Pylon of Efficacy - Never Been Kissed


Sekisetsu, Daichi, Tsiro

Date: October 1, 2011


Long standing issues between Daichi and Sekisetsu are continued once they meet on this field of battle. Tsiro watches in horror as insults go before battle, battle goes before pain, and pain is followed… by a kiss.

WARNING: Contains foul language.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Never Been Kissed"

Southern Pathway [Land of Fire]


The large trees and bushes fall away hear and become more and more scarce, in the distance the sound of a river rushing can faintly be heard. Heading over the s-bend towards the east a very large wooden bridge is seen, this is the bridge which eventually leads to the harbor path where the Fire Ferry was built to accommodate travel across the sea to the water country.



It drags on still this war. Routines became mundane along with depressing. Another patrol was scheduled for the young medic but not before he would see collections of the wounded and dying being brought into the hospital. Thankfully the numbers weren't outstanding, at that moment; however the pointlessness of it all was the real sickening part. Daichi was actually in a hurry to leave and patrol the outer forests just to get away from it all. Once again flying through tree tops with the giant cleaver fixed to his back, eyes peeled for activity and mind doing what it can to hold itself together, but Daichi's heart was growing sick of this all.

Speaking of monotony, and boredom, Seki hadn't been all enthused about this war either. Her reasons for such were all to different from Daichi's. She hadn't gotten the chances she wanted to cause mayhem, murder, and mass hysteria as she had hoped. The war was meant to be simply her playground. She was simply seeing it for her own 'get-away-free' card, an allowance to do all the things she could not do in the village. For now, the outposts for which Kiri had been held up in, had been symbols of that same boredom. She too, needed a breath of fresh air, and her choice of such had been far away from the only place she was allowed to be. Had she cared about or even thought of death? Not a /damn/ bit. In fact, she /dared/ anyone to get in her path.

Merely out on a walk away from camp was none other than Tsiro. The boy actually liked the concept of war, but had not been doing so hot at it. This war had of course showed him a different view of the leaf ninja than he had originally had. He would be leaning against a tree, taking a short break from his walk. While he was not trying to hide, the place just seemed secluded from the rest of the world. It was here he would hope to meditate and escape both the nin of Kirigakure and Konohagakure.

As he sails from branch to branch, breezing through like the wind the young Genin caught sight of no enemy. He had only just started his patrol though and even the impatient Daichi had to be meticulous at some points. But he wasn't meticulous enough it seems. The day was still young; night wouldn't be upon the land for some time. Daichi, graceful little guy, hits a weak branch. He broke it and it fell from underneath him. As he tries to correct himself the obstructing Madness's Butcher hinders his corrective movement by snagging on a vine. That sent Daichi into what I like to call 'An oh shit' moment. The Genin tumbles through the air and in seconds meets the ground with a heavy thud, leaves scattered from his landing. Their decent was slow and the boy was to dazed to focus on them. "Owww… Good thing no one was around to see that."

A stone served as a place for Seki to just pace and sit. It was large and flat enough where the girl could use waste her childish, and impatient energy pacing and pouting every five minutes. After a moment, a bored yawn came from her lips, as she began to flail and whine out, "I'm BORED!!". The words were screamed to the heavens as if someone would hear them. As she shouted, the last of her energy seemed to be spent, causing the small girl to fall straight on her back. Really, she would just be playing a faint, laying there with a sad frown on her face. She lay there a few minutes, staring at the clouds a while. Something would then cause her to come to a kneel, and form hands in prayer. Imps praying… Who knew? "Kami? I know you can be a real douche sometimes. So because I never call you on it, you /owe/ me one."

Looking up to the heavens, the arrogant little blond continued her words. "I need someone to hurt now. I don't plan on actually killing them… much… but if you do this one thing, I can honestly call your debt repa—!!" Just as she would say these words, Daichi's form would come plummeting through the trees, falling right before her. Seki let out a girlish scream as she didn't know what it was. However, once she saw the headband and the face of the pre-teen Mednin, she's blink twice, and say, "Yeesh… Kami works quick.", before letting out a large cackle.

From his little secluded area, Tsiro began hearing words. 'Oh no… its Sekisetsu…' he thought to himself as he heard the words. 'Debt… that crazy little girl actually thinks I owe..' Then the boy's thoughts are interrupted by the sound of someone crashing to the ground. He would sink lower against the tree before pulling a kunai from his pocket.

At first Tsiro thought Seki was after him, but her scream seemed to say otherwise. While he had no love for the girl, he was not about to let one of his own die. As he got lower, he would twist his upper body to look through a bush. There he saw signs of a boy and a girl… that girl had to be Seki. Then he hears the cackle…'Looks like I'm off the hook for now.'

Daichi was a bit slow to get up, especially with Madness's Butcher making him look like a turtle turned on its back. When the Genin finally gets up he is confronted with the annoying cackle of what some would say a hyena. In all actuality however, it was something much worse. Eyes widening and silently cursing whatever god brought this moment upon him Daichi gawks at Sekisetsu. The imp was a rather disturbing piece of his past. Daichi is instantly in a less than good mood now. "Why are you here?" the young medic asks, hand going for the cleaver.

Seki's Chakra rose in delight at what appeared to be a gift from the heavens. Her smile was dangerous, and mischievous, seeming both able to start a fire, and probably give Daichi a wedgie simultaneously. "Well, well , well!! If it isn't the ugly kid!!", was said with a chuckle as she dropped down from the rock. "I haven't seen you since that little match we had at the Grass Village. Didn't think I would be staring at both a women beater /and/ a peeping tom today!!!" These words were said as the temperature in the air boiled. Seki's grin turned into a fierce and blood thirsty stare. If looks killed, Daichi would have knives in his heart. "You ready to pay for them offenses, Big Nose??"

Tsiro was almost able to hear every word said. He soon put together that these two definitely knew each other, though he was unsure if this leaf ninja actually committed the offenses that Seki mentioned. There was a high probability that Seki had just made those things up as part of her unrealistic world. At least that’s what Tsiro thought to himself. The boy would remain perfectly still as the two seemed to be conversion. Though a bead of sweat began to form on Tsiro's forehead as he realized the temperature was rising. 'Psycho is starting to lose it… ' The thought crossed the boy's mind as he remembered how every time she was around the air seemed to boil. 'Gee, wonder why she's always so damn upset.' It seemed like every time he had met her she was upset. There was not a single time she actually seemed happy. Either way Tsiro would dismiss the thoughts as he watched for what would happen next.

Daichi growls at the name calling. "Oh shut it imp! You barely classify as a woman anyway." Daichi's hand go cups his chests "You're about as flat as I am. Nothing to peep at even if I wanted to!" He retorts with a grin. Some may call this childish, they would be correct. The young Genin recognized his adversary's chakra and despite its intense heat it sent a chill down his back. Daichi wasn't afraid however in fact he was excited somewhat. Hands lower to his side once he's done mocking Sekisetsu, Daichi waves her on, his own chakra levels rising "But I'll be happy to pay back those 'offenses' with interest you little runt." Challenge accepted.

Daichi made Seki grunt with the first insult. The second one got a large scowl /with/ a growl. Seki's heat got hotter as the boy cupped his chest and embellished. Of course, the small blond had to retort. "Listen here, you long nosed little pervert!! I'd rather imp than to have the face of a troll, and the beady eyes of a Shrimp!! Besides, you wouldn't even know what a real women /looks/ like, if one popped you in the coodie-parts!!! How dare you even /speak/ to me you snot nosed and groveling little worm!! I'll BURN YOU TO A CRISP!!" Hand seals riddle the girls hands as she stood. Her scroll unrolled, guided by seemingly nothing and laying in front of her like a shield. When seals glowed, they puffed up smoke, sending out weapons of all makes, models, and accessories, all attempting to punch holes and bruises in Daichi.

Yep, Tsiro had found his new hero. This guy managed to come out and press Seki's buttons in ways she could only dream of having them pressed. Another bead of sweat would start on Tsiro's forehead as the area began to get hotter. His eyes would move upwards slightly as he tried to get a slightly better view of what was happening. 'Gah, there she goes again about that woman crap. At least sensei never uses her gender as an excuse to make people treat her nice.'

Well ‘long nose’ was definitely a bit of a tear jerker. Daichi finds his hands tightening into fists and trying to go much further than that. When the torrent of weapons is unleashed upon him the Genin extends a hand and from it bursts of chakra shoot out to repel the projectiles. The Genin’s eyes are narrowed "You battle hungry underdeveloped midget! I may not know a real woman but I know snarling IMP when I see one." Chakra gathers in bulk to both of the medic's hands. Shaping it quickly arming himself with two long Chakra lances Daichi growls "It's a good thing I don't consider you a woman, that makes this SOOOOO much easier!" and with that he launches the lances in rapid succession at Sekisetsu "I'll shred you to ribbons." He grins.

Yeah, Seki's faced turned to a grimace at the word 'underdeveloped'. She even covered herself up in embarrassment, her face turning red as a strawberry. The rest of the words, weren't too far off. She loved being an antagonist in this case. For some reason however, the girl didn't think the words were true. "OOorraaa!!", was said in retaliation to it all. Meanwhile the girl's hands pressing to scroll as she ducked behind it once the air moved and Daichi attacked. Though she could not see the chakra-made lances, Daichi's actions enough were definitely enough to know something was coming. Before the first hit, Seki's scroll paper seemed to only stiffen and turn a slight brown, causing the weaker attack to disperse into nothing. A quick change in density was needed for the second however. The scroll became much harder, glinting and sounding off metallically upon hit. "Oh really?? That'll change real soon, once we're /both/ women!! You'll really like what I have planned next!!"

As the girls hands would seal once more. As she exhaled, the seals ended, allowing a powdery smoke to be exhaled onto the battlefield. What may now be seen by Daichi was its true nature: ash. But this was no regular ash. It reeked of flammable gunpowder. Gunpowder, plus a Fire Release user, often meant bad things. And speaking of things that burn, remember those weapons she launched at Daichi? Well, attached to all those weapon were explosive tags. Daichi go boom? Yep… Daichi go boom!!

Tsiro would watch as the cloud of ash came out. He would even get a small scent of gunpowder. His eyes widened as he realized just exactly what was going to happen. As the explosion began to happen, Tsiro would drop to the ground and move his hands over his head. 'Holy crap. Even when I'm not her target, she's trying to kill me. She really is a damn psychopath.' The boy would remain on the ground for a few moments, before looking up to see if Daichi had managed to somehow evade the blast.

The cloud of ash is surprising. Trying not to inhale too much of the ash Daichi makes an attempt to locate Sekisetsu. He doesn't have the luxury of searching for her before it all goes boom. The explosion was massive and no matter the speed he moved at he couldn't avoid all of it. Daichi finds himself sustaining heavy damage to his left arm. Burn galore and part of his favorite shirt was burnt clean off. "Damnit!" he growls retrieving Madness's Butcher from his back and propping it up with the blade in the ground. Kneeling behind it Daichi takes a hand to his burnt arm. Healing as much of it as he could before he came under assault again. When he's finished he comes to a stand "She's really gonna pay for that one."

As soon as Daichi appears from the the smoke, he might find himself slowly becoming hotter. The climb in heat is steady, yet sudden, as suddenly burning force smacks against his form once and then again, lifting him up and then down again if successful. "Ready to start calling me a woman yet??", was said as the girl was suddenly pacing toward Daichi. Seki's smile was fiendish, and with every step the ground was burned in her wake.

As Tsiro looked up his eyes would remain wide. 'So this is what she does to guys. She bakes them to death until they submit to her will. This little girl really must be from hell.' He now almost felt sorry for Daichi. No one should have to fight someone like that. His eyes would scan between the two again. While he hated to cheer on the leaf shinobi, Seki was making it hard to cheer for the home team. By now the boy was almost covered in sweat. He was even considering a possible retreat from his vantage point.

He doesn't have time to retrieve his cleaver, the flames fanned out fast and Daichi had to move. He avoids the first wave but the second caught him and with it the brunt of her attack. The damage was great and the genin was burned severely now, wounds spreading from the collar bone down. Sekisetsu had increased her lethality, if that was possible, and was overwhelming Daichi. The young medic doesn't falter though, he doesn't have to hold back. Having a visual on Sekisetsu Daichi rushed her quickly. Passing up Madness's Butcher he attacks Sekisetsu with a straightforward punch more of a jab actually. He followed up sending another punch into her gut. His muscles infused with chakra would release that chakra upon impact into Sekisetsu's body.

Daichi was quick. That was one thing that could be said by Seki. But would she ever? Nope… not even he threatened to kill her for it. Daichi had crossed a line no one had been either brave or stupid enough to cross. She gave him that one with the scowl she launched full throttle at the Mednin. Sekisetsu was in a field full of flames, damage to this terrain made by her own self. She seemed fueled by the lethality of it all. The more fire was spread, the more greater she became. Even as Daichi seemed to come at her, she spat on the ground before her, and vanished into nothing. Daichi seemed to literally go /through/ the girl. "Say it…", was said from behind, Seki having just appeared as she stared a hole into Daichi's back. When Daichi's next attack came in, he'd strike a wall of pure heat and force, the same which had knocked him for a loop much earlier. The fist was seemly countered with it.

As the force rebounded back Daichi, Seki was hand sealing once again, this time, flame moving from her feet, and igniting the ground. "Say. It….", was said as the flames then shot upward into the air, spinning in a ring above the girl. Once above, the flames spun into a tornado, and raced downward to surround Daichi. "Now!!", was then left to be unheard, as Daichi was left to bake inside a pillar shaped inferno. Meanwhile, Seki was using this outward attack as a distraction while she attacked inward, leaving the boy's body to react while his chakra system was raided. Once successful, the flames would drop, leaving Daichi free.

Tsiro had watched long enough. By now the boy was actually sweating from the amount of heat in the air and having stood still. He would move behind the tree and stand up. This time he would start to walk away. There was a bit of cover still, so he was not worried about being seen. 'Wow, guess Yuuka really did save me. I would hate to end up like that guy.' The boy thought as he began to make his way back towards camp.

Daichi grimaces as Sekisetsu toys with him. 'She's gotten a lot better.' He thinks as her body flicker was quicker than he remembered. When his fist collided with the flames the thought that she actually had the ability to kill him ran through his head. Daichi reels back shaking his fist to work off the heat. Seki would get nothing out of him, he wouldn't give her the satisfaction. He eyes her closely watching what she does with the fire. He is able to escape the tornado of flames before it surrounds him. Daichi is also able to pick up the link she as try to establish. Rebuking it he gets his hands on a kunai as he speeds around towards his cleaver. Tossing the kunai at Sekisetsu before he grabs the handle of the blade Daichi offers her a smile. "Make me." He taunts. He blurs to Seki's side already in mid swing. His blade rings left then right as he brings back across attempting to slice Seki in two.

Daichi's thoughts were dead on. Seki had gotten good, in a lot of ways. But just as her abilities grew better, so did her character. Just why did she have to be so mean? Well, one reason was Daichi's own stubborness. Sekisetsu was angry, and plenty out for blood. This was only heightened when Daichi launched his refusal, stopping her dead in her tracks. Seki was so angry, that her eyes became red, her blood flow increasing just that much. Along with the anger, was the utter shock at this boys ardacity. But still, this was a fight, grudges or not. She needed to concentrate. How much Daichi had thrown her off guard, had yet to be seen until the boy took to the offensive.

Most may never realize the importance of a Kunai throw. Though a lesser attack, its fundamental at range, and can be used for a variety of purpose. One of those purposes had been to test an individuals strength and reaction. The other, was to distract. Daichi was the only one out the two current ninja, that was fast enough to take advantage of such a small wave of time. For while Seki defended, he was able to move. Seki noted that. As the attack came into range, Seki removed a small tag from her pouch. Holding it before her, a small shield of Chakra would keep the knife at bay. But it also held Seki's attention enough for her to be flanked, and sliced across the arm. Widening her eyes, Seki gnashed teeth, and soon, it appeared that the girl had been cut in half. The large cleaver Madness's Butcher, handed down as a practice tool by Tosai to Daichi, seemed powerful to split the girl across the abdomen and leaving her surprised and in two.

However, Daichi was not fast enough. The small girl descended as she fell, and soon that look of shock, turned into a tricksters grin, before the clone went poof. That is when Sekisetsu could be seen, in /another/ form. Surely, Daichi knew this one. It had uneven horns and a arrow pointed tail, all made of flame. Seki's skin had turned red, and had veins of black. However, this form, had some very blatant differences. Her hands and feet were now completely blacked, and clawed. Her eyes were replaced by blackish green smoke, and even the same colors flicker in flame and sparks around her. Her face was now framed with those same veins. And Seki's hair, had gone firey red.

From this same form, flame had been green, as it sprung from her mouth in a large fireball. But that flame wasn't the only thing potent about her. Nope… Daichi wasn't that lucky.

Daichi's eyes narrow as he looks on to see Sekisetsu being cleaved in half. It was ruse; the little imp was very much so alive. Daichi turns to face her. "So you've finally started to reveal your true colors." Daichi grins at her new form. A devil, most befitting of her. As the massive fireball sprang forth Daichi meets it with a massive burst of chakra. The Genin watched the flames dissipate before him. He twirls the blade around the girth of his arm before standing and releasing his chakra throughout his body.

Daichi doesn't notice the link; all eyes are on the imp Sekisetsu. Daichi springs to life after a few moments. His speed has increased drastically. Closing the distance between himself and Seki Daichi forcefully brings the cleaver down on her small impish form with one hand. He pulls in now the range was dangerously close and Daichi released an equally dangerous punch into Sekisetsu's chest. He brings his other hand around with cleaver I hand, increasing momentum putting most of his force on his forward leg. His cleaver was brought swiftly into Sekisetsu


As the girl seemed to stand there in her furious form, she seemed confident. Especially when suddenly the link to Daichi's Chakra system had been completed, leaving exposed for future Genjutsu. But feeling cloud judgment, and though she made choices to attack, her defense to Daichi's next round of attack had been ill prepared. Daichi's first sword attack came in hot, but Seki was hotter. A simple slice by the Mednin seemed to render her helpless, even taking her head clean off. However, once the head rolled, and proceeded to go 'Boo', it was highly noticeable to be a clone. Seki would round the bend, readying another attack, only to notice a very apparent problem: lack of Chakra. This was things got hairy. Seki was left with only her Taijutsu to beat back Daichi's blows and he was furious in them too.

The punch while able to be blocked, hits Seki dead and sends her flying back. She'd hiss and yell slightly before backing into a tree nearby. There she seemed cornered to the boy's next blow. The force of Daichi's cleaver was a danger to not be mocked. Though he would not hit her dead on, the force of impact made into the girl was harsh. She attempted last at the minute to grab a large piece of tree trunk to dull the blow, but Daichi's strength was enough to crack wood, and bash that remaining wood into the girl and send her /flying/! The hit was so hard, it would seem to even knock Sekisetsu clean out of her transformation. She'd land onto he back, screaming. After a moment of lying there, a whine turned into a seductive and rather lazy girl. Seki proceeded to wipe her bleeding forehead, before saying, "Oops..", and smiling.

Chakra once again bubbled to the top and re-introduced the world to her heat. Other than a few scrapes and a bump on the noggin', Seki seemed rather fine. "Your swings have gotten softer.", was said with a chuckle, before saying, "Maybe I have caught up to you after all, Daichu-kun." Words said mockingly, the girl once again changed into her devilish form, staring at Daichi with a mix of appreciation, concentration, and overall rage.

Daichi watches Sekisetsu fly and finds it odd that she was so defenseless. She wasn't this weak before or at the beginning of the fight. It made Daichi a bit cautious. The Genin watches her pick herself up bleeding from the wounds he gave her. Daichi inclines his head now as the girl reentered her demonic transformation. Daichi nods softly "Yeah. Training. Uh… You don't seem alright. Not that I care." He states readying himself for another set of attacks. Daichi leaps into the air after dashing a few meters forward. The massive cleaver obscured most of his movement but what was apparent is that he was swinging it rather nicely seeking to split Sekisetsu down the middle. It was only after the swing one would notice that Daichi had done so with a single hand. The other was reeled back and now being fired at Sekisetsu with destructive force infused in the muscles.

"Hehe… me? You sadly missed a few times… I think I took a beating from what I was knocked into more than that damn utensil you call a blade." The girl giggled a bit before blinking, apparently not noticing the boy had already went airborne. By the time she had, her sealing couldn't keep up with Daichi's speed, and she was slashed across the shoulder cleanly. From a grimace yielded a laugh, as she then said, "There now! Was that so hard?", obviously belittling the boy's skill. The next punch from Daichi would not get too far. In fact, for Daichi, his decent into madness had begun. As he punched, throwing his body forward with the swing, a demonic mouth, full of teeth, tentacles, and darkness, would seem to swallow him whole. Daichi would live in a vision of free falling, before finding himself back in the real world, having missed the small girl.

Suddenly, the girl would appear flanking him instead, and swinging her body into a full body charge. Upon contact, fire yet again would explode, burning him. That was not all however. A tag was attached to that clone. It was one which drained chakra upon contact with the body.

Being swallowed could only be handled a number of ways. There was the professional method, in which one assets the situation and calms themselves so they can come to a rational conclusion and find a solution for their problem. There was the hysterical method, by which one flips out and screams bloody murder as they pray and plead for their lives or at least a speedy death. Then there is the Daichi Method, my favorite. ".so this is what girls are like on the inside." Daichi shudders and takes hold of the cleaver. When he comes to on the ground he blinks ".oh." turning back to see Sekisetsu coming for him, it all connected in his head. "Oooh.. Illusions.." with that realization the boy evades the fire clone. The evasion seemed narrow too narrow, the clone managed to make contact with Daichi. Well it seemed to before poofs. Having his clone take the attack Daichi now flanks Sekisetsu. "Me thinks you might need to take a few more steps to catch up completely." Daichi sends a fist her way into her back. He keeps the pressure on swinging the cleaver at her somewhat hastily. He was aware he was under her link now. Getting fatigued, he didn't need this battle to drag on any longer.

Suddenly Seki would have been seeing Daichi coming at her once more, this time, with seemingly the same mode of attack. She'd sigh saying, "I'm getting to tired for this." This wasn't her insulting Daichi this time. The girl was actually fatigued, and breathing harder. She even slumped a little to once side. As Daichi kept coming, she'd once again hand seal, and before long, Daichi was once again being swallowed. This time, he could pretty much see the pool of stomach acids getting closer. He'd be on the ground once again. As for his next attack, he'd lob off the clones arm with harsh power, and not hit Seki. Seki would giggle once more and then stand closer, saying, "Probably could land a killing blow on the broad side of a barn.", before cackling.

This time the last slash would seem to land, making blood shoot up into the air in a clean fountain. Seki would not burst into smoke upon impact, nor would she even move. The girl was down and for the count. "Heh… looks like you win…", was said as the girl coughed up blood, seeming on her last breathe. The cut had managed to break through ribs, even revealing some flesh. Daichi had killed a little girl. Congratulations.

Minutes would seem to pass, before the girl's dead body would began to blow up like a balloon. From there, it would seem something, or a bunch of ‘somethings’ had been pushing against the girls taunt skin. After moments of this, all manner of demon would burst out entering the air and surround Daichi for miles around. They even seemed to obstruct the view of the small girls body. That is when Daichi would feel fear. He'd not want to move not one bit. Had it been because of these demons? If successful, it would be hard to tell. Especially since all manner of them seemed to now approach Daichi.

Daichi finds Seki's taunting more than bothersome. Daichi's swings only increased with ferocity until it seems he finally struck Sekisetsu. Daichi watches the blood spray from her body. It seeped from betwixt sliced flesh and Daichi wasn't too content with it other than the fact that it had shut her up. He watches her accept her death a little too well. "This better not be another one of your silly tricks." He says. Daichi turns away seeing as she just laid there like a corpse. He shrugs and would be on his merry way.

The sounds of diminutive prattle and taunting then catches the medic's attention. Daichi turns back to face Sekisetsu's body. He finds countless demons instead. Either Sekisetsu was pregnant or he was still in her Genjutsu. Daichi winces and would move to grab a kunai. As he was about to inflict damage upon himself when he becomes too tired to move. He drops the kunai and falls to his knees body shaking uncontrollably. As the demons prance Daichi would feel like he's losing his mind. He breaks out into a cold sweat and his breathing hastens.

As Daichi went through the effects of the illusions and Genjutsu, Seki seemed to walk out from amongst the crowd of demons, skipping, though looking very , very haggard. "You sir, are a very troublesome person!! Whew… I mean it took allot of trouble just to make all these guys!!" Seki walked up, crouching before the boy and otherwise looking him over. "You know what? If this hadn't been so fun, then I'd probably be in mind to take your life /right now/." Seki would then have her hand caress Daichi's hair, rubbing her hand across his face, and then playing with his lips. "But with you disputing my women hood, I'd be liable to think you should still be made to suffer." Seki looked to the boy, her face frowning as she thought of ideas.

"Hehe… I guess I know what to do. I'll give you thanks!" With that, the kneeling boy was given a nice big hug… and long kiss. This kiss was not without danger. He would have gone through more after the girl whispered, "And now.. the pain…" while still hugging him. Daichi would then see bone saws sprout from the girls small body, and then feel the pain of them sawing into his body. From the imaginary blood lost and pain, Daichi would probably be weakened /drastically/, enough to even pass out, though his body would not feel any pain. Meanwhile, her deed done, Seki would let the boy go, blow a kiss at him, and walk off. "And now, we are even."

Still trembling Daichi manages to give Sekisetsu a vicious glare. He wished he could put an end to her playing with his face. It was sickening, he'd much rather be skewered or killed like she threatened. Daichi eyes widen as she says something about thanking him. The hug burned like acid, ACID!!!! It was all in Daichi's head of course but what came next would blow the boy's mind, so to speak.

A kiss says many things. Sometimes it's a sign of affection. Other times it may be a token of appreciation. Hell it may even just be a spiteful act against someone despised. But this kiss was something else, Daichi didn't like it. Not that he could do much about it. Nor could he compare it to any other since it was his first kiss. Daichi is actually calmer with bone saws ripping him to shreds. Falling down slowly Daichi is conscious enough to hear the last of Seki's words "Go to hell." He remark before he passed out.

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