Never Back Down 2: The Back Down


Rise, Berii

Date: February 12, 2014


We journey back to a time before that fateful return to the Kumogakure fold. In the land of grass two Kunoichi find themselves at odds. One seeks a former ally, the other seeks to protect him. Both are committed to go to the extremes in order to see their wishes come true.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Never Back Down 2: The Back Down"

Gaza Plains


The flora here is rather sparse in variety, though there are also many fields of dense, tall grass, as well as countless trees. The plants seem to lack the full level of nutrients they should have, and even seem a bit unhealthy. The soil here is often dry, even the day after it has rained, due to the composition of the terrain causing water to leak through rather than being retained.
Once, there was an ancient temple that had previously been used by members of the Shinobi Sect. This temple has been destroyed through violence, though it occurred long after it was abandoned by the monks that inhabited it. The broken building lies strewn about, chunks of marble and granite all that remains of a once simple but majestic structure.
To the north lies Route 100, one of the oldest roads in the Land of Grass. This path leads directly to the border with the Land of Earth to the north.


Grey clouds dot the sky, suspended motionless in the absence of wind. The mild temperature heralds the arrival of Spring. It is a month before Rise's decision to return to the fold. A time of struggling with an answer to the very question that had her leaving her home village in the first place. In an effort to find some piece of mind, Rise went as far out as the Gaza Plains, leaving Eremi behind in Kusagakure to get up to whatever drunken trouble his knew persona was up for. The broken column of some ancient temple or other is as uncomfortable as heck to sit upon, but the dark haired girl hardly paid it any mind after the first few minutes following her sitting down upon it. A melancholy look is upon her features as she stared up into the sky, wondering…

Another side tracked adventure for Berii, she never intended to come in this direction at all. Though, a delivery had gone awry, the man who was supposed to meet her at the border got his delivery stolen. Through the tracks, she was able to figure out that this thief either… wasn't very athletic compared to a ninja or, was confident enough in not getting caught as the pace seemed casual.
This gave Berii a chance to be relaxed also. Humming, giving the tracks the occasional side glance to make sure she was still on path. Other than that, she was more concerned in attempting to clean out dirty nails.
That was until, the presence of another was picked up. Rise was still in the distance, though she could tell that this person didn't meet the description of the thief so she made a normal approach, hand rising up in a wave. "Heeeeey. You didn't happen to see a man in dark clothing bout…" The waving hand goes limp, "This tall, come by?"

Rise bent over backwards to regard the newcomer, eyes wide within the first few seconds of seeing just who it was. No one familiar of course, but the pink hair comes as a shock to the girl nevertheless. After a few moments of considering rather or not to even answer in the first place, Rise rolls (or flips depending on stand point) backwards, off the column and solidly onto the grass grounds.
"That ain't a whole lot to go on ya know." She says vehemently.

"There /ain't/ a whole lot going on here either, neh?" Berii retorts, with half a frown. "Either way, that's all I got, hnn. Not like I can't find him. Was just hoping someone would've seen him so I could have something better to go off of." Berii crouches down, the Uchiha rummaging her hand about in the floor for a moment, then sniffing the air a few times. "Bweh." A little slip up of the impediment. "I guess I should train more, so I can stop having these annoying missions. But then I just keep saying that and I don't do it, hnn…" The Uchiha blinks a few times and then turns to Rise, apparently instantly forgetting she was there.

There is no warning except the slight whistling noise of the projectile speeding through the air. If Berii isn't careful or fast enough to evade, the pebble flicked in her direction would hit her square upside the forehead. The source of this heinous assault stares flatly at the pink-haired girl with more ammunition already loaded into place. "Aren't chu forgetting to introducing yerself?" Rise asks pointedly.

Berii doesn't seem to react well at all, her head seems to shift ever so lightly as she looks Rise in the eyes, the pebble bouncing off her hitai-ate. The half frown she continued to wear shifted into a pout. "What the heck." With a sigh, she shakes her head. "Nah. Didn't forget." Her hand reaches up to adjust her forehead protector, "Though such aggression, I seriously think my life might be in danger, hnn. Giving you my name might put my life at risk!" A mock look of fear appears, though it quickly shifts to something more normal. "Wait, sorry. I haven't really spoken to anyone in a day. Just yelled at someone, hnn. That didn't feel great. Berii…" She points to one of the Uchiha symbols on her clothing, "Uchiha Berii, if that wasn't obvious. You?"

Rise can only sweatdrop at the other girl's antics. Strangely enough, she really wanted to go upside her head one for it too, but refrained, if only because of her anger management lessons kicking in again. "Shirokiri — " What started off as a pointed response turned into complete lock up on Rise's part for a solid minute. When she finally thaws and literally shakes her head in effort to get rid of the mental frost, the girl peers at Berii in a whole new light. A particular more hostile light than before. "Rise." She states grimly, itching her fingers close to the combat knife behind her.

"Uh…" Berii observes the strange hesitance. She then quietly mumbles to herself. "Asking me for my name then this huh…" Berii does wait though, looking more interested now simply because of the weird pause. "Shirokiri Rise…" The Uchiha might of played the non-chalant role well but, it doesn't mean she wasn't paying any attention. Rise seemed to have acted very strangely after hearing her name, though she could only assume it had something to do with the Uchiha portion being tossed around. "Hnn…" Her eyelids lower, left hand going to her hip her right hand lazily hanging to the side, a sword suddenly appearing within it. Nothing else is said.

The appearance of a new weapon only make things that much more tense. She knew it was foolish from the start. Not Berii's actions but her own from the get go. Now that things had progressed this way it was hard trying to puzzle out a way out of this that didn't entail bloodshed. The moment seems to stretch out on for an eternity. Then… A sigh escapes her lips. Followed by her body growing relaxed.
"Gomen." She says quietly.

Berii's stance continued to stay lax, trying to show she had little interest in a fight. That, may of just come off as her being cocky though. Luckily, Rise stands down and Berii smirks. "Weirdo." She tacks on jokingly, the sword disappearing just like it came. "Don't freak me out like that, hnn. I thought you had some sort of hit on me or something and if you did, well you just made it that much more difficult for yourself, hnn." Berii finally had something interesting so she decided to press the situation. "So, what was that all about? Did I accidentally burn down your house or something in a mission? Got all weird after hearing my name."

Rise smirks and shakes her head in response to the 'difficult' part. Then, fold her arms behind her back and started to meander about the area nearby. "I ain't got nothing against ya or yer clan exactly. I was just… being a little silly, I guess." She says without a single glance towards the Uchiha until she came to a stop at stump of an old pillar. "Call me paranoid if ya want. Not crazy." The last part she emphasize with a mysterious glint in her eyes. "So, what'cha doing so far north leafer?"

"Right." Berii looked like she was right in calling Rise a weirdo. Though she doesn't linger on it much longer. "Neh? Some dumb mission to pick up an item at a drop off point. Some rich guy put it in so of course it had high priority." Berii's head tilts as she looks off ahead. "I think that guy knew who it was headed to and that's why he jacked it, probably thinking it was some rare treasure." The Uchiha shifts her eyes to Rise for a moment, "Hnn. Don't get excited, if it was they would've had me pick it up from the get and not let some lame courier deal with it halfway." Berii tosses her hands up in defeat. "Anyway, you actually doing something out here?" She looks about the ruins. "Not much a place to stand guard, hnn."

The look said it all, eliciting a gutteral growl from Rise that had been held in check earlier in regards to the wierdo comment. Thankfully, her agitation abates quickly enough due to the column suddenly becoming rather interesting. She paid attention. Although after everything is said and done, it might have been better for her to /not/ have done that. Rise snickering nearly turns out into a full blow laughter and would have if not for her clutching onto the column for support. "Naw, naw. Nothing like that. Just needed a break from everything else before I had to dig my friend out of another gutter again." She admits, stifling snickers here and there.

Ah, gatcha. That makes a little more sense." Berii thinks over what Rise said, looking a bit concerned. "I'm gonna hope you weren't literally doing that. If someone is making you drag them out of a gutter more than once, that seems a bit. I dunno." Berii shrugs, "Welllll they don't seem worthwhile." Berii assumed this was some guy over a girl since well, girls don't do stupid things like that! "Unless this is your boyfriend~" The Uchiha seriously had to go, that's what her subconscious told her! Yet she'd rather just hang out for the moment so she does her best to ignore that.

Rise frowned a little and averted her gaze, wondering not for the first time over Eremi's worth since the drinking got bad. A small shake of her head disrupts the negative thoughts, but it is the boyfriend part that captures her attention immediatly. Rise cuts to Berii with eyes wide and cheeks enflamed. "Bo-bo-boyfriend!? No! He's.. It.. It's no-nothing like that. We're just friends!" She exclaims as she waved her hands about. "Honestly, where the heck did that even come from.."

Rise frowned a little and averted her gaze, wondering not for the first time over Eremi's worth since the drinking got bad. A small shake of her head disrupts the negative thoughts, but it is the boyfriend part that captures her attention immediatly. Rise cuts to Berii with eyes wide and cheeks inflamed. "Bo-bo-boyfriend!? No! He's.. It.. It's no-nothing like that. Eremi and I are just friends!" She exclaims as she waved her hands about. "Honestly, where the heck did that even come from.." She adds, eyes averted again as she shuffled her feet a bit.

Berii continues to watch the very animated girl with amusement. "Ah-haaah." Was Berii's response to Rise's burning cheeks. That amused look dies quickly. Now it was Berii's turn to act aloof after a name. "That came from you being a bit of a goof ball and me, being bored, hnn. Though it was for the best and now, what happened before makes sense." And theeeeeen Berii gets weird as she smiles, attempting to look kind.
Though her Sharingan unintentionally flared up, making the calm smile look a bit crazed. "Eremi has taken up drinking huh? To that degree, neh? Not that bright for someone that went missing. So, Rise was it… where is he right now?" Berii began to approach Rise, softly yet swiftly.

Rise gritted her teeth and muttered something along the lines of "the kettle calling the pot" before the rest becomes indistinct murmurs. Even frustrated and flustered, there's no mistaking the warning from her instincts the instant Berii got all wierd on her. Hesitantly at first, Rise glances up at Berii, feigning continued embarrassment for the sake of appearances.
'Strawberry… Me and my big mouth'
"I'd step off if I were you." A threat, not merely a suggestion. Heterochromatic eyes ablaze with passion of the protective kind are turned upon Berii. "'nd forget. Got me." She states, stepping forward now as her arms fell to the wayside.

"Hah!" Berii's head tilts to the side, her Sharingan spinning very slowly. "Come on you can't be serious? I'm asking you nicely. I don't want to have to beat you down and drag you to Konoha for information do I?" Berii rocks on her heels. "What you just said is impossible to forget. Not only do you know where a Missing-Nin is, you don't really seem to be taking great care of him, hnn. Someone who slips their tongue so easily, alongside a drunk. That can't bode well for secrets." Berii's chakra begins to gather. "So will you just…" Berii sighs, take me to him?"

"Hah!" Berii's head tilts to the side, her Sharingan spinning very slowly. "Come on you can't be serious? I'm asking you nicely. I don't want to have to beat you down and drag you to Konoha for information do I?" Berii rocks on her heels. "What you just said is impossible to forget. Not only do you know where a Missing-Nin is, you don't really seem to be taking great care of him, hnn. Someone who slips their tongue so easily, alongside a drunk. That can't bode well for secrets." Berii's chakra begins to gather. "So will you just…" Berii sighs, "Take me to him?"

Rise just scoffs and rolls her eyes at the initial threat. "ahh — no. Sorry." She sticks out her tongue at Berii. "Now I'm gonna warn ya one last time to drop it. Don't make me kick your teeth in for you get the message." She says, turning now fully to face the Uchiha. Inside the girl is screaming her head off, but outwardly… outwardly Rise was gradually growing cold. She meant what she said about the threat. Eremi would hate her; especially if things escalated beyond that. Even so… Rise couldn't just back down either or allow Berii to escape now.

"Ugh." Berii groans, rolling her eyes. "I can't, in good conscious, walk away without trying. It seems that you are loyal enough to keep him safe, even if up against a member of the Uchiha clan. Hnn." Berii's eyes begin to spin rapidly, "I'll go easy to start. Just know, the more you irritate me, the less I'll attempt to hold off." If the eye contact was held, one eye begins to release the effects of the Genjutsu Kuppuku while the other starts to cause a searing pain to run through Rise's veins as if she had some intense poison coursing through. "Where is Eremi, Rise." Berii's arms cross looking rather impatient with this whole ordeal.

Not one to give ground easily, stare contests included, Rise found her will pitted against Berii in more ways than one. For the first few tense moments, Rise's resolve holds true. Unfortunately, her knee gives out. Despite the pain of the forced kneel, Rise is still glaring daggers at Berii. The pain is muted by more stacked on top of it. Feeling the 'venom' searing her from inside-out prompts the Shirokiri to finally close her eyes and hold her torso, trembling as both a result and the attempt to fight down the pain. Only when it has seemingly run its course can she start to relax. "… Ain't that head of yours getting little heavy for ya." Three hands signs subtly made, and then, Berii would indeed feel her head start to weigh her down a great deal. A feint meant to give Rise enough time to devour a soldier pill in the process of charging forward and deck berii hard in the gut.

The shift in chakra, the Sharingan gathered it all. "Heavy? No it feels just fine." Berii's arms still crossed, the genjutsu appeared to have had no effect, neither did the strike that Berii casually side-steps while teasing. "Ugh, he's dating a pill popper, no wonder he's dropping into gutters. I hope you two aren't living in alleyways, hnn. Of course…" Berii smirks, "That may be romantic to a pair of addicts." The Uchiha continued to mock, as this seemed to be the best form of getting information.
"Want to try again? I've got time, I've decided to give up on the other mission for now." Berii welcomes Rise in, "I'm not even really using my Sharingan, you can do better, neh?"

Rise cursed mentally as she stumbled past Berii. Before she can even turn about to answer the Uchiha with a follow-up kick, the girl actually has the nerve to berate her AND Eremi! That… was just a step too far. By the time Berii finishes speaking, Rise is fists are shaking at her side. "Yeah-…" What chakra innately overflows from Rise starts to flow towards her head. If Berii has fought with or against Eremi enough times she'd recognize just what the surge could — would mean. "I can do better." The pill's energy boost is consumed in an instance. "Much." The ground shatters as she disappears from all but the most trained eyes… and Berii's. Even so, can the Uchiha keep up with the rising kick meant to send her sky high with Rise in her shadow not long after?

"Oh?" Berii shrugs. "Much better…" Berii's arms fall to her sides at the sudden shift in chakra. Gates, Berii was aware of this technique. "So that's why you put up with him, neh?" Berii closes her eyes for a moment as she sighs, overconfidence ruining her as usual. The Sharingan being useless in this state so that when she opens her eyes, Rise was gone. "What?" A quick scan would lead her to release Rise was behind her, leaving Berii with just enough time to raise a guard to avoid being smacked in the chin head on.
The guard doesn't do much though, arms breaking apart and leaving the girl to soar regardless.
"Using his same techniques." Berii groans, Eremi being the only one to flat out beat her, she knew this was going to be a little rough but… at least she was prepared for what was next to a certain extent.

"I don't put up with him because he taught me these." Rise states, taking advantage of the momentary lull before gravity had its way again. "I put up with him — " She wraps her arms around Berii's mid-section and arms, preventing escape by jutsu, if only momentarily. "I do it, cuz he's… a friend." Her voiced wavered, but that is the least of Berii's concerns for long. Not while the wind was being crushed slowly out of here and bones potentially fracturing under the weight of Rise's hug.
A step further is taken by Rise switching up her hold to cling to Berii's backside and kick off in attempt to mess up any chances of the girl recovering in time from the fall that remained.

Berii may of been over prepared, or under, all in different areas. She had prepared herself for bandages or something of the kind. She was ready to counter that, yet all of a sudden she had arms around her. "What? Gack!" Her body tenses up, the fragile girl being crushed in the grip. Before she could gather herself she found her body had taken the role of a projectile, flying back to the ground. "Hnn." With a last second adjustment she flips her body and crash lands, on her feet. The shock of the fall going through her body, further agitating a crack in her ribs, Though she didn't have time to assess the damage. "Melon that gates blueberry." A few quick hand seals and she starts to hop backwards, wincing before spewing out a barrage of fireballs to mask her escape into a hiding position.

Comparitavely, Rise's landing is as soft as a feather, though delayed by the kick-off from Berii. "Melon your Sharingan blueberry!" Rise barks back before preparing to close the distance again. Berii gives her no such chance to do so. That is, at least not without putting up a fight! She weaved, ducked, and leaped over what blazing shurikens she could without sacrificing her sights on Berii, but the price of that resulted in her leg being nicked in the process.
She hardly noticed the pain. Not while her muscles were already starting to scream in protest from being stretched to the limits as they were. Thus, the distance is closed shortly with Berii being forced out of hiding by the return of Rise's shuriken, thrown in a wide arc at some point during the barrage of fire. The timing of it coincided with the chop to the throat, followed by Rise grabbing on and throwing the girl into a nearby pillar.

"Oh come on." Berii's advantage is only ever speed, so when these taijutsu jerks come along, that is a severe issue. "This is what I get, hnn." Berii watches Rise's endless charge, she was given no chance to really recover. Berii would have to resort to controlled movements for a moment longer, she was not all too great when dealing with pain.
It is with this mind set that Berii takes in a deep breath and steps right in to the oncoming shuriken, appearing to pretty much phase through them. Halting her movement and sliding her upper body back to avoid the chop holding the position and pushing Rise's oncoming hands away just for a split second as Berii moves out of range from the grasp. She was obviously irritated, though she kept it a bit in check. "Enough of that." Her Sharingan begins to wheel about again, still dull with little chakra feeding it but, that doesn't stop a rather powerful genjutsu being released from it.
If it connected, the effects of the previous blood boiling genjutsu would double to the point of becoming flat out crippling.

There's a spark of admiration in Rise's eyes as she watched the pink-haired girl go. Then she spoke up, dispelling all sense of the very feeling and replacing it with anger again. She dashes forward, heedlessly of the fact that her eyes were drawn to the spinning wheels that were the Uchiha's irises. Her blood begins to boil. First as a result of the jutsu, remindering her of the pain and nearly blinding her from the renewed intensity. It boils even more however from a terrible wellspring of rage, surging to the surface as a result of the humiliating memory.
Thoughtlessly, Rise shreds her lips with her shark-like teeth, snapping her back to the present and her intention of unleashing her favored weapon. "Leaf — " Stone and dirt explodes beneath her feet from the powerful leap forward. "Rock Destroying — " She spins about, adding that last bit of momentum. "Rise!" Elbow empowered by the press of her hand is shoved into Berii with all the force that earned it its name.

Despite Berii playing it cool, she knew another hard hit could potentially kill her. So she was making note to keep her eyes open. Of course, open eyes could do nothing to protect her from what was coming next. Rise seemed, relatively pissed. Berii's cool was being lost at a rapid pace, especially after that scary display of teeth. Berii saw them before, sure but now that there was actual pressure they were a lot more intimidating.
Rise continues to display the power of the gates as the land begins to shatter from her simply preparing her next strike. Berii braces herself and then… Rise was gone. "!" She totally said exclamation point, you just don't understand the dialect.
It was in that moment as if, !, was a magic word that her Sharingan flared up to its maximum potential. Time froze and just as Rise appeared in front of Berii, the Uchiha also just disappeared. Large Shuriken were flying, all around Rise, they suddenly went this way and that. If Rise wasn't careful she'd find herself wrapped up in wire. Three large shuriken find a snug place, one digging deep into the ground while two other wrap themselves tightly around parts of the ruins to keep rise in place.

Seeing the sharingan spring to life — even if only for an instance — Rise starts to let out a battle cry, hoping to disrupt Berii's focus long enough for the strike to land… but she winds up being a second to late. Before she can even consider looking for the Uchiha again the sound of metal cutting through the air grabs her attention. Three large shuriken were flaying about, circling her and threatening to close off any chance at escape. She didn't bother thinking a second more about the potential dangers behind the dance. She too, only disappeared in a blur of pure speed!
Spinning and spiraling end over end, Rise completes the moonsault with a sliding land some several meters away. During the spin the girl had searched, plotted and unleashed a small barrage of wind and angle guided shuriken on the Uchiha to delay her long enough to complete the landing.

"Annoying." Berii's fists clenched and the mess of string and shuriken disappear in a cloud of smoke. "One more minute of this…" Berii grumbles, she was already fatigued, conditioned for quick hit and runs, she wasn't holding up too well. She would have to catch Rise in a genjutsu to win… "Hnn." One again she manages to dance through the shuriken barrage though this time with the aid of a full on sharingan she manages to step it up a bit. While dodging she fires off her own volley and even manages to pick off a few of Rise's own shuriken and fling them back at her, all heavily coordinated to the point of a few actually ricocheting off of each other to direct themselves at the quick moving Rise. The regular shuriken aiming to take her out mid air while the ricocheting ones appearing to miss only to strike down during Rise's landing.

Her lips were bleeding, muscles pleading, and soul hungered. Still, the girl cannot meet their demands fast enough. Nor can she deny listening to the complaints and caving intot he demands. The end result of such tomfoolery is being nicked as result of close calls during her tuck ins and side-steps, or badly made deflection resulting only in more wounds instead. Minor wounds, but wounds nonetheless. She needed to end this now.
Her hands are whipped to the side, scattering blood that coated them from the shuriken that found brief purchase. 'Annoyed' was only the tip of the ice berg. Rise genuinely looked livid now. Again, the least of Berii's concern compared to the astonishing speed in which Rise crossed the distance between them and immediately unleashed her two hit combination. An uplifting kick to the chin… then a series of spinning kicks to the torso and head from the immediate follow-up, sending them higher and higher…

The same as Eremi once again. Her techniques were severely limited against a taijutsu-ist as Rise seems to just shrug it off. If anything, the gates were doing more harm. Wait. "Ah…" Berii would be smiling now, if it didn't take her so long to figure this out she was still in hot water. The Uchiha holds her ground, and waits for Rise's approach. Limited body movements, showing why the Uchiha were so feared, despite Berii herself not being the strongest of fighters, she was nigh untouchable when her Sharingan was at its best. "Come on." The kick is caught in Berii's hand, still causing the girl to lift into the air.
Minimal damage gained, the following kicks are met with Berii's foot, not counter kicks. No, Berii was landing on Rise's legs, the last strike, Berii stoops on the foot for a split second, glaring down at Rise attempting to make her blood boil once more as an empty hand rises into the air, finding a sword within it in a flash and in that same blur she cuts down at Rise twice.

Her blood boils alright but not in the way Berii wished! The muscles in her left arm are practically destroyed from clenching her hand too tightly. The sharp pain gives her focus. Not much, but enough to not play the brute batter Berii's strike. Instead, she leaned back and yanked her foot in, throwing the Uchiha's aim off just enough to evade the strike.
They fall with Rise meeting the earth first. Utilizing her stronger arm, Rise springs away before landing in a crouch. Panting and aching, the only thing keeping her standing at this point is determination and deteroiating muscles using the brief rest to restore themselves. Rise risks a glance at her arm and flexes, only to wince as a result. "Guess time's up on that huh.." She murmurs solemnly while fishing out another pill.
She hesitates for but a moment… then consumes it. Muscles expand and fat burns away into chakra in mere moments. Only one more round or two left…

"Amazing." Berii is left soaring away. She was certain there was no way Rise would've been able to handle a counter strike. "Hnn, you might be better." Berii lands, much more graceful than last time. "Though I… wait what?" Berii sweat drops as Rise pops more pills. "Blackberry, stop doing that!" Berii did not get too much into spiritual things but, that seemed like a proper response. It wasn't that Berii was worried about what would come next but, body altering pills(Especially altering of that degree) seemed to be ridiculous. It couldn't be safe. Berii doesn't dare get close as she flings out two kunai as she starts to back away, keeping completely defensive.

"Why don't you make me!?" Yelling and dodging do not go hand and hand. This Rise would figure out after one fo the kunai buried itself her arm. The very same one that was wrecked and rebuilt in a matter of moments. Rise wanted nothing more than to fall to her knees and cry out from the pain. Wanted to… But resisted the impulse, and staggered instead. Against her better judgement Rise ripped the bloodied weapon out, forced herself to stand up rigidly, and after a few, painful moments of gathering her breath, she seemed to fall forward…. and disappeared.
A fully awakened sharingan could track her movements even in the heightened state she was. But would Berii be be able to move in time? To evade the second dance? Truly, a brain versues foot moment.

"Woah woah, Roidasaurus-rex. Don't get so ragey." Berii instantly regret saying that. Especially when Rise just ripped the kunai out as if it were nothing. "Uh." Now, if Berii had to get the heck out of there, then, yes Berii's body moving in time might be an issue. Though when you can almost see the future, she just sorta shifts. "Heh." The sheer force of the missing foot, sending Berii's hair and skirt flailing upwards, even the skin on her face shot up for a moment. There was no time to get distracted by that though, no. Instead she reaches for Rise's upright foot and grabs on attempting to fling her on the ground and keep her there with the addition of a genjutsu. "Stay." A weak genjutsu would then activate, Berii started gathering whatever reserves she had.
If she didn't push everything now, she might die over a search for information. She should've stopped this a while ago. "One more time, before… you regret it, where's Eremi?"

And kiiiii — denied! Rise eyes widens for a fraction of second, then narrowed with a mental curse at whatever Kami brought the sharingan into the world! Seriously! If she survived this encounter by some glorious miracle, Rise was gonna have a word with a number of those orange(s) without a doubt! And by word, it would be fists.
Tossed end over end, Rise catches herself before she can smack into the ground. Her efforts however turn out for naught thanks to Berii forcing her arms to give out with another genjutsu. Defiant to the last bit, the only answer Berii gets out of Rise is a gutteral growl and a leer.

"Oh come on!" Berii panted "Very well. This is kind lame but, you're doping anyway, hnn." Berii grabs on to the sides of Rise's head, and goes nose to nose to make a point it seems. For a moment, Rise would be met with the pleasant smell of strawberry gum on Berii's breath from her unreasonably close lips. Usually this kind of contact would freak Berii out but, there was a hint of sanity slipping away in the recesses of those eyes, "This is what you get~" Her eyes widen, one going blood shot red as she forces out a genjutsu spell from both spiraling eyes. Focusing an intense pain on one half of Rise's side each.
The boiling sensation would go beyond the veins this time, the entirety of Rise's body would be engulfed in what felt like flames if successful. There would even be the disturbing imagery of Rise's skin bubbling and melting away. Berii starts to giggle all the while, apparently going a little mad with the abuse of her Sharingan. At this moment she forgot she was information gathering as the Uchiha bloodlust began to rise in what may be the Uchiha's more docile member.

If she could just move her face a little Berii would end up with stubs instead of finger. Yes, Rise was /THAT/ desperate at the moment. As that thought passed away fear lit up Rise's eyes. Berii was gonna kiss her! Terrified and confused, Rise all but passes out for a brief moment as a result of that mental strain alone! The searing pain of her blood brings her around swiftly enough, and by glance down she saw the reason why. Her skin was bubbling and boiling and melting right off the bone!? The horror gripped her heart, dug away at her spirt, and threatened to overwhelm her in mere moments. By some twist of fate, the fear caused her to bite her own tongue. Not deeply enough to bleed out as a result, but most definetly enough to awake up from the exhausting nightmare.
On tired feet Rise solidified her stance and shoved the demented Uchiha away, stumbling back herself in the process. Her legs nearly gave out then and there. Narrowly, but she rejected the notion. Rejected it with every fiber of her being. Using what little strenth remained, Rise ran without a clear destination in mind. She'd run.. and run.. and run, until the pills wore off and her body finally gave up. An easy trail to follow sure, but one that'd take Berii a great deal of time to do so. By which time only one of them would be ready to fight, making it a matter of pinning her down now or letting her go…

Regardless of which, the scent of strawberry gum would forever be the smell Rise hated the most in the world…

Berii would stay clutched to Rise until she is shoved away, her Sharingan fading to a weakened version. "Hmph." She was pretty tired, though nowhere near as bad off as Rise it would seem. "The Genjutsu getting to you?" Berii looks the girl up and down, letting Rise run. "Seriously what's wrong with you, neh? That important to you?" Berii can only assume Rise was running back to safety out of panic, so she'd make herself a ghost as she drops on all fours much like an Inuzuka. Quickly and quietly, she'd stalk behind the poor girl. Looks like Berii won't be returning to Konohagakure for a while.

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