Never-ending Task List


Michiko (emitter), Hanami, Yori

Date: March 15, 2015


Hanami is assigned a number of small tasks to get her into active duty and prepared for the future.

"Never-ending Task List"


Early in the morning, Hanami would have found a long list of tasks that she had to complete. A series of D rank missions all rolled into one! Well, whether or not she finds this fortunate is up to her… That being said, she's given until 7am to get ready for the day, pack all her equipment, and meet up with the first person on the list: the person who runs the kabob stand in the village center.

Hanami blinks, just a bit sleepy, at the list. She wakes up soon enough though as she goes over it. She seems good natured about the list, looking forward to things to do even if it's simple stuff. A quick wash and she's getting her gear together to race out the door. She makes it to the kabob stand a few minutes early and looks for her contact.

Hanami smiles, bowing, "Yes, good morning to you sir." She listens intently, and while yeah, it's not really an exciting or…great mission it's clear this'll help the vendor out. And she doesn't mind that at all. So she nods after he finishes, "Okay then, so fish it is. Any particular fish you'd like me to try and get?"

The vendor blinks a bit. "Uhhh…. Well, I obviously don't really know fish… This is just an experiment and all. Make sure it's all the same fish, and I'll be happy, though. Okay? Thanks a bunch!" Then he shoos her off with little other instruction… Though if she asks where to find fish, he would tell her to look at the lake or the riverbed that's outside the village.

Hanami smiles and nods, somewhat amused by the man's lack of thought into the kind of fish but his earnest wins her over as she's shooed off, "Okay then! I'll be back with fish then for you!" She waves and takes off. Though not before making a detour to find herself fishing equipment; rod, bait, lures, all that stuff. Fishing isn't really her thing, but she knows the basics so she should be alright.
Once she retrieves those items Hanami would then head off to the lake.

The lake itself looks very peaceful. The sun has already risen a bit, so Hanami would be able to see quite a bit in the clearing. There's not much of interest, though… It's also hard to see any fish in the water, though that could be because Hanami is a bit far from the lake on her initial look around.

Hanami pauses, taking her time to just look around. It's so nice out, she can't help but enjoy it. With supplies in hand she makes her way onward to the lake shore.
Once at the lakeshore Hanami sets down the fishing gear, getting the bait, hook, all that tied on and ready to go. She looks around to see the area around her before taking the rod and casting out far into the lake. Unless there's something about that catches her eye she'll sit down and get comfortable, knowing fishing takes more time and patience than anything else.

Yori is out wandering around at the moment. He has no real place to be but that doesn't stop him from being himself. His notepad is in his hands and, as he walks, he studies it carefully, occasionally making marks on certain pages. He has a small backpack on for whatever reason and, for the moment, he doesn't seem to see Hanami is nearby as he walks near the lake. Heck, at this rate, he might just walk right into the lake.

Sitting back and relaxing, Hanami herself has a book out. The fishing pole is propped up beside her, right hand near to snatch it up at the first sign of movement from catching something. As she's turning a page she lifts her head, peering over and spotting Yori. She smiles, "Yori, hey! What brings you out here today?"

The young Saito blinks up as he hears his name and a familiar voice. "Oh, hello Hanami-san!" He says, smiling widely and giving her a wave. He looks down to his notes and makes one last mark before he puts it away for the moment and walks towards the girl. "I was just out to get some sun. I'd been at the administrative building a lot today and figured I should step out for a bit." He looks at the fishing pole curiously, then back to Hanami, "How are you doing? Have you caught any fish?"

Hanami smiles, marking her place with her bookmark and sets her book aside. "Oh, sounds like you've been up to a lot of fun then," she smirks a bit, "Hmm, what're you writing? Anyways, not yet. Haven't been here too long though. On a mission, fishing for the kabob cart owner. Don't happen to know anything about fishing do you? I know it involves a lot of patience and sitting, which is fine. But…no bite means no success for poor Hanami."

"Just gathering more information on the escaped prisoners as we get reports. Nothing all that exciting." Yori says, a hand going up to scratch the back of his head a little nervously. "Trying to help find them quickly so we can stop them from causing trouble." As she explains what she's doing out there Yori nods a bit, looking at the pole and line. "Yeah, I used to fish a lot when I was little actually. Haven't done it in a little while though. It does require a lot of sitting and waiting though."

Hmming, Hanami peers out at the lake, "The prisoners. I wish I could help with that. I don't like the idea of all those prisoners running around causing more trouble for citizens. It's not right…"her voice is hard. After a moment she exhales, chewing her lip as she looks up at Yori, "If I can help, please let me know. I mean it. I know I'm not real strong like you or Michiko or whatever. But I'll help however I can." She then gives her head a shake and looks back at the pole, then the lake. "For now though I guess it means sitting on my butt fishing. Kinda wish I could just use explosive tags, blast them out of the water, hehe."

Yori smiles and nods to Hanami at her offer of assistance, "If I can think of anything I'll definitely come ask. And I think you overestimate my abilities. I'm not all that strong. Michiko-san is the strong one." He says with another nod. "How are you at research?" There's always some D and C rank criminals he could have her help with…When she mentions explosive tags the boy frowns a bit before shaking his head. "You would kill too much and it would affect other wildlife. Also it might disrupt the quality of water in the lake." He looks at the pole again and considers a moment, "What are you using for bait?"

After such a long time of… well, nothing… Hanami's pole jerks! A fish! A fish! The line starts to move back towards the middle of the lake and down as the fish tries to escape with its prize.

Hanami hmms, "Research? Well haven't done a whole lot exactly. My reading is usually in tales and stuff but I'd be willing to give it a shot." At that moment the pole jerks and she snatches it quickly, "Oh! Finally!" Gripping the pole she holds it firmly, taking the reel she pulls back some, giving it a couple turns but doesn't try to yank it back too much at the moment. "And don't worry, I wouldn't really use explosive tags, promise. It was just a jest," adding absently with a smile, "Oh, and worms?"

"Oh, seems they worked." Yori says with a bright smile as he sees the pole move. He nods to Hanami and watches her start reeling the fish in. "Don't reel too much, give it some slack and let the fish tire itself out. If it's bigger it could break the line otherwise." He says, glancing around quickly for the net and grabbing it up before walking out a few feet onto the water to prepare to snag the fish when she gets it closer. "Reel it in nice and slow."

Hanami nods quickly, for now just holding the pole as the fish pulls the line. Eventually as the fish seems to wear down a bit she'll begin reeling a little at time. A couple turns here, waiting, a couple turns there. As Yori said to her, nice and slow is the way to net this fish.

While the fish has the advantage of a head start and is already on the move, Hanami's method is eventually successful, revealing that she had caught a rather large fish! Perfect for the vendor to do plenty of experimental kabobs!

When the fish is in range Yori scoops it up in the net quickly before it can try and swim off any further. "This is a good size. Well done Hanami-san." The Saito says with a wide smile as he carries the fish back to the shore in the net. He offers the handle to Hanami to hold onto or will put it in whatever she might have brought with her. "How many did you need to catch?"

Hanami grins, feeling pretty good about the catch. She picks up the wooden cask, sealed water tight and partially filled with water. She lets Yori drop the fish in and shuts it quickly so it can't jump out, "Hmm, well he said to make sure they're all of the same fish, not necessarily how many. This ended up being a pretty big fish though, so it might be enough for him to experiment with his fish kabobs I think." She shrugs, "Probably good enough, at the very least I can always return it to him and come back if he wants more…"she scratches her cheek, "What do you think? Since he didn't say how many, just that it was all the same type of fish."

Yori dumps the fish into the cask and nods when she covers it quickly. "I think if he's just trying to experiment with kabobs that should be enough. Can only try so many things in a day anyways." He says with a shrug, returning the net to where it had been. "Of course you can always come back, like you said, and with how quickly and skillfully you caught this one I'm sure you could get more no problem."

Hanami nods, "Right, sounds good then." She gathers up her gear, and the casket with the fish and stands, "Phew! Tough fish, and thanks so much. Would've been harder trying to snag him by myself. I don't know that I'm all that skilled, but I appreciate it. Hmm, do you want to accompany me back to return the fish? If not it's all good, I know you're pretty busy."

The Saito bows deeply to Hanami, "I'm afraid I should get going, sorry. I'm glad I could be of assistance. And if I can find some way for you to help with the prison break I'll definitely let you know." He offers as he straightens up, then smiles and gives a small wave. "Take care Hanami-san. Be well." And with that he turns and starts heading the way he had been going, his notes coming out of his pouch again as he does so.

Hanami nods and smiles, "I understand, and take care. I appreciate it, and hope you stay safe then in your work." She waves to him, then takes another look around the lake before hefting her gear and turning to head back to the village. Unless something happens along the way she makes her way back to the kabob vendor and presents him with the fish, "I hope this fish will be enough for you to try out your experiments sir. It's pretty big, quite the fighter," she smiles warmly.

The man blinks a bit and nods at the size of the fish. "Wow, this's great. Thanks a bunch!" he exclaims, shoving the casket to the side so he can work with it later. Hanami gets a few Ryo and a wave with that task done. Her next mini-mission sends her to the weapons shop in town.

Hanami smiles and bows, "Thank you so much, I'm glad I could help you out! And good luck with your kabob experiment, I look forward to hopefully trying one out sometime." She waves in return and drops off the fishing gear before making her way to the weapons shop. Once inside she looks to the counter.

This customer is a bit gruff as he shuffles about his shop. Dang shinobi… Suddenly wanting all his stuff after recent events. When he sees Hanami, he looks like he's about to shout at her, though remembers that she's probably not at fault. "I need to get these supplies delivered to a few people. Quickly. I can't go running around town, so you're doing it." The man proceeds to gift Hanami with a bundle of weapons. "They're sharp. Sheathed… But be careful." And with that, he hands her a map, the orders, and trundles back to his own business.

Hanami clamps her mouth shut as she finds herself saddled with a bunch of weapon deliveries and a map. She just nods, giving a quick "Yes sir," and prompty leaves. Once outside she sighs, "Somebody is a little…"she peers at the map and list of orders. Okay, gotta go quickly then. Where's the closest orders first…"she plots out the first couple, memorizing their locations before taking off. She goes fast, though not full out since she's burdened with the orders and also because she knows not to tire herself out right at the start. Marathon, not dash. She will though run up walls, on and over rooftops and the like, to get to her destinations.

Hanami knocks politely at the first stop, smiling kindly and letting the person know she's helping out the weapon's shop with deliveries. Once that's done she crosses it off her list. Using the rooftops mostly to avoid traffic she races along, having some fun with it as she goes. After the first couple she breaks out the map and list, plotting the next few deliveries.

While the first few deliveries go as planned, not everything can go smoothly. Eventually, Hanami would find herself getting tackled by a few kids. It would definitely slow her down. If she caught a good glimpse of them, which is likely, she would notice they were rather grubby and likely street kids. "Quick, grab the package," orders one, planning to deal with Hanami herself.

Hanami reacts to the street kids at first almost instinctively drawing on her chakra and with a rush of wind blurs out of the way of the first. As her mind catches up, the second jumps for her and she ducks and spins out of the way. The last one dives for her but she easily flips over her, all the while keeping a hold on the package. "Hey! Get out of here, these aren't yours." She uses a stern tone of voice and goes to hop up on the nearest rooftop if she isn't interrupted. While she'd be more than happy to smack some sense into these brats, it wouldn't be good to be late delivering the packages and also it might look badly upon the store owner if the person he had doing deliveries was beating up street kids. So if she can get away, then that's what she'll do and take off for the next stop.

The kids aren't willing to let Hanami go so easily. They eye her, the leader saying, "Oy! No fair!" They can't be older than 10, but it's a bit hard to tell sometimes, as they look really young due to living on the streets. The leader chases after the girl, intending to try and tackle her again while her backup forces split off to the sides.

Hanami grits her teeth at the stubborn kids, but thinks she has the rooftop advantage. Until she finds that the rooftops end a couple of houses ahead. With the leader making her way up and chasing her she puts on a burst of speed to gain a bit of distance and when she gets to the end looks and hops down, glancing around for anything helpful. Hiding probably won't work exactly, unless she hid the package and doubled back but that was pretty risky. But maybe something else will pop out at her. She also uses the moment to gather some chakra. Hopefully not for attacking, but for her own defense if needed.

Hanami stopping might have been a bad idea. It gives the leader a chance to catch up, the girl leaping from the roof and landing heavily on Hanami, hopefully. A burst of lightning would come from her feet to soften the landing if she misses Hanami while the two kids from earlier come in from each side to try and tackle Hanami.

Hanami really shouldn't have stopped. Nor should she have assumed these were just regular street kids, having not thought that the leader would be using jutsu. Stupid her. So her attempt at dashing away fell short and she hits the ground with a huff when the leader drops on her. One of the kids comes in to tackle her but maybe didn't adjust to the leader dropping on Hanami and somehow misses. The second one though joins in with a successful tackle. Hanami squirms, doing her best to protect the package.

Aha! They see an opening! The leader tries to take the package, gesturing for her companions to disappear while she deals with Hanami. They have the package, or part of it, but they're also kids, which means they aren't going to be traveling very quickly with the heavy burden.

Well, the leader isn't that big… And she ends up easily shoved off! The girl scrambles a bit to regain her balance before she attempts to chase after Hanami. Well, first in her mind is to warn her gang. A bit of lightning, and she shoots off the ground. "Drop the packages… it's not worth it.." she grumbles. The two nod, leaving the weapons and then all three just disappearing.

Hanami debates, but ends up going after the weapons. When those are recovered she watches as the kids begin to disappear in the crowd. She makes sure to keep her eyes on the leader, remember the girl's face then makes an attempt and chasing her down to grab her(not aggressively though). She wont chase her through the streets or anything, just make a quick effort to catch up to her. If that doesn't work she'll leave off and return to the rooftops to get her baring and continue the deliveries.

Hanami doesn't meet much luck in finding the group again. They're street rats. They know all the alleyways like the back of their hands. So after a bit of searching, she just wouldn't find them and would be forced to continue. Aside from that bit of trouble, Hanami would be largely successful in delivering the rest of packages, meaning she could return to the armor shop.

Hanami feels a little bad about not being able to catch the street kid. Only slightly miffed at letting herself get tackled but that just proved to her to keep her guard up and not jump to conclusions so soon. So while she'll probably make a point of keeping an eye out for the girl, she focuses on getting the deliveries done. Using wind dash here and there to make up time and in the end returns to the shop, entering quietly. "Hello again sir. I've delivered all the packages successfully." She bows respectfully.

The man grins a bit. "Ah, thank ye. That takes a lot off my plate." He gives a small nod to Hanami and gives her the Ryo it took for the mission. "Thanks for helping out." The rest of the list is fairly easy and doesn't really need much effort. Watching a dog, finding a lost slipper… etc… Hanami would likely be exhausted by the time she finished, but she would also feel accomplished and have quite a bit of coin as a tip.

Hanami smiles gratefully at the man, pleased that she helped him out. And indeed she's tired out by the end of the day. But also pretty glad, it was a long day but while it was all simple stuff, minus those street kids, it was nice to accomplish something and help out. She's going to enjoy a relaxing rest of her evening.

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