Nemesis - Midori



Date: February 19, 2013


None given.

"Nemesis - Midori"

Unknown location

Midori glanced up at herself again in the mirror. The eyes that stared
back were filled with incompetence, sadness and self loathing. Her
expression seems to ask the question, "How can you ever hope to beat
anyone else if you can't even defeat yourself first?" And then the image
in the mirror started to laugh. "You're your own worst enemy. So feeble
that you can't take ten running steps before you trip over your own feet.
So pathetic you can barely cause a spark with your Fire Ninjutsu. So
incompetent that you'll never even make it to Genin," it chortles as the
image throws its head back in hysterical laughter. Midori couldn't do
anything. She just stood there staring at the imposing reflection in the
mirror. Was that really her? Would she really never even become a Genin?
The image started speaking again, and all Midori could do was turn her
back and weep. How long would this unwelcome torment continue? Her
shoulders heaved with every sob as the mirror's tirade continued behind
her. Everything it was saying was true. Every other student in her class
could easily beat her. She couldn't even master any of the Academy level
techniques, let alone the techniques required to be recognised as an adult
by her family. She might as well give up on being a shinobi.
Feeling defeated, Midori was about to walk away from the mirror. Walk
away from all the hurt, all the struggle she'd put herself through trying
to become a shinobi. But just as she was on the precipice of giving up,
the girl glanced back over her shoulder toward the mirror and noticed that
it had finally stopped talking, smug in its victory. And as her eyes gazed
upon that pathetic image she realised the deepest truth of its words. If
she'd only stop telling herself that she couldn't, maybe she could
succeed! If she stopped letting other peoples' words blow her around she
might be able to stand on her own two feet. Other than the kids in the
Academy Class no had had been saying she was incompetent. Surely they knew
better than she did. She turned around to face the mirror again, and when
its venom-filled words spurred forth again she cut it off. "Maybe this is
the ultimate act of self-hatred. I won't listen to you anymore. I'll only
listen to those whose words are truly wise, and I know mine aren't," she
said, taking a shuriken from her pouch. And with one smooth movement she
flings it straight into the mirror, shattering it into a million pieces.
Actually, she was kind of surprised that she'd managed to hit the mirror
at all.

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