Never apart. Never homeless.


Kagetsu, Kuroyosai

Date: February 23, 2012


Through some strange and mysterious unforeseen series of events the first two poses were lost. Luckily I can summarize them in but a few simple words. Kagetsu was busy all morning. Kuroyosai just got back with Kazuhito to the village. As Kazuhito departs Kagetsu arrives…but he is acting funny. Kagetsu was bitten by something while out being busy and is now acting rather delirious and funny. Kuroyosai figured it was heat stroke and doused him in water. Didn’t work. Somebody else is watching all this unfold too.

"Never apart. Never homeless."

Outside the Village - Sunagakure then moved to Nishikaze Street.

Kagetsu giggles as Kuroyosai takes him by the collar. He's a bit limp in his brother's grip. Raising a finger to his lips he shushes Kuroyosai "Shhhhhh. You'll wake Katsuya." Kagetsu's eyes pan over to the side as if he spots something. "Oh? Hi Hikaru. Kuroyosai is being loud. Did he wake you?" Sure enough though Hikaru was standing were Kagetsu had spotted. He moves forward with icy eyes glancing to Kuroyosai then back to Kagetsu. He kneels down lays a hand on Kagetsu's shoulder. "Rest my boy." He says before applying pressure to the base of Kagetsu's neck. "Ok but be nice to Kuro, he didn't know Katsuya was asleep." He then passes out and falls. Hikaru stands looking back into the village. "A medic will be here soon." He turns around and begins walking. "Come with me. We have things to discuss." He's speaking to Kuroyosai of course seeming not to be concerned with leaving Kagetsu there.

Kuroyosai felt a slash of fear for his twin lance through him at just how limp and unresisting Kagetsu was in his grip. The giggling and odd visions he was apparently seeing only served to make matters worse. And the nomad knew he wasn't drunk now. Simply being this close he would have been able to smell the alcohol on his brother and there was none. Hikaru's appearance brought him some relief… at first. Those icy eyes and his movements caught Kuro with irritation at first. In the least, he would expect the older man to be worried about Kagetsu. After all, this wasn't the time to hammer out the tension that had arisen since Tam's appearance in the village. This was the time to help Kagetsu.
Kuroyosai blinked as Hikaru kneels and simply uses a pressure point to knock Kagetsu out. Since he was still gripping Kage's collar, Kuro carefully, almost tenderly lowered him to the sand. Inside, a rage was starting to build. Abated temporarily by the statement that a medic would soon be there, and then flaring sharply when Hikaru starts walking off and throwing orders at him as if he were shinobi and under his command. And what of Kagetsu? To just leave him there randomly for a medic to possibly locate?
"No." Kagetsu speaks in almost a whisper as if he hadn't meant to say anything. Then he raises the volume of his voice so Hikaru can hear him, but his tone is pure venom, eyes flashing dangerously, even as one hand rests softly on Kagetsu's forehead. "I'm not the kind of scum that would just leave him here like this. How can you?! How can you do something like this and claim to care for him?!" He looks back to Kagetsu, the expression of rage transforming temporarily into one of concern and fear before the mask slides back into place fluidly and he sends a glare at Hikaru every bit as cold as the older man's had been, possibly more so. His next words betray his true feelings on the matter. "If he dies, you're next."

There Kagetsu lays unconscious with a goofy smile adorning his face. He seems to be knocked out cold. It was the safest thing for him to be right now less he causes problems for himself and others. Hikaru is waiting for Kuroyosai to follow or at least approach but when he hears Kuroyosai decline he turns back. His eyes remained cold and set upon Kuroyosai. His eyes were that of pure horror. The gaze of a man who had seen something unspeakable. At the same time his icy gems were dull almost lifeless but not quite dead. Hikaru remains silent hearing Kuroyosai's concerns. His concern for his brother reached Hikaru but the man appeared to shrug it off as nothing more than a mere feeling. His face is stoic and still up until Kuroyosai remarks something that sounded dangerously close to a threat. Hikaru faces the young man now and beings walking forward, his gait reserved as if he was now hostile.
Hikaru's eyes go to his adoptive son now. "Interesting you'd say such things considering you've jeopardized him not once but twice now." Hikaru lets the words settle in to Kuroyosai and says no more. He continues to approach until he is within arm's reach of Kagetsu and by default Kuroyosai. Hikaru stands firm eyes shifting from Kagetsu's limp form to Kuroyosai. Hikaru saw a mirror of his adoptive son in this young man. Were he'd known Kagetsu to be a benign and caring ray Kuroyosai gave him the feeling that he was speaking to a fearful and unreceptive creature that took refuge within the shade. He wouldn't have someone such as this question his love for his son. He wasn't always good at showing it but here he would defend himself from being accused of anything less than a father. The medic hadn't arrived yet, this bothered Hikaru. He remains at Kagetsu's side for now wondering what the reflection had to say to him now.

Kuroyosai's eyes see the truth of the kinds of things Hikaru has seen and experienced. He knows that look well and has a bit of it in his own eyes, though perhaps less due to being younger only. Tam had been insistent that Kuroyosai was willingly and actively a part of the nomadic bandits' activities. The truth as exposed by the mind probe had been a great deal tamer. Through Tam's eyes They had seen no crime committed by the boy-Kuro, but rather that he'd been treated and used as something akin to a slave. The tattoo of course was forced on him at a young age and as Tam had not been there when Jikei was killed, they found nothing but a picture of a large man's body with a slit throat. One clean and deep cut having ended his life with no resistance. Kuro showed the intelligence to have indeed put the man out with a sleeping drug before ending his life and escaping, though Kuro had yet to admit that to anyone but Kagetsu himself.
So the horror and dullness in Hikaru's eyes is understood by Kuro through his own slice of that hell. But he is still young and misinterprets Hikaru's advance as more intent on violence than it really was. Thus his left hand grips the sheath of his kodachi tightly, shifting his body so that his feet are planted firmly in case he need strike. He holds there, however and the desire to kill is lacking in his eyes. He doesn't want to even harm Hikaru, but he won't stand by and allow harm to befall himself or Kagetsu either.
The elder man's words about putting Kagetsu in danger twice brings an interesting reaction. One that offers evidence that the boy wasn't lost to his shadows yet. The mismatched eyes darken and the skin over his jaw tightens in self reproach. "Once. I thought I'd lost that bastard Tam and that put him in danger. /Once/." He keeps his voice modulated, though that could be further proof that he's affected by the subject. "I'm trying to help him now and you want to leave him lying in the street alone, untended and hope a medic finds him! Not happening!" Seeing as Hikaru is within range but has shown no interest in attack, Kuro releases his sword and turns back to Kagetsu, worried and close to fussing like a mother over the color of his skin. He even moves a bit so his shadow falls over Kagetsu's face.

Hikaru doesn't bat an eye at Kuroyosai's words. In fact it almost seemed as if he was ignoring him. But that notion would be erased when Hikaru speaks up again feeling a bit challenged by Kuroyosai. "You are quick to forget. Your first day and my son almost ended up being interrogated by one of our specialist and I can assure you, it is traumatizing." Hikaru's tone is a bit condescending. "If Kira hadn't informed me that my son had opted to be imprisoned with someone who he claimed to be his brother." He stops there as the thought seemed to be too unpleasant for even his mind to imagine. He cared a great deal about Kagetsu. Hikaru leaves it there letting Kuroyosai piece it together. Seeing as the medic still hadn't arrived Hikaru didn't have much of a choice. He kneels down looking at Kagetsu. Seeing Kuroyosai's shadow fall upon his son made Hikaru cringe softly.
"The bandit Tam will be executed. We can let a notorious person like that walk free." His voice was low toned and accusing almost. "There may be more like Tam. Kagetsu may get mistaken for you again." Hikaru's eyes set on Kuroyosai heavily now "If not for my son's unyielding concern for you I'd have you help by leaving and never showing your face again." Hikaru was serious "But that would make Kagetsu resent me and could lead him down a path I wouldn't like for him to follow." Hikaru moves to lift Kagetsu. "The medic is taking too long. We aren't suppose to move the bodies of those who have collapsed until one arrives." He sates lifting Kagetsu, cradling the young man effortlessly. "I might as well say what I've wanted to say. You'll not be staying with us anymore. You'll be moved to a home on Kitakaze Street. I've arranged for Lei to show you there."

Kuroyosai hears the accusation about the interrogation and his glower goes from hardened threat to something hauntingly close to Kagetsu's pout. "And I smacked him upside the head for it! I did my best that day to keep him out of it. You can't blame /me/ for that one." And he had too.. the second the boy had stepped within the cell he'd slapped him upside the head despite the plank bindings that held his hands. The memory gets a soft kind of reaction from Kuro as he brushes the still-soaked hair out of his brother's face.
The boy's expression hardens greatly when Hikaru admits to wanting him gone and remains a solid mask of tension from there on. He's well aware Hikaru wasn't keen to his presence and had in fact been looking for an apartment and saving up the money he'd been making on the side. He had his own reasons for wanting to leave that house of Hikaru's, not the least of which was Katsuya. Not that he'd admit that to Kagetsu or Hikaru, of course. Rather, the girl herself was cute and likeable, but he couldn't help the rise of jealousy at her relationship to Kagetsu. Not to mention the fact that no matter how many times he'd been in her room… that entire pink still freaked him out on a basal level.
Lifting his eyes and wearing that expression of hard reality that, no doubt, Hikaru had never wanted to see on Kagetsu's face, Kuroyosai speaks coldly. "Would you like me to go kill them all then? Maybe I'd be killed in the process and you could enjoy your life again?" Kuro stands up slowly, leaving Kagetsu in Hikaru's arms, knowing deep down that his brother was safe there, that he'd be taken care of. His eyes are harder than ever, both gloved hands fisted at his side. "I wasn't kidding. He dies, you die." And with that he turns on his heel and with a burst of chakra to aid his motion, dash steps into the crowd.

Kuroyosai is answered with silence by Hikaru. He had nothing to say to the young man and his question about killing all of them. He even keeps quiet about Kuroyosai's threat. All the while he was thinking the same thing. Should something happen to Kagetsu because of Kuroyosai Hikaru would personally see to it that they'd never be separated again, even in death. Hours go by and Kagetsu awakes back at home. He was in his bed and at the edge was Katsuya. She turns hearing movement and rushes to Kagetsu hugging him. "Kage-oniisan!" she cries out. "You're alive. I thought you were dead. Otto-san said you were just resting but you wouldn't wake up no matter what I did!" she pelts him with her concern. Kagetsu pets his little sister's head chuckling "Hehe…wait what did you do to me?" he asked. Katsuya pretends she doesn't hear that and continues to pelt her brother with words of concern until Kuroyosai is brought up. "He hasn't been back?" Kagetsu asked. Katsuya shakes her head. "I haven't seen him for a while now." She says.
Kagetsu gently gets free of Katsuya and exits. Hikaru sits in the front room legs crossed as if waiting for something. "Welcome back." He greets. Kagetsu sweatdrops and grins nervously "You make it sound like I was dead." He chuckles. Hikaru shrugs "Cut it close this time." The remark was light, most likely a joke. Kagetsu rolls his eyes "Comes with the job. Anyway, have you seen Kuroyosai around? According to Katsuya he's been missing." Hikaru stands and looks towards Kagetsu "He's decided to move out." He answers. Kagetsu blinks a bit shocked hearing this at first. "What? Why? He wasn't imposing was he? He got along great with Katsuya. Yukiko likes him too. He helps with the cooking and shopping." Kagetsu lists. Hikaru puts up a hand silencing Kagetsu. "You'd have to ask him yourself. I'm sure he has his reasons." Hikaru turns and makes a path for the exit. "Since you're ok and awake I'll leave the place in your hands. Yukiko will be back soon. Keep an eye on your sister." With that Hikaru is gone leaving Kagetsu a bit puzzled. "Well he was a big help." He groans and pouts.

Kuroyosai had been cruising the back streets of Sunagakure since he'd disappeared from the main street and his argument with Hikaru. He'd been around these shinobi for quite enough time to pick up a few tricks from them, including silence and hanging out on window ledges and roofs. He'd heard Katsuya practically announce tht Kagetsu had finally woken up and the rest of that little scene. He didn't want to startle anyone so he remained silent and still, waiting. He doesn't move until he hears Hkaru leave the place to Katsuya and Kagetsu.
Kuro moved gracefully, like a shadow, slipping into Kagetsu's open window and landing on the bed. He'd been sleeping ont he floor in this room since he started staying here and so this was where his things were. One of the things he'd done since the fight with Hikaru was to buy a satchel with two straps to place what few belongings he had now in. The items were few (and he had asked Katsuya to safeguard the windmill for him, convincing her that if she kept it safe then all three of them could have it).
From the living quarters where Katsuya and Kagetsu are, they would hear a soft thump as he landed on the bed then shuffling and fabric swishing as he packed quickly. His back is to the door so his face is hidden. From the doorway the only hint that something was up was that his long hair was roughed up and snarled, some strands falling loose from the tie.

Kagetsu sighs and sits down wondering what's going through Kuroyosai's head. Katsuya wanders up and sits next to Kagetsu. "Are you worried?" she asked. Kagetsu sighs and pets her "Of course. He's my brother." Kagetsu smiles. Katsuya giggles. "I know how you feel. I have a ditsy brother too." She remarks hopping to a stand. Suddenly Kagetsu hears something. He stands and picks up Katsuya in flash. He holds her close keeping a hand over her mouth so she doesn't scream. "Shhh. Someone's here." He sets her down and tells her to hide. He inches towards the door and pulls out a kunai. Kagetsu figures whoever it was got in through the window. That was the only exit.
With the body flicker technique he rushed into the room blocking the window and prepping his kunai for flight until he spots the perp. Kagetsu deadpans looking to Kuroyosai. He would be angry at Kuroyosai for sneaking in like this if he wasn't so happy to see him. "Kuro!" he rushes forward to embrace his brother but he stops once he sees the satchel. Kagetsu is then reminded of what Hikaru said. "Oh." He frowns lightly. He becomes a bit more reserved feeling that Kuroyosai had become somewhat unapproachable. "So you're leaving then?"

Kuroyosai tenses as Kagetsu flickers into the room, freezing his movements until his brother confirms his identity. He hadn't meant to make that much noise. His hair isn't the only disturbed part of him. His lip is split and there's a cut on his cheek that's bruising. His clothes are dusty as well. He looks like he'd been in a fight, though not with Hikaru. The elder shinobi would leave him with more wounds than a few bruises and cuts. Maybe he hadn't been kidding about fighting for money. He winces at the look on Kagetsu's face and looks to the side, silent for a few moments after the question is posed. He's considering which would be easier for Kagetsu to deal with, the truth, just agree he's leaving or perhaps some other sugar-coated explanation.
Then he remembers Kagetsu telling him that he's not the scared little Kagetsu from the past anymore. That he's adult enough to deal with things. His eyes dull faintly and he stops packing for the moment. His voice is quiet and dull, as if he's tired. He was tired of lying to protect people too. "I wasn't given much choice, Kagetsu…." He shoves an extra shirt into his bag and a look of irritation crosses his features. "But I'm not going to just take the apartment Hikaru wants me in. I don’t need his charity after…." He takes a breath, not wanting to upset Katsuya but struggling to keep his own emotions at bay. So his volume lowers, though his tone remains upset. "I'm not going to take his accusations and then let him 'place' me where he wants me. I have money I'll find my own place…" He looks up then, face hard with conviction even as his eyes beg for understanding. "I'm not leaving the city even if he does want me to. I'm not leaving you. Got that?"

Kagetsu is thoroughly confused. He holds his head and blinks long and hard trying to take in everything Kuroyosai had said. Kagetsu opens his eyes and sighs "Ok wait." He looks to his brother now more concerned than anything. "You look like you've been in a few altercations…and you're leaving and it sounds like you're saying Hikaru is making you leave." He looks to Kuroyosai eyes asking for clarification. Kagetsu sighs and folds his arms. He groans and suddenly he can hear Katsuya in the other room. "Kage-oniisan? Are you ok?" Katsuya calls out. Kagetsu sighs "I told her to be quiet." He smiles. It does wonders to be able to smile at a time like this. "I'm fine…just talking. Wait out there ok?" he replies. "Ok." She answers.
Kagetsu approaches Kuroyosai and shakes his head "You look terrible. Let me clean you up. You can explain all of this to me." He suggests. He really didn't want his brother to leave, not so soon at least. Kagetsu figured this day would come so he was going to drag out every moment with Kuroyosai he could. Kagetsu lowers his head masking his sorrowful eyes and hiding his contempt behind a faint smile. "Just leaving looking like that? Unacceptable." He chuckles softly

Kuroyosai is quiet as Kagetsu starts working things out for himself. Katsuya calling from the other room makes him grimace and shove a pair of his pants into the bag. He's irritated but as usual it's not really at Katsuya. He'd shown before that he could even babysit the girl without a problem. It's only in times of stress that he seems to avoid her. Not counting his avid avoidance of her room that is.
Kagetsu's comment about his appearance gets Kuro to blink a few times, licking the split lip idly and hesitating for a moment as Kagetsu seems to take over the situation. Kuro had known his brother had grown, but sometimes it still surprised him how he could take control of a situation and that that control felt natural and sane to follow. He lets go of the satchel and looks at his gloved hands. Apparently he's allowing Kagetsu to 'clean him up' if he wants, but the words of explanation are still tense. "I guess that's what I'm saying, Kagetsu. He doesn't want me in his house and said he'd have Lei escort me to my new home…some apartment on something-kaze Street. Do you really want to hear anything else? I'm not trying to hurt you or put you in danger. I don't care what he says."

Kagetsu pulls out a scroll and opens it on his bed. He performs a few handsigns then summons forth in a cloud of smoke an array of cleaning and treatment supplies. His smile holds strong as he fetches a soft cloth and some antibacterial spray. He starts with Kuroyosai's split lip which might cut the young man off. Kuroyosai's tongue had cleared most the blood so Kage just had to wipe and spray. He then moves to the other cuts along Kuroyosai's body. Kagetsu admired his brother's pain tolerance. It was almost like he liked it. He sighs as Kuroyosai explains what Hikaru had said. "But Hikaru said that you wanted to leave." He remarks meekly. Kagetsu know Kuroyosai wasn't a liar…a good one anyway. Even so Kuroyosai wouldn't lie about something like this. Kagetsu knew that in his heart. HIkaru would lie on occasion when it was appropriate. Kagetsu had witnessed this first hand and was a victim of it from time to time.
"So Hikaru doesn't think I can take care of myself either." Kagetsu mutters softly. His hands stop for a moment. There is a hint of frustration in his eyes. He starts up again finishing with the last of Kuroyosai scrapes. "I know you're not Kuro. Hikaru's always been protective." Kagetsu makes a face as if he's impersonating Hikaru "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." He chuckles "He always says that." Kagetsu's eyes become saddened once again. He'd look to his brother and motion him to turn around so he could fix his hair. A few of Kuroyosai's strands seem too have slipped out. "Do I appear that weak?" he asks as he fashions his brother's hair into its former state.

Kuroyosai blinks, still amazed by the scroll mastery techniques that Kagetsu employs. He holds still, letting Kagetsu worry over the little cuts and scrapes and bruises. Its somehow soothing to him how Kagetsu fusses over him. He winces once as the cut on his cheek is sprayed but otherwise just seems to relax and calm down as he's taken care of. His eyes even soften to some degree as he listens to Kagetsu talk about how Hikaru was always protective. "I know I need to find a place of my own soon, Kage… But I didn't think it would be this week. I'm trying to save up some money first." He shakes his head. "That doesn't matter… I'll be able to handle whatever I need to."
Hikaru's little adage about prevention and cure irritates him but he's now officially under Kagetsu's spell and he simply turns to allow Kage to fix his hair. He hated this situation with a passion. It made him feel like he had felt the first week he was here; like he would have done less damage to Kagetsu by staying 'dead'. His shoulders droop a bit and he's fidgeting with one of his gloves. Before he can sink much deeper into that dark swirl of thought, Kagetsu asks his next question. "You don't appear weak, Kagetsu. I only want to protect you because I don't want you to get hurt…ever… I guess I'm arrogant thinking I could protect you like that. You're a shinobi. I'm just a street fighter with a short sword." His voice drops a little. "He's right.. I've put you in danger… And maybe it's selfish but I don't want to leave this village…. I don't want to leave you. That's why we got into it today. He wanted to just leave you laying there in the street!" This last pronunciation is said angrily as if it is inconceivable for Kuro.

Kagetsu continues to fuss with Kuroyosai's hair and listen. He smiles at Kuroyosai's words. It was nice to know how Kuroyosai felt about him. He still felt as though he was a burden to his twin though just a little. Kagetsu frowns "If you don't have enough money then just take the place Hikaru had set up. I'm not letting you leave and you don't have a place to stay." Kagetsu's grip on Kuro's hair tightens "It gets cold at night and it's been cold lately. You'll freeze." He says. He realizes how tight his grip had gotten and he loosened up. "Sorry." He mutters with a soft blush.
Kagetsu blinks "Why was I lying in the middle of the street?" Kagetsu didn't recall the incidents that occurred before he woke up. When he tried to recall his head got fuzzy. He recalled going on several assignments and heading back from the caves. He saw Kuroyosai outside the village and then nothing. He groans and shakes his head "Sounds like Hikaru." He mutters. "I don't care so much about that as I do about you. You're not….well…" Kagetsu starts to shake a bit "You're my brother damnit! Dangerous or not you're still my brother." There is sullen look in his eyes "He has no right."

Kuroyosai's shoulders radiate tension as Kagetsu grips his hair and for a flash he's aware of just how vulnerable he would be if Kagetsu actually wanted to harm him at that moment. He accepts the lecture silently, though, and once his hair is released he ducks his head a bit, like a child that had been yelled at. He hears the apology from Kagetsu but doesn't trust his own expression to turn around yet. It's a hesitation he loses a few seconds later when Kage suddenly declares that Kuroyosai is the one who's not well. A comment that gets a head turn and a lifted eyebrow. "You're the one seeing ten foot snakes in the street… Then you just passed out. He said we had to talk and expected me to just leave you there and …well…" Kuro blushes a little here himself. "I told him that if you died because he walked away from you like that that he'd be next." The embarrassment is extremely short-lived. "And I meant it!"
He was about to continue speaking when suddenly Kagetsu states that even if Kuro is dangerous, they're still brothers and the nomad stills, blinking at his twin. He wonders if he's really that much of a problem, then wonders what shinobi quantify as 'dangerous'. His next thought is to wonder why Kagetsu would consider him dangerous. And then he's gone the full circle and wonders again why he's considered 'unwell'. It's not like he's sick. He just took a few hits. No big deal.
Kuroyosai reaches over and takes hold of a small corner of Kagetsu's yukata, a surprisingly child-like gesture, accompanied by that unsure look in Kuro's eyes. "He said he didn't want you to resent him. He said that's why he hadn't told me to get out of town… Even if they try to force me, Kagetsu.. I won't leave you unless /you/ tell me to leave."

Kagetsu inclines a head at the statement claiming that he was claiming to have seen a ten foot snake. Kagetsu is suddenly glad he doesn't remember what occurred now. He shrugs it off and releases Kuroyosai's hair now finished with it. He hears what Kuroyosai had to say to Hikaru and makes a face. "We've gotta do something about that vipers tongue Kuro" he remarks. Swinging around to his brother's front he inspects his work. "There. You look passable as my twin brother now." He smiles. Moving a hand to teasingly pet his brother's head he chuckles "So that's what I look like when I'm embarrassed eh?"
Kagetsu lowers his hand back to his side. "He probably thinks you're going to incur the wrath of more bandits or something. If they find out you're staying here it could put the family in danger." He states softly. "I understand what Hikaru is thinking. But still." He's not exactly thrilled by the idea that his brother won't be at his side. They complimented and watched over each other. With Kuroyosai Kagetsu never felt compromised or uncomfortable. "Katsuya's not gonna be happy either. That's a headache in the making." He groans.
Kagetsu looks back to his brother when he feels his hand tugging on his yukata. Kagetsu's eyes become determined and fierce at the utterance of Kuroyosai's words. He nods "I won't let them." He assures. "I won't have us be separated again." Kagetsu rests a hand on his brother's shoulder "If anyone tries to interfere I'll…I'll" His eyes dart to the door and a sigh escapes him. "Don't worry about me. We'll get through this. For now why don't you just take Hikaru's offer? Until you have enough money for your own place. It's only temporary."

Kuroyosai rubs his forehead as if he’s getting a headache but sighs. "I know he could be right about the bandits but he even blames me for you almost getting interrogated. Sorry, brother, that was your own damn fault." He's covered his embarrassment quickly with his easy-going nature, and forces himself to release the corner of Kagetsu's yukata. Why was this such a struggle constantly, he wonders silently.
Kagetsu takes charge and Kuro looks up at him with a kind of dawning awe-turned-respect. "You really have changed, Shadow. I'm usually the one giving orders…was…anyway." He takes a breath and thinks as Kagetsu continues talking, suggesting he accept the apartment that Hikaru wants him to have. "I don't like it. It puts me right where /he/ wants me. And he hasn't come across as a friend." He looks up, hoping his twin realizes that he's not trying to run down Hikaru, but that Kuroyosai sees everything in a strategic perspective and Hikaru has brokered almost everything /but/ trust from the nomad boy. "Can I trust him that far?"

Kagetsu chuckles recalling his 'stupidity' on the day in question Kuroyosai is referring to. "Yeah. I still think what I did was cool." He adds quickly and moves on just as quickly before Kuroyosai can smack him again. He removes his hand from his brother's shoulder and speaks "I'll help you carry some of your stuff." He also offers some food Yukiko had prepared the other night. Hikaru didn't come home that night so his portion remained.
When Kuroyosai comments on Kagetsu's apparent increasing in maturity the young man blushes very embarrassed by this brother's words. His head sinks slightly and he gets an irritated look on his face. It seems he's combating a smile. "Sh-shush." He squeaks out meekly. Moving on with the more pressing matters Kagetsu can understand why Kuroyosai doesn't exactly trust Hikaru. Hikaru didn't seem to trust him either so it seemed reasonable they'd be cautious around one another. "I know I know but Kuro there's something you gotta understand." He says rather calmly "If Hikaru wanted you harmed or worse he'd have done it already. Right now he's just trying to keep an eye on everything. Try to understand it's in his nature…as a shinobi." He explains. "If he harms you then he'll have to deal with me." He states. Kagetsu spoke so passionately but he didn't really think about what he'd just said. He'd oppose his adoptive father for the sake of his beloved father. Was he capable of such a thing? "Besides…it's not like you have any other choice."

Kuroyosai lets his brother continue to be in charge or think he was in charge anyway, but his mind is still thinking on a harsh level. "I know he could probably take me in a fight but he wouldn't come out unscathed.. Look, I don't want to upset your new life either, but I can't trust that man… For all I know he'll bug the place." Then he remembers Katsuya and snaps his fingers. Returning to the bag he digs in a pocket and pulls out a small bag. "Where's the kid? I got something for her."
Standing up he steps out of the room and starts looking for Katsuya.

Kagetsu blinks looking to the bag Kuroyosai pulled out. "She has a name ya know? What is it?" he asks reaching for it. His curiosity got the better of him. He blinks "Uh Katsuya is right outside. Come'on what is it?" he prods Kuroyosai. The young chuunin rises and moves for the door. "Katsuya!? You can come in now." He gives her the ok. Kagetsu sighs and quickly moves back to the bed sealing all his equipment away. "That could've been bad." He sighs in relief. Slowly the door cracks open and Katsuya walks through. "Kage-oniisan what's going on-" she stops and spots Kuroyosai. There is a jovial look on her face for about two seconds before she becomes one unhappy Katsuya. "KURO-BAKA" she charges at Kuroyosai.

Kuroyosai yelps in surprise as Katsuya turns her wrath on him. It's probably comical from the outside but Kuro knows damn well that little girl's wrath is nothing to frown at. "I know, I know. Here… I brought you something." He offers her the small bag and after she takes it he looks at Kagetsu with a kind of sad look on his face. It remains only for a moment before he looks away again. He wished he'd have been able to get presents for Kagetsu throughout their lives, but he had to settle for the fact that nothing could compare to the fact that they both still have their earrings. So he waits, watching the girl with her gift. He'd gotten her a crystal bracelet that in the right light, casts rainbows and glitters like diamonds. It was cheap but it's elegant. Besides keeping an eye on Katsuya's reaction, he glances at Kagetsu, curious what he thinks as well. He'd never done this before…

The grey eyes of the little girl flare up at Kuroyosai as she pummels his lap with her tiny fists. Kagetsu sighs and shakes his head with a smirk on his face. Katsuya's likes to put on quite a show he thought. The young man looks to Kuroyosai now as he tries to calm Katsuya's wrath with whatever was in the bag. It appears to be a gift of some sort. Katsuya glares. The girl was clearly concerned about Kuroyosai beneath her little anger. She takes the bag, snatching it really. "Don't think this means you're off the hook mister." Her hand delves into the bag searching for the contents. Unable to determine what it was by feel alone Katsuya grabs it and pulls it from the bag.
Kagetsu smiles softly at the gift. It was a lovely little bracelet with a crystal that would make any girl's day. Katsuya stared at it for a moment before looking to Kuroyosai. She makes a face and takes the bracelet turning around. "I suppose I'll go easy on you this time." She remarks. There is a huge blush on Katsuya's face. Kagetsu snickers "I think you mean 'Thank you' Katsuya." He explains. She turns around sharply and sticks her tongue out at Kagetsu before leaving quickly. Kagetsu laughs and looks to Kuroyosai "Whaddaya know. She likes it." He says. "That was nice of you Kuro."

Kuroyosai watches the little girl's actions and somehow, despite the odds, manages not to laugh until she's gone. Then he cracks up, wincing a little at the split lip. It's not until Kagetsu says it as nice of him that he blushes and looks away. "She tried to give me that windmill… So I figured I could return the favor. I'm glad she liked it though.. I've never gotten anyone a present… or well I haven't for eleven years…" Suddenly he brings his hand to his head and simply sits down on the edge of the bed. His face is /not/ pale, but he's still displaying signs of being dizzy or something similar. One hand covers his eyes and forehead and the other just lays limp across his lap. He takes a deep breath and after a few moments lets his hand drop. His eyes are a picture of confusion and distress. "How can you deal with this, Kagetsu? You're being forced to make a choice between your family and me and that's not right…." And to top it off, he thinks, he himself was having trouble with everything that was happening. He might be the brash and rough-n-tumble of the two but it's becoming clear that he's started looking to Kagetsu for leadership in the group.

Kuroyosai's laughter is infectious. Kagetsu finds himself laughing with the same lack of control as his brother. Katsuya's antics had eased the tension. Kagetsu loved that about his sister and children in general. He sighs and looks back to his brother who seems to be a bit disorientated. He joins him on the bed sitting at his side. There is a soft smile on his face as Kuroyosai speaks. "Well all things considered you did pretty well. Of course if you don't feel so feel free to practice. I won't mind being showered with gifts." Kagetsu jokes…sort of. He continues to watch his brother and watches the concern that swell back up within him. Kagetsu inclines his head when Kuroyosai says he's making a choice.
"You are my family Kuroyosai." He says lightly. He turns his head forward now looking off into space as his mind seemed to wander. "I owe Hikaru and everyone so much that I could never repay them. Not in a million life times." His gaze into the void doesn't break as he speaks "And you. You're my brother. Blood and all. I don't owe you anything. Same goes for you. You don't owe me anything Kuro." He smiles now as his eyes shut slowly. "Anything I do for you comes from my love for you as my one and only big brother." He admits.

Kuroyosai listens silently as Kagetsu speaks of owing and not owing. He knew it was the truth, of course. Kagetsu didn't owe him anything but he owed Hikaru and his family everything. The logical or 'honorable' choice would be to remain loyal to Hikaru. Blood was thick and sticky but when it comes to debt it means little. He's a little surprised when Kagetsu says anything he does is out of love, not for the fact that Kagetsu will stay close to him but that he doesn't see their own relationship in the same balanced way he sees his relationship with his family. With another sigh he leans over against his brother, head on his shoulder, eyes closed. "I'm home as long as I'm with you or by you. I don't ever want to lose that again." He hates to admit it but he continues. "Hikaru might be right about other bandits coming to look for me. I don't want Katsuya or you in danger because of that. I won't apologize for killing the bastard but I don't want to bring you guys danger either." Then his voice changes again, kind of hard but with a tone of questioning in it as well. "That apartment could have surveillance on it… Would Hikaru do that?"

Kagetsu's eyes open and pan over to his brother as he lean on his shoulder. He blinks a few times before looking forward again. "You probably could use some rest." He states. Kuroyosai's proclamation of what home was for him made Kagetsu's eyes soften a bit. The talk of the bandits gets a 'che' from Kagetsu, something he learned to mimic from being around his brother. "Let'em come. They won't lay a finger on you or anyone else I hold dear." He states confidently. Subconsciously he wanted to prove to Hikaru and Kuroyosai that he was strong enough to not only protect himself but the people he cared about. His own weakness has been a link to the guilt he felt regarding his brother and all that's happened so far. It was his drive to continue growing and never stop advancing.
Kagetsu sighs "Yes no doubt you'll be under surveillance. But that's not really a bad thing. Hikaru's intentions arestrange but he good nonetheless. He'll probably have someone like Kira keeping an eye on you from afar. I hardly think he's interested in your personal matters, he just doesn't want to risk some things." Kagetsu sighs "It's just his position makes him appear cold and callous at times. He as to be. I imagine he wishes he could show his true feelings easily. It's suffocating…being under a mask all the time."

Kuroyosai nods a little, agreeing that he needs some rest. That walk in the desert had been long and hot. He'd managed to keep hydrated but then he'd run into Kazuhito practicing and he'd forgotten about water altogether. Immediately after that he'd found Kagetsu and the whole passing out thing had happened. He'd been pacing the streets ever since. And gotten into a fight, which is how he'd gotten his injuries. But he'd also earned enough to get that bracelet for Katsuya.
Frowning sharply he pulls his head from Kage's shoulder and flops down so he's laying on the bed with his feet hanging off the side. I don't like the idea of being watched. It's just like Jikei's jerk friends watching me all the time. He can't trust me huh? He doesn't have to worry about anything unless you get hurt. And it's his fault that is…" He knows now that a shinobi takes on dangerous missions so he can't claim all Kage's injuries could be Hiakru's fault. But if Hikaru ever harmed Kagetsu, Kuro wouldn't stop until one of them was dead.
Pillowing his head on one arm he lays the other over his stomach, eyes drooping a bit as sleep tugs at him. He speaks in a kind of half-asleep voice, surrounded by the blankets with Kagetsu's scent, in his room, the soft bed has him under a spell. "I'll do whatever you want, Shadow…. Okay? If you want me to move into that place I'll go but not today…. You need to rest too." And with that he grabs the back of his brother's collar and yanks, trying to bring him down to the bed beside him. He's perfectly happy with the small piece of bed he's got and doesn't consider that Kagetsu might want more space. He's also kind of out of it after all that's happened this day, finally letting himself feel it.

Kagetsu smiles hearing his brother agree to a compromise. "Thanks Kuro." He says in an uplifted tone. Kagetsu yelps when he's yanked down and grunts. "You could've just asked…." He shifts a little to get comfortable. He allows Kuroyosai some more room seeing that he doesn't have much of the bed to himself. Kagetsu sighs "Yeah…I could use some rest I suppose. To be honest my head is still a bit fuzzy. I don't remember anything between when I saw you outside the village and awaking in bed." He chuckles recalling what Kuroyosai said about him seeing 10 foot snakes and what not. He yawns now as laying in bed made him feel overwhelmingly lazy.
"Don't get any of your blood on my bed." He adds now closing his eyes. Whether he was serious or not would be clarified later. He snickers to himself and allows himself to sleep. There was a fleeting memory on his mind though. One from the most repressed corners of his childhood. He'd almost forgotten it but the situation he's currently in brings it back to light. Kagetsu opens one eye glancing to Kuroyosai. 'All clear' he thinks and quickly he moves over to rest his head on his brother's torso. He smiles and gets comfortable. Kagetsu called this the 'Kuro-cushion' back when they were children. He lets out a sigh of relief and proceeds to fall asleep.

Kuroyosai blinks his eyes open as Kagetsu puts his head on Kuro's sternum and stares for several moments, not even breathing. Then he actually smiles softly and reaches down a little to pet his twin's hair away from his face. He remembered this, though he was slightly surprised Kagetsu would remember it. He was excessively happy that he did, though. Turning his head to the side and closing his eyes again, Kuroyosai falls asleep as well, and for the first time in years, he has a small smile on his lips as he does so.

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