First Promotion Exams - Never Run Away: Naru vs. Keiji


Keiji, Naoki, Naru

Date: January 22, 2012


Naru challenges Keiji to a fight for a scroll. Naoki watches.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Never Run Away: Naru vs. Keiji"

Shiren Caverns

South Shiren Caverns [Land of Wind]
This is the place where the caverns all lead down to eventually. It's a large open cave area, with an actual lake of groundwater. The lake is shallow and not terribly big, but it hosts amphibious life and even some bulge-eyed fish. Other creatures often come here to drink as well.
The chuunin exams have been going for almost a week now. Most of the combatants have become use to their surroundings, be it giant spiders that have extremely high pain tolerances or the lack of normal light. Most by now have met a majority of the other combatants or even fought them. One of the combatants is moving through the southern portion of the caverns. The last time Keiji was seen, he had fought a gigantic spider with a number of other genin. The boy looks much better as his wounds have healed. Though the nature of his trip is unknown, he does seem to be moving with some speed.
Naoki after getting the water from the south end would be heading back to his base camp to get some much needed rest as he sighed for a moment as he tapped his foot onto the ground as he sigh as it appears that something was coming up with blinding speeds. As he looked over to the left handed side and notice the shape of something he has seen before "hey you stop!" is stated as he shift and looked into that direction with both hands slipping into his pocket.

Keiji slowed down as he heard the boy yell stop. "Easy there Hyuga. I did not come for a fight." the boy states. He was still moving but not as fast. He knew he should have moved underground. He would have been able to pass most obstacles without even being noticed. "Has that spider given you anymore trouble since I was there?" It seemed like an after thought, but something the boy really believe he should ask.
"Tsk," Naoki would jump into the trees and started to speed up to catch the rapidly moving Keiji as he caught up he would speak "naw not since the last time we fought it, why something happen? Why are you in such a hurry don't tell me you're trying to hunt the damn thing are you?" Naoki eyes would slowly start to close as he moved with Keiji. "Why didn't you just move underground you might have avoided this." Naoki would have his eyes closed again as he sighed and moved.

Naru was sure she heard something, something had actually driven her mind abit as she sat along the ground, her body was bandaged up from her previous fight, not due to stabs but not really nice burns. With a sigh coming from her lips her ears twitched to the sound of a voice shouting out, which more or less echoed throughout the area, she sighs softly and clenches her fist, moving out finally with a burst of speed attempting to track down whoever it was that made the noise, it didn't take long before she witnessed the two familiar people, Naoki and the one she had fought the spider with not too long ago. " Keiji-san…Naoki…" She whispers softly under her breath before standing up alittle straighter. " I just cant stop running into the b oth of you can't i?" she states outloud, mostly with a shy grin, for the most part right now checking on what was going on.
Keiji stops running as he catches a glimpse of Naru. He then turns towards Naoki. "I have thought about it. If there is a time to kill the creature it is now. The concept of each test is to weed out the weakest links. The more that spiders kills the harder the test becomes. We are actually in an exam where we can control the initial level at which we test. We cannot set the final bar, but we can set the lower bar. Understood? Besides, there are more people from your village than anywhere else. There are more chances it is eating your people than mine."
Naoki moved as Keiji talked and smirked "I see what you mean," He would enter into a flip as he slipped from everything else and heard the voice of Naru as he paused for a moment standing there with Keiji, he waved "Hey Naru-san…that is true. Hey I'm looking for someone his name is Hitoshi have anyone of you seen him around?" Naoki would have a more serious tone then before afte he sighed and tapped his foot onto the ground.

"Hitoshi? Well I lost track of them for a awhile now, I honestly have no idea where he might be, so I do have to say good luck finding him," She replies back with a smile, lowering her arms to fit by her sides her eyes turn towards Keiji, curious on just what this guy was up to…Tha tand she was thinking about something else. " What are you doing in this area, Keiji? It seems like Naoki had to stop you… Which was very very load by the way…"
Keiji nodded towards Naru. "Yeah, he was very loud. I bet he gave my position away for anyone in the local area." He then shrugged his shoulders. "I had been hoping to draw the spider out. I was thinking if it was still wounded, I might be able to kill it. How about you?" he asks Naru. The boy then turned back towards Naoki. "I do not learn many names of other nation's shinobi."
"It appears that no one can really help me out with this. Oh well." Smirking he would shift for a moment and then looked the other way. "Perhaps we could run and check the spiders nest for it and the three scrolls it had left?" Naoki would nod his head as he yawned once more. "Speaking of scrolls I need to obtain some and Hitoshi has one of the scrolls I need…Its the one he obtained from Mizuru-san." Smirking he would yawn for a moment and then looked Naru over for a moment "what the hell happen to you?"

"Don't worry about it…" Naru spoke rather quietly but seriously towards Naoki, looking up at the both of them she still had to remember sh ewas on a mission, she had to make sure she got those scrolls before time was really up. " What matters most is that I need another scroll.." She pointed out, her eyes instantly shifting to Keiji. "All this hunting people down and running around in this cave is making me anxious… I'm a little sick of it at this point but im not going to get ou tof here empty handed…" She states obviously bringing up a possibility of a challenge. " I hope you have a chance against Hitoshi, Naoki… Hes strong…"
It was unfortunate that Keiji is unable to help Naoki. Even more unfortunate where the conversation seems to be heading with Naru. "How many scrolls do you have Naru?" Keiji asked. He knew she had at least one. That would be if she had lost her original one to someone else. Either way, the boy's dark pupils would remain focused on her. He pondered what exact role Naoki would play in this should Naru decide to attack him.
Naoki would shift his weight around for a moment using his eyes to break down everything about Naru before speaking "Naru, you should think about what you are doing right now…fighting with him won't do you any good…right now you're not thinking right due to your most current lost of your scroll." Naoki would be standing there with his arms folded as he yawned before switching to face Keiji "and I can't allow you to fight my friend in her current condition either."

"Stay out of this," Naru order in retaliation to the Hyuuga, obviously a little irritated at his recommendation for her to back off, it seemed like Naru was becoming more serious every moment she stayed in this place, and it was definitely begining to show. "What do you say? Keiji? Though you really don't have a choice in this now do you?" She spoke up, for now now she was summoning up a torrent of chakra throughout her body, hearind much about Keiji's exploits, hopefully she wouldn't fall for them. " I'm not going to lose here Naoki… I'm definitely going to survive,"
Keiji glanced at Naoki and then back towards Naru. "If you fight me and lose, you will be set back." Keiji states as he builds up his own chakra. He had not come looking for a fight, but it appeared there was to be one. "Naoki, please stay out of this. If she truly wishes to fight me, than I will fight her." The boy took a fighting stance. She meant buisiness and there was nothing more he could do about it.
Naoki would smirked as he jump back into a near by tree and sighed as he looked at Naru for a moment "Naru-san if you lose I will be the one that takes your scroll." Naoki would just stand there as he used his byakugan to trying to gain insight into their battle tatics.

"Take my scroll huh?" She states with a grin from Naoki before turning it back onto Keiji, seeing that he was now getting in the motion of things with his own Chakra, she was still very much already flagged off. "You're just going to fight me like that?" She states tilting her head, " I remember what form you were using before… You won't stance a chance without it," First she began to crouch down, motioning through a pair of hand seals before shouting out. " Fire Release! Fire Bullet Barrage!" Two double streams of fire burning chakra would rush in his direction, hopefully with enough distraction to set up her first link without him knowing, it was then her eyes gleamed, the burning red of her sharingan forming up into her eyes, this time a total of 4 tomoe…
Keiji planted his feet as the fire bullets came towards him. He was able to dodge around one barrage but the second one hit him. He did not feel the genjutsu kick in, but he saw the eyes turn red. "Going all out so soon are we?" he asks. Soon his body began to transform as well. He was turning into the humanoid scorpion form that he had shown them before. Soon he was moving towards her slashing at her with two of his pincered strikes. "I had no intention of fighting you, but you are the one who seeks to force the issue."

The slash managed to cut through her rather easily, blood spewing along the ground, though her eyes flashed, carefully getting out of the way from the first attack while her body disappeared in an evaporating fade. "Over here.." She states pointing a finger in his direction. Suddenly, he could feel his body become more forced along the ground into a kneeling position, hopefully if he could withstand the technique, while quickly motioning through her hand seals. " Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Finally she opened her she sent a massive directly in his direction, hopefully a point blank attack he had no choice but to endure.
Keiji felt his body being forced to the ground. Then the fireball hits him. Soon the boy is back on his feet though he is burned. He lets out a small growl at Naru. Soon the boy dives forward towards her. He was aiming to hit her in the heel, a nerve specifically before attacking her with another strike of his claw. He was not use to fighting such tricks. They did seem to be getting the best of him.

Keiji's attacks was hitting nothing by air, with each strike she simply evaporated out of thin air, was she truly that fast or was it something else? Naru would attempt to utilize more jutsu at this point, using her fading as a distraction to hit him from different angles and directions, from a distance he would hear her call out her fire release technique once again, and then the ensuing. " Fire Bullet Barrage!" Suddenly from the other side of the cavern a barrage of bullets would attempt to strike at him yet again, hopefully to keep the battle under her control and her favor.
The boy turned towards the call of the firestyle. He planted his legs and moved his torso out of the way of the girl. He knew it was genjutsu, but he was fairly certain he could not break the link. About the only thing he could do was attempt to attack her. The boy moved towards her again. This time he was attempting a number of strikes. One of which included his tail.

One of the attacks actually did manage to slip in, causing Naru to stagger backwards, but when push came to shove finally she did fade out of existence yet again, which probably was becoming a rather annoying technique. A grin finally began to show up along Naru's lips as she kept a close look at Keiji. "Your much stronger than i anticipated, too bad we didnt get a chance to fight when i first met you..I looked alike like how I do now, don't I?" She states speaking about the bandages, finally she places her hands together, focusing more chakra through her body, this wasn't the end yet…
Something seemed off. She was backing off for some reason. Keiji decided not to give her the option. The boy moved forward again. He was lashing out with both of his pincered fingers. "Sometimes when push comes to shove you see the hidden nature of people. Sure you were bandaged up, but I had no fight with you. This is your doing." the boy states. He had little interest in the fight. It was simply to pass an exam. As for the girl, he was unsure what to think of this turn of events.

Naru was definitely running out of time, despite being able to weave her way from the attack, the first attack had hit its mark yet again, stabbing into her flesh until it became enough for her to cough up blood, she grinted her teeth as blood escaped from her lips. "You're not beating me…" She speaks rather coldly, Suddenly the apparition of blades and black chakra began to swarm around his body until finally the thick blades would attempt to impale into his body, cutting and cleaving at his body. A genjutsu she knew for sure he wouldn't get out of, at the same time her body began to fade out of existence, after the attack she was no where to be seen…
Keiji stabbed lightly into his leg as the blades came forward. They seemed to vanish. He then glanced around and could not find her. "I had never thought the Uchiha would show such cowardice." Is all the boy says as he shakes his head. She could not win, so she simply ran away. It was the way of the shinobi but not something he had expected to run into here. The boy then turns to walk away. He does not even say anything to Naoki.
Naoki would be watching the fight for a moment longer before speaking (Naru-san really wants to win…that she is willing to risk it all it seems.) Stroking his chin as he watch this display of skill taking shape as Keiji uses pain to dispell with the first attack but the second would catch him as he stoods there and sighed. As he shifted towards Keiji who was fixing to leave he would speak "hmph it seems that your movements are getting kinda slow…everything alright?"

"I don't run away from battles," Naru spoke outloud, emerging from the shadows, her chakra would once again attempt to eat away at him forcing him to his knees as she attempted to finalize her attack, she was running out of options. " Katon! Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" she shouts out, sending a surge of condensed fire in his direction, hit or miss he would feel the brunt of this combo, her genjutsu once again lashing out at him to follow up with its completition.
There was a small smile on Keiji's face as he heard the girl's voice. He ignored Naoki's comment, though his body was feeling heavier. He quickly scraped his side for a moment before taking a stance and pivoting away from the explosion. Again his body felt heavy. Another scratch of his leg with his finger seemed to ease it. "Then hand over your scroll. You have lost. Your tricks are good, but they have not worked this day." The boy then rushed towards her aiming a pincered strike for her chest before his other hand would reach around to smack the pressure point in her ankle. He was hoping to end this now before she vanished again.
Watched the two and smirked as he cracked his back for a moment and shifted towards the two once again "it appears that this battle is far from over." Smirking Naoki was having a good time seeing two very powerful ninja go head to head as,but this battle was over. "Naru." would be said in a rather low tone voice as he sighed and drapped his head "alright its over."

The attacks had hit Naru straight on, cutting through her flesh as if it was like paper, even the stun had managed to impede her from movement, her last trump card seemed to falter rather quickly, still she managed to use her spirit to break the bindings of his stun, she shiveled back in a wobbling motion, as if she was trying to distance herself from further attacks, panting heavily and blood trickling down her body there wasn't much energy left in her body to go any further, of course going any further met she was dead. " I lost… again?" She whispers quietly under her breath, carefully putting a hand in her pocket, pulling out the scroll with a blood hand she looks up at Keiji. " I guess..this is yours now then huh?" She questioned him, for now her eyes looked back at the scroll, thinking to herself there was going to be a alot of catching up to do…Especially with her body already wounded, perhaps it was best to speak with sabaku. " I didn't think this would happen without you being unscaved…"
Keiji dug the pincer into his side a little deeper. He then stepped up to take the scroll from the girl. He knew she wanted to win and he was unsure if she would try to hit him again. He is hesitant to trust her knowing what she had shown. Not that he blamed her, but he was unsure where their friendship stood. "There are other scrolls out there." the boy states as he moves to take the scroll with his hand. His other hand was ready just incase she attacked.

It still seemed like Naru was attempting a last ditch effort to save herself, and perhaps her own life, she hated to betray his trust and her own nindou, but she still had to survive these caverns, at least for another week. As Keiji reached out to take the scroll there was only going to be two things that happened, his nerves would pinch just right to once and forall break out of her genjutsu and have the scroll in his hands, or her body would simply disspitate once again, a final act of deception which would be remembered for quite some time, illfate or not.
As the girl vanished from him with the scroll, Keiji glanced around. Even his pincer was unable to break the genjutsu. "Are you sure this is what you choose Uchiha Naru?" the boy asks. He figured she was gone, but she had set the pace for any future dealings. "I thought you said you never run away from a fight." The boy only had himself to blame.

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