Negotiation Table


Tsiro, Isra, Kiyoshi

Date: January 29, 2015


Tsiro, Isra, & Kiyoshi are tasked with making sure that a certain individual understands that Kirigakure does not take kindly to those who back out of assisting the village.

"Negotiation Table"

Plantation - Neutral Lands

Tsiro stands high on a rock overlooking a massive plantation-like farm located somewhere near the neutral zone. "The farm down below is our target. It is one of the largest producing farms ever. The owner usually sends his crops to the highest markets. Due to our economy taking a tumble, he has decided he does not wish to trade with us. So his farm will pay the price."

Each person would be given a moment or two to study the layout of the farm. They hadall sorts of animals and several different fields of crops. Tsiro noted that most of the crops were starting to bloom. "Our mission is to slaughter the animals and burn the crops. We want to put a large dent in the man's overall sales, but not put him out of business. Is this understood?" Tsiro did not want to directly come out and say it, but refusal to work with Kirigakure had consequences. This was one of them.

Kiyoshi makes no complaints, nor offers any comments regarding the mission. Once more he has been called forth to work for Tsiro in another dubious mission. Another test for the chaff, or so the Moto wanted to see it as. A glance towards Isra made him reconsider the notion, if only for a moment. Then, his focus is sharply returned to scanning the layout of the farm.
Aside from the possibility of having to ward off the farmer, his hands, and any body guards he may have hussled up for the mission, the Moto had only one thing to complain about. He mouths the phrase 'wasted meat' before reluctantly turning to Tsiro and nod curtly. Then, his attention shifts to Isra to see how she took the news. During that time and the time before Kiyoshi kept his expression steadily neutral. Let it not be said the young man did not at least know how to look the part of villainous shinobi. The brute of the group carrying an overlarge cleaver just perfect for the grimmy part of the mission.

Isra kneeled to get a better look at what was going on here. The farm looked like it was doing well enough and could probably survive a hit. Unfortunately a lesson had to be learned and to be quite honest, it was a bad move to back out of an economy just because it wasn't to your liking. If he'd have stuck around to help boost it, things probably wouldn't have come to this. Now, the wrath of Kiri is here and it's going to get ugly.
She raised back up and sighed. "Yeah, I understand. Can't say I like the odds, but at the same time, can't say I agree with what he did," she offered with a shrug.

To say the least, Tsiro was still worried about the impact that Kiyoshi would have on the mission. He nodded to both of them before pointing his direction solely on Kiyoshi. Isra knew where Tsiro stood on carnage and how he operated. Kiyoshi on the other hand seemed to lack some of the finer points of the Angry Brick theory falling on an enemy. "I want you to go nuts Kiyoshi. Let loose on the animals. If you do, you have my word the farmer and his family will be allowed to live. The main target is his prized horse. You will know it by the red hair that it has." Tsiro waits a minute and studies the boy's face to see if he'd follow along or not. He then turns to Isra. "You get the crops. I will house sit the old man and his three daughters." Tsiro states plainly. He then begins to walk down the path towards the edge of the farm. The orders were given and now it was up to those he travelled with to make a good show.

It was another day on the farm. The old man had a few hired hands working his fields and tending to the animals. He was just leaving the cows, carrying a bucket of fresh milk, heading towards the main house. The smile on his face would lead one to believe life was pretty good. The song he whistled only seemed to confirm that.

Kiyoshi lofts a brow by the slightest of margins at the statement, but otherwise offers nothing more until the prized horse gets mention. The beginings of a cringe is quickly buried behind a stony visage as he attention shifts to his apparent destination. Lingering questions made him hesitant to move, and yet he takes off to do as commanded with the unspoken words dogging his every step. Despite the distraction the youth does not allow them to override his ability to seek out and pursue whatever course would allow him to approach stealthily at first.
The less likely he had to deal with the farm hands, the better. Though granted, knocking them unconscious first may have been better than allowing them to run off and try to 'protect the farm' once Tsiro and Isra made their move. It was… something to consider while enroute.

Isra leaped down from the overlook and made her way to the field, her arms behind her as she dashed across the land and towards the crops. She checked to see if there were any living persons within before making her first move. She withdrew a number of kunai with tags laced on them and flung as many as she could out towards different sections of the crops to cause them to explode.
She followed up by flashing through handseals and summoning up some water from a nearby well and sent a wave of water to tear apart and violently wretch the crops from the ground to scatter them all over the place.

Tsiro continued to walk at his own pace. He moved between the two sides of the business. The explosions going off in the distance to announce their arrival to everyone. Even the sound of the water crashing through the plants was enough to bring a smile to Tsiro's cold face. As he reached the house, he spit out three bone needles which landed perfectly into the door of the home. "Honey, I'm home." Tsiro stated with a sinister curl of the lips. He stopped for a moment as one of the ranch hands who had been near comes forward and hits him with a shovel. The shovel itself breaks over his back.
Only distracted for a moment by the weak shovel blow, Tsiro turns around and gives the young man an open palmed uppercut. The only difference was a bone shot out of his hand as it made contact, impaling the man through the brain. Tsiro hen twisted his hand until the bone fully left it. He then let the body fall forward for anyone peaking out the windows to see. The sight is met with an obvious scream from a female sounding voice inside the home.

Isra seemed to draw the most attention from the farm hands. Luckily for her, three out of the four took off running in the opposite direction. They wanted nothing to do with large explosions or being drown somewhere not even close to a body of surface water. The one who does stay grabs a scythe used for cutting stalks and throws it directly at her. Though it was not as fast a kunai thrown by a shinobi, it was a fairly large scythe.
On the other side, Kiyoshi would find a few stable hands looking off in the direction of Isra's blasts. They did not seem to want to move towards, the blasts, but were comfortable enough to hold their ground for the moment.
The old man heard the loud scream from inside the house and rushed in through the back door to find one of his daughters holding the youngest daughter, who was crying hysterically. The older sister simply pointed towards the front. The old man rushed to the window to find Jikoto lying in a pool of blood with a large bone protruding from the top of his skull. His body froze in fear. "Get your other sister and move to the cellar!" he finally managed to yell towards the two daughters. They responded as they were told.

Once he found a secure enough place to observe the going-ons of farmhand and animals, Kiyoshi stays crouch down and waits. Just as expected, Isra drew the greatest amount of attention wrecking the field in a way only an Uzumaki or a Toujitakumi could appreciate. The stony expression cracks under the pressure from the urge to smile, though the strength behind it quickly wanes. The screams hastens the departure of the moment of joy, as well as prompts the giant to act before the hands have a time to truly decide on a course of action.
His arms find their skull, and following a painful clash of bone and flesh, both are allowed to slump to the ground. Tempted as he was to just leave them were they lay, Kiyoshi grudgingly pulls them into a corner out of direct sight. If things went truly bad, at least they would be out of trampling range for the animals. Speaking of which…
"He said for me to go wild… I guess.. that counts." Kiyoshi mutters as he loomed over the chicken pen. Flesh and bone twists and reshapes itself from a wicked grin into a mockery of its self as the giant stepped inside for a feast, closing the way behind.

Isra whipped out a scroll and unfurled it before her to stop the scythe that was thrown at her. She had to admit that the throw as fairly strong, but nothing she couldn't handle. With the scythe stopped in its tracks, she picked it up and held it in her hand while lifting her head to the one that threw it at her. She was tempted to throw it back, but instead, she just used it to continue her destruction of the crops. Versus swinging at the base of the crops, she made blunt and forced chops towards the fruit they bore. "I'm not going to hurt you. I don't intend to. You will have your work cut out for you, but at least know this isn't your fault. If you have anyone to blame for this, seek your boss. He's the one that brought this on himself with his actions," she explained to the attacker.

Tsiro walked up to the house. He lifts a leg and kicks in the door. "You know, it is kind of rude to greet us as such. You really should teach your hands some manners." he states as he sees the man. "Come here. Let us take a walk." Tsiro says as he motions to him to follow. Luckily for him, the man did as he asked. The two then moved to the porch of the home. "You see the smoke from your fields? This is because you wish to withdraw from our markets. If you will not supply us with goods, you will not have them." Tsiro then pats his chest as he coughs out a bone sliver. He picks the sliver up with his hands and begins to rotate it through his fingers. "This is what we are going to call negotiations." After those words fall the sound of chickens going nuts can be heard at the porch. "Someone seems hungry."

The old man shook as he walked towards Tsiro. He knew he was no match for the shinobi. As they step onto the porch he sees the plume of smoke rising from his fields. He sees some of the stable hands run for the hills. A tear falls from his eye as he watches his dream going up in smoke. "Stop. Please. I will return to the markets. I promise." he begs and pleads with the Kaguya. He just wanted the nightmare to be over. He still had so much more to lose.

The field hand is a bit shocked when Isra deflects his attack with ease. Instead of retaliation, she moves back to the waves of destruction. "You are a horrible person!" he yells in response to Isra. "My master raises orphans and gives them a new life! You are destroying everything." He then turns around and kicks at the dirt as he walks away. He knew he was not able to fight this woman.
As for the chickens, they run around looking for an exit only to find it blocked by the massive man. Feathers fly everywhere as he starts in on his feast. The sound of dying birds can be heard along way away from the room of the demise.

Nothing tastes quite as good as something living trying to squirm its way out of one's grasp just before being devoured. Kiyoshi had to work at it in the begining, but devouring the first chicken in a matter of a few bites sends the message loud and clear. The only downside to it was how slow the process was, and the fact the Kirryu still had several other farm animals to get to after. Good thing he had a high metabolism…

By the time the giant is done, there remains only scattered feathers and blood in the pen. He might have even left a chicken or two survive. Though whether or not this was out of kindness or to ensure the farmer could back quickly on his feet to help Kirigakure in the future would be difficult to tell. Of course the only way that would happen is if said chickens were smart enough to stay well out of his immediate reach from the get go. In any case, his next target: the cows.
Before he even reaches their resting place he could sense their restlessness. It should have been enough to drown out the sour aftertaste of nagging thoughts, and yet failed to. They were domesticated, after all. Hardly a challenge or worth the energy to put down. He pauses after the draw, briefly considering his options in a calm demeanor. Half. He nods curtly. A little over half the stock would be a sufficient for the message. This time Kiyoshi doesn't waste time devouring as he went along, but butchered each and every one outright.

"Yeah, I know," Isra responded to the farmhand as he fled. She tried not to take much stock in what just happened and finished up the last of her crop assault and the fields. When she was done, she exited the fields and took a seat to rest herself. Her work was done. She destroyed enough only to hurt. She supposes that those orphans will endure more hardships, but again…it was the master's fault, right?

"Yes, the goal is to bring you back to our markets, but that's just not going to be good enough." Tsiro answers the old man. The bone pick continues to move in his right hand in front of the old man. "How about you give me your eldest daughter and return to the markets. That would guarantee you not to leave again." Tsiro then points towards the cows. "He's pretty hungry. I'm not sure if he'll just stop at a couple." He then looks over towards Isra who seemed to stop. "She's taking a break. She works kind of slow and methodical. So how about it?"

The old man's eyes widen in terror as he imagines the things Tsiro would likely do to his daughter. "You monster. I am not giving you my daughter. I don't know what kind of depraved things you would make her do." He then looks over towards the cows as they were being slaughtered. He had to think of something quick. Especially before the other shinobi started going back to work on his fields. "I will discount the goods in your market. 10 percent." he finally offers hoping that its good enough.

Kiyoshi held back a grimace at his handiwork. Unfortunately, he isn't entirely successful. The bloody mess covering coating much of his clothing aside, the Kirryu was truly starting to hate the work. His feelings doesn't stop him from planting the blade in the earth at his side and digging in, but it certainly slows him down. A leg here, and a head there, then… it is enough. The rest could be left to carrion or the farmers to deal with. Well, whoever was left, in any case, unless his nose had been deceiving him earlier.

Kiyoshi bristles at the reminder. Of all the things his worthless prey's blood didn't cover, it was /that/ of all things. The momentary pause to lick up some of the gore still covering his hands provide the Kirryu a chance to listen in to the conversation between Tsiro and the farmer. It isn't timely enough to catch all, but hearing the old man mention percentage is enough to clue him in. Against his better judgement he barks, "Twenty percent! And be grateful with that and not my devouring your kin next!" Did… he really mean that? Everything from his tone, posture, and the glare he gives bespoke of such. Whether or not Tsiro approved, or worse yet, intended to make him make good on the threat was another matter.

Isra turned her attention towards the farmer and Tsiro when Kiyoshi shouted a percentage out for the negotiations. She observed the two for a while before turning her head away and rising up from the ground. This needed to be over and quickly. She retrieved a few kunai and began to spin them around on her finger in an idle fashion. The count of them began to increase with every full spin of the kunai until their count was up to five. "Please, for your sake and others, accept these terms. Otherwise, I'll have to cause more damage…" She spoke lifelessly and punctuated it with a kunai that landed in another field. Naturally, it raised the earth and sent material jetting out from the crater while shreds of this crop rained down to the ground.

Tsiro began his retort to the old man's comment about his daughter. "Your daughter would not survive that without some kind of healing factor." Then Tsiro hears the boy yell out as if he was negotiating with him. He then shrugs his shoulders. "You heard him. Twenty percent discount and we leave." Tsiro had nearly dropped his tooth pick. It seemed the boy could actually have a future among the mist shinobi. His crimson eyes then look at the man. They glare into him. "I would have asked for twenty five if we were going to do a monetary discount. Oops, there goes another field. How many more of those you got left?" he asks.

At firs the old man is disgusted by Tsiro's comment. He then heard the twenty percent just as Tsiro had. It is not long after Tsiro's questions that he finally gives in. "Fine, but go. Leave me and my family alone. We will return to the market and give the twenty percent discount." It was a bargain he never saw himself making, except that these shinobi did kind of have him by the proverbial balls.

Tsiro waves his hands. "Enough! Our job is done here."

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