wishes to secure their naval domination by cutting off a bridge leading to the major wharfs and docks in the Land of Fire. Destruction of this bridge will help to continue to suppress enemy naval movements.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Naval Unrest"

Land of Fire, Primary Bridge to Docks

An initial directive was given. An official mission fro mthe "newly" established Kirigakure. This would be the first one Kibushi's records, though it would be far from the first he'd ever done. A small, mixed team would be sent towards the front through a direct water route towards a main connecting bridge to the major docks of the Land of Fire. Cutting them off here would only dely them, but as Kirigakure had naval superiority, this would all but stall Konoha completely when it comes to naval operations and counter attacks. Taking out the bridge ensured the continuance of Kirigakure's superiority on the water and thus it was the objective.
Brushing his finger along the lids of his eyes, Kibushi sat upon the rocking boat as the mid afternoon sun began to set at their backs. It would be hard to identify without the proper scouts on the boarder, which Konoha had plenty of, however the boat was so small that it would be hard to pinpoint them without foreknowledge. The red smears on his eyes were closed completely, boardering thme with their dangerous crimson before he'd wipe his fingers and then place a white bandana over his head. He had no Kirigakure uniform as it were, thus this band would help to identify him, even though it covered his Kaguya clan symbol.
He hadn't spoken much to his crew along the way, but as the coast was coming up, he would begin to say. "It looks to me like we should split in to two teams. I believe your name was Fujurin Maiko and yours… Katsune Hidoru correct? Maiko, if you might take Tsiro with you and move along the beach a bit while me and Hidoru cause a distra… Down!!" Kibushi would snap at them, as he yanked Tsiro off of his feet to lay in the boat. The other two however showed their lack of combat experience as they looked first isntead of listened first as a Konoha shinobi uttered, "Doton: Ryuuseiu!" (Earth Release: Meteor Shower) just before a boulder, that was launched in to the air a moment before was smashed downwards by an axe kick from the shinobi, shattering it as the rock was forced to fracture into sharpened shards and directed towards the boat. The other two shinobi on their boat were killed as Kibushi furrowed his brow and gripped the side of the boat before rolling over with it, using it as cover from the down pour of mini spears. "Do you have water walking?" he would ask Tsiro as he waded through the water while holding the boat above their heads as splinters dropped on to them heavily.

Tsiro was watching the shore as Kibushi spoke. No sooner had he turned than Kibushi pulled him down. "Uggg." the boy stated before Kibushi moved again and the boat was on top of them. "No water walking yet. I'll have to swim for it." His eyes looked directly towards Kibushi. This guy at least seemed to know his stuff. "Orders?"

Aura was a kunoichi of Amegakure no sato, for the most part right now though most of her missions had been contracted to the hidden mist. The Uzumaki let out a tired sigh as she remained quiet along the boat… her mission was the assist the mist shinobi in their mission, whatever it may be…. " Well, this is boring…" The kunoichi whispered quietly to hersel, brushing a few strains of golden locks of hair out of her eyes before she perked a brow, noting that the boat up ahead was attacked already right even before they got to the shore. " Hey…are we just going to keep going forward?" Aura questioned out loud, perplexed that the rower of her boat continued to maintain a steady course.

"They will be fine… Just remember your mission," the rower grunted back, hopefully things would be okay…

On the shores of the water, Eremi wasn't exactly sure what he signed up for or more correctly, was forced to take part in and he didn't like any of it. What if shinobi from Kirigakure did try a naval assault? The ones to do anything about it are a couple genin and a chuunin. The boy took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself and the many pessimistic thoughts that raced through his minds. The best he could do is be a look out, scanning the waters in hopes to spot the enemy before they were spotted. With kunai in hand, he crouched down low with the others of this guard duty simply waiting. Then, unexpectedly the chuunin of the group was off, completely disappeared from their sides. Eremi blinked in astonishment as he witnessed the chuunin off in the distance focusing chakra and making handsigns at ships that suddenly appeared out of nowhere…But how. The boy rose to his feet, glancing around the area wondering if any more were going to pop out and surprise his untrained eyes. "I…am." He swallowed hard, as the most he could do was stand next to Kaydin at the shores.

Rise had only one thing really in mind after all the neat little details of her latest mission were reluctantly explained at her bequest.. for the TENTH time. "I get to go to Konoha?" "By the Kami of this land, YES!!! You little--", the pencil thin administrator stood up and yelled outrage after the last straw on already raw nerves is destroyed. The only thing to save the little genin, already walking out in a daze over the news, is the other fellow chunnin admins restraining him.
*Fast Forward - Some time later…*
With sea travel all but suspended except by the most suicidal of folks, Rise and her small band of merry genin and chunnin were forced to go by land. Such a method of travel however became too exhausting and slow going for the impetuous little girl; especially with her fellow team mates endless excuses about needing rest every couple of hours! Thus at the first opportunity to sneak away under the excuse of "scouting ahead", she was gone with little to trace EXCEPT a couple of doodles or trees and the like to help her team find her.
The only pause in an otherwise exuberant display of acrobatics through the Land of Fire's forest is the discordant sounds coming from nearby. "Huh? A waterfall?", She asks herself without, and without looking away from the direction of the river, fiddles around with the inner folds of her jacket until a map is produced. "HmmHmmHmm… Ah hah!.. Wait, so wouldn't that mean those sounds are…"
Without a second thought Rise takes off towards the noise with a gleam in her eyes, her foster father's trusty combat knife in hand, and a toothy shark-like smile plastered on her face.

"That's fine. Roll on to your back as if you are wounded or dead, don't kick or keep yourself afloat by your own power, the salt will do that with your bouyancy. Instead let the tide take you to the beach naturally. I'll take care of the coast guard. Keep your eyes sharp for a spotter. We got noticed well before this attack. If you see one, send a kunai their way and distract them. It'll make it easier to take out the Doton user. If you kill the spotter, even better." Kibushi would state as he allowed for Tsiro to have a moment to set up as the rain of rock shards ceased for long enough for him to crawl on to the water, still huddled up under the boat. He would wait a moment or two as he locked his arm up under one of the wooden seats before he'd spring up suddenly, lifting the boat like an overly large tower shield. He was sure to cover most of his body with it as he peered over the edge at the enemy shinobi. Hand seals suddenly flew together as he'd shout "Doton: Doryuso!" (Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears) As the ground in front of his would suddenly elongate in to spear heads and begi nto launch themselves upwards towards Kibushi. Kibushi would begin to out manuver the surface to surface lobbing of a barrage of rock with his foot work, drawing closer but appearing to have trouble actually closing this distance, buying Tsiro time for the moment as he himself gathered information on his opponent.

Tsiro grimaced a bit at the plan, but decided to go with it. He floats his way over towards the beach, then lightly scans around for the spotter. His eyes are unable to spot the guy. He picks himself up on the beach and continues to look. Most of his attention is drawn towards Kibushi and the earth spears on the beach. The boy reaches into to his pocket and tosses a few kunai randomly into the woods.

Aura didn't see anything either as they began to near the beach, most of the action however was already distraction away by the first group that went in, leaving the Blondy Uzumaki to her own course of action. " So what are we suppose to blow up again…?" Aura questioned quietly under her breath as she began to slip out of the boat, her feet pressing down ontop of the water as she balanced herself and peered around… For now she would relax slightly, use this time to develop her chakra and lastly peer around at her party who seemed to start fighting up ahead…

All around them, the enemies were coming to the shore and it seemed for now his own group he was with had not been spotted yet. Perhaps this was the best time for them to go on the offensive and gain the upper-hand. It was risky, not something he would normally do, but it seemed like the best course of action. At least to him. Quickly he would give a glance to Kaydin, witnessing him activate his byakugan. It was time. "I will be, you too." With that, he was off disappearing in a blurred sprint toward one of the enemies. It was a clever ploy, but it wasn't good enough. Pretending to be merely a floating corpse hadn't tricked the Satonezu and that was going to be his target. Kunai clenched tightly he leaped through the foliage into the air before appearing near Tsiro. Silently he stared at the other boy with a look of panic and fear, yet remained solid in his stance.

No matter the obstacles no in her path, Rise tirelessly breezes by. Incidently along the way catching a few hitcherhikers of both the living and non-living variety. All of which goes ignored in favore of keeping her eyes on the path ahead. And yet despite such caution she still ends up stumbling a bit after one final leap through some bushes has her abruptly hit sand instead of plain old dirt. "Whoawhoawhoawhoa!!!.. *pant*.. whew.. that was--*gasp*--look at'em!", She exclaims…. then seconds later recalls that she's in a war zone… out in the open.. with a knife in hand and her forehead protector in sight. "…Rightright, gotta stay focus." She states, cautiously taking a few steps back to the forest while scanning the beach front. Aside from Kibushi who especially stays in the forefront of her mind, the only other thing to capture Rise's attention is figure from her peripheral vision racing closer to the water (Eremi) and another boat still out in the water with a lady standing next to it. As strange as the sight was to her, it was even more worrying considering how the blonde wasn't the one attack as well.
Almost instantly the first thought to come to her mind was 'She must be the leader then' before a free hand goes to pluck a couple of shuriken and kunai from her back pouch. In quick succession the shuriken are sent flying at an odd arc for the lady while the kunai go for Kibushi; still dancing the day away past spears and boulders. She hesitates then for a second more, worried about getting hit by whoever's using Doton in the first place. "Bah! If they hit me I'll just kill them too!" And with that, she rushes forward, free hand primed for a sucker punch straight for the chin!

Distraction was the point, and though Tsiro was not able to locate the spotter themselves, the fact that "flotsam" just attacked was enough to distract momentarily. Kibushi would take the moment and instantly manuver from defense in to offense. He would cover ground rapidly, no longer 'hindered' by the attacks coming at him as the boat was used as a shield while he charged straight down the middle towards the chuunin. The boat would be broken and shattered to pieces as he moved close and closer, but a large bulk of it still remained. "Doton: Kengan!" (Earth Release: Earth Fist) would be shouted as the ranged chuunin suddenly went in to melee with a masively destructive punch that easily tore through the ship as his entire arm and fist was instantly covered in rock. However, he would suddenly stop as the jagged splinters of wood flew back behind him from his own attack.
The entire time as Kibushi had been shifting around from foot to foot and testing his opponent while buying time, he would have easily noticed the pattern of announcing everything he was doing. Kibushi could have killed this man blind folded. At the same time, he kept his own body hidden, leaving any attacks or weapons he had a secret to his enemy, thus the blade through his skull came as quite the surprise, though only for a fraction of a second. Twisting sharply while withdrawing his sword, Kibushi would send a kick in to the mans face to cause him to nearly flip over as he slammed the back of his enemy's ruptured head in to the ground beneath him. He then would allow his gaze to scan the area as the demolition team would have already landed.
A glint out of the corner of his eye caused hit to tilt his blade in to the path of an incoming kunai just an inch in front of his chest, the flat of it resecued him. "Hm?" he would murmur before side stepping a punch as he grasped the deflected kunai from the air and threw it straight in to the path of the shuriken sent towards Aura, knocking them off course. "Get up, Tsiro." he would state as his leg lifted i na rapid kick towards Rise followed by a quick slash of his katana.

Aura was protected? She blinked as a shuriken came spiraling in her direction only to be knocked away from her form… With her chakra manifested she carefully began to move along the beach and go towards her target destination… there was no time to lose after all this was a mission she most definitely had to complete… she move quickly towards her destination while keeping an eye on the others… a nice explosion wasn't going to take too long…

Eremi's target was clearly the aggressor and without knowing whom it was Tsiro fought against, had no problem with simply attacking without first assessing skill. This was either going to be to his advantage or against it, but he would soon find out as his opponent was already moving forward with a series of quick slashes from a weird weapon. Quickly, the boy moved out of the way with a well timed leap in one direction, then came jumping back with a kick that managed to knock the weapon away and another that made contact with Tsiro kicking him back. Once landing, Eremi made quick work of unwrapping some of his bandaging around his arms and hands. Letting some dangly at his side he sprinted forth only to come to a stop and snap his arms forth and back once again to entwine the kiri nin.

Sometime between blinks, watching Kibushi slay the Doton user with easy, and a punch hitting nothing but air, Rise looses sight of Kibushi. It sends her into a panicked search of her surroundings. His voice calling for Tsiro alerts her to turn around, but by the time she manages to rotate around, all that can be done is cross her arms over her chest and let the endure the blow. Pain lances through her… but not enough to cloud her judgement again in sidestepping his slash instead of using the blade in hand. "I haven't got kicked that hard in a long time", She winces then grins and continues "Which is bad news.. for you. But good news for me!" She leaps forward callling out "LEAF GALE!!", and yet executes the series of kicks of the leaf whirlwind attack instead before actually following up with real mccoy! Hit or miss, Rise is quick to stab at the downed man (or simple slash should Kibushi evades her first attacks) with the combat knife.

Aura's protection was planned of course and she kept moving forward as Kibushi would expect wordlessly. That was good enough for him that no explination was necessary for the young woman. His cool gaze remained on Rise. One chuunin dead, two genin on the field. A normal cell was four man as far as he was briefed. This means there was likely at least one other. Since Aura was spotted already, there wasn't much Kibushi could do to keep her out of sight, and he certainly couldn't be two places at once. A near instant scan of his opponents clothing would give enough information for Kibushi to act accordingly. He was not aware of "leaf gales" or any of these styles of jutsu. The Doton user defined his attacks through the words, but leaf gale meant nothing to Kibushi aside from an attack was coming, which Kibushi's hand would block and defelect. A low sweeping kick was then launched, being the real attack ,which stil lheld no name for Kibushi, however his blade would thrust down in to Rise's calf as she made the sweep protecting him and stopping her. She was tenacious however, thus a follow up swipe of her blade was avoided by stepping out of her now shortened range
"You are not from Konoha. I suggest that you be on your way. Regardless of your strength or chances of victory, I see little reason to risk yourself for their benefit." Kibushi would state before glancing towards Kaydin who'd revealed himself in pursuit of Aura. Glancing back at Rise now, he would gesture for her to leave. "Or I will have to kill you for no reason."

Tsiro was kicked back then somehow managed to get himself caught in the bandages of the boy. This was the oddest jutsu he'd ever come across. His eyes glared at him as he ran off. "Bastard! Come back here!" It seems that this just was not enough for him. Despite struggling he could not seem to break free.

Aura's aim was for the bridge but soon enough someone attempted to catch her swiftly, chucking a few projectiles at her direction the first one hit…Cutting right into her flesh until finally her body turned into a puff of smoke while it seemed like they only hit a pile of sand… it was a fact that the other one wouldn't hit for the Uzumaki moved at rapid speeds, appearing right behind Kaydin while slowly pulling out a few tags to pin to his back. " Hey, i wasn't fighting you so maybe it times for you to calm down? Huh? Hyuuga-san?" She spoke outloud, quite knowledgable of his blood line… "Lets not have you do something you might regret…"

Kaydin could still be aware of her and he weaves amongst her tags, this type of dodging incredibly effecient for close range. He would then send two fingertips to her shoulder while an open palm to her side and then his fingertips to her throat. "Your not worth getting upset about, so I am not. But I cant let you complete your objective. Back off before you find out first hand while Juuken is the deadliest Taijutsu." He says to the woman.

She postively, absolutely, UNDOUBTLY refused to heed Kibushi's words. She REFUSED to black out from the nigh all consuming pain in her leg. But most importantly, she refused to give in. Thus in answer, she pushes herself mentally through the pain and physically onto her bottom at an agonizingly slow rate to keep the sword from jostling around, then states, "Your a.. *wince*… your.. a.. Baka! If.. *pant*.. you think.. for a second.. I.. don't have.. *pant*.. a stake in this!" Her hands begins to tremble now. At first enough that it seemed like the knife still in hand would fall free; but mercifully her will endures long enough to re-affirm her grip and chuck the blade with as much strength as she could handle. "Now.. get out.. *pant*.. of my--" As the blade begins to descend on an execution course for the kaguya's head, Rise lashes with her free leg at Kibushi's sword holding arm. "--LA-nd!!!"
Sacrificing her life to Kibushi if not through blood loss as well as most likely her leg in another show of defiance… as well as to keep from disappointing the one person she hoped would be the first to greet her in the konohagakure.
If successful somehow in forcing Kibushi to retreat (and hopefully take the blade with him), Rise would attempt to roll back onto her good leg. If not…

Kibushi's cool gaze remained on Rise as she struggled to fight on with what would come to be known as the Will of Fire. However, nothing about Kibushi's current gaze displayed any fire at all. She was merely a target of her own making. Raising his free hand, Kibushi allowed for the blade to slide along the tips of his fingers before he grasped the hilt, obtaining the weapon. He would then snap a hard kick in to Rises face before she could kick the sword away. Gazing down at her, he'd flick the blade she threw at him back down towards one of her hands, attempting to pin it. "So be it. If you have not bled to death by the time i return, I will finish you off for your bravery." Kibushi would then yank the sword from her leg and turn to pursue Kaydin who was interfering with the plan.

Tsiro looked around at everyone else fighting. No one was paying any attention to him. He was practically invisible. This was unacceptable, even deep down at his core. The boy stuggled against his binds. Finally his head laid back and his mouth opened letting out a cry. It was more than a battle cry. It was something from deep down in his soul. There was not only anger and rage, but even a hint of pain. His eyes opened larger, the crimson flames filling with hatred.
There was the sound of the sleeves binding him tearing as a piece of bone protruded from them. They fell apart, revealing how the bones had come directly out of his hands. With sharp, bone bladed daggers extending from the palms of each hand, the Kaguya boy glanced around for his first target.

The situation was becomnig quite tire some, as the Hyuuga rejected her call to "stand down" she continued to move at quick speeds, his pronge fingers and palm strikes only hitting the pile of dirt they stood over, once again she appeared room behind him, this time applying a pointed finger in his direction, " Sorry but I don't have a lot of time for this… Jinkourai no Jutsu," she whispers quietly under her breath, the surge coming directly at the Hyuuga while she would attempt to staple another set of leeching tags to cut down on his chakra, she leaped over him and summoned up a clone to join her, rushing off towards the bridge, hopefully the other nin would do their job and protect her! " Darn it, where are my supposed allies?!"

Only seconds to think. To try and get away. To do something! And yet, Rise does.. -couldn't- do anything except watch in between flashes of dancing lights in her eyes as blood begins to pour from an impaled hand. She blacks out
A familiar voice urging her to get up arouses the spitfire from within her dreams. But only disappoint after disappoint follows in the wake of not only seeing no sign of the Hyuuga, but having to endure another of her 'father's' mind-numbing lectures. Yet.. comforting in its familiarity. TOO comforting AND distracting for her personal test. In continuing to question it, pain begins to crawl its way through her arm. Out of fear she tries to resist looking at it at first; but the same voice that awakened her within the dream world whispered now to look
She wasn't sure at first rather to scream or cry at the sight of her hand, then her leg, but both were certainly trying to make their way to the surface. Rise through sheer force of an already stretched out willpower, forces both actions down as her undamaged hand fiddles around for pills hidden in her jacket pocket. A flick of a thumb sends the pill sailing high.. then straight into her mouth.
She knew pills wouldn't stop the pain.
She knew in her weakened state they'd kill her faster.
But she knew they were all she had left to get her started back up by invigorate her fight responses; and that they would succeed. Once back on her feet with most of her weight on her good leg Rise stumbles into a jog before picking up enough pace and stability to run full tilt towards Kibushi. Cutting off a choked off battle cry when her body fades completely from view, and reappears just below the Kaguya's chin. "---ORAAAAAAI!!!", She yells just moments before swinging the damaged leg with all her might to knock him high into the air and pursue. Regardless of it hits or miss, the leg would be completely useless from that point on except to assit in the leap after Kibushi or a bleeding oversized paperweight.

Kibushi had already dedicated his movement towards the Hyuuga, leaving young rise to die or survive of her own accord. Still yet, she some how found a way to pull herself together and charge forth i nt obattle against someone who had defeated her in every way but her spirit. Her strike came up at him, and even makes contact with his chin, but just barely as he leaned backwards in to a rapid tumble that springs high, twisting through the air to land between Kaydin and Aura. His forearm would block one strike with his sword would fend off another. A slight pain however would go through his forearm after he blocked the attack and he would furrow his brow. "Not a normal attack…" he would murmur. The bloodlusting cry of battle was heard as Kibushi's gaze slid towards Tsiro.. or at least where Tsiro was. He was on his feet again, free and wielding… dual bone blades. Kibushi would smirk slightly. "He has awakened… your scent is every where, female." Kibushi would fall back from the defnse of the strikes as he'd continue, "You would make a fine Kaguya yourself." he would compliment her shortly before focusing on Kaydin. A swipe of his sword would be little more than a warning followed by a snapped kick as well. "Show me more of this strange Taijutsu, male."

Kibushi was right. The smell of blood was in the air. The younger Kaguya could now taste it. It drew him to her like a moth to a flame. As he lunged towards her, he attempted to slash her with his first hand before spinning around and aiming the second hand for her gut. To finish the twirl, his other hand came back around aiming for her torso. The boy was in another place all together. He was running on pure instincts.

Finally it seemed like the calavary had arrived, these Kaguya definitely knew how to prove their worth when it came to full combat, though the Hyuuga genin was definitely something, she wasn't able to lay a single hit on him, or disable him like she should have… perhaps it was best for her to remain on her supportive role. " Alrighty then, thanks!" Aura shouted out towards the Kaguya who saved and, and rather than doing an average pace she disappear almost without a trace, quicker than most she flickered straight towards the bridge, quickly pulling out her longe scrolling equipment to begin tagging up the bridge. " Baku baku baku.." Aura spoke softly with each tag, it was going to take a little bit more time before she could set it all off.

Finally it seemed like the calavary had arrived, these Kaguya definitely knew how to prove their worth when it came to full combat, though the Hyuuga genin was definitely something, she wasn't able to lay a single hit on him, or disable him like she should have… perhaps it was best for her to remain on her supportive role. " Alrighty then, thanks!" Aura shouted out towards the Kaguya who saved and, and rather than doing an average pace she disappear almost without a trace, quicker than most she flickered straight towards the bridge, quickly pulling out her longe scrolling equipment to begin tagging up the bridge. " Baku baku baku.." Aura spoke softly with each tag, it was going to take a little bit more time before she could set it all off.

Kaydin dodges the sword slash in time to be kicked. He is sent forward and he moves into a stance. "I must end you, and stop the girl." He says as he moves into a stance. "Eight Trigrams…Thirty two palms…" He says softly as he tilts his head and then moves in with incredible speed to the Kaguya. "Two palms." He says as he sends two strikes into the man. He would then send two more into the man, chest area this time. "Four palms." He says before sending in four more strikes, each strike precise. "Eight palms." And then there were eight more strikes delivered into the Kaguya. "16 palms." Then there he goes moving faster as he sends sixteen strikes finally into the man, before the final strike would be a palm thrust to throw him back. "32 palms." He says as he looks to see the man's condition now.

Rise raises a brow and cants her head to the side in confusion. Despite it, her own instincts were still working well enough to force her attention away from what she believed to be the biggest threat out of the attacking trio to the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching from the side. It is, was the kid she thought the first leafer take out earlier; but apparently he didn't do too much of a bang up job considering that she now had to deal with him herself. An exhausting shift into quick duck here, a roll back to distance herself further, then finally a kick off from the ground keeps her from getting slashed to ribbons. But only for the time being. "..*groans*… Dangit.. why now!? Why.. *huff*.. Stay down.. won't you!!", She yells at Tsiro half heartidly while dropping down to a kneel.

Focusing his gaze upon Kaydin, Kibushi's body shifted rapidly durign the attacks. Some what like the Hyuuga actually ,aside from one distinct difference, he was not rooted to the ground. Kibushi's body leaned, twisted, bent, and shuffled out of the way fluidly and on light feet as oppossed to the rather locked footing of the Hyuuga. He watched the attacks not have true forcebehind them at least when the would have impacted, the strikes themselves would do little harm. This technique damaged beyond simply the exterior, he had found this out first hand. "Hm…" Kibushi would state as he sent a series of solid kicks down towards Kaydin's shins repeatedly and with great fluidity. It wasn't quite the same, but it looked as if he was almost mocking the Hyuuga technique with an all foot work oriented version of it.

Aura more or less finished up her tagging of the bridge…All that was left now was a little bit of kaboom to set things off… Leaping off into the water, and for now seeming to be rather unopposed, she moved some distances and pointed a finger at the bridge, chakra still emitted from her form that she had gotten earlier… With a slight grin she began to let loose, expelling her lightning chakra from her finger tips she turned the bridge into one massive bomb, cracklign the wates it was constructed over, most of all the remained was fragments… supplies was not going to cross this bridge for quite some time… Hopefully long enough to end the war… This explosion was the Mist crew's que as well… it was time to get out of here unless they truly was that blood thristy.. " Heh, Kaguya…" Aura whispers before moving along the surface of the water, it was time to get back on that boat…

Tsiro wasn't the only one growing angerier with an adversaries persistance if Rise's almost feral growl at him as he approached to attack again was any evidence. But as luck would have it neither would get a chance to unleash the full force of their anger beyond one last short dance. One interrupted by none other than Kaydin taking cuts in the Kumo nin's place as he picks her up in route to fleeing. Instinctively she tries to struggle out of his gripe to little avail. So, she settles for glaring back at Tsiro and weakily motioning two fingers from her good hand to her eyes before pointing them back at Tsiro.

Having tested the Hyuuga's capabilities, Kibushi would notice that he was suddenly fleeing from the battle just as the bridge was exploding a short distance away. Blurring from his location to stand before them and their exit path, Kibushi would stare for a moment, first at Kaydin and then at Rise. "If you let her walk out of here on her own, I will allos you both to live." Kibushi would state, though his attention was drawn to Tsiro as well as the fact that he had to leave in a moment for the boat regardless. Still, he lingered as long as he could, staring at Rise. "Stand up and show me some pride." he would say to the girl who had caught his attention. She may be drugged out of her mind in order to keep going as she did, but her determination and pure guts had impressed Kibushi's very core. His instincts caused him to want to walk beside her as she struggled to pullher body inch by inch back to civilization, watching that struggle, living it moment to moment with the girl. However, he could not do that. It was truly a shame. With a look of peeved disappointment, he would eventually take off on his own, making sure that Tsiro would not be left behind. For him, he had an entirely different commendation in mind.

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