First Promotion Exams - Never Say Die! Well, Almost Never: Sabaku vs. Haruko


Sabaku, Haruko, Raili

Date: February 14, 2012


Chuunin Exam Tournament Match

"First Promotion Exams - Never Say Die! Well, Almost Never: Sabaku vs. Haruko"

Suna Arena

Exams! Awesome! It'll bring ninja and villager alike to watch epic battles of epic proportions, maybe. Honestly Raili hasn't watched a single match, she's been spending too much time seeking out free alcohol though, between all the party crashing and hitting on people she'd completely forget about the next day, she actually did read the note telling her she was picked to proctor one of the matches.

Thus, the entire arena is not only blessed by two of Sunagakure's own planning to beat the snot out of each other, they are also blessed by the sight of Raili not being drunk or hungover since entering this god forsaken sand land. The easily exciteable teen comes speeding in on her roller blades, spinning around and thrusting her hands up into the air, suddenly screaming out.


That was enough to warrant attention. With the girl screaming the word out at a ridiculous volume and further aided by a small device linked up to a megaphone on her shoulder, the area lightly vibrated from her voice alone. Raili of course double checks a decent amount of people were paying attention before going on, "..huh, sweet. So, today we've got two Sand Kunoichi duking it out, S-…"

Raili halts forgetting their names for a moment and glancing over to the tournament board, "Uh Sabaku…no Hana." Raili mumbles to herself but, the megaphone picks it up, "Legit? How'd someone with that kinda name g-… oh. Right." The blonde face palms, this not being the first time she made that kind of screw up while proctoring, "Aaaaand Amaro Haruko." She then screams out, fists clenched, looking like she was about to explode, "Get your butts in here!" >_<

Raili has been soothed by alcohol for far too long, she was having a hard time controlling her sober self.

Another round, another fight. This time at least against someone from her own land. Sabaku's last match against Rise went fairly well. But things are likely to get much harder as the matches progress. Sabaku slowly enters the arena, focusing chakra as she does so to be ready for whatever might come her way. She bows to the arena, then bows to the proctor and finally bows to Haruko, her last bow the deepest by far, showing respect for her opponent.

Sabaku slips into a slightly defensive stance and waits, not wanting to make the first move it seems, but instead waiting to see what Haruko might bring at her, once the fight has started formally that is. She is silent so far, her focus entirely now upon her foe, not the stands, nor even that much on the proctor.

AMARO HARUKO has only barely recovered from a tough match against the Uchiha she fought in the first round, and now she's up against someone from her own village. As she enters the arena, she unwraps her scarf like usual, sending it flying and manipulating the winds around her to cover her in that scarf, many ribbons and other ends of cloth going free to allow her to use them as further limbs. With a look at Sabaku, she bows; ready for the fight to start.

"Awesome. Just like this village." Raili comments as the two just come up and act eeriely silent. Though Haruko does some fancy wind, scarf, thing. "Well, she at least looks ready to fight. Never actually saw someone from your clan, this should be interested. "Alright let's see some ass whoopin'!" Raili pauses and looks up to a box up above where some officials were standing, "Can I say ass? Ass isn't like totally a terrible word…" Raili squints up above, "N-no? Well s***, er… I mean poop."

Raili sweatdrops and gives the two kids a thumbs up, beginning a countdown before shouting one last time.


The mic gets shut off and she drops her goggles over her eyes as she rolls backwards, giving the two some more space.

Sabaku frowns as she sees Haruko wrap herself in the scarf. Clearly a strange move, but she's seen stranger. She focuses herself and activates her own TF, admittedly one normally reserved for medical services but it serves her well in a pinch. She then… waits. Sure she could move forward but she seems content still to let Haruko take the first move. Whatever that may be. Her stance doesn't seem to be one of over confidence, more wary unwillingness to take the first shot against her fellow nin from the land of wind.

Haruko has no such reservations, though she doesn't seem to be going for an all out attack just yet either. She rushes forwards, /past/ Sabaku, and one of the trailing ribbons lashes out at the other Genin. Haruko then turns around, jumps up and throws a single Kunai pulled from a hidden spot. When that's done, she lands again; and looks at what Sabaku will do, trying to prepare an adequate response.

Well, what Sabaku does do is avoid the attacks. Both of them. She was light on her feet in the first match she fought and is ever the same in this match. She frowns and then sprints towards Haruko, bringing two tags out from her robes as she does so. The same technique she used the last match, tags seem to be one of her mainstays. This time is no different. The pair of tags are activated one after the other as Sabaku tries to get close enough to syphon off Haruko's chakra, trying to drain her foes down to limit their options seems to be a large part of Sabaku's tactics.

Haruko tries to merely absorb the attacks and let them be useless, but while that effect might have been visible to some; to most it'd look like she was just standing there to take the attacks. Even as she felt the incoming strikes land, she was unhurt. Physically, at least. She winces as she realized what those tags just did, and decides to up the ante. Big time. Rushing back towards Sabaku, several strands of wind empowered cloth lash out at Sabaku, if only they'd strike…
Sabaku pulls out a scroll, and in one swift motion attempts to summon a wall of some kind, in fact it is a sandstone wall, or wall segment. It doesn't work though as the attack gets by and the cloth strike cuts into her robes, leaving small tears in the fabric, and some sign of dark cloth under the light weight light colored linen. Or at least it appears to be dark cloth, hard to tell. She lets out a grunt in pain and turns to eye Haruko. There's a half moment pause as her eyes narrow. "I see…." She says softly as she surges back towards Haruko, her eyes showing a coldness to them as she makes a set of hand seals that seem to do… well, nothing, as she extends a hand and attempts what appears to be a simple open handed chop at Haruko. If it hits the effect will be rather obvious, if not… well, it might seem a rather futile attempt at nothing.

Haruko winces as she's hit by that attack, and even though she tried to block it; it was to no avail. She realizes the strength of the opponent she's up against, and in a flurry of wind and sand, she attempts to vanish from Sabaku's view. Let's just hope Sabaku doesn't realize where Haruko has gone…

As Sabaku's foe starts to vanish behind a cloud of dust and wind, Sabaku closes her eyes and makes a quick set of hand seals while she sends out a pulse of chakra to find her target. Once she has isolated her target she pulls a scroll from her outfit and flicks her wrist while releasing… a boulder? A large stone boulder comes flying in Haruko's direction! This is no small thing, the huge rock is moving with quite some speed from the way Sabaku activated the scroll. At this rate the arena is going to be quite cluttered, what with that sandstone wall and now a boulder. Who knows what else Sabaku plans on littering around the arena floor.

Haruko uses wind to attempt to dash out of the way, but she isn't quick enough, and the builder lands on top of her. Again, a flurry of wind, cloth and sand makes Haruko disappear from sight, and this time she just hopes to disappear with a higher degree of success. Or any at all, really.

Sabaku backs up as the boulder lands, the flury of sand and cloth creating a whirlwind of sorts so Sabaku doesn't even try to penetrate it, instead backing to the other side of the arena and… simply watching for a moment, eyes wary, as she watches to see what direction the next attack might come from. She doesn't seem eager to waste resources or dive into that flurry on the other side as she waits, just waits, to see what Haruko has in store for her next.

Sneaking off to Raili, Haruko speaks when she has arrived. "Considering that I am utterly outmatched, this is where I would, were this a mission, sneak off and get backup. Sacrificing my life uselessly is a waste of a life, and as such, I hereby announce my forfeit." It's loud enough to be heard all across the arena. "Were this a real mission, I'm sure my opponent would have succeeded to some degree, but also failed; because I managed to get away to gather backup and reveal what she was doing."

Raili looks between the two, the dust not doing much to effect her sight with her goggles activated. It was a bit annoying though, especially the second time around. "Pttthtbt.' Wiping some dust away from her face, she grumbles and tilts her head, "Ah good girl. Some people would've continued to have gotten their a-… butt kicked." Raili would reach out to pat Haruko on the head unless, the Suna Genin decided to bite her hand off or something.

The mic is turned back on, "Well then after that annoyingly sandy match. Sabaku no Hana moves on to the next round." Raili looks to Hana, "Yay you now… Clear it on out kiddos!" Raili gestures for them to leave the area and then leans over to whisper to Haruko. "She'd of probably hunted you down and slaughtered you, depending on the mission. Good to see not stick around and mindlessly get your face punted in though!" Raili flashes Haruko one of her winning smiles and tosses a thumbs up.

"Genin, freakishly high level these days jeez, I wish I had an aca…" Raili's voice gets drowned out as she disappears into the ground below never to be seen agaiiiiin.

Well, in truth, Sabaku doesn't leave the arena immediately. She pauses, bows respectfully to Haruko, and then… gets out some scrolls to clear out the arena. After all, leaving a large wall and boulder in the arena is not exactly a good idea for the next match. This will take her a short while but the match itself is definately over. She just wants to make sure she doesn't leave a spare wall bit or boulder behind. Never know when you might need them after all.

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